This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Well-planned
After the two women chatted for a while, Zhou Yuxiu suddenly asked: ” teacher, what does that Gao Qian do?”

Xu Huiyun laughed with a hint of teasing: “What?”

Zhou Yuxiu knew what the teacher meant, she didn’t like such a joke, her expression Seriously.

Seeing the disciple’s expression, Xu Huiyun knew that Zhou Yuxiu was not happy. She actually meant to liven up the atmosphere, because Zhou Yuxiu had a cold face all the time, and he looked unhappy.

Xu Huiyun can only restrain her smile: “This Gao Qian, it is said that he has seen a blood demon before and escaped from the blood demon. He is also a very capable patrol, and this time he was transferred to cooperate with our actions. “

Zhou Yuxiu looked shocked: “He has really seen the blood demon, and he is not dead yet?”

Her father, Zhou An, was in the hands of the blood demon. This time she followed the teacher, just to find the blood demon to avenge the father.

In Zhou Yuxiu’s heart, father’s status is quite high. She didn’t quite believe that Gao Qian had the ability to escape from the blood demon.

She questioned: “I don’t think he even ignited Source Star?”

Xu Huiyun also shook her head: “I don’t know the specifics. I’ll ask him when I get a chance tomorrow. .”

She also explained to Zhou Yuxiu: “Yuxiu, Lin Hai’s situation is more complicated, you must act cautiously…”

Xu Huiyun is actually not interested in Zhou Yuxiu’s revenge. agree. But Zhou Yuxiu insisted on coming, and as a teacher, she couldn’t stop her.

Xu Huiyun encountered a difficulty when she was a teenager, and it was thanks to Zhou An who helped her get through it.

So, after Zhou An died, she was willing to support Zhou Yuxiu, even at the expense of Bai Ping and the others.

This time, she also came here specifically to take revenge for Zhou An.

An ordinary person, Gao Qian, can escape under the blood demon sword. One can imagine how weak the blood demon is.

However, the blood demon is still too dangerous for Zhou Yuxiu. She was afraid that Zhou Yuxiu would act without permission.

This beautiful girl has had special ideas since she was a child.

Gao Qian listened for a long time and found nothing. Seeing that the two women were talking more and more privately, he retreated to the Grand One Palace.

Judging from the conversations between Xu Huiyun and the others, the secret affairs bureau has done a good job of keeping secrets, at least Xu Huiyun and the others don’t know about the space channel.

It’s just the bureaucracy of the Secret Service that makes him less confident.

Gao Qian was in a bad mood and was considering whether to go to Lin Chong to try the knife. Ling’er reminded him that someone was coming.

Gao Qian’s consciousness returned to his body, and he heard the sound of the door being opened.

He was heart shivered with cold and hurriedly got up from the bed to prepare for the emergency.

As a result, it was An Pingchang who came in.

“Third Uncle?” Gao Qian didn’t know, so the Special Affairs Bureau paid the bill, and this floor was covered, and some of them were places to live. What is An Pingchang doing in his room in the middle of the night?
An Pingchang laughed to Gao Qian: “Do you think Ding Peng and the others are bureaucratic and can’t do anything?”

“Indeed, from their performance, it’s hard for me to trust them.” To An Changping, Gao Qian did not hide his true thoughts.

“Ding Peng is really not that good, but he still has the ability. Don’t underestimate the world.”

An Pingchang said: “They have made a plan, two in the morning. Let’s go, all the Source Masters will raid the underground building of the lighthouse together.”


Gao Qian was a little surprised, “So soon, what do you mean by eating and drinking that night? “

“According to Director Ding, it is to paralyze the enemy.”

An Pingchang spread his hands helplessly: “Maybe it’s useful.”

“I don’t know the lighthouse yet.” The layout of the underground building, so rashly attacked?”

Gao Qian was still a little worried about this, and he didn’t know anything, so it was funny when he rushed in and was killed by the crowd.

