This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 50


Chapter 50 Don’t get excited

In a detention room, Wang Si lay on the wooden bed, staring at Dark canopy, motionless.

His chest has been splinted, and if he can breathe hard, his broken bones will hurt.

The pain in his body can barely endure, but the resentment and anger in his heart are uncontrollable.

Wyvern Gang dominates Lin Hai, who dares to don’t give face! Wang’s fourth brother is Lin Hai’s outstanding hero, and he has never been so humiliated.

Wang Si gritted his teeth and swore in his heart that when he went out, he would not only kill Gao Qian, but also torture him with the most cruel means!
The inspectors who took the lead today will all be killed.

Including Gao Qian’s relatives and friends, all have to die!
Wang Si was ruthless in his heart, the iron door opened and the lights in the room turned on.

Wang Si narrowed his eyes for a while to get used to it, before he could see clearly that it was Gao Qian. This guy is still carrying a bucket and doesn’t know what to do.

“Mr. Wang Si, your injury is better, does it still hurt?”

Gao Qian looked sincere, I don’t know if he thought he was Wang Si’s good friend.

Wang’s four heads tilted to the side of the wall, neither looking at Gao Qian nor speaking.

Although he is fierce, he is not a fool. This would play a role with Gao Qian, and that would be self-inflicted bad luck.

Seeing Gao Qian kill all his people with his own eyes, he knows how ruthless this polite and gentle guy is.

“Mr. Wang Si, your manager has already confessed, and the confession is not good for you.”

Gao Qian said: “Now that you confess your crimes truthfully, there is still a chance to reduce the Sin. Do you understand?”

No matter what Gao Qian said, Wang Si was silent.

“Okay, Mister Wang doesn’t want to say more, then let’s play a small game to liven up the atmosphere.”

Gao Qian smiled and took out a hand towel and covered Wang’s face On, “People who meet for the first time will have various barriers, and it is difficult to communicate cordially, friendly and frankly. If you want to break the barrier quickly, you need to do some games to break the ice.

“In terms of its practical effect, breaking the ice The game has achieved remarkable results and can quickly and effectively bring people closer together…”

Wang Si didn’t quite understand what Gao Qian said, but he knew what Gao Qian was going to do!
He was crazy. “You dare to touch me, you dare to touch me! “

Gao Qian pressed Wang Si’s shoulders, “Mister Wang, forget it, I’ll still be called the fourth brother, kind.

“Fourth brother, don’t move around, it’s very troublesome if the connected bones are out of place. It’s still painful…”

Wang Si still shouted, pouring a ladle of ice water In his face, he was a shivered of irritation.

Soon he felt short of breath, and it was like drowning.

Because he was too anxious to breathe, Wang Si choked with water in his trachea, which made him cough violently…

What made Wang Si terrified was that Gao Qian’s gentle and magnetic voice sounded again. It sounded in his ear, “Fourth brother, don’t worry, the game has just started…”

Gao Qian came out of the detention room and saw a mustang luxury off-road vehicle flashing its siren rushing into the compound .

Before the car stopped, Deputy Director Mu Guofeng jumped out of the car.

Gao Qian walked up to meet him quickly, “Deputy Director, why are you here? It’s such a big night…” . Mu Guofeng ran over at this time, showing how anxious he was.

“Where is Wang Si?”

Mu Guofeng complexion ashen, he didn’t have any courtesy with Gao Qian, he came up to question Wang Si’s situation sternly.

β€œMr. Wang Si is in the detention room. His rib is broken. I have arranged for the doctor to fix him with bone fixation. Now he is fine.”

Introduction of Gao Qian at a moderate pace Knowing Wang Si’s situation, he comforted Mu Guofeng again, “Deputy Director, don’t worry, I have already obtained their statements, and I have also found physical evidence such as prohibited medicine and illegal firearms at the scene.

“It has been initially concluded that, The other party is a large-scale organized crime gang,”

“You are crazy! “

Mu Guofeng got more and more wrong. He pointed at Gao Qian’s nose and shouted: “He is the fourth king, the fourth king of the wyvern gang!” “

Gao Qian is very calm: “I know his name is Wang Si, he has committed a crime, and the crime is serious.” “

“Do you know how many people are in the wyvern gang?” “

Mu Guofeng was flustered and exasperated, he really didn’t understand Gao Qian’s idea, he shouted loudly: “You idiot, there are tens of thousands of wyvern gang, an accident in the wyvern gang will cause tens of thousands of people Riot, can you bear the consequences? “

Gao Qian speaks in a gentle tone and quiet, “I’ve only heard that Prince breaks the law and commits the same crime as the common people.” No matter how much wyvern helps people, it can’t keep them above law and justice. “

“You idiot, don’t mess around with Shen Family.” ”

Mu Guofeng was furious, Gao Qian actually told him about the law and justice, he was really crazy.

The more he looked at Gao Qian’s handsome face, the more angry he became. This guy has shit in his head!

Mu Guofeng couldn’t help raising his hand and slapped him in the face. Before he could hit Gao Qian in the face, his hand was already grabbed by Gao Qian. Stop.

Gao Qian’s hand is as strong and strong as a vise. Mu Guofeng feels that his wrist bone is about to be crushed, and his painful old face almost screams out of deformation.

“Deputy Director Mu Guofeng, we have a relationship between superiors and subordinates, but you have no right to beat people. This is illegal. As the deputy director of the Inspection Bureau, you should be aware of this law. “

Gao Qian didn’t feel embarrassed for Mu Guofeng, he let go of Wu Qing’s wrist, “You are not too young, don’t be so impulsive next time. It’s not good to hurt yourself. “

Mu Guofeng was clutching his wrist, he felt as if his hand was broken, and when he looked at Gao Qian again, his eyes became more alert and solemn.

Not only Dare to catch Wang Si, and dare to attack him, this young boy is not only a lunatic, but also an extremely dangerous lunatic!
Mu Guofeng adjusted his breathing to control his rage, and he ordered: “I order you to let go immediately. people. “

“Wang Si was formally arrested, and he resisted violently during the arrest, causing many casualties. His behavior was particularly bad and his crimes were particularly serious. Why do you want to let him go?” “

Gao Qian reminded: “Although you are the deputy director, you must abide by legal procedures. The consequences of letting such a felony suspect go are very serious.

“I suggest you think about it.”

Mu Guofeng was about to explode with anger, his old face was flabby and his cheeks were shaking. This Gao Qian dared to disobey his orders.

“You, you, want to rebel!”

Mu Guofeng really wanted to shoot Gao Qian, but he didn’t dare to do so.

He yelled: “I will be responsible for the hundreds of thousands of people in Linhai City, you idiot, you have stabbed a big basket! I will wipe your ass for you!”

“You It’s over, An Changping can’t save you, neither can Shen Huilan!”

Mu Guofeng pointed at Gao Qian and shouted, “I’ll fire you now.”

“Fire me You need to go through the Inspection Bureau Standing Committee, you have no right to do so.”

Gao Qian saw Mu Guofeng trembling all over, and he reminded him with concern: β€œDeputy Director Mu, you are so old, don’t do it. Too excited, it is easy to induce sudden diseases such as heart disease, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage…”

(end of this chapter)

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