This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Grand One Palace

In the heavy old safe, there are more than twenty gold bricks , and a bunch of alliance coins. And a small pocket of source drills.

is the safe opened by An Pingchang.

Well, as Gao Qian often sees in previous life movies, An Pingchang adjusted the password with his ear against the safe, and cracked the password without one minute.

An Pingchang took a gold brick and weighed it, “One kilogram is worth 110,000 at the current price of gold. The gold brick here is worth 2.4 million.

“That pile About a million in cash. “

He picked up the velvet drawstring bag again, unbuttoned it and glanced at it, “There are more than 100 diamonds per carat, probably worth 600,000.” “

An Pingchang whistled: “This Monster Wolf can make money. “

“Black Tiger Gang’s way of making money is dirty.” “Gao Qian sighed.

“This world is a big mud pit, the cleaner people die faster. Those who dare to eat mud can live well. “

An Pingchang shook his head and sighed, then he turned and said, “The money was turned over and taken away in vain. In this way, it is divided into three parts in total. You and I each have one, and the remaining one is used to get through the relationship.

“What do you think?”

After all, this was done by Gao Qian, and it involved so much money that An Pingchang couldn’t make an opinion even though he was an elder.

An Pingchang has another concern, that is, that Gao Qian has shallow eyelids and will not be able to see money. In that case, things won’t work well.

A person is useless to others if he cannot share the benefits. Such people, no matter how strong their abilities are, can’t eat them.

Of course Gao Qian understood the reason, he humbly said: “This is a big trouble, and I rely on Third Uncle to help me solve it. Otherwise, my life will be in danger.

“I’m so embarrassed. cents. “

An Pingchang is very satisfied with Gao Qian’s attitude, he is very careful, and he knows how to share benefits. He is a person who has a pattern and can do major events.

“You are Main force, of course you have to take one. People who do things don’t take money, who is willing to do things. “

An Pingchang said: “You put away these valuable items first and put them in my car. I’m going to call my colleagues from the Special Affairs Bureau to come over…”

The safe was left in the safe. Hundreds of thousands of alliance coins and other valuable items were taken away, including valuable watches and so on.

The people from the special affairs bureau also came quickly. A group of people brought professional equipment to take pictures and collect bloodstains on the spot. Wait.

There’s nothing to do with Gao Qian, he just stood by the side, and An Pingchang presided over the whole process.

The Inspection Bureau will also come soon, yes A deputy director of the North Pine District Bureau, and a large number of patrols.

The Black Butterfly Bar was closed, and a large amount of Divine Immortal soil was seized in the bar. This is a prohibited medicine that can induce psychedelic nerves.

Although the alliance is chaotic, its attitude to crack down on this kind of banned medicine is very strict.

It’s just that the situation in each state is different, and in places like Liao Prefecture, the sale of banned medicines is rampant.

On the surface, however, the official attitude is to crack down. Therefore, the seizure of these prohibited medicines is enough to prove the correctness of this action.

An Pingchang even called a reporter to do The on-site report was made.

The deputy director of the sub-bureau, Mu Guofeng, looked rather ugly. As the head of public security in the sub-district, he certainly did not want such vicious crime reports in his jurisdiction.

However, special He can’t stop what the bureau is going to do.

Under desperation, Mu Guofeng can only cooperate with a cold face. This guy’s attitude towards Gao Qian is also extremely serious and cold.

A group of people were busy until 1:00 in the morning, and then the matter was settled, and the Black Butterfly Bar was also sealed and completely closed.

An Pingchang drove Gao Qian to his apartment, before getting out of the car An Pingchang handed the bag of source diamonds to Gao Qian, “Your source power cultivation is now the time for advanced by leaps and bounds, this bag of source diamonds can save you a lot of time. “

“Other items such as money and gold bricks, I will handle it for you. “

He thought about it and took out a black dial mechanical watch from the bag, “This iron dragon mechanical watch is shockproof and waterproof, low-key and stylish, you are wearing a brace.

“This thing is still very valuable and easy to sell. When I really have no money, I can sell it for 108,000…”

As an elder, An Pingchang thinks very much. Thoughtful, youngsters like Gao Qian, no matter how humble and low-key on the surface, inevitably want to show off.

Wearing an expensive watch also makes it easier to gain respect from others.

That’s how people are. At first glance, you must see how you look, and then how you speak. Then you have a basic judgment.

It’s just that most of them use this set of standards as the only measure, which is a bit biased and narrow.

“Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Gao Qian didn’t say no. Of course, these things are good, but they are also good. Not worth giving up.

An Pingchang said again: “Monster Race holds grudges the most, and I don’t know if Duan Heihu has any accomplices. The apartment building you live in is too unsafe, you will change your place tomorrow.”

“I know about Third Uncle, I’ll go to the dormitory of the patrol team to stay for a few days.”

Although Gao Qian doesn’t take Duan Heihu seriously, he doesn’t dare to be too careless.

If Duan Heihu had accomplices, he might not be able to stand it. And, watch out for revenge from those behind the Black Tiger Gang.

Don’t look at his King Kong Divine Power Sutra is very strong, but he has only one life. If you know there is a risk, try to avoid it.

You won’t live long if you just try to be brave.

Gao Qian walked upstairs after watching An Pingchang’s taillights go away.

He lives in an old apartment building so old that there are no lights in the stairway.

Going up to the sixth floor in the dark, Gao Qian gently unlocked and pushed the door. The dry creaking sound of the door was still very harsh in the dark.

Gao Qian closed the door and locked the bolt. He didn’t turn on the lights. The darkness outside the window was enough for him to see the surroundings clearly.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he changed into pajamas, and Gao Qian lay relaxed on the bed.

Closing his eyes for only a few seconds, his consciousness continued to fall into the dark depths.

In a trance, a golden light flashed out.

When Gao Qian regained consciousness, he had come to the middle of a palace.

This great hall is in traditional Chinese style, with its dome covered with cascading jade green glazed tiles, and the staggered beams and columns seem to be cast in pure gold. The floor is covered with pure white jade bricks.

The great hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor is as gorgeous as the Immortal Palace.

The whole palace is in the shape of a ‘big’ character, or a closed structure with five corners.

The most conspicuous is the high platform in the corner, with the Dragon Mark long table and the Kowloon Golden Throne.

There is a gate in each of the other four corners, with the words “Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow” written on the gates.

In the center of the great hall, there is a circular pool with several budding lotuses standing still in the water.

Ling’er, a beautiful white clothed girl, is sitting cross-legged in front of the pool.

Gao Qian kept his original appearance, but most of his clothes were completely changed.

He originally had short hair, but here he turned into a high bun with a golden crown.

The clothes on her body have also become pure golden Chinese robes.

The texture of the fabric is not visible on a pure golden robe, as if it were polished from a single piece of gold. It has both silky drape and metallic feel of gold, which is extremely strange.

The golden robe has the crimson Dragon Mark on the neckline, chest, back, and cuffs, Faintly discernible.

Gao Qian wears golden Dragon Mark boots, which are simple and beautiful.

This body looks a bit like an ancient emperor dragon robe, but it has a grandeur beyond everything else.

According to Ling’er, this outfit is what Supreme Taiyi should look like.

At this time, Gao Qian always felt that he seemed to have more aloof and remote divinity. It seemed that Supreme, World’s All Living Things, who was in charge of Nine Heavens, should be lying at his feet.

This palace of gold and jade in glorious splendor is exactly the Grand One Palace transformed by the Grand One Token in the depths of Gao Qian’s consciousness!
(End of this chapter)

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