โ€œWeโ€™re not a dry eater either. The past few days weโ€™ve been monitoring the lighthouse, digging a deep detection hole to monitor the building conditions below. We also found the original construction designerโ€ฆโ€

An Pingchang introduced Gao Qian seriously: “Although the construction designer died, we found the construction blueprint he kept private.”

Gao Qian is also a little ashamed, he is too young Look at the secret service.

Although there are a lot of people, but if you really want to take action, this kind of organization is still very powerful.

“It can be confirmed that there are three floors under the lighthouse. The bottom floor has a building area of more than 2,000 square meters, and there are no gaps. A high platform is built in the center, which should have a special purpose…”

An Pingchang said: “It is because of this evidence that the Changyang Special Affairs Bureau can send an expert to investigate. A boundary stone alone is not convincing.”

“Third Uncle, I was wrong .” Gao Qian obediently admitted his mistake.

In this matter, the other party is more serious than he thinks, and he is more well-prepared.

โ€œOnly the Source Master can participate in the early morning operation, so donโ€™t go there.โ€

An Pingchang said: โ€œAccording to our observation, there are at most one or two hundred people in the underground building. No more. This kind of enclosed complex space, you don’t have Source Armor protection, it’s too dangerous.”

“Better not to go. I’ll just wait at the hotel for good news!”

Gao Qian is very interested in blood demons, but with so many experts out there, he doesn’t want to be in the limelight.

An Pingchang patted Gao Qian’s shoulder, “If you really find that the blood demon is doing a major event, your credit will not escape!”

“Waiting for the triumphant return of Third Uncle.”

Gao Qian thought for a while and then said: “You are not too young, so you don’t have to rush forward.”


An Pingchang laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m the highest when it comes to fishing!
“With Ding Peng and the group of great experts here, it’s not our turn to show off! “

Have a conversation with Gao Qian, An Pingchang has to work for a while, so he went to rest first.

Gao Qian fell asleep peacefully, and his consciousness entered the Grand One Palace. He told Ling’er to keep an eye on Zhou Yuxiu and call him if there is any problem.

While everything was fine, Gao Qian went to Yan Qing with a long sprout knife.

Yellow word In the world of the door, ordinary items cannot be brought in. Source Armor, an item with extraordinary power, can enter and exit without hindrance.

Similarly, the item in the yellow door can also be brought to the real world.


Gao Qian tried it and brought Shi Qian’s dagger and Yanqing crossbow arrow into the real world.

The quality of the dagger is just average, so it is useless in the real world.

The Hidden Arrow is somewhat special, closer to the Source Armor. Although it seems to be an item made by ancient craftsmanship, within ten steps, the Hidden Arrow is faster than the bullet fired by the pistol, and the penetrating power is stronger.

Gao Qian couldn’t figure out the reason, it can only be attributed to the extraordinary power.

Moreover, the two items can be brought out, which makes the importance of the yellow door to a higher level

For example, it would be amazing to get Lin Chong’s knife!
Gao Qian has never seen a high-level Source Armor, but based on his intuition, Lin Chong’s sword is far better than blood. Demon’s Crimson Sword!

If you can get this treasured sword, killing a blood demon is just like playing!
For this goal, he goes to Lin Chong every day, although it is only two or three tricks He was beheaded.

He was not abused in vain, and every time he was very rewarding.

Lin Chong’s Blade Technique, he can’t learn the essence, and he can learn two points of fur. It’s very useful.

It’s just that Lin Chong is too strong, and it hurts too much to be hacked to death.

Yan Qing is a master of boxing and is quite qualified as a sparring partner.

Gao Qian was wielding a long sprout knife, and Yan Qing, who was slashing, jumped up and down, battered and exhausted.

At this time, Ling’er suddenly appeared, and she said a little uneasy: “father, the situation is not right… โ€ฆโ€

Gao Qian opened his eyes and saw that the pistol on the bedside table was releasing a colorful streamer. In just a few seconds, the pistol was completely actinic.

Then, this group of magnificent streamers soared into the sky Get up.

Gao Qian was stunned, and before he could understand the situation, he saw one after another magnificent dazzling aurora rising in the night sky outside the window!

(end of this chapter)

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