This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 47


Chapter 47 uses guns as fists
To everyone’s surprise, in the face of many long spear short guns , Gao Qian actually stood steadily, with a calm face and a calm demeanor.

Whether the inspectors or the people watching the fun, they are all very surprised.

Everyone thinks that Gao Qian’s provocation of Wang Si is overestimate one’s capabilities, but seeing this kid face the gun and doesn’t change, everyone is in a bit of admiration.

It is not easy to do this step, no matter how brave or pretentious you are.

Wei Yuan and several other inspectors didn’t care. They all disagreed with Gao Qian’s actions today.

Looking at Gao Qian’s current appearance, I feel that he is pretending.

An inspector whispered: “This kid really thinks that no one will dare to touch him with the special affairs bureau! Stupid…”

“In front of the wyvern gang, An Changping What a piece of shit!”

“You want to walk unhindered in the forest because of your backing?”

“I think this kid is going to be out of luck!”

A few Every inspector knows that Gao Qian is backed by An Changping, and An Changping is indeed very face.

However, An Changping and the wyvern gang are far worse. Don’t look at An Changping as if he has a high status, but he really can’t afford to offend the wyvern gang!
Even the presiding officer Lin Hai would not dare to say that he would help wyvern. That’s the weight of the wyvern gang.

Several inspectors felt that Gao Qian was going to be unlucky today and would be disabled if he didn’t die.

Wang Si also felt that Gao Qian’s ignorance is a bliss, he smiled disdainfully: “Boy, teach you to be good, don’t talk about you, An Changping is here, I can kill him with one shot! “

Gao Qian looked at Wang Si and said seriously, “Mr. Wang Si, you are now violently confronting law enforcement, threatening the inspector, and illegally possessing firearms. These crimes alone are enough to sentence you to twenty years.”

“You put down your guns and cooperate with the arrest now, and you still have a chance to commute. “

“I warn you again, armed with guns against law enforcement, I have the right to shoot you on the spot…”

Wang Si really couldn’t bear it anymore, he took it from a big man beside him. He brought the pistol over and pointed at Gao Qian, just as he was about to speak harshly, but Gao Qian didn’t get used to him and went straight to his legs.

The past few days Gao Qian was beaten at Yanqing’s place, although He couldn’t beat Yan Qing, but his skill improvement was very obvious.

The way to kick up the legs is exactly Yan Qing’s elastic legs, which is to use the muscles of both legs to exert force, like the force of a slingshot. The power is fast and fierce.

Although Gao Qian has not learned the essence, he is very difficult to deal with after only learning two points.

In addition to his extraordinary strength, Agile and balanced, he was kicking Wang Si’s chest in one style. Even if he only used half of his strength, Wang Si couldn’t make any response, and the person screamed and was kicked and flew out.

Gao Qian is also afraid of kicking Wang Si to death, so he is still useful to keep this guy.

Following Wang Si’s group of bodyguards saw that the situation was far from good, a few hurried up to catch it Wang Si and a few others shot directly at Gao Qian.

Wang Si’s bodyguards followed Wang Si and killed many people. Even in public, they didn’t have any scruples.

This group of people raised their guns, but Gao Qian was gone.

In fact, Gao Qian followed the retreating Wang Si and jumped forward. He was too fast now. Not to mention covering up, even if the ordinary person is not covering up, he cannot see his shadow.

In addition to the flying technique, Gao Qian is even more erratic like a ghost, and there is no sound between advancing and retreating.

Before everyone could react, Gao Qian had already rushed to the bodyguards. He held a gun in his right hand and pointed a gun on the head of one of the bodyguards.

The boss of the other party’s eyes and pupils widened, with a terrified look on his face Before it was fully formed, his head exploded on the spot.

Gao Qian grabbed the gun from the man’s hand and shot at the group.

During this time Following Yan Qing’s boxing, he also made great progress in footwork and movement method.

At this moment, he uses the spear as a fist and walks with the spear. The top double guns are crossed and fired, the movements are delicate and smooth, if there is a rhythm, every shot will definitely blow someone’s head.

Even if Gao Qian is not as fast as ordin How fast is the ary person, but in the chaotic battle, he has shown ease and unrestrainedness, and he is extremely fierce when he shoots a gun, making this battle like a grand show.

The spectators were stunned, unable to find themselves.

In fact, no one could see the details clearly. It felt like Gao Qian was dancing gracefully in the sky, followed by a string of red-clothed firecrackers in the crowd, and the crackle exploded into the sky.

β€œpeng~ peng~ peng~  …”

In a burst of rapid and continuous gunfire, the bodyguard who followed Wang Si died on the ground.

When Gao Qian stopped, everyone could understand the tragic scene. Most people were frightened. Some even let out shrill screams.

