This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 66


Chapter 66 is coming
Numerous Source Masters gathered in front of the destroyed gate, each Source Master Are very angry.

Even if Ding Peng left the crowd to escape, he even sealed the door.

It’s maddening! Inhuman!
The iron gate is very thick, and several Second Rank Source Masters present are not capable of breaking it with a single blow.

Faced with the surging wolf clan, everyone didn’t have the time to open the door.

An Zhi shouted loudly: “Space Crack is gone, we still have a chance, don’t give up!”

An Zhi is tall and strong, armed with a deep blue White Tiger Source Armor, holding a five-foot-long Miao Dao in his hand, shouted loudly until he had several points of heroic spirit.

Many Source Masters also noticed the destruction of Space Crack, and they were all refreshed.

Although there are many Monster Races in front of them, they are not without a chance to survive!
Zheng Hui and An Pingchang were also shouting loudly, urging the Source Masters to rise up and resist.

Half of the Source Masters were brought by them, and the two were quite prestigious. At this time, they stepped forward and managed to gather people together.

The flares have long since gone out, and the magnificent streamer of Space Crack has dissipated.

The underground Third Layer is a huge space with no lighting at all. Only the Source Armor shimmers on the many Source Masters.

The dark space opposite the Source Master is a pair of green eyes.

I don’t know which Monster Wolf howled, and his green eyes quickly approached.

The Source Masters wielded their weapons and took on numerous Monster Races.

The three Source Masters at the very edge were immediately knocked over, and before they could resist, a group of Monster Wolf rushed up to bite frantically.

Source Armor only lasted a few seconds before being forcibly torn apart by the Monster Wolfs. The three Source Master mounful screams were also torn to pieces.

At this time, Zhou Yuxiu couldn’t care to hide her strength, and she stabbed with double-edged gusts in her hand.

A layer of light blue streamer floats on the black double blades, which is the blessing of Second Rank source power and all the unique source power luster.

With the source power, the double-blade can easily penetrate Monster Wolf tenacious body.

Besieged by many Monster Wolf, Xu Huiyun is struggling to support.

Because there are two blood demons hidden in Monster Wolf. The opponent’s speed is too fast, and the shot is sinister and vicious. Although she is brilliant in Sword Art, she can only resist in this situation, and she has absolutely no power to fight back.

Fortunately, the Source Armor on her body is a custom-made boutique. After being continuously attacked, although the source power field has already collapsed, the Source Armor itself has blocked several attacks by the blood demon with its own protective power. .

Xu Huiyun’s situation is not good, she still pays attention to Zhou Yuxiu at all times. Seeing Zhou Yuxiu’s double-edged stabs, swift as a gust of wind, dense as a shower, but he is lighthearted and graceful while walking, and he has a dashing and unrestrained dash.

She can’t help but be surprised, what’s the situation? When did your disciple become so powerful?

As soon as she lost her mind, the long sword in Xu Huiyun’s hand was tightly hugged by two Monster Wolf.

Xu Huiyun’s movement of turning his sword was slowed down, and the blood demon who had been staring at the side for a long time suddenly jumped out from behind, and his claws were straight to Xu Huiyun’s vest.

Zhou Yuxiu, who was swimming over, suddenly accelerated, the red light on the crimson Source Armor flickered slightly, and Zhou Yuxiu was already behind the blood demon.

When the gust of wind crossed the two blades, the blood demon’s head flew into the sky.

Zhou Yuxiu floated sideways by the blood demon, stabbed again with both blades in his hands, and a light blue ribbon floated around Xu Huiyun.

“Chi chi chi…” In the sharp whistling sound, the surrounding Monster Wolf was bleeding from his chest and throat, and fell down a large piece.

Xu Huiyun looked at Zhou Yuxiu with complicated eyes, she suddenly couldn’t understand this disciple.

It’s just that she didn’t have time to ask questions now, she thought about it and reminded: “Don’t push too hard, there are too many of them.”

Zhou Yuxiu killed more than ten Monster Wolf in a row, and even He also killed a powerful blood demon, which is very majestic.

It’s just that these moves consume a lot of source power. Even if Zhou Yuxiu is promoted to Second Rank, he will be exhausted within a few moves.

Faced with a large number of Monster Race sieges, it will be even more necessary to conserve physical strength and try to support it as much as possible.

A momentary outbreak cannot change the situation of the battle.

Zhou Yuxiu actually broke out like this to support Xu Huiyun. It’s just that she didn’t feel tired.

Compared with the source power cultivation base, there is a big gap between her and Xu Huiyun and An Zhi.

The existence of the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel allows her to control the source power finely and use every bit of power to the extreme.

At the same time, Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel can strengthen the body and spirit, so that she has physical strength and spirit far beyond Xu Huiyun and others.

With close and numerous green and fierce eyes in the gloom, there are at least four or five hundred in number, and Zhou Yuxiu has no confidence that he can survive.

It’s just that she has a stoic character, even if she feels that she is not very hopeful to live, she can keep calm.

In contrast, most Source Masters are mentally poor.

Many people feel hopeless, or fight frantically with all their strength, or try their best to back away.

At this time, any irrational behavior can have disastrous consequences. These Source Masters were quickly killed and torn apart by the Monster Race, and some were even devoured by the Monster Wolfs on the spot.

An Zhi and Xue Pan are pretty reliable, they will try their best to help the Source Master next to them.

An Pingchang and Zheng Hui rely on each other, and they carry various weapons, such as incendiary bombs, flash bombs and so on.

These Monster Races are savage but not smart enough to throw all sorts of modern weapons at them with surprising results.

