This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Reinforcement
On the second day, the inspectors of the fourth inspection battallion found the compound in a mess , but don’t know what happened.

Mu Guofeng was afraid of Gao Qian’s chaos, so he even went to the 4th Inspector Battallion to sit in the town and sternly warned all inspectors to shut up.

With An Pingchang’s reminder, Gao Qian also let Mu Guofeng issue orders.

The other party is his direct superior, no matter from which aspect, he must listen to Mu Guofeng.

Out of respect, Gao Qian always reports to Mu Guofeng.

Every time he couldn’t say a few words, the old man blushed with anger and had a thick neck.

The wyvern gang made such a big deal, and then died, and nothing happened.

Gao Qian also held back his eagerness to have a try and killed Wang Family brother.

He comforted himself: “For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late!”

For the two sacrificed inspectors, Gao Qian paid ten years for each of their families. ten thousand. After all, he died because of him, and he is also responsible.

An Pingchang said to investigate the defense group, but there has been no answer.

On July 2, two days after the explosion, the expert from the Changyang Special Affairs Bureau finally arrived.

Also come with the expert from the Hunter Association.

Zheng Hui brought An Pingchang and Gao Qian to the train station to pick up people.

The external saying is that people from the Special Affairs Bureau came to track down the blood demon, and Gao Qian was specially transferred to cooperate with the work because of his dealings with the blood demon.

The Special Service has a much higher administrative status than the Inspection Bureau. Mu Guofeng also disliked Gao Qian very much and wished him to get away. The recruitment was also successful.

Gao Qian was dressed casually, with a white shirt, jeans, and small white shoes. Standing there quietly in the sun, he was handsome, handsome, dashing, and full of energy.

Although An Changping is a handsome uncle, his height is not as good as Gao Qian’s, his facial features are not as good as Gao Qian’s, and his youth is not as good as Gao Qian’s.

He stood with Gao Qian and was crushed by Gao Qian in all directions.

The men and women who got off the bus couldn’t help but look at Gao Qian when they passed by.

Zhou Yuxiu accompanied teacher Xu Huiyun off the train and saw Gao Qian entire group as soon as he looked up.

Zheng Hui, An Pingchang and other secret service personnel all wear formal uniforms. This deep azure uniform is somewhat similar to military uniforms, except that there are no signs such as epaulettes and collars.

A group of people stood together, each looking serious, that imposing manner was very unusual. Gao Qian, who is dressed casually, looks out of place, and it is particularly eye-catching when she stays inside.

Besides, Gao Qian is so handsome and handsome.

Although Zhou Yuxiu has a cold temperament, he couldn’t help but take a second glance.

Xu Huiyun also showed an unexpected expression. She didn’t quite understand what Gao Qian was doing in this outfit?

Ding Peng, Bai Ping and the others who were walking in front couldn’t help but look at Gao Qian more.

“You look so handsome, you are going on a blind date…” An Pingchang complained.

β€œLeave a good impression on the experts.” Gao Qian smiled.

Zheng Hui didn’t pay attention to what the two people behind him said. He quickly walked up to Ding Peng’s entire group, “Director Ding, you led the team here, haha, very good…”

The special affairs bureau is divided into officers, officers, supervisors, supervisors, directors, supervisors and other levels.

Ding Peng is the director of the Changyang Special Affairs Bureau. It is also Zheng Hui’s immediate boss.

For this great character, Zheng Hui’s posture is naturally very low.

Zheng Hui smiled very enthusiastically, Ding Peng just nodded, “Old Zheng, please come and pick us up…”

He gave Zheng Hui a brief introduction: ” Supervisor An Zhi and Supervisor Xue Pan are both great experts in the bureau. Bai Ping and Xu Huiyun are experts of the Hunter Association. This time, they will come and cooperate with us.”

Zhou Yuxiu is Xu Huiyun’s disciple, aged Too small, completely ignored by Ding Peng.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t care about this either.

Zheng Hui greeted each of them politely and introduced An Pingchang and Gao Qian to Ding Peng and the others.

Ding Peng knew that this handsome youngster was Gao Qian, he looked at Gao Qian up and down, his eyes were quite severe, even with a bit of malice.

Because of Gao Qian’s report that the blood demon was going to open a different space channel, the Changyang Special Affairs Bureau was shocked when it received the report.

It was just that there was no reliable evidence.

Ding Peng actually doesn’t believe it at all. Because of the blood demon of Second Rank, the ability is too poor.

