This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 45


Chapter 45 Strikes Out
Public security fines, the range of penalties is very wide, and the maximum amount of fines is also very high.

Generally speaking, patrols don’t actually offend local gangs. Naturally, there will be no high security penalties for gangs.

Gao Qian doesn’t care about this, as long as it complies with the law, there is no problem.

If you cut off all the money from patrolling, you will always have to pay a little compensation.

Gao Qian is not afraid of offending people, but just wants people to work obediently, and it’s not enough to be under pressure.

The regulation of public security punishment is to stimulate the enthusiasm of inspections. It’s just that most inspectors don’t appreciate this little money.

Wei Yuan and several other inspectors also despise the performance bonus of public security punishment.

Wei Yuan reminded Gao Qian: “Black Butterfly Bar’s boss is Wang Si, Gao team, their Wang Family has deep roots, we can’t afford to offend…”

“What? The tree has deep roots? If he wants to break the law, no one can keep him.”

Gao Qian actually hates the behavior of the inspectors. Proud of it.

Lin Hai is such a small place, but it’s a mess, and gangs run rampant.

He can’t control other places. In his jurisdiction, these groups of gangs don’t even want to mess around.

On the other hand, cleaning up gangs in the jurisdiction also has his selfish intentions.

The blood demon has been hiding in the forest for many years.

Black Tiger Gang and Knife Gang are gone. This wyvern gang has been smuggling in Linhai for many years, and their power is so strong. To say that the wyvern gang has nothing to do with the blood demon? He doesn’t believe it!

He can’t move the wyvern gang in Nanjiang District, and Wang Si in his area still wants to jump around, that’s not courting death!

This time the Black Butterfly Bar is fine. If there is anything, he will hold Wang Si to find out.

Gao Qian talked to several inspectors about his plan, and asked them to immediately call all inspectors to prepare for action.

Because Gao Qian was watching, these inspectors had no chance to tip off.

When many inspectors gathered together, Gao Qian ordered everyone to wait in the Conference Hall with guns.

Everyone didn’t know what to do, and they were all a little uneasy.

It wasn’t until ten o’clock in the evening that Gao Qian publicly announced the target of the operation: Black Butterfly Bar.

Gao Qian promises to impose high security fines on the bar as long as illegal drugs are found in the Black Butterfly Bar, or other criminal facts.

Withdraw a portion of it as a performance bonus.

Shi Ming was inwardly complained after listening to Gao Qian. It’s just that at this step, he has the guts to tip off.

Dozens of inspectors set off by car and arrived at the Black Butterfly Bar. A few big men at the entrance of the bar were a little confused when they saw a large group of inspectors running over.

However, these big men are used to being arrogant and have no reverence for patrolling.

The leader of the big man stretched out his hand to stop the many inspectors, “What are you doing? Are you allowed to intrude here?”

As the lead inspector, Wei Yuan was also a little annoyed, because wyvern helped The little guy is so crazy.

It’s just that he didn’t want to offend people, he said loudly: “Temporary security check, please cooperate.”

The big man did not give in: “The one who took out your documents, there are some A search warrant?”

Gao Qian slightly frowned, this group of inspectors was too soft. It would be a joke if he was blocked by the big man for a few minutes.

In addition, there is news in it, and there is time to deal with any evidence of crimes and violations.

He stepped forward and ordered: “What are you waiting for, go in, and buckle up those who dare to hinder law enforcement.”

The big man saw Gao Qian coming out, and he pointed with a thick finger. Gao Qian said, “Boy, this is the fourth brother’s territory, don’t be uncomfortable!”

Before the other party finished speaking, Gao Qian grabbed the big man’s finger and twisted it. A finger was twisted off immediately.

The big man squatted on the ground with a face full of pain and screamed. Gao Qian ordered coldly: “What are you looking at, handcuffed!”

“What are you courting death…”

The other big guys gave up. They pulled out their swing sticks from behind their waists and charged at Gao Qian.

This group of people is also used to it, and they don’t care about the inspection.

A group of inspectors stared at him. They were very dissatisfied with Gao Qian, and no one wanted to help Gao Qian.

Seeing that Gao Qian was surrounded, many people were waiting to watch the fun while taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“I order you to put down your weapon and kneel immediately with your hands raised.”

Gao Qian had already drawn his gun at some point, and he gave the order in a stern tone.

The big man was stunned when he rushed over, but he didn’t think Gao Qian dared to shoot.

The big man threw a stick in Gao Qian’s wrist and smashed it at Gao Qian’s wrist.

“Peng” sounded a low gunshot, and a blood mist exploded from the head of the big man’s chest.

The rest of the big men were stunned, but Gao Qian fired three shots without hesitation. The other three big men were all smashed their kneecaps, and they all lay on the ground and clutched their legs. scream.

Numerous inspectors were stunned. They all knew that Gao Qian was poisonous, but they knew it was known. After all, there was no clear concept.

Seeing that Gao Qian without the slightest hesitation shot and killed the big man, everyone was also frightened: this guy is really ruthless!
“Violently attacked the inspector, I will shoot and subdue the perpetrators according to law.”

