This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 58


Chapter 58 Delivered to your door

Gao Qian has a good attitude, and he is nodded to be taught: “The Secretary’s lesson What’s more, it’s just that the wicked are running rampant and harming the people. As an inspector, if I can’t get rid of the violence and peace, I will feel uneasy…”

Seeing Gao Qian’s upright look, Wang Fuan felt like It was as uncomfortable as swallowing a fly, but he couldn’t show it yet.

He could only say: “The wyvern gang is very involved, so don’t mess around. If you really want to stir up conflicts and let tens of thousands of people take to the streets to protest, Director Shen will be very embarrassed!”

“I know I know, I will follow your teachings, pay attention to methods and methods, and eradicate the Wang Family criminal group at the least cost!”

Wang Fuan has given up persuading Gao Qian, He said: “Because of poor communication, there were some misunderstandings. I want to explain it to the inspectors.”

He paused and said to Gao Qian very seriously: “I will handle the matter of the wyvern gang. , don’t meddle anymore. Understand?”

“Everyone listens to the director.” Gao Qian smiled nodded, and seemed to be very obedient.

Wang Fuan distrusted Gao Qian very much, but he couldn’t say anything more.

Back to the Conference Hall, Wang Fuan announced in public that Gao Qian was reinstated, and he was only criticizing and educating Gao Qian.

Although Mu Guofeng had expected it long ago, after seeing the result, his face was ugly, and he slammed the door in public.

The fourth patrol battallion went up and down, but was stunned. This Gao Qian is so hard backstage?

I offended the two directors, but he is all right!
Looking at Gao Qian again, everyone’s eyes became a little more ingratiating.

It’s not enough that this guy is capable and dare to kill, there is also a backstage! Who can play this!
Shi Ming also had a complicated face. He wanted to go up and take a couple of flattery sentences, but he felt that things were not so simple.

This is the beginning of the wyvern gang. It would be too early to say that Gao Qian is the winner…

Wang Fuan was also in a bad mood. After a few words, he hurried away with his entourage.

Back to the office, Wang Fuan saw Wang Yi sitting on the sofa, smoking and making tea.

Wang Yi’s face was dry and yellow, his body was thin, bald and hairless, and even his eyebrows were about to fall out. He looked like an old man in his sixties or seventies.

Great Xia God, he was still wearing a black mink coat.

Wang Fuan slightly frowned, “Why are you here, this is the Inspection Bureau.”

He and Wang Yi have a very good relationship, they have great common interests, and they often get together in private Eating, drinking and having fun.

However, this is the Inspection Bureau after all. Wang Yi’s identity is a bit sensitive. He openly went in and out of the director’s office, and it was not good to hear it.

Wang Yi let out a smoke ring with a face full of indifference, “You, it’s just being cautious, but it’s all useless effort.

“People want to fuck you, have you? Everything is going to die. Others don’t want to mess with you, no matter what you do, it’s fine. How can you not understand this truth! “

Wang Fuan sighed, he sat down opposite Wang: “People are in officialdom, involuntarily.” Be cautious and at least not make mistakes. “

“Gao Qian caught?” “Wang Yi was not interested in discussing this, he went straight to the topic.

“Shen Lin came forward to protect Gao Qian. Can’t catch. “Wang Fuan said helplessly.

“peng” made a loud noise, but it was Wang who fiercely smashed a teapot. He glared at Wang Fuan with anger: “What the hell are you talking about!” “

Wang Fuan was very calm,” said Shen Lin, deputy director of the Liao Prefecture Inspection Office. “

“I don’t care what Minister!” “

Wang Yi grabbed Wang Fuan’s collar fiercely, and he shouted sharply: “My younger brother is dead, my younger brother is dead!” “

“I know, I know.” “

Wang Fuan raised his hands to express his goodwill, “Shen Lin came forward, I can’t deal with Gao Qian officially. That’s it. “

Wang Yi was furious, he pushed Wang Fuan fiercely, “You officials, don’t say anything about loyalty…”

Wang Fuan didn’t either. Explanation, he sat down silently, and let Wang Yi curse and vent.

Wang Yi, who was getting more and more angry, smashed and fell in the room, and the delicate and clean office became a mess in a blink of an eye.

After venting a bit, Wang Yi calmed down a little, “You don’t do it, okay, I killed this little brat myself! “

He glared at Wang Fuan fiercely. If Wang Fuan dared to stop him, he would immediately turn his face.

Wang Fuan agreed: “The sooner you do it, the better.” “

He thought for a while and then reminded: “Although Gao Qian is arrogant and arrogant, he may kill the butcher, this person really has the ability. You can’t underestimate him either!
“Gao Qian has the support of An Pingchang behind him. You have to consider these things carefully.”

“An Pingchang, the death of the Old Fourth will also be counted for him. When I kill Gao Qian, Just find a chance to kill this old fellow again!”

Wang Yi angrily left, and the door was not closed when he left.

Wang Yicai walked out of the gate of the Inspection Bureau, and several luxury Golden Dragon sedans formed a convoy to stop.

Several big men in black suits hurried down to open the door for Wang Yi, who lowered his head and entered the carriage.

Wang Er, who was sitting on the seat opposite the carriage, was a little puzzled: “What’s the matter, boss?”

Wang Er and Wang Yi’s images are completely opposite. He is nearly two meters tall and luxuriously elongated. In the car, his long legs couldn’t stretch.

He has broad shoulders and a broad back, so one person in the back row occupies the seat of two people.

He also has very thick hair on his face, and a large beard spreads to his cheeks, only the nose and eyes are exposed.

This appearance also made him look like a human-shaped beast, extremely savage and ferocious.

However, compared to Wang Yi, who was ill but manic, he seemed to speak calmly.

“Wang Fuan, this soft guy, was held down by the Shen Family, and he didn’t dare to touch Gao Qian.”

Wang Yi said with red eyes: “Old Fourth’s hatred is only us. I reported it myself.”

“Wang Fuan is greedy and oily, so he is a waste.”

Wang Er was not surprised by this, he lightly clenched his fist and said, “We It’s better to do it yourself. A little brat dares to provoke our Wang Family, and if he doesn’t kill him, who is afraid of us?!”

Wang Er actually despised Old Fourth, every day If you smoke illegal drugs, you will only be brave and fight hard, but you will not be so tough in the bones!
Such a brother will die.

Just, you can’t die in the hands of others. Especially not to die in the hands of the patrol!

The inspectors dare to kill their Wang Family members, what do the brothers of the gang think? What do outsiders think?
Only by killing Gao Qian can the shame be washed away. This has nothing to do with brother’s affection, it’s a matter of face!
As for the Shen Family, no one cares about Lin Hai here!
Wang Yi asked: “What are we going to do?”

The wyvern gang is actually the two brothers who call the shots. Important things are usually made by Wang Er. Because Wang Er’s mind is more flexible and calmer.

As for the third child and the Old Fourth, that is to help cheer. If you really want to do a major event, they are all useless.

“Gao Qian is a foreigner and has no relatives or friends in the local area, so he is familiar with An Pingchang.”

Wang Er said thoughtfully, “However, I heard that the inspection team has A man named Shi Ming is very close to Gao Qian. Old Fourth seems to be looking for Shi Ming to help bridge the gap. Damn, get this kid first…

“Take out everything this kid knows. , and see how to kill Gao Qian! “

The two brothers returned to the office in the wyvern building and were about to find someone to clean up Shi Ming, but they received a notification from their subordinates that a man named Shi Ming came to see him and waited outside for a while.

Wang Yi and Wang Er both laughed, and this kid is automatically delivered to the door, saving trouble!
(End of this chapter)

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