This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 60


Chapter 60: A Little Trial
In an abandoned sixth layer high-rise building, a night vision goggle wears black The man at Source Armor, was concentrated attention completely observing the raging flames dozens of meters away.

The high temperature shows a large red light white light in the night vision device, apart from this, no details can be seen.

This abandoned high-rise building is located in the center of the factory, diagonally opposite the gate of the inspection compound. Because of the height and angle, you can just see the battle between the two sides from here.

The man also has a companion, also wearing a full Source Armor suit, who is targeting the battlefield with an anti-material sniper rifle.

The scope of the scope on the sniper rifle is limited and requires the cooperation of the observer next to it.

The high-precision military night vision telescope used by observers can accurately distinguish different temperature ranges.

The burning hot vehicle wreckage is also difficult to cover up the nearby lifeforms.

The two searched and found nothing.

The observer said: “It must have been bombed to death. Two hundred kilograms of high-energy explosives were placed. Not to mention an ordinary person, even a Source Master can bomb the sky.”

The sniper is not very Don’t worry: “I think that guy’s speed is incredible, why don’t you check it?”

“What are you checking, no matter how fast it is, no explosives are fast. Everyone will be blown up, and the high temperature flame will destroy most of them. Avatar’s body fragments are carbonized.”

The observer shook his head disapprovingly: “If he is alive, he must have body temperature, and the night vision device must be able to recognize it.”

“Yes.” The sniper nodded approved .

The two discussed a few words, and when they were about to leave, they heard someone speaking in their ears: “Both, come here, sit down and then go.”

Both of them were experts, and although they were both startled, they both turned around and swayed.

In the face of enemies who come from nowhere, standing where you are is the worst choice.

As soon as the observer moved, Gao Qian, who had been waiting for a long time, suddenly dropped his leg with a high whip.

The whip leg in the Eight Ways of Lost Traces uses the leg as the whip, and the instep is like a whip, and it slams violently through layers of force.

The observer tried to react when he heard something wrong, but it was too late.

The high whip leg precisely hit the observer’s ear door, and his body protection source power field was stimulated with a layer of white light, but immediately collapsed and dissipated under the fierce high whip leg.

The observer was whipped and suddenly rolled over and hit the concrete floor with his head. Although the other person was not dead, his eyes rolled, foaming at the mouth, and he completely lost consciousness.

The sniper on the other side watched as the observer was kicked over by Gao Qian, but he was dodging to the other side, and there was no way to rescue him in a hurry.

In addition, the sniper was also frightened by Gao Qian’s leg.

The Observer is fully armed with Source Armor, which can easily withstand light rifle fire. Even if an ordinary person uses a big axe and a heavy hammer, it won’t hurt them at all.

As soon as Gao Qian stepped down, the observer’s source power field collapsed silently, and there was no movement on the spot.

One can imagine how terrifying the strength of Gao Qian’s legs is. Even more terrifying is that Gao Qian is not wearing Source Armor!

Snipers are experienced in combat, but have never seen such an expert. Completely losing his fighting spirit, he hurried backwards.

Gao Qian lunged forward, with a light body but a ferocious momentum, like a tiger pounced on a person.

The sniper hurriedly pulled out the gun on his leg. Gao Qian’s skill was too strong, and he had no confidence to fight against Gao Qian with a saber.

As a sharpshooter, he feels more confident with a gun.

Gao Qian was in mid-air but suddenly accelerated and changed direction. The sniper was about to turn the muzzle, and Gao Qian had already grasped his wrist.

The tiger shape in the Eight Ways of Losing Traces, Gao Qian’s five fingers are like tiger claw, through the special strength emission skill, it has extremely formidable power.

Yan Qing’s tiger shape is no threat to Gao Qian, because he is not strong enough to break through the Divine Power Sutra, and the tiger shape change becomes a trick.

In the hands of Gao Qian, with the terrifying power blessing of King Kong Divine Power Sutra, the tiger-shaped formidable power will be fully exerted.

Although the sniper was protected by gauntlets, Gao Qian tiger claw exerted force, and the layer of white light on the gauntlet instantly collapsed.

The severe pain made the sniper scream in agony, but Gao Qian turned his other hand into a tiger claw and stabbed him into the opponent’s chest.

A light sound of “pu”.

Gao Qian’s tiger claw is like a very sharp blade, the sturdy breastplate is torn like tissue paper, the fierce tiger claw penetrates deeply into the opponent’s chest, and even grabs the Source Armor on his back A pair of wear.

The sniper was hit hard, and the screams stopped abruptly. He looked down at Gao Qian’s hand reaching into his chest, his eyes full of disbelief and despair.

“Sorry, I just wanted to try the hardness of Source Armor.”

Gao Qian was also a little sorry when he saw the sniper’s pain, “didn’t expect to insert it so deeply. , I’ll pull it out.”

