This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 6


Chapter 6 Apostle
After Gao Qian was brought to this world by Grand One Token, every time he fell asleep, he was conscious will enter the Grand One Palace.

Ling’er As the spirit of the Grand One Token, she can help Gao Qian run the Grand One Palace. She can also help Gao Qian cultivate “King Kong Divine Power Sutra”.

This is the peerless martial arts transformed by the moral lotus, which is profound and mysterious. Thanks to Ling’er for helping him hang up cultivation, he can achieve something.

However, the cultivation “King Kong Divine Power Sutra” requires discipline. Violation of the precepts will deduct the cultivation base. If you hold the precepts for a long time, you will be rewarded with Grand One Token.

The commandment is also very simple: do not speak indecently, do not do indecently.

The commandments are simple, but keeping them is not easy. Say no evil, do no evil, the scope is too broad.

Although the standard of etiquette is determined by Gao Qian, as a former high-quality human male in the 21st century, his standard of etiquette is very high.

Because of this, he won’t break the precept by killing a few villains. On the contrary, if you accidentally swear, you will break the precept.

Twelve years in the past, Gao Qian has not violated the precepts less often.

It wasn’t until the past few years that he got used to keeping the precepts, and he kept the precepts for 999 consecutive days.

It’s past midnight now, and he should have been keeping the vows for a thousand days in a row.

Gao Qian asked Ling’er: “How is it, has the spiritual light of morality been born?”

Ling’er, who was sitting in meditation, jumped up lightly, she floated to Gao Qian’s side and stretched out. With a small hand, a golden aura shone and circulated in her palm, as if it were real.

“Father, this is the moral aura transformed by your thousand-day precepts.”

Ling’er also seemed very excited: “Today, I can finally enlighten the second moral lotus. I’m done.”

Ling’er pulled Gao Qian’s sleeves to the circular pool, she pointed to several budding lotus flowers in the pool and said, “father choose one.”

Facing a pond of lotus flowers, Gao Qian hesitated again.

It’s not difficult for him to choose, he just doesn’t like try one’s luck.

The lotus in a pool is divided into blue, black, red and gold colors, and there is only one lotus in each color.

Obviously, different colors have different meanings.

Unfortunately, Ling’er doesn’t know anything. There is too little information to make any correct inferences.

Duan Heihu is Monster Race, I don’t know if this guy has any accomplices.

At this time, it is good to have more help.

Procrastination, he may not understand the meaning of these colors.

Gao Qian made up his mind after thinking of this. He pointed to the black lotus flower: “Just this one.”

“Black Lotus flower, okay.”

Ling ‘er stretched out his hand, and a little golden aura fell on the black lotus flower like a rain of light.

A black lotus flower in bud, with petals open layer by layer, revealing the stamens and lotus pods inside.

The blooming lotus has dark and deep petals, and it has a bewitching to gorgeous beauty.

There is a cloud of black light in the lotus pod, and when the black lotus is in full bloom, the black light turns into a black book and floats above the lotus.

There are five words on the cover of the black book: “Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel”

Gao Qian looked towards Ling’er, he had never heard of this martial arts, There is no way to infer the use of this martial arts from the name.

Ling’er’s little face showed a bit of joy: “father, this martial arts is coming at the right time, it is a perfect match with father’s King Kong Divine Power Sutra!”

“Is this the kung fu of hitting people with wheels?”

Gao Qian was a little curious, he knew that there was only one person who was good at using wheels: King Jinlun.

“No, no,”

Ling’er explained to Gao Qian a little helplessly: “Without signs, wisdom is unique to all signs, and it understands all dharmas. Yin-Yang Wheel, the positive and negative are in an endless cycle.”

Gao Qian still doesn’t understand, this kind of mysterious statement can have too many explanations.

He asked: “What’s the use?”

Ling’er said embarrassedly: “This kind of peerless secret technique involves the most basic source power. I can’t tell. .”

