This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 56


Chapter 56 Cooperation
Gao Qian and Zheng Hui have only met a few times, so there is nothing to talk about relation.

Now Zheng Hui is discussing with him solemnly, that is Zheng Hui can talk, not that he is really important.

In this regard, Gao Qian is very self-aware.

Don’t look at him killing King Golden Dragon, in the eyes of Zheng Hui, at most, he is a young man with a little blood and a little arrogance.

Zheng Hui’s words were so nice, of course Gao Qian had to take a lower stance.

Anyone likes people who dare to take responsibility, but are not arrogant.

Gao Qian is brave in doing things, but not as a man.

Zheng Hui already had a smile on his face, and the conversation went much smoother than he expected. Gao Qian was also more sensible than he expected.

He promised: “Don’t worry, Mu Guofeng and Wang Fuan can’t touch you!”

“However, the wyvern gang will definitely retaliate against you. It is not convenient for us to help you publicly. You have to be careful about this.”

“I heard that you shot the king Golden Dragon, this ability is really amazing! Wang Yi Wang Er of the wyvern gang is also a Source Master, but they are old, I’m afraid I’ve lost the courage to go all out.

“Even if you work hard, you won’t be much stronger than King Golden Dragon…”

Zheng Hui also felt that such empty words were not good. He said to An Pingchang: “You help Gao Qian pick out a good thing and take the public account of the bureau. “

“Okay. ”

An Pingchang promised with all his might that since he was going to the secret affairs bureau, he would definitely help Gao Qian choose the best equipment.

Having said so much, Zheng Hui also felt When it was almost over, he encouraged Gao Qian again and left first.

Sending Zheng Hui off, An Pingchang laughed to Gao Qian: β€œYou brat is really lucky. If the boundary stone is not found, no one can protect you. “

An Changping’s words are not good, but he is really happy for Gao Qian.

If there were no blood demons involved, Gao Qian killed Wang Si, He was afraid that it would be difficult for him to leave Lin Hai alive.

Gao Qian also smiled, “Third Uncle, I’m still very reliable in my work, and I won’t mess around. “

“I believe in you.” “

An Pingchang shook his head, he could see now that Gao Qian was always humble and polite, but he was so courageous and fierce.

“Tomorrow Mu Guofeng will take care of you, and we can’t get ahead. “

An Pingchang said: “So, I asked the Shen Family people to help you to suppress Wang Anfu and Mu Guofeng. With Shen Huilan’s relationship, Wang Anfu and the others will not have unnecessary associations.

“Officially it can be suppressed temporarily, but the next revenge of the wyvern gang will be fierce. You have to be prepared.”

Gao Qian nominates: “I dare to kill the king Fourth, you are ready.”

β€œIf you have Old Zheng’s words, I will help you choose a good thing.”

An Pingchang explained again: β€œThe special event The things in the bureau are all numbered into the file, and I have no right to give them away.”

β€œI understand, I understand.” Gao Qian knew what An Pingchang meant, because he was afraid that he would feel resentment in his heart. Third Uncle is not particular. There are good things that are not taken out early.

Gao Qian really didn’t think that way. An Pingchang took great care of him, and he didn’t want anything from him. Most of it was purely human.

He is dissatisfied with this little thing, so he is too boring.

“You haven’t lit Source Star yet?” asked An Pingchang.

β€œNo, it’s still a little hot.”

Gao Qian also wanted to light up the Source Star, but the Divine Power Sutra was not ready, so it was useless for him to hurry.

“The choice is too small.”

An Pingchang is a bit regretful, if Gao Qian lights up the Source Star, this time can pick something good.

He thought about it and said, “There are several people looking after the secret vault, and it can’t be opened now. I’ll take you in tomorrow morning to choose. You rest first…”

An Pingchang also left, Gao Qian returned to the Grand One Palace, because Yan Qing had not been resurrected, he went to find Shi Qian.

The Eight Ways of Losing Traces are displayed, and the pain of Shi Qian’s beating is unbearable.

On the second day, Gao Qian followed An Changping into the underground vault after enjoying a rich breakfast in the special affairs bureau’s cafeteria.

The gate of the secret vault is more than one meter thick, which is more exaggerated than the bank vault. To open the door, three people need to be gathered, and one of them is Zheng Hui.

There is not much space in the vault, and there is no light because there is no external power supply. All rely on the emergency lights in An Pingchang’s hands.

The most conspicuous are the standing sets of Source Armor. Both are deep black, just the Source Armor styles are very different.

Some thick, some light, look very different.

An Pingchang casually introduced: “Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird and Azure Dragon are the low-end standard Source Armor issued by the Federation. The quality is first-class.

“This set of Source Armor is very expensive. , you can’t take it away. “

He pointed to several tall wooden cabinets standing beside him, “You can have one of these things. “

“These are all items with source power, and the inner armor of the black snake is of very high quality. There is also this umbrella, which can be bulletproof and set on fire, and there is a sword hidden in the handle of the umbrella.”

“These two things can play a very good protective function even without source power…”

An Pingchang actually gave Gao Qian a few highlights. Items, he thinks these items are more useful and more valuable.

Gao Qian doesn’t want to choose these, because he has enough protection, and these things are of limited help to him.

An Changping also said that this is the family property accumulated by the Special Affairs Bureau over the years. Some items have source power response, but no one knows what is useful.

Newcomers to the Special Affairs Bureau usually have the opportunity to choose an item. Most of these people will like to touch try one’s luck.

Seeing Gao Qian’s disobedience, An Pingchang knew that Gao Qian also wanted to try one’s luck. He didn’t stop either.

Inner armor and umbrellas are nice, but that’s not bad either. If it’s really good stuff, it’s impossible to stay here.

Gao Qian walked around the wooden cabinet. Naturally, he couldn’t see anything good or bad. He just hoped that Ling’er could find something good.

Ling’er just floated in the air, she turned up and down around the wooden cabinet, her bright eyes were blank.

Special items like boundary stones are useful to Grand One Palace, she can see it at a glance.

She really couldn’t see the good or bad of these things.

Gao Qian also noticed that Ling’er was just unreliable. In the end, he chose a black gold ring.

This ring is made of special material. It can emit a large amount of electric light when excited by source power, which is enough to make the ordinary person lose sight in a short time.

The scattered electric light can even stun people at close range. Of course, this level of source power release poses no threat to the Source Master.

It is a strong ordinary person who can withstand the scattered electric light.

An Pingchang didn’t agree with Gao Qian’s choice, but he didn’t object either.

Gao Qian’s idea is very simple. He does not lack battle strength and protection, but his fighting methods are still very simple.

The ring’s discharge blinding effect is somewhat auxiliary.

β€œYou must be very careful in the past few days, and it is not convenient for us to come forward directly.”

When sending Gao Qian away, An Pingchang once again told him, β€œNever underestimate it. The wyvern gang, Wang Yi’s Source Master level is probably higher than mine. There are many of them, and they are smugglers, so it’s not unusual to get any weapons…”

Gao Qian smiled: “I like it. A colorful life.”


An Pingchang laughed, he originally admired Gao Qian, but now he admires Gao Qian a little, “Although it doesn’t make sense. , and Third Uncle thinks you can win!”

(end of this chapter)

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