Gao Qian said to the many stunned inspectors: “If you don’t arrest everyone, these few will be shot and sent to you. Hospital. Others act in groups.”

He glanced at Wei Yuan and other inspectors, “Several, don’t let me down.”

Wei Yuan and many other inspectors were heart shivered with cold, no one dares to be careless.

A group of people were originally lazily, but this would be like a tiger out of the cage, one by one walking with wind, with a murderous aura on their faces.

More than a dozen big men ran out of the bar, and they wanted to stop people. This time, the inspectors were welcome.

With a short stick in his hand, he hit him without thinking, and more than a dozen big men were knocked down at the face of it.

The inspectors are divided into several groups to inspect each deck box.

The music in the bar also stopped, and the dancing young men and women were all worried. Of course, there are those who dare not care, and they are still chatting with the inspector there.

Because the status of inspectors has always been low, the public image is very poor. A lot of people don’t care about patrolling.

At this time, the inspectors were very tough, and they would draw the short sticks that didn’t cooperate. If you resist, you will be deducted directly.

No way, mainly because Gao Qian was staring at them from behind.

Just now Gao Qian’s murderous aura really shocked all the inspectors. Everyone understood that Gao Qian came to Black Butterfly Bar to find trouble.

If they can’t find a fault, they’re probably going to be out of luck.

Moreover, the inspection level of the overwhelming majority is too low to have anything to do with the Black Butterfly Bar.

With Gao Qian watching from behind, these guys no longer have any scruples and become very tough.

Manager Xiao Wang ran over, brow beaded with sweat, he didn’t know that someone had died, but he knew that the situation was bad after seeing so many patrols.

He saw Shi Ming at a glance, and hurried over to ask: “Master Shi, what does this mean?”

Shi Ming said with a stern face: “Temporary security inspection, please cooperate. “

“Master Shi, we didn’t tell you what we did, you don’t have to…”

Manager Xiao Wang was a little confused. Shi Ming had so much fun yesterday, how could he just turn around? Dare to turn his face, how could he be so bold? Don’t want to live anymore?

Shi Ming glanced at Manager Xiao Wang and cursed the fool in his heart. He could only wink at Manager Xiao Wang, “We will lead the team to check and invite your Boss out.” In the past, I saw Gao Qian standing tall.

The ordinary uniform of the inspector, on Gao Qian’s body, is neat and fit, which fully brings out the majesty and competence of the inspector.

Manager Xiao Wang wanted to talk to him, but Gao Qian waved his hand: “Go and call your boss.”

“Gao team, wait, I’ll call you right away. Boss…” Manager Xiao Wang also saw it, this scene was not something he could handle.

He turned around and hurried back to his room to make a phone call.

Gao Qian didn’t care about Manager Xiao Wang, he just stared at the group of inspectors.

The hard-working inspectors quickly found some illegal drugs. When they got to the third floor, they found more than ten kilograms of Divine Immortal pills in the safe.

With these illegal drugs, it is enough to convict Wang Si.

If the other party is smart, run away quickly.

However, Gao Qian felt that the other party didn’t have such a brain…

Gao Qian walked around the bar and found a group of scantily clad women, although they were wearing heavy makeup. , Look at the state of the skin and know that you are not young.

Two women also had visible bruises on their thighs. Looking at their mental state, they are also sluggish, as if they will collapse at any time.

Gao Qian walked in front of a girl, stretched out his hand to gently lift the other’s chin, and saw that her nostrils were very clean, without even nose hair.

His face was still, but his heart was a little blocked.

This is clearly smoking illegal drugs, which burned the hair in the nostrils.

These little girls are probably not yet adults! Smoking drugs, I’m afraid it’s not voluntary.

Giving girls to take drugs to control girls is a favorite tactic used by gangs. It’s not as violent, but it works very well.

It won’t take three to five years, people will waste their medicines, and their bodies will be worthless, so they will directly change a batch.

Gao Qian asked Manager Xiao Wang: “This is your person?”

Manager Xiao Wang replied cautiously: “They are bar waiters who are responsible for dancing and drinking with the guests. .”

Gao Qian asked one of the girls, “How old are you?”

The girl was too scared to speak, she kept looking at Manager Xiao Wang.

Manager Xiao Wang smiled and said, “They are all eighteen, the right age.”

Gao Qian said sternly: “We are handling a case, and you are responsible for what you say. Bring out all their ID documents, I want to check.”

Manager Xiao Wang’s expression changed a bit, he said hesitantly: “We don’t check ID documents when recruiting workers…”


Gao Qian’s eyes were bright and sharp. Manager Xiao Wang felt that his clothes had been stripped, and he felt very uneasy under the gaze of the other party.

He was in a dilemma when he heard a commotion at the door.

Following, Wang Si, wearing a Chinese-style short coat, swaggered in.

Manager Wang was overjoyed: “Fourth brother, you are here…”

Gao Qian also smiled, just as he expected, Wang Si really came to the door!

(end of this chapter)

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