Many Source Masters can barely hold on to their equipment advantages.

Zhou Yuxiu’s sudden outburst relieved some of the pressure on everyone.

An Zhi even had the strength to shout loudly: “Pretty!”

He didn’t know how this teenage girl practiced, but she was actually a Second Rank Source Master, and this The ability is really great.

Compared to her teacher Xu Huiyun, she seems to be slightly better.

Although it’s not enough to break the predicament, Zhou Yuxiu’s beautiful kill has boosted morale for the desperate crowd.

Just for this, An Zhi would like to praise her!
Zhou Yuxiu did not respond, she was indifferent and did not feel the need to interact.

Furthermore, she doesn’t think she deserves praise. Killing a few Monster Races won’t solve the problem. The most hateful thing is that the enemy who kills her father is right in front of her eyes, but she has nothing to do.

The feeling of powerlessness made Zhou Yuxiu extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, the familiar low voice suddenly sounded in her mind: “I’ll help you.”

Zhou Yuxiu couldn’t help but tensed up, for this unfathomable teacher Taichi, she has always been in awe.

At a critical moment, teacher Taiyi appeared again…

Zhou Yuxiu was both moved and shocked. This teacher, who can always appear at her most critical moment, really knows everything!

Gao Qian’s consciousness has been down for two minutes.

He didn’t see the aurora coming, but he saw the aurora collapse and turn into a ring.

Many Source Masters were besieged by the Monster Race, all trying their best to save their lives, and no one saw the details of the aurora changes.

Only he is in a state of consciousness, which can see through the darkness and observe calmly. Only then did I know there was something wrong with the blood demon ring.

Gao Qian guessed that the ring should be his pistol.

This thing can obviously change its external shape, and it can even perfectly simulate the physical characteristics of a pistol.

But what is this thing?
Gao Qian couldn’t tell, but he felt that this thing must be very important. The blood demon’s ability to open Space Crack should have a great relationship with this thing.

The blood demon knew that this thing was on him, and was in no hurry to grab it back. It’s because he can get things straight back!

The aurora that has appeared frequently in Lin Hai in recent years must also be closely related to this thing!
This time not only have to kill the blood demon, but also get this ring!

On the other hand, Gao Qian was also watching the battle. Find the time to get out.

It wasn’t that he was pretending to be coercive, and he had to wait until Zhou Yuxiu was in danger before he shot.

Interacting with Zhou Yuxiu from a distance really consumes spirit strength abnormally.

Zhou Yuxiu’s current situation is very bad, and many Source Masters are reaching their limit. If they can’t solve these Monster Races, everyone will die.

Gao Qian observed for a while and decided on an action plan before establishing contact with Zhou Yuxiu.

“Relax your body and let me take control.” Gao Qian reminded Zhou Yuxiu to cooperate, lest Zhou Yuxiu resist forcibly, and the spirit strength conflict will exclude his control.

The situation is so dangerous now that Zhou Yuxiu’s Divine Power Sutra is not enough to solve the problem.

Gao Qian can only use Zhou Yuxiu’s body first, so that he can perform the Flying Technique and the Eight Ways of Losing Traces.

Of course, only with Zhou Yuxiu’s permission and cooperation can he control the body of the apostle.

For Gao Qian, manipulating Zhou Yuxiu’s body is equivalent to manipulating virtual game characters, which is very immersive, but does not cause cognitive obstacles.

Zhou Yuxiu doesn’t know why, but she trusts teacher Taiyi very much. She felt that with the peerless power of teacher Taiyi, it was easy to do anything to her, and there was no need to go around so many circles.

With Zhou Yuxiu’s permission, the Gao Qian consciousness descended on Zhou Yuxiu.

Zhou Yuxiu felt very strange, she was very conscious, but she lost control of her body.

It felt like a nightmare, being overwhelmed by a ghost.

If teacher Taichi didn’t say something, she would definitely struggle like crazy.

Because of his trust in teacher Taiyi, Zhou Yuxiu forcibly held back the idea of struggling.

After Gao Qian’s consciousness controlled Zhou Yuxiu’s body, 70% of the Vajra Divine Power Sutra naturally followed.

In the depths of his consciousness, the two stars, Earth Thief Star and Tian Qiaoxing, were also shining with deep rays of light.

Gao Qian clenched his fist slightly, with the blessing of the crimson Source Armor, superimposed with his Vajra Divine Power Sutra, and the strength has surpassed his body. Speed and response have been enhanced.

Crimson Source Armor’s protective power is much higher than his body. It can be seen that the crimson Source Armor is indeed of extraordinary quality.

The sudden movement of Zhou Yuxiu also startled Xu Huiyun. She spread the long sword in her hand, blocking the left and right, barely protecting the stunned Zhou Yuxiu.

“Yuxiu!” Xu Huiyun didn’t know what was wrong with her disciple, so she hurriedly called out his name.

Gao Qian glanced at Xu Huiyun, this mature woman is quite beautiful, her face is full of fine sweat, her breathing is also a little short, and her eyes are a little uneasy.

Like the delicate flowers supported in wind and rain, they are delicate and tenacious, but instead present a very attractive beauty.

Gao Qian didn’t have any other ideas, just looked at Xu Huiyun out of pure aesthetics.

Xu Huiyun also noticed that his disciple was wrong, Zhou Yuxiu’s deep eyes were full of aloof and remote arrogant majesty looking down on everything, and he also has several points of indescribable mystery.

This look? No, how could Yuxiu have such eyes, it is even more impossible to look at her with such eyes!

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