β€œThen how do you practice?”

Gao Qian was a little surprised: β€œIsn’t this martial arts asking me to practice by myself?”

Ling ‘er sighed faintly and said, “I can’t train without a father.

“This kind of peerless martial arts directly points to the origin of human beings, Divine Soul. Each person can only practice one. The father has the Vajra Divine Power Sutra as the fundamental secret technique, so he can no longer practice the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel. “

“Huh? “

Gao Qian looked at Ling’er with a look of surprise: “What’s going on?” “

“You can find an apostle for the father cultivation Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel. The father can get 70% of the power of the apostles. “

Ling’er looked at Gao Qian’s face and saw that he seemed to be calm, and then said, “Father can also lend his strength to the apostles.” “

“That’s it? “

Gao Qian had a headache, and he asked, “Then what binding do I have on the apostle, will the apostle die if I die?” “

“The apostles can be regarded as the disciples of the father. The father can only seal the martial arts of the apostles and prevent the apostles from entering the Grand One Palace.”

“Through the connection of the Grand One Token, the father can also forcibly come to the apostle in a state of conscious projection…”

Ling’er said a lot, and Gao Qian summed up For one thing, he didn’t have much control over the apostles.

If the apostle gets the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, but doesn’t cultivate it, he has no way of restraining the other party.

Well, the only way seems to be to force the conscious projection to guide the education of the apostles…

The apostles are Grand One Tokens. The choice is based on innate talent, and Gao Qian has no control over the apostles. candidate.

Things get a little more complicated.

Gao Qian couldn’t help but sigh, thinking it was a grand prize, but there were so many routines.

Significantly reduces the joy of winning.

Ling’er comforted Gao Qian: “father, you can have several apostles. Share the great power of the apostles. What a good thing.”

She thought and encouraged Said: “Many people are powerful!”

“Okay. If you don’t have a choice, just accept it.”

Gao Qian also thought about it, he said to Ling’er: ” I don’t want the apostles to see me, mysterious is a bit of awe-inspiring.”

“This is easy.”

Ling’er as the spirit of the Grand One Token, in the Grand One Palace can be changed arbitrarily.

She stretched out her hand to draw, and a golden mask appeared in front of Gao Qian.

The corners of the golden mask’s mouth curled up in a smile, apart from this, there was only a long and narrow gap where the eyes were exposed.

Although this mask seems to be smiling, with long and narrow eyes, it will give people a mysterious and gloomy feeling.

“Looks like a villain…” Gao Qian complained.

Ling’er was a little aggrieved: “It’s the father who said to be mysterious but also awe-inspiring.”

Gao Qian put on the mask casually, which completely fit the facial features without feeling any Stuffed.

I took a look at the water surface of the pool, the golden mask matched with Dragon Mark robes and boots, both majestic and mysterious.

Gao Qian feels very good about herself.

He said to Ling’er, “When the apostles appear, you will be responsible for the introduction. I will pose.”

“I understand, one with a red face and one with a white face.” Ling’er inherited part of Gao Qian’s memory, and can be self-taught in these respects.

The Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel cheats on the black lotus turn and turn, but nothing changes. Gao Qian looked sleepy on the side.

Ling’er was very interested and watched.

Gao Qian waited for a while, but still no movement, he asked Ling’er: “How long will this take?”

“It’s hard to say. It’s not easy to be a compatible apostle.”

Ling’er was not sure how long it would take, “father, you go to work first, and Ling’er will just keep an eye on it.”

Gao Qian is To speak, a black light suddenly flowed on the Black Lotus, appearing out of thin air into a lithe and graceful silhouette.

Look at that silhouette, it’s actually a beautiful woman.

“Come on!”

Ling’er was a little excited, she pointed to the water and said, “Father, look.”

The water of the lotus pond appeared A few lines of handwriting:
Name: Zhou Yuxiu.

Gender: Female.

Age: Seventeen

(End of this chapter)

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