This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Flip
Fourth Tour In the battalion Conference Hall, all tours have arrived.

A group of Inspection Bureau leaders including Mu Guofeng and Wang Anfu arrived at 8:30 this morning.

Several inspectors, battallion inspectors, were called into the office for questioning.

All the inspectors knew that Gao Qian was done!
In this regard, everyone thinks it is reasonable. Yesterday Gao Qian made such a big incident and even killed Wang Si. Gao Qian is not dead!
However, the presence of Director Wang Anfu today still shocked everyone. This scene is a bit big.

After many inspectors were shocked, they were overjoyed. If it wasn’t for Wang Anfu and the others, they would have set off firecrackers to celebrate.

For nothing else, Gao Qian won’t let them collect money, that’s their big enemy.

It’s only been a day, Gao Qian is finished, this is completely retribution!

Shi Ming huddled in the corner with a gloomy expression and said nothing.

The other inspectors didn’t let him go, so someone deliberately leaned in and asked, “Brother Shi, why don’t you talk, you’re not the most talkative!”

“Yes, Gao Qian If you are going to be unlucky, what are you going to do, Brother Shi?”

“Old Shi, your life is not good. You just got on the boat and sank, tsk tsk…”

Shi Ming has been shaking in the past few days, and naturally he can’t avoid all kinds of pretense to his colleagues.

Everyone doesn’t say it, but they actually have opinions on Shi Ming. This will seize the opportunity, and everyone will be wildly ridiculed.

Shi Ming lowered his head as if he couldn’t hear him. He didn’t care about Gao Qian’s life or death, he just worried about his own safety.

Wang Siyi died, can he be better as a bridge?

Although he called Mu Guofeng to tip off yesterday, Mu Guofeng may not protect him!

Shi Ming was very worried about his own life, but he was reluctant to leave Lin Hai.

I have stayed here all my life. Although I have never married, I have a few close friends. Leaving Lin Hai, he is a fart!

So, he just hopes to catch up with the wyvern gang. If he can get through this, he may have a chance to rise to the top!

It’s a matter of life and death, of course Shi Ming doesn’t care about his colleagues’ sarcasm.

At 10:30, Mu Guofeng, Wang Fuan and other senior officials from the Inspection Bureau entered the Conference Hall.

Needless to say, many inspectors are obediently and honestly, well-behaved like kindergarten children.

Mu Guofeng cleared his throat and said: “On behalf of the bureau, I announce a decision to remove Gao Qian from all positions from now on.

“As for Gao Qian’s indiscriminate use of power, feel free to Shooting to kill, murdering Wang Si in the detention room, we will immediately arrest Gao Qian and conduct a detailed investigation.

“I also warn colleagues here that you must obey the law and must not act recklessly because you are a Law Enforcer.

“People like Gao Qian are really on inspection. Scum, shame! “

Although many inspectors didn’t read much, all of them were Old Fox. As soon as I heard these words Mu Guofeng used, I knew that Mu Guofeng hated Gao Qian thoroughly, and he must get Gao Qian Death is the end.

While everyone is happy, they feel a little weird.

What is wrong with Gao Qian is that he dares to fight crime and clean up gang members. Moreover, No black money, no personal relationships.

A character like this is really out of tune with society. He is not unlucky who is unlucky!

β€œGao Qian hasn’t come yet, he should have absconded in fear of crime. , the bureau will issue an arrest warrant, and Gao Qian will be wanted in the entire Liao Prefecture…”

Mu Guofeng was almost blown up by Gao Qian last night, and this will finally spit out a bad breath, an old face His face was radiant and full of pride.

Mu Guofeng was talking happily when the Conference Hall door was suddenly pushed open and Gao Qian strode in.

Everyone in the Conference Hall , they all stared at Gao Qian blankly.

Even Mu Guofeng and Wang Fuan were stunned for a moment. How dare this kid come?
As everyone watched, Gao Qian smiled and sat on the seat. Mu Guofeng, Wang Fuan and the others in front of them voted, “Director Wang, Deputy Director Mu, I’m late, sorry. “

Mu Guofeng reacted immediately, he stood up and patted the table and shouted: “Gao Qian, you came just in time!” “

He looked at the left and right patrolmen and said sharply: “Don’t arrest the suspect Gao Qian!” “

A few inspectors wanted to take a flattery, and they took two steps forward to surround Gao Qian.

