This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Escape
The blood-colored horizontal sword struck hard, killing two heavy firepower on the spot , Two Thor heavy machine guns were also cut off.

Numerous Source Masters were overwhelmed by the howls, unable to help.

Without the Thor machine gun, the surging Monster Wolf immediately surrounded the crowd.

The faces of all the Source Masters changed, and these Monster Wolfs were initially estimated to be at least three-four hundred.

With seven or eight blood demons, there are too many Monster Races here!

There are more than 30 Source Masters here, but there are only five Second Rank Source Masters.

Simply estimate the strength of the two sides, even Zhou Yuxiu, who has the least experience, knows that the situation is very bad.

Besides, that Space Crack is still there!
Ding Peng’s mind turned sharply, he really wanted to turn around and run, but the blood demon was much faster than him.

This will only survive if organized.

Ding Peng yelled: “Shrink the formation, move back, move back.”

The crowd was standing in a triangle formation, with two heavy firepower as the front, the left and right side guard.

Now that the heavy firepower was killed, Xue Pan and An Zhi wanted to chase down the blood demon who was guarding the two sides, but Ding Peng shouted, but they hesitated for a while.

The blood demon who fired the knife has withdrawn and retreated, and many Monster Wolf rushed forward.

An Zhi and Xue Pan fired at the same time, the deep blue Miao knife swept across, and the seven or eight Monster Wolf in the front row broke together.

Second Rank Source Master is much stronger than Monster Wolf in Source Armor state. Both of them are experts in the special affairs bureau, and the armed Second Rank Source Armor is customized.

The seedling knife in his hand looks like a standard, but in fact, it has been specially processed and is unparalleled.

In the face of this Monster Wolf who has no battle skills, it is not difficult to kill him.

It’s just that there are too many Monster Wolfs here. Although the Second Rank Source Master is strong, its source power is also limited.

Even if there are no blood demons, they will be forcibly ground to death if they fight like this.

The two experts slashed several times in a row, killing Monster Wolf piece by piece with the continuous dark blue blade light.

In the blink of an eye, Monster Wolf’s mutilated limbs are flying everywhere, blood and viscera all over the place.

Such a fierce Blade Technique also made Monster Wolf’s charge a setback.

Taking advantage of this gap, both An Zhi and Xue Pan quickly retreated. Xu Huiyun and Bai Ping took over their positions.

Xu Huiyun and Bai Ping both use three chi long swords. As hunters, they value portability and stealth more.

The goal they face is the single Monster Race. The sword is also more flexible and delicate.

Only when faced with a large-scale Monster Race, the two long swords are too short.

Although the two experts killed several Monster Wolfs in a row, they were far less powerful than An Zhi.

The momentum of Monster Wolf’s charge picks up immediately.

Ding Peng looked very anxious from the back. If he was surrounded by Monster Wolf, everyone would not be able to escape.

At the critical moment, the two female Bounty Hunters also showed their stunts.

Bai Ping pressed her palm in front of her, and snorted loudly. The source power in her body was transformed directly into a mass of high-temperature flames through Source Armor.

The crimson flames instantly expanded and expanded, covering a radius of dozens of meters.

The fiercely charged Monster Wolfs were swept up in flames, and the hairs of the front ones were all burned, and the large group of Monster Wolfs behind were also scorched.

The real lethality of high-temperature flames is not high, but it is huge.

The fear of flames is also deeply embedded in Monster Race’s life genes. Therefore, the blockbuster Monster Wolf is an embarrassing evasion of rolling and crawling.

Xu Huiyun took the opportunity to use the sword continuously, walking with the sword, stabbing dozens of swords in an instant.

The Monster Wolf, who was enveloped in flames, didn’t react before he was pierced by the sword’s heart and other vital points, and fell down again in an instant.

Xu Huiyun and Bai Ping look majestic, and the dark blue rays of light on their Source Armor have dimmed a lot.

This blow is Absolute Art, impossible to cast continuously.

The two quickly backed away after holding back the Monster Race offensive for a while.

The Source Master behind is also retreating quickly, but after the Monster Wolf’s setback, the counterattack became even more crazy.

Ding Peng saw that there were more and more Monster Wolf. Although the triangle formation could barely be maintained, it could not last long.

Looking at the blood demons, they have already rushed over. Ding Peng clenched the teeth, turned and ran away.

Bai Ping, who followed Ding Peng, saw that the situation was far from good also turned around and fled.

The two great experts are in the back, and their escape has little effect on the formation. But the two turned around and fled for their lives without saying a word, but the blow to morale was huge.

Other Source Masters lost their fighting spirit when they saw this. Many Source Masters followed suit.

The original stable triangular rotation protection formation collapsed immediately.

An Zhi, Xue Pan, Xu Huiyun and other leading experts all felt helpless.

They are fighting and walking, relying on organization and coordination, and they can also deal with Monster Race. After such a rush to disperse, the quantitative advantage of Monster Race is reflected at once.

Only at this step, everyone lost their fighting spirit. If you continue to fight, you will only die.

A group of Source Masters followed, but they were caught up in Monster Wolf and couldn’t turn around and run.

At this time, Ding Peng had already rushed to the entrance first. Bai Ping followed closely behind.

Everyone else is a long way off.

Ding Peng hesitated, but let Bai Ping go. Then he slammed shut the iron gate of the Third Layer entrance.

This rail-type sliding thick iron door was completely deformed by his kick.

The iron door is stuck there, even if there are Source Masters inside, don’t even try to open it for a few minutes.

Ding Peng did this for two purposes. First, as the leader of the team, he fled first, which was a serious crime. So, all these people are going to die.

Secondly, keeping this group of people inside can also resist Monster Race delaying time, and they will be more sure of escaping for their lives.

As for why Bai Ping was with him, it was because he was the only one who would definitely be questioned. Bring Bai Ping and the two testify against each other, no problem.

In addition, he and Bai Ping are quite friendly. There is also a basis for cooperation.

Bai Ping didn’t think so much, she saw the broken iron gate but relaxed.

It was a pity for her to turn, and the crimson Source Armor set was just thrown in there.

In such a critical situation, it was a fluke to be able to escape. It’s useless to think so much.

Ding Peng said to Bai Ping: “Come on, the Space Crack has been opened, and the forest is over. I must go back and notify the above immediately and use nuclear weapons to destroy this place!”

Ding Peng didn’t know that the magnificent streamer on the high platform had completely dissipated.

The Space Crack that was forcibly opened is extremely unstable. After less than two minutes, Space Crack crashed.

A large wave of Monster Wolf blood demons who were ready to rush over were all annihilated with Space Crack.

The shattered dazzling aurora turned into a black ring, which was placed on the index finger of the man in the black trench coat.

The man was silently sighed, this wave is too bad.

Space Crack, which was about to be stable, crashed quickly after being forcibly opened. His layout in Lin Hai for more than ten years has completely failed.

Fortunately, many Monster Races were called. Although their IQs were not very good, their battle strength was good.

At least, we can get over the current difficulties.

The blood demon holds a blood-colored horizontal knife in his hand, and has already begun to think about where to go next!

As for these Source Masters in front of them, they are all lambs to be slaughtered, and they don’t need to be concerned at all.

Many Monster Races with low intelligence, just like wild beasts, cannot tolerate any other powerful life races within their field of vision.

Without any orders, his stupid kin will tear up these Source Masters desperately!
(End of this chapter)

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