This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 61


Chapter 61 Black Tortoise Source Armor
Gao Qian returned to the gate of the inspection compound, and several people at the explosion site The car, with some wreckage left, can’t even see what the car looks like.

A group of gunmen were also bombed to a pulp, their flesh and blood were mostly carbonized, and there was no individual appearance.

The factory fence next to the vehicle was also blown away by more than ten meters.

The formidable power of high-energy explosives is really terrifying. Fortunately, he was not alert. In 0.2 seconds, he reached ten meters away, completely leaving the center of the explosion.

Although the shock wave released by the high-energy explosives is strong, it cannot cause damage to his body.

As for those blasted fragments, it is very deadly to the ordinary person, but the actual formidable power is not large.

Because the open space quickly absorbs the blast shock wave, those impact fragments are not even as big as the formidable power of a rifle bullet.

Back to the compound, the duty room was in ruins, and neither of the two duty inspectors could find a completed torso.

It was Shi Ming hanging on it, and the upper body was saved.

The drizzle was still falling, and the continuous roar of explosives was soon overwhelmed by the unique silence of the rain.

The battle just now looked fierce, and for Heaven and Earth, it was insignificant.

Gao Qian feels a little complicated, although this time he has dealt with two Source Masters and a group of gunmen, but they are all idiots.

In addition, we also suffered casualties.

He didn’t feel any guilt for the two dead inspectors.

It’s just like doing a patrol, and that’s the money you make. Besides, the wyvern gang is so arrogant, not all the inspectors are used to it.

The two that died were just a little unlucky, paying for most of the patrol’s mistakes.

Shi Ming and Gao Qian, who were hanging on it, showed no sympathy.

This guy hooked up with the wyvern gang and did so many tricks behind his back.

Gao Qian returned to the office and heard the phone “ringing” frantically.

Picking up the microphone, An Pingchang’s anxious voice came from inside: “Gao Qian?”

“Third Uncle, it’s me.”

“What’s the matter? What happened? I heard a loud explosion.”

“Wyvern helped someone kill me with high explosives. Heavy machine gun, and two snipers, almost sent me to the sky…”

Gao Qian briefly explained what happened, An Pingchang was shocked, “The wyvern gang is crazy!”

Duan Heihu is a Monster Wolf, and things have reached a dead end, He doesn’t have any problem doing anything.

The wyvern gang is a big business, and doing so would be a blatant rebellion.

Gao Qian asked An Pingchang: “Can we arrest all the Wang Family brothers now?”

“Uh, I’m afraid not. I don’t even have a personal ID card.”

An Pingchang sighed, “Even if someone is caught, Wang Family brother can’t be helped.”

The nature of the attack on the patrol compound is very bad, and the Wang Family must be arrested through legal procedures Brother , but not realistic.

An Pingchang found that Gao Qian was silent, and he reminded again: “You must not do it in private, thinking about catching the thief and the king. Wang Family brother has deep roots, and it really takes brute force to bring it down. , you can’t carry this black pot.

He paused and said, “Many people want you to mess around, so don’t be brave. “

Gao Qian thought for a moment and said, “Third Uncle taught me that I was a little arrogant.” ”

An Pingchang is right to remind him, he went to kill Wang Family brother, and he will take the blame.

Although he is not afraid, there is no need to be this early bird .

Besides, this world is as expert as a forest. His ability is good now, that is, he can still dominate in the forest.

There is no need to be too arrogant!

What’s more, the Wyvern Gang’s affairs involve all aspects. He is dedicated to eradicating evil, and others don’t think so.

It’s okay to be a good person, but it can’t be used as a gun.

And blood demons He is not qualified to do everything in the mix.

Continuous explosions, the movement is too loud.

The first fire truck to arrive at the scene is just the combustible material on the scene It’s all gone, and there’s no need for the fire truck to put out the fire.

Gao Qian asked the fire truck to go back first, it’s useless for them to stay here.