Gao Qian rolled his eyes and glanced at these people. His eyes The black light is a bit scary, and the condensed air between the eyebrows makes people dare not move.

Only these inspectors suddenly remembered Gao Qian’s methods. The butcher was killed by Gao Qian with a few shots, Wang Siyi The group of bodyguards even got headshots on the spot.

The few of them went to arrest Gao Qian, it wasn’t courting death.

The hearts of the inspectors jumped wildly with fright, and one by one instinctively Showing a pleasing and harmless smile. Now they just hate not having long tails, and they can’t wag their tails as a gesture of goodwill.

Seeing that no one was moving, Mu Guofeng was annoyed: “What are you still looking at? Arrests! “

Hearing Mu Guofeng’s shouting, many of the inspectors took a few steps back and slammed the space around Gao Qian completely.

Mu Guofeng was stunned. What does the group inspector mean? Deliberately confront him?!

His face flushed with anger, but he couldn’t do anything for a while.

He couldn’t go up to catch Gao Qian, if he was caught by Gao Qian It’s not even more shameful to beat him.

Wang Fuan couldn’t see it, he asked in a deep voice, “Gao Qian, what are you doing? ! “

Gao Qian spread his hands innocently: “Director Wang, I didn’t do anything. “

“You have done so many good things that you almost sparked a strike and a civil uprising, and you didn’t say anything. “

Wang Fuan shook his head: “You have some ability, but you can’t be lawless and wanton.” You have to take responsibility for what you do! “

“Director Wang, wait a minute, I’m here to let you know that I have your phone number.” ”

Gao Qian did not explain, and he did not need to explain.

Wang Fuan’s complexion slightly changed, he remained silent for a while, but got up and left the office.

Gao Qian led Wang Fuan to his office, and the microphone was placed on the new desk.

Wang Fuan took a deep look at Gao Qian, Gao Qian’s face was calm, and he could not see any emotions. Wang Fuan adjusted his mood, then picked up the microphone, “I’m Wang Fuan, are you? “

“Wait a minute. “

A woman’s soft voice came from the microphone. She didn’t show any kindness to Wang Fuan, but just asked him to wait.

After a while, the voice came from the microphone. An old voice said, “Wang Fuan? “

“It’s me. you are? “Wang Fuan heard the familiar voice, but he was still a little uncertain about the identity of the other party.

“I’m Shen Lin.” Regarding Gao Qian, I would like to say two things. Fighting organized gang crime is a major federal policy. Gao Qian, an excellent young inspector, needs to be nurtured with more care. do you understand? “

“I understand, understand…”

Wang Fuan’s face turned pale. Here.

Shen Lin is the deputy director of the Liao Prefecture Inspection Office and a high-level inspector. He is also the direct supervisor in charge of Lin Hai and Changyang and Liaobei regions.

Although Lin Hai is a high-level emperor , Wang Fuan’s rank is not high, but he can become king in Lin Customs.

But in front of Shen Lin, his status is too poor. He can only listen to what Shen Lin says.

In this day and age, no law or discipline is as useful as a word from the boss.

Don’t say that Gao Qian did not directly commit a crime, even if Gao Qian really has no reason in public Murder, if Shen Lin speaks, Wang Fuan will press the matter hard.

Murder seems to be a big thing for ordinary people. For the powerful, killing is never a problem.

Shen Lin hung up the phone without saying a word.

Wang Fuan put down the phone and looked at Gao Qian with a complicated look, this pretty boy hooked up with the Shen Family girl , he really got into a relationship with the Shen Family!
He really couldn’t believe it. With Gao Qian’s strong relationship, he could make Shen Lin speak for Gao Qian!

No matter what, when Shen Lin speaks, they can only be obedient.

Wang Fuan reluctantly laughed to Gao Qian: “Gao Qian, it’s not that we have an opinion on you, it’s just that you do things a little bit, Be in a hurry, it’s good to fight gang crimes, but pay attention to the methods and methods…”

(end of this chapter)

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