It was a group of inspectors, all standing there dumbfounded.

They all know that Gao Qian has two strokes, but no one didn’t expect Gao Qian to have two strokes. Moreover, the hands are really hot, and the heart is really poisonous.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Si brought everyone to death.

Wei Yuan and several other inspectors also had pale expressions on their faces. Gao Qian kills a little thug to demonstrate, that’s fine.

However, in the face of Wang Si, he dares to kill, and he can kill, so the boss is too terrifying.

Gao Qian threw the pistol he grabbed. He calmly changed the magazine for his pistol, closed the safety, and put the gun in the holster under his arm.

He brushed off his sleeves and straightened his neckline, which wasn’t crooked. In the fierce battle just now, he was unscathed, and the black inspector’s uniform was still so crisp, and there was not even a drop of blood on it.

Standing in a group of dead people sorting their clothes, Gao Qian was very elegant, but with the corpses around him, such elegance revealed an indescribable ruthlessness.

Everyone around looked at Gao Qian carefully, no one dared to speak. The women who screamed just now covered their mouths and didn’t dare to breathe.

Gao Qian is not pretending, but it has become a habit to organize the instrument at any time.

Gao Qian came to Wang Si after finishing his clothes.

Wang Si will also be face deathly pale, with a mouth full of blood.

Just now Gao Qian’s leg broke at least six of his ribs.

Wang Si also practiced and dared to fight and kill when he was young. It’s just ten years of pampering, and the wine has hollowed out the body.

This meeting is still able to hold back the screaming, it is already a man.

He was lying on the ground, although he dared not move his body, but his neck was able to move. He also saw that his subordinates were beaten to death.

Wang Si saw a lot of murders, so he wasn’t too scared, but Gao Qian’s drastic means still shocked him.

I thought it was an ignorant little brat, but didn’t expect it to be a tiger that can eat people!

Wang Si a little regret, this time too much care. Fortunately, he brought an expert here, and it should be there after a while.

“Sorry for the delay, I made you wait for a long time.”

Gao Qian expressed his apology. He noticed that the corners of Wang Si’s mouth were covered in blood. He took a few tissues and wiped Wang Si’s mouth, “Mr. Wang Si, have you vomited blood and hurt your internal organs?” Obviously a part of it collapsed in, and although he didn’t exert any strength, Wang Si contorts one’s face in agony in pain.

He’s just a hero in the rivers and lakes, and he pays attention to the big scar on his head.

At this time, no matter how painful it is, I can’t cry out. Especially in front of Gao Qian, Wang Si had to hold on.

Wang Si was full of sweat, but stared at Gao Qian with wicked eyes.

Although he is tough, he won’t dare to speak harshly.

The bodyguards were killed by Gao Qian, the absolute ruthless. It would be stupid to threaten the other party.

“Six ribs are broken, it must be very painful. Mr. Wang Si can hold back and not shout, he is really a hero.” Although Wang Si tried his best to hold back his ribs, he couldn’t help but snorted a few times.

“Mr. Wang Si, if you feel hurt, just shout it out, don’t be ashamed. No one is afraid of the pain… You see your forehead is sweating.”

Gao Qian seemed concerned. If so, Wang Si was so angry that he would die. It’s just that he didn’t dare to be strong, he could only endure it.

“Mr. Wang Si, I’m not telling you, as a citizen, you must cooperate with law enforcement.”

Gao Qian did not let Wang Si go, “You are not too young, Why are you not sensible? Have you never been to school? Or have your parents never taught you?”

“Look, you’re at a disadvantage now. But as the old saying goes, you get better with one bite. If you have the first experience, next time you will know that cooperating with law enforcement will be of great benefit to you…”

Gao Qian is earnest and well-meant advised to explain the truth of life to Wang Si, only to hear a loud voice behind him. Drink, “Boy, dare to hurt my fourth brother, you are courting death!”

The voice was loud, strong, and powerful, and everyone in the bar was buzzing with shock.

Many were timid and slumped on the ground in fright.

Gao Qian turned around and saw a man in a black trench coat striding over.

The man looks ordinary and is not tall, but the thick neck makes this man look unusually strong.

Inside the black trench coat, the black metallic luster of black iron is very restrained but full of texture.

β€œSource Master?”

Gao Qian was a little surprised, Wang Si also had a Source Master by his side, which was a bit big.

“Butcher, King Golden Dragon!”

Inspector Wei Yuan recognized the person, and he was so frightened that the complexity greatly changed, and his mouth trembled a little.

A lot of patrolling around, all of them were full of fear.

Wang Si had a happy face, Wang Golden Dragon finally arrived, let’s see how this kid died!
(End of this chapter)

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