This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 54


Chapter 54 Tian Qiaoxing

Yan Qing doesn’t know Gao Qian’s words are hidden, he also cup one fist in the other hand: “please.”

Both sides started, but after a few moves, Yan Qing found Gao Qian weak spot, he grabbed Gao Qian’s arm and threw it violently.

Gao Qian slammed into the ring, Yan Qing took the opportunity to split again, Gao Qian was very familiar with this routine, he used his chest to pick up the split like Heavy Axe, and hugged his hands. Live Yan Qing’s legs.

Yan Qing doesn’t care about this either, his strength is not comparable to Gao Qian, but he is as strong as a tiger, as strong as a horse, as light as a swallow, and as smart as a snake.

After so many punches, even with Gao Qian’s two punches, he could still be unscathed only by the muscle contraction force.

Yan Qing’s right hamstring twitched like a snake. She was about to get rid of Gao Qian’s restraint when she suddenly felt something was wrong.

It might be a bit of an exaggeration to say that the boxing technique has reached his level, but the whole body is indeed very sensitive.

As soon as the sharp dagger touched the skin of Yan Qing’s leg, he immediately realized that something was wrong, and the muscles in the leg contracted suddenly and then contracted again.

In a flash, the muscles on Yanqing’s legs have completed an extremely complex change of rigidity and flexibility, although the force of its swaying and bouncing only erupts between square inches.

If it was someone else, he would be bombarded by the subtle power changes on Yan Qing’s legs.

Gao Qian is very familiar with Yan Qing. He knows that Yan Qing’s boxing skills are superb, and there are always unexpected subtle changes.

He used all his strength with the dagger in his hand, no matter how much Yan Qing’s leg jumped, it couldn’t withstand his tyrannical strength.

The chi-long blade pierced through Yan Qing’s calf. Yan Qing didn’t dare to exert force any longer because of the pain in his leg. He dropped his elbows and slammed Gao Qian’s head.

This will make it impossible to escape if you want to run away. Only by trying your best to deal with Gao Qian will you be able to survive.

As a boxing master, Yan Qing’s response was impeccable. It’s just that he met Gao Qian who was like a diamond.

Gao Qian allowed Yan Qing to hit his head with his elbows, and his left hand slashed the dagger, cutting Yan Qing’s calf from the middle.

Severe injuries like this also completely ruined Yan Qing’s calf. Yan Qing also trembled in pain, the strength in her hands was loosened, and she was sluggish for a while.

Gao Qian didn’t let go.

In terms of speed, he is not slower than Yan Qing, but he has no chance to perform.

Yan Qing’s body suddenly froze for a moment, and she gave Gao Qian a chance.

β€œChi chi chi…”

In the blink of an eye, Gao Qian had stabbed Yan Qing more than ten times, and the stabs were all over the liver, spleen and heart.

Yan Qing’s beautiful tattoos were covered in blood. He stared at Gao Qian blankly with complicated eyes.

Mainly because in the past ten days, Gao Qian has been brave and tenacious.

Yan Qing also didn’t expect this tough guy to suddenly use a dagger, which is too sinister.

Although his boxing skills are far superior to Gao Qian, his body is much weaker than Gao Qian. If you miss a move, you will never have another chance.

β€œAshamed, ashamed.”

Gao Qian cup one fist in the other hand with an apologetic face and bowed: β€œMr. Yan, don’t blame Mr. Yan.”

Yan Qing couldn’t say anything. As the light in his eyes dimmed, his body quickly turned into an azure starlight with nine corners.

“The strength of the attack is not as strong as the flesh, and the height is not as long as the blood. The netizens will not deceive me.” It’s blood and flesh.

He can be beaten all the time, but the opponent only needs one mistake and it’s over.

A Fist Master like Yan Qing is a bit embarrassed to die. However, this ending is already doomed. He just used some means to advance a little.

Gao Qian convinced himself that a little bit of sadness in his heart was replaced by happiness and anticipation.

He looked at the starlight left by Yan Qing and slowly reached out to hold it.

The azure starlight shone into Gao Qian’s eyebrows and stopped in the depths of his sea of consciousness, next to the blue Earth Thief Star left by Shi Qian.

