This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 69


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Gao Qian didn’t send a message to deliberately scare An Zhi, but it was really easy to kill, An Zhi and they came quickly.

It was too late for him to cut his hand and then stop.

Double-knife confrontation, he can’t hold back the knife, who knows if the other party has other thoughts.

So, Gao Qian still opened the Miao Dao first.

At this step, Gao Qian also felt very tired. Not physically tired, but mentally tired.

Gao Qian didn’t say anything to Zhou Yuxiu, his conscious body left Zhou Yuxiu’s body directly.

When Gao Qian left, Zhou Yuxiu naturally regained all control over his body.

She knew that Taiyi teacher had left, and she was also relaxed in her heart.

After all, her body was under the control of Taiyi teacher, and she was watching inside, which felt awkward and embarrassing.

Like a quiet student, alone with the toughest teacher.

Fortunately, Gao Qian’s Blade Technique is incomparably sharp and blade light, no matter how the Monster Race resists, it will be torn apart by the knife.

Under the crimson sword, there is no enemy of unity.

It’s really called crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, invincible.

The fun of beheading Monster Race also made Zhou Yuxiu so addicted that she forgot the embarrassment for a while.

After this battle, Zhou Yuxiu’s admiration for Gao Qian has risen to a new level.

At this moment, Taiyi teacher’s status in her heart is Supreme!

Zhou Yuxiu felt relieved when he found out that Taiyi teacher had left.

Because of Taiyi teacher’s peerless martial arts, he also left her.

Fortunately no one knows.

An Zhi looked at her with a bit of awe and a bit of admiration in shock.

Let’s not say anything else, when Zhou Yuxiu spoke, the blood on the crimson Source Armor was constantly flowing down, and there was a bloodstain under his feet.

You can see how many Monster Races Zhou Yuxiu killed just by looking at the status of Source Armor!

Although Zhou Yuxiu doesn’t like vanity, this meeting can’t help but be happy. She told herself in her heart that the teacher’s glory, as a disciple, of course she must have honor.

What’s more, she also has a share of the credit here.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t want to do it anymore, she was really afraid of showing her timidity, and even more afraid of letting everyone see that something was wrong.

After all, the existence of Taiyi teacher is the biggest secret. Never leak!

Zhou Yuxiu said to Xu Huiyun, “teacher, I’m a little tired.”

Xu Huiyun noticed Zhou Yuxiu’s eyes, bright, cold and a bit tired, completely gone. Majestic and mysterious.

This look is the Zhou Yuxiu she is familiar with.

She felt even more strange, but in this environment, she didn’t ask much.

She hurriedly said, “You rest first, and leave the rest to us.”

Although she didn’t see it very clearly, the number of Monster Races in this hall had decreased by 70% to 80%. .

With the power of many Source Masters, it should be no problem to deal with the remaining Monster Race.

An Zhi also hurriedly said: “You rest first!”

After everyone converged, the flares were fired again.

What caught everyone’s eyes was the large fragmented Monster Race corpse, almost filling the center of the hall.

This scene is very shocking, very shocking.

Everyone was stunned for a while before they came to their senses. This is the result of Zhou Yuxiu’s battle just now!

Everyone couldn’t help but looked towards Zhou Yuxiu, only the cold and clear eyes of Zhou Yuxiu could be seen through the visor.

She didn’t seem to care about everyone’s eyes and didn’t mean to respond.

At this moment, everyone did not have any dissatisfaction, they only respected and admired the girl!

The seventeen-year-old girl, almost the strength of oneself, defeated hundreds of Monster Races.

As for the remaining dozens of Monster Races, they have been scattered everywhere, and there is no madness at all.

The Monster Races, who suffered heavy casualties, also lost the madness just now. They fled in all directions in the hall, but in the closed hall, they also had nowhere to run.

It didn’t take a few minutes, and the remaining Monster Races were beheaded by the Source Masters!
A group of Source Masters had time to sit down and rest. Named Source Master, and now there are only thirteen people left.

