This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 49


Chapter 49 Academy School

As a Source Master, Wang Golden Dragon never thought that an ordinary person would be a trouble. Especially when he is armed with Source Armor, it will naturally give birth to a strong self-confidence, which can sweep all ordinary person.

In the eyes of King Golden Dragon, Gao Qian is just a little brat who doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

He can squeeze each other to death as soon as he reaches out his hand.

From the very beginning, Wang Golden Dragon was the idea. Although he has always been passive.

But he firmly believes that as long as he adjusts, he can crush Gao Qian easily.

Until the flames of the shotgun barrel sprayed into his face, he had no fear, only anger.

However, King Golden Dragon immediately felt bad. Under the gunfire of the shotgun, his source power field silently collapsed into little white light.

The king Golden Dragon was startled, and before he could dodge, the second and third shotguns had already arrived.

The head of King Golden Dragon was blown to pieces in the huge rumbling sound of the shotgun.

The headless corpse swayed a bit before it rolled over onto the ground.

Gao Qian stepped back first, mainly because he was afraid of blood falling on his body. Blood stains are always difficult to clean.

He glanced at the dead king Golden Dragon, and out of habit he still praised: “I would rather die than retreat, I am a man.”

Qiang Wang Si, who was watching the battle with his neck erect, didn’t hear what Gao Qian said at all. He just stared at the headless corpse of Wang Golden Dragon, who fell to the ground with a dull expression.

Because he couldn’t believe that King Golden Dragon just died like that, killed by an ordinary person!

It’s possible!

The Source Master armed with the Source Armor has an absolute advantage over the ordinary person. It’s like a fight between a tiger and a rabbit, and the rabbit has no chance of getting away with it.

Wang Si’s mind was in a mess, he didn’t even realize that Gao Qian had come to his side.

Not only Wang Si, but the inspectors were also shocked.

Gao Qian just killed the butcher king Golden Dragon? Even seeing the King Golden Dragon killed with their own eyes, everyone felt that it was a bit unrealistic.

On the contrary, I watched the ordinary person, and I didn’t feel too shocked about it. They have heard that Source Master is very difficult to deal with, but they don’t have a clear concept of how powerful Source Master is.

Seeing that Wang Golden Dragon didn’t make any decent resistance, he was shot to death by Gao Qian.

Everyone was disappointed with Source Master and felt that Source Master was merely this.

Of course, Gao Qian’s posture of killing the king Golden Dragon is still very handsome and very unrestrained. The whole process is smoother like an action movie.

Many young women have strong admiration and love for Gao Qian.

In a small town on the northern frontier, the living environment is harsh, and everyone worships this kind of powerhouse that dares to kill and fight.

Gao Qian is also handsome and elegant, which perfectly fits the local women’s mate selection criteria.

If it weren’t for the bloody scene and fear of Wang Si’s prestige, someone would have gone up to talk to Gao Qian long ago.

Gao Qian didn’t pay attention to these shining-eyed women, he snapped his fingers at Wang Si in a daze, “Mr. Wang Si, your companion violently attacked me, and I fought back in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, your My companion was killed on the spot. I’m sorry about that…”

Wang Si also woke up, he said after a moment of silence: “You will regret it.”

“Wang Si Sir, threatening the inspection team is also a crime.”

Gao Qian reminded the other party, he stood up and Beckons with the hand: “Come a few people and bring Mr. Wang Si back to the inspection team.”

“Be careful, he has a broken rib, don’t hurt him…”

Numerous inspectors woke up like a dream, and hurriedly gathered a group of people. The feet lifted Wang Si up.

Without a stretcher, it was unsteady for everyone to carry it like this, Wang Si’s broken rib was squeezed, and the painful Wang Si was about to burst into tears.

However, no one cares about Wang Si. Of course, many inspectors tried their best not to see Wang Si. so as not to be remembered by this one.

Shi Ming approached Gao Qian, he looked very complicated and said: “Gao team, won’t Wang Si be sent to the hospital?”

He whispered again cautiously: “Wang Si Si still has three big brothers, if Wang Si dies, things will get worse.”