The twin stars stand side by side, bringing light to the deep sea of consciousness.

Gao Qian also naturally knew the meaning of this star.

Tian Qiaoxing: Acquires dexterity and passiveness, with extremely coordinated hands, feet and limbs, and can easily master most skills.

Active skills: The Eight Ways of Losing Traces.

Gao Qian moved his fingers, but he didn’t feel anything special.

With the blessing of the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, he controls the strength meticulously, and the skeletal muscles of the whole body are abnormally coordinated.

He really doesn’t have any obvious feeling about this dexterous passive innate talent.

What Gao Qian really values is the Eight Ways of Losing Traces. Yan Qing is clearly inferior to him in every aspect, so he hovered between life and death by relying on his superb boxing skills.

He is very envious of this boxing technique.

Now, it’s finally here!

The world in the yellow door is so wonderful. If you defeat the opponent and get stars, you will immediately master the opponent’s abilities without any discount.

Now, Gao Qian has fully mastered the Eight Ways of Losing and Tracking, which is on the same level as Yan Qing.

Gao Qian tried to play a complete set of the eight methods of the lost track, and displayed the four types of tiger, horse, swallow, and snake one by one. Subtle changes are evident.

It’s as if he has practiced the eight methods of straying for a lifetime, one move and one style, and there is nothing missing. It seems that he is already the realm of brought to the point of perfection.

Gao Qian felt refreshed after finishing a set of punches, and was indescribably happy.

Then, he noticed that Yan Qing had left him a bronze sleeve arrow.

Xiu Jian is shaped like a bamboo tube, as thick as an arm, and about six inches long. There are three arrow holes in front of the sleeve arrow.

Appears to be able to fire three Hidden Arrows.

The Hidden Arrow has a circlip mechanism, which should activate the Hidden Arrow when hooked.

This thing looks small, but it has a lot of weight. There are also straps on it to attach to the arm.

This kind of small hidden weapon should have no formidable power at the level of ancient craftsmanship.

However, the item on Yan Qing’s body is not an ordinary ancient bauble.

Gao Qian thought about it and hung it on his arm. He didn’t know who the next level was, maybe he could use this thing.

Man is so powerful that he can use tools! Victory over opponents with weapons is a symbol of wisdom. No shame!

Gao Qian is just taking precautions before it happens. He is now a boxing master and has a Vajra Body.

There is a door of light behind the ring, and Gao Qian flicked his sleeves to enter the door of light.

In the wind and snow, a dilapidated temple came into Gao Qian’s eyes. The gates of the temple were dilapidated and barely closed.

In the atrium there is a collapsed incense burner, which has been shattered beyond recognition.

Gao Qian’s heart moved, and he had probably guessed who this level was.

He pushed open the dilapidated wooden door and walked in, and saw a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the great hall.

This man has a leopard head and eyes, a swallow chin and a tiger beard, and is more than eight feet tall.

A tuft of red tassel was scattered on Fan Yangli’s head, and the black cotton robes on his body were mostly stitched marks.

He stood with his sword in hand, cold light shining in his eyes, although he didn’t say a word, he was full of majestic baleful aura.

“It’s not a bottle gourd with a flower gun on the shoulder, this is not a classic…”

Gao Qian complained in his heart, and he threw his hands away: “Gao Qian, I dare to ask you But Lin Chong Lin Instructor?”

Lin Chong snorted, followed by pulling out the knife.

Gao Qian felt a warning sign in his heart and was about to retreat, but he was one step too late.

The snow-colored blade light is like practice, and instantly illuminates the great hall of the dark mountain temple.

With this blade light, Gao Qian saw a golden armor general enshrined in the great hall. On the left of the general is a Magistrate, and on the right is an imp.

It’s just that his eyes are still drifting upwards and turning, and the whole temple is turned over at once.

However, he paid more attention to the long knife in Lin Chong’s hand.

The four-foot blade is bright and cold, with fine lines like fish scales on it.

“Good knife!”

While Gao Qian was sighing, he saw another golden headless body spurting blood frantically.

“Uh…this is the end!” He sighed inwardly, slashing his head, this is a bit unlucky!
(End of this chapter)

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