Another half an hour has passed. , the personnel from the inspection branch and the special affairs bureau arrived one after another.

The tragic scene also made everyone startled.

After seeing the scene, Mu Guofeng cursed Gao Qian, “Look, it’s all your fault! “

Gao Qian shook his head: “Deputy Director Mu has a high opinion of me, I can’t get so many explosives, and heavy weapons such as heavy machine guns…”

Mu Guofeng He also consciously lost his words, and left with a cold face.

An Pingchang sneered to Mu Guofeng’s back, “This old guy, it won’t be a few days. “

“Third Uncle, let me tell you something, this time there are people from the defense team.” I see these heavy firearms and high-energy explosives are all provided by them. “

Gao Qian said with some concern, “I’m afraid the defense team will be unreliable. “

“No way. “

An Pingchang’s face also became very serious. The defense regiment is Linhai’s largest armed force and the most important foundation of Linhai’s social order.

He pondered and said: “The defense regiment leader Ma Qianjun, although this guy is greedy and oily, his mind is very clear, he shouldn’t be doing such a stupid thing! “

Embezzling money, engaging in smuggling, and even reselling some arms and taking some empty wages are all routine operations for the top of the defense regiment.

However, colluding with blood demons When we get together, we will cross the bottom line.

The Defence Corps is not a gang after all, it has its own organizational discipline.

Gao Qian took An Pingchang to see the off-road vehicle, including the sniper Guns, officers’ certificates, etc.

Seeing this, An Pingchang was also really shocked, “These two people, I know, are both famous experts in the defense regiment. The two Source Master cultivation bases are not much worse than me. “

Speaking of this, An Pingchang’s face was full of questions: “How did you kill them?” “

“The two of them were not wearing Source Armor, and I touched them and shot them to death.” “

Gao Qian said: “A guy was dying and set off a bomb and blew that floor down.” ”

An Pingchang glanced at Gao Qian suspiciously. He believed that the other party must not be wearing Source Armor, so that Gao Qian could have a chance to solve the two of them.

Only, who detonated the explosives But it’s hard to say.

Even if it blows up, it’s better to explain it to the defense team.

An Pingchang said: “Let me handle this car, and I will take care of it. Check things out. “

If the Defence Corps is really involved, it will be a big problem. This matter must be investigated.

Gao Qian did not wait for An Pingchang, he carried the suit Black Tortoise Source Armor found a hotel.

Lying on the bed, Gao Qian held the box and closed his eyes.

When he showed up at the Grand One Palace, he took the box with him too Entering the Grand One Palace.

Ling’er happily greeted her, she took the box and couldn’t wait to open it, and when she saw the whole set of Black Tortoise Source Armor, her eyes sparkled: “Father is amazing! ”

β€œIf someone else has to deliver it to your door, you won’t be able to accept it.” ”

Gao Qian will be in a better mood. After all, it is a complete set of Source Armor. Not to mention the high price, there is no place to buy it.

He also saw the observer’s figure and his That’s about it, this set of Black Tortoise Source Armor is kept.

The Vermilion Bird Source Armor set is too small, since it can’t be used, it is also good to test the tiger claw formidable power.

After the actual combat test, the eight methods of the lost track are very powerful. The fully armed First Rank Source Master is almost impossible to withstand a single blow.

“Come on, help the father to pierce the armor. “

Gao Qian exclaimed: “Father, go and meet that leopard head!” “

Ling’er was a little worried: “Father didn’t ignite Source Star, and wearing Source Armor is useless…”

“What are you afraid of, you have to be brave in life!” ”

With the help of Ling’er, Gao Qian quickly put on a full set of Black Tortoise Source Armor. This Source Armor is thick and solid. Although he cannot be driven by source power, he can wear it a bit more. A sense of security.

After one minute, Gao Qian walked out of the golden lotus with an ugly face. The Black Tortoise Source Armor on his body also had a huge crack that penetrated the front and the back…

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