This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 55


Chapter 55 Quick Knives
The golden lotus blooms, and Gao Qian comes out of the lotus.

The cool water in the pool slowly calmed the dry fire in his heart.

It’s not that he doesn’t have a city, it’s just that the blow was a bit big.

It was only after he mastered the Eight Ways of Losing Traces that Gao Qian was proud of himself. Even if he knew that the other party was Lin Chong, he didn’t care too much.

He thought to himself, how could he be able to deal with it by relying on the Eight Ways of Losing Traces.

As a result, Lin Chong killed him for one negligence.

Gao Qian is really upset, but he has recovered his calmness after coming out of the pool.

Ling’er approached cautiously, and she brought a cup of tea: “father, drink tea.”

Gao Qian took a sip, it was actually herbal tea, and it was bitter It’s sweet and a little cool, with a strange taste.

He glanced at Ling’er, which was not his usual taste.

The Grand One Palace can simulate everything, and Gao Qian has copied many things in the past ten years. So there is herbal tea, which Ling’er likes, but he rarely drinks it.

“Herbal tea defeats the fire…” Ling’er bowed his head and whispered.

“Be considerate.”

Gao Qian commented in a bad mood. He was not in a good mood, but he wouldn’t let Ling’er out.

Ling’er heard Gao Qian’s jokes, she raised her face and smiled hehe said: “I knew the father would not be really angry, victory or defeat commonplace in battles, Lin Chong does not talk about martial arts sneak attack , how bad!”

“I’m so careless…”

Gao Qian was really too careless, he stood there talking to Lin Chong, how could he think of this? The guy does it without saying a word.

So that he failed to respond correctly and was cut with a knife.

It is said that Lin Chong has high martial arts, and he has a deep understanding of these. Lin Chong’s martial arts is obviously one level higher than Yan Qing’s.

Lin Chong still has a treasured sword in his hand, which should be the one he bought from the down-and-out military man.

According to the Water Margin, this knife should be in Gao Qiu’s hands. However, this kind of world is not real at all, and there is no need to pursue these details.

This knife is really fast. It can hold the King Kong Divine Power Sutra shot by a rifle, but it can’t stand a blow from a long knife.

It’s mainly because Lin Chong’s Blade Technique is too high and sharp.

Gao Qian and Ling’er rewatched the scene where he was killed, slowing down a thousand times and breaking down Lin Chong’s movements step by step.

After reading it several times, Gao Qian came to the conclusion that Lin Chong doesn’t have any special skills, just fast and accurate.

As for how Lin Chong uses his power, he can’t tell anything from watching the video.

Yan Qing’s eight ways to get lost, you can also watch the video to learn two or three points. Lin Chong’s Blade Technique is very simple and straightforward.

Simply put, there are no special tricks. Gao Qian can read it once. However, he couldn’t do it as fast as Lin Chong.

Gao Qian will question Tian Qiaoxing a bit, “It’s not like you can learn every skill…a liar.”

“Most skills.” Ling’er corrected road.

She added: “Besides, you have learned it too. It’s just not good enough.”

“It’s just a form, but you haven’t learned the essence.”

Ling’er speak frankly: “I think it’s your problem.”

“It was a pleasure chatting with you.”

Gao Qian was a little depressed, he asked Ling’er: “The King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches the Second Layer, can it hold Lin Chong’s knife?”

“Uh, I’m afraid not, Lin Chong’s knife is too sharp. His power technique is very powerful, the real Blade Technique Everyone.”

“I calculate that this blade can travel up to 200 meters per hour per hour. It’s more than three times your speed.”

Ling’er shook his head, “Rifle bullets The weight of this knife is at most tens of grams, but this knife is at least 20 pounds. No one can withstand this high-speed swing…”

Well, Gao Qian was beaten by Ling’er Mathematical literacy convinced, justified!
If Lin Chong had such a high speed with every strike, he would have avoided one strike, but not the second.

As for the hidden arrows, I’m afraid it’s useless at all.

Gao Qian’s gaze couldn’t help falling on the crimson Source Armor, “Can I wear this Source Armor to find Lin Chong?”

“Yes, but the father didn’t ignite the Source Armor. Star, wearing the crimson Source Armor is useless.”

Ling’er also reminded: “Although the crimson Source Armor will not really be damaged, it will take a few days for such a high-end item to be repaired. time.”

Gao Qian understood immediately, if the Crimson Source Armor was damaged, Zhou Yuxiu would definitely find out.

He wanted to sigh, it seemed that he would not be able to pass the level of Lin Chong in a short time!

Having said that, Lin Chong’s handsome Blade Technique will be his sooner or later!

Gao Qian encouraged himself, but had no intention of trying the knife again.

It doesn’t hurt to be decapitated by a knife, but the feeling of death is very terrifying. Being beheaded will also deplete his energy, and he is obviously tired now.

For a short time, Gao Qian was not ready to try. It was useless no matter how he tried, he was abused in vain when he went up with his bare hands.

When his King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches the Second Layer, his strength will increase greatly. Even if he can’t resist with his body, he will always have a chance to win.

Gao Qian was planning how to deal with Lin Chong, and Ling’er reminded him: “father, someone is coming.”

Gao Qian sat up from the bed, An Pingchang and Zheng Hui came in.

“The situation is not good.”

An Pingchang’s face was a little ugly, he said: “There is a boundary stone at the top of the lighthouse. There is a closed underground building under the lighthouse, and we have not Dare to break in.”

If the blood demon was inside, it would be too dangerous to break in. Besides, with such a huge plan, there may not be only one blood demon!
An Pingchang and Zheng Hui found the boundary stone, they were afraid to beat the grass to scare the snake, so they didn’t dare to take the boundary stone, they just took a photo.

Zheng Hui’s expression was solemn: “The wyvern gang dares to collude with the blood demon, damn it!”

No matter what the use of this lighthouse is, the boundary stone must be placed by Monster Race.

There is no doubt that the plan is very big!
The Special Affairs Bureau is responsible for managing Monster Race and Source Master, and its main task is to deal with Monster Race and prevent Monster Race from disturbing the social order.

Zheng Hui doesn’t like to meddle in his own business, and his presence in Lin Hai is also very low. He also doesn’t care about gangs doing evil, and he doesn’t care about official corruption.

As long as Monster Race doesn’t make trouble, all is well.

Wyvern gang colluded with Monster Race is not counted, and he also wanted to do a major event with Monster Race, which touched his bottom line.

Gao Qian was silent. An Pingchang was his elder, and Zheng Hui was the head of the special affairs bureau. These two came to look for him, not to ask for advice.

Sure enough, Zheng Hui and An Pingchang exchanged glances, and he said to Gao Qian earnestly: “Gao Qian, Old An is close to you, so I won’t be polite.


“The next thing, you have to come forward. “

Gao Qian said sincerely, “It is my honor to have the opportunity to contribute to the two Uncles. “

“Good child. “

Zheng Hui was very satisfied with Gao Qian’s attitude, he said: “Because the blood demon is hiding behind the scenes, we are not sure that we will be able to catch him now. You have to wait for the above experts to come over, during this time, you have to hold back the wyvern gang…”

Zheng Hui sighed then said, “It is also helpless to let you come forward. “

He also assured: “Child, don’t worry, this is done, Uncle Zheng will be very grateful.” Never let you suffer! “

“Uncle Zheng is serious. “

Gao Qian said sternly: “On personal matters, I have a grudge against the wyvern gang.” On the public, this is my duty.

“Speaking of which is the two Uncles who helped me, I will never forget this feeling…”

(end of this chapter)

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