The Monster Race that opened the different space channel was the fourth rank Great Demon.

Normally, with the blood demon’s ability, he couldn’t open the alien space channel even if he was exhausted.

It’s just a matter of great importance. Even if everyone thinks it’s unlikely, send someone to take a look.

In the final analysis, it is because of Gao Qian’s struggle with local gangs that so many things have been caused.

This is the station, and it’s not convenient to talk about things.

Ding Peng didn’t say much, “Let’s go, let’s go to the hotel first.”

The entire group called shuaa~ and got on the bus, Gao Qian saw that Ding Peng was very fond of him. Unhappy, he won’t make fun of himself.

Gao Qian said to Zhou Yuxiu: “Miss Zhou, let me help you carry the suitcase.”

In reality, the apostle he contacts himself, but the other party does not know his identity at all. It’s a fun feeling.

Zhou Yuxiu is very wary of outsiders, even though Gao Qian is very, very handsome.

She avoided Gao Qian’s outstretched hand, “Thank you, no need.”

Zhou Yuxiu was carrying an alloy box, which looked quite large. Including Xu Huiyun, Bai Ping and the others, everyone has such a box in their hands.

Gao Qian has seen this kind of box, and the two Source Masters who assassinated him used this kind of box to hold Source Armor.

The Source Armor is the Source Master’s strongest weapon, the strongest armor. The Source Master is bound to carry the Source Armor with him whenever a fight is possible.

Typically, Source Masters will also wear one or two pieces of Source Armor to prevent accidents.

Because the Source Armor is very inconvenient to carry, the Federation will control the Source Master by controlling the circulation of the Source Armor.

Zhou Yuxiu is so vigilant, not to mention that Gao Qian is a stranger, even an acquaintance, she will not give her Source Armor to others.

The convoy arrived at the Yunlong Hotel, where the Rich and Imposing Special Affairs Bureau took over the top floor of the hotel.

Zhou Yuxiu’s entire group rested for a long time. In the evening, the Special Affairs Bureau prepared a very high-level banquet to entertain everyone.

As an accompanying guest, Gao Qian also sneaked into the banquet and saw the level of Lin Hai’s high-level banquet.

Lin Hai is too young to have famous chefs.

It’s just the extreme north, and there are always many specialties. Bear paws, deer fetuses, tiger whips and other wild foods are available.

There are hundreds of years of ginseng and other precious medicine ingredients. The taste of the dishes is not very good, but the ingredients are solid.

Zheng Hui and the others gathered around Ding Peng to tout it all night. This serious-looking middle-aged and elderly person, after drinking a few glasses of wine, his frozen expression also melted, revealing an approachable smile.

After a meal, the hosts don’t know what to do, but the guests are all very happy.

Gao Qian watched it all night, but didn’t see any serious business from this group of people.

He sighed inwardly, the bureaucracy of the Special Affairs Bureau is enough!
Among this group of people, Zhou Yuxiu is Qingli and Gaojie, and they are completely different styles from this group of people.

It seems that we are still our disciples.

Gao Qian hates this group of people, but it’s not his turn to speak, so he can only endure it.

When the banquet was over, Gao Qian saw Zhou Yuxiu and Xu Huiyun entering the same room. He suddenly became curious and wanted to hear what the two would say.

He wasn’t gossiping, he just wanted to know the situation of the Hunter Association.

Anyway, the Special Affairs Bureau paid for it, and Gao Qian also bought a high-level suite on the top floor.

Gao Qian quickly closed his eyes and entered the Grand One Palace after going to bed. Through the transfer of the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian’s conscious body descended to Zhou Yuxiu’s side.

Xu Huiyun and Zhou Yuxiu both wore light pajamas, but fortunately they were both conservative and Gao Qian would not be rude when they saw it.

“teacher, we ran to this to eat he he?”

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t like this kind of pie, her little face was full of doubts: “We are not Are you looking for a blood demon?”

“The Special Affairs Bureau has been established for several decades, and the bureaucrats have been acting like this for a long time.”

Xu Huiyun laughed: “If The top and bottom of the Special Affairs Bureau can do things, and there will be no Hunter Association.”

Zhou Yuxiu was a little disappointed, “They are eating and drinking merrily like this, how can they kill blood demons?”

“Ding Peng has a good cultivation base, but his character is not very good.”

Xu Huiyun shook her head, “However, don’t underestimate him. Being the director of the special affairs bureau always has his ability. …”

(end of this chapter)

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