This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 52


Chapter 52 Convince
Gao Qian is really not an alarmist, he often goes to the Secret Service these days One is for safety, and the other is to check more information.

The Secret Service has its own small library, which is full of knowledge about Source Master and Monster Race.

This knowledge is not learned in the patrol Academy, only the Secret Service can obtain this knowledge.

Gao Qian deliberately checked several books and finally found the information about the boundary stone.

Boundary stone is a special substance generated in different space. It looks like a luminous stone, but it is actually a very special energy body, which has the power to penetrate the space barrier.

Generally speaking, it is easiest to find boundary stones in the Space Crack where the different space and the real world are intertwined.

There are also many scholars who believe that Monster Race invades the real world by virtue of the boundary stone Tearing Space.

Of course, this is only a theoretical speculation, and there is no solid evidence.

For human beings, the alien space is too vast, as vast as the universe.

Humans don’t even understand their own planet, and they don’t even know anything about other dimensions.

Moreover, these public materials are all very simple basic knowledge. It won’t involve too deep content.

It’s just a boundary stone, not enough for Gao Qian to make a judgment.

In “Selected Cases of the Special Affairs Bureau over the Years”, Gao Qian found another major case where Monster Race deliberately opened a different space channel.

This Monster Race successfully used the boundary stone to open the space channel and introduced hundreds of thousands of Monster Races. Seeing that the situation was out of control, the Federation compelled by circumstances dropped a large-yield nuclear bomb, completely destroying the city and destroying the instability at the same time. the space channel.

According to incomplete statistics, the death toll exceeds two million. The city was fortunately located on the edge of the desert, so no further damage was done.

Since then, the city has also been banned.

The file records in detail some special situations before the opening of the space channel, such as the frequent occurrence of natural phenomena in the sky and so on.

Gao Qian always felt very familiar when comparing the case file.

There is a detail here, that is, he stole a boundary stone and took it to open the yellow door.

For this reason, Gao Qian did not talk to An Pingchang about the boundary stone.

Therefore, An Pingchang doesn’t know this key factor, so he can’t make the same judgment.

As for the heavenly natural phenomenon, Gao Qian also noticed that aurora appear frequently in the forest in recent years.

It was also because An Mingxia wanted to see the aurora that Gao Qian noticed.

Generally speaking, the aurora will appear in the extreme north.

Although Linhai is a small town in the northern border of the Federation, it is still thousands of kilometers away from the real extreme northern region.

Gao Qian asked the locals, Lin Hai had never seen aurora before.

It is only in recent years that the aurora has appeared frequently.

Unfortunately, this world is relatively backward in technology and has few records.

Gao Qian’s local daily rummaged for a long time before finding a report on the aurora.

Counting the time, it is time to match an extinguish sect case.

The extinguish sect case can be determined to be done by Duan Heihu, strictly speaking, the gun in his hand.

Gao Qian hasn’t figured out what the gun is for, but he’s almost certain that the gun is also an important tool for the blood demon.

It is the blood core of Great Yellow Immortal, which should be used to buy Great Immortal Huang, and there is nothing special about it.

Gao Qian also had these speculations before he decided to do something about the bar.

Catch Wang Si, if you can’t ask anything, let Wang Si live first. With Shen Family and An Pingchang, he can at least keep himself safe.

As a result, he really took out important news from Wang Si’s mouth. In this way, Wang Si can’t live.

Because Wang Si will definitely be fished out, if the blood demon knows that his plan is leaked, he will be in danger.

Gao Qian told An Pingchang everything he could. Although most of it was still speculation, he convinced An Pingchang.

The blood demon really wants to open the space channel, and Lin Hai is finished.

As an expert of the Linhai Special Affairs Bureau, An Pingchang was able to survive this incident, and he also has to take a huge responsibility.

At that time, no one could keep him!

An Pingchang realized the seriousness of the matter, and he couldn’t help cursing: “What’s he, what’s he, this shitty luck…”

Gao Qian reminded Said: “Even if you transfer away, you can’t run away if you are held accountable afterwards.”

“I know.” An Pingchang glared at Gao Qian angrily. He knew this better than Gao Qian, and he didn’t need to. Reminder.

“It’s a matter of federal security. These businessmen, politicians, and gang members in Linhai are not worth mentioning.”

Gao Qian suggested: “Third Uncle, I heard that Zheng Superintendent Hui is not a local and has no contact with local parties. Even if there is contact, he is not afraid, if something happens, he will be the first to be unlucky.”

“The problem is that it is uncertain.” An Pingchang said Hesitating, he and Zheng Hui have a good relationship, but it’s useless to talk about personal relationships in this major event.

“If we really want to be sure, then the major event of heaven falls and earth rends. The state capital and the alliance can’t sit still, so we need to find a way.”

Gao Qian Said: “As long as it is confirmed that the blood demon and the wyvern gang are in collusion, it is enough. Isn’t that what the Special Affairs Bureau does.

“Is Director Zheng still thinking about a group of peace? “

An Pingchang also thinks about it, even if Zheng Hui has some relationship with Lin Hai, it is impossible to protect the blood demon and the wyvern gang for this.

This is because the fundamental interests of the two sides are inconsistent. The method is coordinated.

At this point, Gao Qian, who is standing on the outside, understands it better than he sees.

An Pingchang is a little ashamed that he is actually in this aspect. It’s not as good as a young man who has just entered the society.

“I’m going to find Zheng Hui and go to the lighthouse overnight. ”

You can’t just listen to Gao Qian’s words. Since there is a boundary stone on the lighthouse, let’s go and verify it on the spot.

If Gao Qian didn’t lie, the wyvern gang is a mortal enemy that cannot coexist!

An Pingchang said to Gao Qian: “We will go back to the special affairs bureau together, you should rest first. “

No matter what Gao Qian said is true or false, they have to have a good chat with Gao Qian.

Gao Qian often comes to the special affairs bureau these days, and he has a fixed A separate dormitory.

It doesn’t have to be arranged by An Pingchang. He familiar to his dormitory, simply washes and changes into his pajamas and goes to bed.

Gao Qian is not worried about An Pingchang and them. Both of them are the top Source Masters of First Rank and have rich experience. If they join forces, they will not have much problem in encountering blood demons.

As for whether he can find the boundary stone, he is not worried.

In an era where communication is so backward, even if Mu Guofeng and the others find out that something is wrong, it is unlikely to contact the blood demon immediately.

Besides, this incident is so sudden. How could the other party think so much! Wang Si’s death , will only make these murderers furious!
Gao Qian entered the Grand One Palace consciously, Ling’er smiled and greeted him as always: “Father is here. “

Ling’er’s bright smile swept away the gloom in Gao Qian’s heart, and his mood suddenly brightened.

“Father, look, what is this!” “

Ling’er led Gao Qian to the pool as if offering a treasure, and Gao Qian saw a set of crimson Source Armor placed there.

“This is Yuxiu’s Crimson Source Armor! “

Although I have never seen Gao Qian before, this Source Armor is dark red like blood, and this dark red color is very eye-catching.

Moreover, it is in the hands of the blood demon. The color of the blood-colored long knife is exactly the same.

For sure, it is the crimson Source Armor from Zhou Yuxiu’s family.

Ling’er said triumphantly: “Elder Sister Zhou passed the drug test, Got the hunter certificate and got the crimson Source Armor. This is a big happy event. “

She whispered to Gao Qian in a sneaky whisper: “When the Elder Sister Zhou is not around, the father can still wear it…”

(End of this chapter)

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