This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 51


Chapter 51 Justice is Extravagant

Gao Qian, full of warm and caring words, almost put Mu Guofeng on the spot send away.

The inspectors who were present could see it very clearly. The old man’s complexion changed from red to purple, then from purple to white, and his body was shaking like chaff.

Fortunately, the old man is strong and forcibly carried Gao Qian’s care.

After this lesson, Mu Guofeng also learned to be wiser. Instead of letting people go, he forcibly took Wang Si away.

According to his statement, important suspects should be transferred to the sub-bureau for trial.

This is completely procedural. Naturally, Gao Qian couldn’t stop him.

The iron door of the detention room was opened, and Mu Guofeng saw a dark shadow hanging on the wall in the dark room, and he felt a sigh in his heart.

When I turned on the light, it turned out that Wang Si was hanging on the iron railing of the window by a belt. His face was purple, his eyes were bulging, his death was very miserable, and his body was in a mess.

Mu Guofeng is also a veteran inspector with rich experience. At a glance, he can see that Wang Si is dead.

He turned his head and glared at Gao Qian, Gao Qian’s madness was beyond his imagination!
It’s not enough to capture Wang Si from the wyvern gang, he just killed him!

Gao Qian had just the right amount of surprise on his face, “The suspect committed suicide because he was afraid of the crime!”

He also had some regrets: “The crime is extremely heinous, but unfortunately, he cannot be brought to justice. “

Mu Guofeng was so angry that he was speechless, he turned around and left in anger, and the group of inspectors who were with him kept quiet out of fear.

“Invite the brother from the laboratory department to make a record of the on-site investigation, and don’t let anyone single out the problem…”

Gao Qian explained a few words, and then quickly chased after him On Mu Guofeng.

Mu Guofeng got into the car with a livid face and did not speak. Gao Qian smiled and waved to Mu Guofeng: “Deputy Director, please slow down. Be careful.”

Watching Mu Guofeng’s car drive out of the compound, the smile on Gao Qian’s face disappeared.

Although he already knew that the wyvern gang was very powerful and had connections with various departments, but Mu Guofeng’s reaction was so intense, it really surprised him.

This shows that Mu Guofeng is deeply involved with the wyvern gang.

Fortunately, I took out a lot of things from Wang Si. Although it could not be used as a confession, it allowed him to know a lot of inside information.

Gao Qian summoned many inspectors, he took two thousand yuan, “brothers have been busy all night, and this money is used for supper.”

The average person is more than forty yuan Money, in a place like Linhai, is enough for a big meal.

Many inspectors are naturally happy. For them, being able to eat meat and drink is happiness.

A few inspectors didn’t want to eat, but Gao Qian had already spoken, and they didn’t dare not go.

When all the inspectors were gone, the inspection compound became very quiet.

The lights in the yard and the room were turned off, and the compound was dark.

Gao Qian stood in the darkness, sighed then said.

An Pingchang jumped down from Gao Qian’s office on the second floor and came to Gao Qian’s side. He sighed and said, “It’s useless for you to lead a snake out of a hole…”

“It’s useful. Ah, Mu Guofeng didn’t come out.”

Gao Qian said: “Also, wyvern helps smuggle electrical appliances and other supplies, and even sells illegal drugs. Such a gang, bringing calamity to the country and the people. Whether they collude with the blood demons or not, they deserve to die.”

“It’s not that easy. The wyvern gang, businessmen at all levels, Inspection Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Consultative Hall, etc., Lin Haige These forces are intertwined and intertwined, we two outsiders, why move them?”

An Pingchang shook his head: “You didn’t attract the blood demon, but you offended the wyvern gang, you little official are I can’t keep it…”

This time it was Gao Qian who proposed a plan to lure snakes out of their holes, saying that they wanted to seduce blood demons. Let him lurch in response.

The blood demon is lurking in the forest. Although there is no movement, it is like a poisonous snake hiding in the bedroom. An Pingchang has trouble sleeping and eating.

As a supervisor of the Special Affairs Bureau, it is his responsibility to eradicate Monster Race.

Gao Qian has to change places to sleep every night, and often goes to the special affairs bureau to eat and live.

There is no peace of mind for the two of them all day long. Therefore, An Pingchang felt that Gao Qian’s risky plan was unreliable, but he still agreed.

As a result, the blood demon didn’t show up at all, but the trouble was too big to end.