Gao Qian took out his hand, his skin was as fine and tenacious as the smoothest jade stone, there were no fingerprints and no pores at all when he exerted force.

Although his hands were stained with blood, he flicked them, and his hands were as clean as if they had just been washed.

The sniper didn’t have the time to pay attention to Gao Qian’s hand. He looked at the big hole in his chest, and instinctively wanted to cover it with his hand, but the injury was so bad that he fell to his death immediately in the dark.

Gao Qian turned to the observer, who was still in a coma. This is because he took a little bit of strength to keep this guy’s head intact.

The detonated explosives did not hurt Gao Qian, but let him know that there were others in ambush around him.

Through observation, Gao Qian quickly pinpointed the abandoned high-rise building. He guessed that the other party must have night vision equipment, so he made cover in advance.

The King Kong Divine Power Sutra and Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel allow Gao Qian to control his body at will. He closes his pores and holds his breath.

Although the body temperature is normal, it cannot radiate outward.

Under the night vision device, he is completely indistinguishable from his surroundings.

Gao Qian has the ability to fly and walk silently. Going upstairs, the pair of enemies was quickly found.

The Source Armor style worn by snipers is light and smooth, and it is the standard Source Armor Vermilion Bird.

The Observer’s Source Armor is even thicker and more square, and is the standard Source Armor Black Tortoise.

Vermilion Bird Source Armor and Black Tortoise Source Armor are equipped with side weapons, both of which are Miao Dao, but the length is different, Vermilion Bird is only more than three feet. Black Tortoise’s saber was nearly four and a half feet.

The Miao Knife is similar in style to He Miao, the blade is slightly curved, the blade has a sharp edge, and the curved blade is very beautiful.

This Miao Dao is also a Source Armor standard weapon.

The sniper is clearly not good at Blade Technique, he uses a pistol. Of course, the sniper thinks that he has no protection, and the gun has more formidable power.

The Miao Knife equipped is used to deal with Source Armor.

As for the observer, he doesn’t have a sword at all. Because the knife is so long, although there is a magnetic buckle design on the Source Armor, the knife can be worn in many ways. Wearing a long knife is inconvenient after all.

The other party is so well equipped, Gao Qian is almost certain that these two people are professional warriors. I just don’t know if it was hired by the wyvern gang, or what.

Finding that the other party was two well-equipped Source Masters, Gao Qian decided to kill one and keep the other.

From the perspective of the dialogue, the observer should have a higher status, so the observer was left alive.

Gao Qian first removed the Source Armor from the observer. The Source Armor has an attached active buckle for easier wearing.

A special tool is needed to remove it. Fortunately, both of them carry the equipment box with them.

Gao Qian felt very good looking at the complete set of Black Tortoise Source Armor intact.

An Pingchang also said this morning that the whole Source Armor set is too expensive and cannot be given to him. At night, someone will deliver it to your door. Who is this to reason with!
Another set of Vermilion Bird Source Armor, Gao Qian also dismantled.

Broken Source Armor can’t be left behind, the hole in Source Armor’s chest is hard to explain.

Gao Qian tidied up everything before politely awakening the observer.

Although the observer woke up, his eyes were still blank, and he didn’t know where he was for a while.

“Good evening, what’s your name?”

Gao Qian said softly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were visiting, and I didn’t prepare tea and drinks. Please include more.”

The observers looked at Gao Qian blankly, and some did not understand where this was and who Gao Qian was.

“You’ve been hit hard on the head, probably a slight concussion, and your consciousness is still a little confused. But it’s okay, I can help you.”

Gao Qian pouted with her beautiful white teeth. The observer was laughed, and the electric baton in his hand also stabbed with sparks.

The electric sparks not only illuminated Gao Qian’s smile, but also allowed the observer to see the body not far away, as well as the large pool of blood on the ground.

The observer suddenly woke up. He was about to beg for mercy when the electric baton was already poking at his most sensitive and tender part.

His begging for mercy turned into a long scream.

After a frank and friendly exchange, Gao Qian got the information he wanted.

Walking out of the abandoned building, Gao Qian found a Mustang off-road vehicle in the corner.

There are some personal items in the car, the most important of which is the military ID of the two men.

The two documents also matched the observer’s testimony.

Gao Qian gently sighed then said, this incident involves more and more forces!

The defense regiment has more than 2,000 people and is the most powerful and elite armed organization in Linhai.

Anyone who holds a gun these days is not to be trifled with.

Half of the defense regiment’s expenses are paid by the local government office, so the relationship with the local government has always been very close.

Gao Qian was only surprised by the fact that he had colluded so deeply with the Defense Corps and the wyvern gang.

Gao Qian pressed the remote control, the explosives installed on the sixth floor were detonated, and the entire floor was spewing flames.

The shock wave spread suddenly, and the drizzle was shaken into clouds of white fog.

The huge rumbling sound breaks the silence of the night again.

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