And, almost everyone is injured.

Well, only Zhou Yuxiu was left unscathed.

In this regard, everyone has nothing but admiration. If Zhou Yuxiu didn’t solve 70% or 80% of Monster Race alone, they’d all be dead!
“Ding Peng and Bai Ping escaped from the battle and deliberately destroyed the gate, trying to kill us!”

While everyone was resting, An Zhi stood up and said loudly, “Everyone, this must not be the case. Forget it!”

“We must settle the account with him!” An Pingchang was also furious, he was injured in multiple places, and the Source Armor was caught and rotted, and he almost died here.

He was extremely angry about Ding Peng and Bai Ping’s actions. Damn, the one who can fish like him didn’t run first, the one who took the lead ran first!
Really he is not human!
Xue Pan and other Source Masters also scolded, if not for Zhou Yuxiu’s sudden outbreak, they would all be killed by Ding Peng!

How can this revenge not be reported!
Everyone is the same enemy, and they responded enthusiastically to An Zhi.

An Zhi was also relaxed in his heart. After all, Ding Peng was the director. It took a lot of courage for their subordinates to clean up Ding Peng.

However, this time Ding Peng has done too much, no matter what, he will overturn Ding Peng.

An Zhi has always looked down on Ding Peng, and overthrowing Ding Peng is not only for revenge, but also to remove obstacles to progress.

After all, there are only so many positions, one radish and one pit. There are no pits, you can only find opportunities by yourself.

This time Ding Peng made a big mistake, it was a godsend!

Of course, Ding Peng is not stupid, Zhou Yuxiu is too strong! This is unexpected.

No one could live without Zhou Yuxiu’s outbreak!
Everyone agrees, and a group of people aggressively drive back to the Secret Service.

Ding Peng was pacing back and forth anxiously in the Special Affairs Bureau Supervision Office.

He has called the General Administration and issued the highest level warning.

When such a major event occurs, the General Administration will definitely send a powerhouse to investigate the situation.

Nuclear weapons are too important to use because of his warning.

Ding Peng didn’t care how the General Administration decided, he was just worried that there were too many Monster Races. They were waiting here and would probably be surrounded by Monster Races.

Bai Ping stood at the window and kept looking out.

At three o’clock in the morning, in the middle of the forest, the sky in the east has already revealed a faint line of white.

The whole city is very quiet, there are no cars or pedestrians on the road. Looking over the city center, not even a single light could be seen.

Bai Ping likes this kind of silence, which means that Monster Race hasn’t run out yet.

Ding Peng comforted Bai Ping, “Don’t panic, if we really want to discover Monster Race, we will go to the defense group outside the city. There is no problem with the armed forces there to support for a few hours. The defense group also has armed helicopters, get out. It’s also convenient…”

As the director of the Changyang Special Affairs Bureau, Ding Peng thought to himself that it was not difficult to get an escape seat, and it was not a big deal to bring Bai Ping.

Bai Ping was about to speak when she suddenly heard the faint roar of the car’s engine.

Ding Peng also heard the voice, and the old face showed a bit of surprise.

“No way?” Bai Ping asked anxiously.

Ding Peng shook his head, “That group of Monster Races are savage and stupid, but they don’t have this kind of IQ.”

Ordinary person learns to drive for ten days half a month. The wild beast-like Monster Race may never learn to drive!
The roar of the car’s engine is getting closer and closer, and it’s actually coming straight in the direction of the special affairs bureau.

Ding Peng and Bai Ping are really nervous now.

Several Mustang off-road vehicles rushed into the compound of the Special Affairs Bureau at high speed, An Zhi, Xue Pan and the others all jumped out of the vehicles in a hurry.

The faces of Ding Peng and Bai Ping, who were standing at the window, became very ugly.

They couldn’t figure it out, but they didn’t die!

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