The point is that Wang Si is dead, so there is no room for change with the wyvern gang.

An Pingchang sighed: “Gangs exist in any society in ancient and modern times. There are gangs now, and they will not end in the future.

“In fact, gangs, as the bottom order, are social The supplement of the grand order is an indispensable existence. You don’t have to mess with gangs. ”

Black Tiger Gang, Knife Gang, and then to wyvern Gang, An Pingchang found that Gao Qian hated gangs so much, and he was not merciful when he started.

This is the same for this time, Gao Qian doesn’t seem to care that much about the blood demon, but the real target is the wyvern gang.

An Pingchang doesn’t look down on the gang, but he recognizes the existence of the gang. Just like there is light, there is shadow, and there is white. Hei. He doesn’t understand Gao Qian’s thoughts very much.

Gao Qian understands An Pingchang’s thoughts and knows that the Third Uncle is a little dissatisfied with him.

He said slowly: ” I saw a lot of underage girls in bars, with fair skin and beautiful youth. However, they all took prohibited medicines by means of coercion or inducement.

“It is foreseeable that they will never quit medicine. They are in their best youth, but their lives are already rotten.

“Before thirty, they will Die from medicine, or die from complications caused by various medicines, even if you are alive, you are just a walking corpse who just wants to take medicine…”

Gao Qian’s tone was calm, but the content he described had Indescribably cruel.

An Pingchang couldn’t help sighed then said: “The world is like this, life is like this, you can’t save the wyvern gang, you can’t save them. “

“Yeah, I can’t save them…”

Gao Qian’s tone was also low, and after a while of silence, he said: “But, after solving the wyvern gang, you can prevent them from harming others. That’s the point. “

“Justice is a luxury.” “

An Pingchang wanted to say “I’m afraid you can’t pay the price”, but he looked at Gao Qian’s calm eyes and swallowed it.

Gao Qian smiled, “I understand what Third Uncle means. Justice is a luxury, but I’ll pay for it myself. “

An Pingchang was hesitant to say anything, but in the end he just sighed deeply. He really admired Gao Qian’s blood, but it was too much trouble, he couldn’t hold back!

In this era, the rich and powerful don’t care about justice, they only care about interests! An Pingchang impossible Because of Gao Qian’s act of justice, use this to persuade the family to help Gao Qian.

Gao Qian turned and said: ” Third Uncle, I asked Wang Si for important news. Therefore, he must die. This incident also involves the Third Uncle and the Special Affairs Bureau. “

“en?” An Pingchang didn’t know, so he felt that he had already said it very clearly, he couldn’t control this matter, Gao Qian is such a smart person, doesn’t he understand?
“Third Uncle, my affair with the wyvern gang is a personal feud. However, the wyvern gang colluded with the blood demons and established stable coordinates to open the alien space channel, which is not just my business…”

“en! “

An Pingchang was originally a little careless, but the complexity greatly changed, “You mean the blood demon wants to open a different space channel?” “

“That’s right. ”

Gao Qian is very sure of this, β€œThe wyvern gang built a lighthouse on the north bank of the Liaojiang River a few years ago, which was said to be used for nighttime ship navigation, but in fact it established a stable space coordinate to This connection is different space. “

“Is this what Wang Si said? “

An Pingchang has some doubts, the blood demon has such a big plan, and there is no need to tell Wang Family brother too clearly.

“Half of Wang Si said it, half of it was said by Wang Si.” I figured it out. “

“Speculation? “

An Pingchang was a little skeptical, “It’s a big deal, Gao Qian, I need to ask clearly.” Why are you making assumptions? “

“Even if the blood demon is about to be beaten to death, if he is still stuck in the forest, he can be sure that he must have something important to do.”

“Wyvern Gang’s Wang Yi and Wang Er were the Source Masters with the help of the blood demon, and they created the wyvern Gang to dominate Lin Hai. This is also what Wang Si himself said.

“Supporting gangs such as the Wyvern Gang is a means of deploying blood demons. With the support of these gangs, the blood demon can build space coordinates.

“Like that lighthouse, the cost is nearly one billion. Such a high price has huge problems in itself. Wang Si also said that a boundary stone is installed at the top of the lighthouse…”

An Pingchang’s face became more and more serious. If Gao Qian didn’t lie to him, the problem was big!
(End of this chapter)

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