Don’t look at Gao Qian killing so many people, it’s just some scoundrels. Even if King Golden Dragon is an expert, he is not the core of the wyvern gang after all.

As everyone knows, the core of the wyvern gang is only the Wang Family four brothers.

If Wang Si were to die, there would be no way for things to end.

In this battle, Gao Qian was a powerful man, and even killed the butcher king Golden Dragon.

Shi Ming was also shocked, but he didn’t think Gao Qian was qualified to fight the wyvern gang.

Not to mention that the wyvern gang colludes with officials at all levels and has a huge network of interests. It’s just the wyvern gang itself that Gao Qian can’t handle.

Shi Ming admires Gao Qian’s martial power and courage, and he doesn’t want to see Gao Qian go to a dead end. Of course, this is also for his own consideration.

The wyvern gang was upset, Gao Qian was unlucky, and he couldn’t get better.

Gao Qian glanced at Shi Ming, thinking he was a smart person, didn’t expect to be so stupid.

I’ve reached this step, and I’m still thinking about making a good relationship with wyvern.

He thought about it and said, “You’re right, you can’t let Wang Si die. You can find an orthopedic doctor.”

Shi Ming still wants to talk, Gao Qian Has turned away.

Looking at Gao Qian’s tall and straight back, Shi Ming felt the almost cold and sternness of the other party, almost decisive.

He suddenly understood that Gao Qian didn’t suddenly have a thought, he just wanted to fight crime and fight gangs.

From beginning to end, Gao Qian never thought of reconciling with the wyvern gang. He was foolish enough to intercede with Wang Si, which was extremely stupid…

At this step, Gao Qian was obviously very disappointed with him.

However, following Gao Qian like this is completely dead end!
He only has one life, so he can’t be so tossed…

Shi Ming lowered his head and thought for a while before he suddenly made up his mind that he couldn’t follow Gao Qian any more!
The fourth patrol team arrested more than 30 people and mobilized vehicles to bring everyone back to the patrol team.

There are only two key figures, one is Manager Wang and the other is Wang Si.

Since Wang Si has a broken rib, he is being treated by the old doctor he invited.

Gao Qian brought Wei Yuan to interrogate Manager Wang, and wanted to take out the confession first.

He also knew that the wyvern gang had a lot of power, and it wouldn’t be long before someone came to get people. He might not be able to stop it.

Before this, you must record your statement. Add physical evidence to make a complete chain of evidence.

Although Manager Wang was terrified, he was even more afraid of the wyvern gang, so he didn’t know what to do.

For such people, Gao Qian is not polite, “If Manager Wang doesn’t cooperate, I can only ask Manager Wang to play a small game.”

Wei Yuan and the others are often tortured , it is not uncommon to kill people directly. They are all very familiar with this life.

Only involving the wyvern gang, Wei Yuan didn’t dare to make up his mind.

Gao Qian didn’t need Wei Yuan either, he asked someone to bring a bucket of water and a towel.

This kind of waterboarding from the West in the 21st century is said to be very effective. As a law-abiding citizen, Gao Qian has not tried it either, and he has several points of curiosity about it.

Sure enough, it didn’t take a few minutes for Manager Wang to collapse and tell everything he knew.

Black Butterfly Bar sells illegal drugs and uses drugs to control new beautiful girls, including letting these girls accompany some important guests, etc…

Manager Wang said the most important thing The news that the banned medicine channels are all in the hands of the wyvern gang.

In this regard, Gao Qian is not surprised, how could the wyvern help control the water and land transportation, so how could they resist selling illegal drugs?

Not to mention gangs, in this troubled world, even serious businessmen can hardly resist such huge benefits.

Wei Yuan, who was on the jury, was shocked. He always thought that the wyvern gang was smuggling, and he had a good impression of the wyvern gang.

didn’t expect the wyvern gang to also sell illegal drugs, this thing is so immoral!

Moreover, Wei Yuan was very surprised by Gao Qian’s interrogation technique. He looked nothing, but Manager Wang collapsed immediately, weeping bitter tears all confessions, without the slightest hesitation!

“Could the patrolling Academy teach this?”

At this moment, Wei Yuan was deeply in awe of the Academy faction!
(End of this chapter)

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