This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel

Jasper tiled dome, gold as pillar, white jade for bricks.

Zhou Yuxiu stared blankly at this great hall. She had never seen such a beautiful palace in her life.

I haven’t seen it even in movies or TV!

She looked at her feet again, but it was a pool, the water surface was slightly rippling, and the waves were flowing.

Zhou Yuxiu hesitated and walked down, she felt a slight coolness on her legs and a soft and stagnant feeling, as if she was really immersed in water.

She was a little surprised: “This dream is too real…”

Through childhood, Zhou Yuxiu had all kinds of absurd dreams, but never experienced them in dreams Such fine details.

Zhou Yuxiu took two steps in the pool, she turned around, only to find two people standing behind her.

She couldn’t help being surprised, and instinctively made a vigilant defensive posture, carefully looking at the opponent.

The other party is a man and a woman, and the white-clothed girl is very beautiful, especially with bright eyes and big eyes, and she is very smart.

She wears a bun on her head, white clothed is also the style of Taoist clothing, and she wears Immortal Qi, which is a bit of Taoist.

The man beside the white-clothed girl is a bit terrifying.

The man is tall and slender, wearing a golden crown and a golden robe. It looks like the ancient emperor in the TV series.

It’s just that the crown seems to be made of gold, and it looks very gorgeous and cool. Even a little dazzling.

The most striking thing is this face, which seems to be made of gold!
The corners of the raised smile seemed to freeze again. It also made his smile a bit terrifying.

This person even has golden eyes!

Zhou Yuxiu felt terrifying the more he looked, but he couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

She thought it was not a real face, but a mask.

Or, the man is a statue.

But she knew something was wrong, because there was a slight change in the man’s eyes, and it was obvious that he was a living person.

Because of the prudence raised since childhood, Zhou Yuxiu observed very carefully.

It’s just that the environment here is too special, and she can’t tell where she is and whether she is dreaming?
She remembered very clearly, she just slept in her bedroom just now, how did she get here in a blink of an eye.

It’s not surprising that someone killed her. But no one would take her to such a strange place!
Zhou Yuxiu did not speak out of caution, she just tried to observe the surrounding environment as much as possible.

Ling’er saw Zhou Yuxiu standing there with a look of vigilance, she smiled and waved: “Elder Sister Zhou, come here.”

“Who are you?” Zhou Yuxiu hesitated asked in a low voice.

In her sanity, she didn’t feel like she was dreaming, it was all too real. It also made her very cautious.

“My name is Ling’er.”

Ling’er was very enthusiastic. She saw that Zhou Yuxiu was still hesitating, so she took the initiative to run into the pool and drag Zhou Yuxiu out. .

Zhou Yuxiu is not used to being so affectionate with strangers, she has a subtle dodging movement when Ling’er’s little hand reaches out.

After being grabbed by Ling’er’s wrist, her whole body muscles were slightly tense, and she instinctively prepared to exert force.

Out of awe for this mysterious gorgeous palace, out of awe for the mysterious golden dragon robe man, plus Ling’er’s sweet and lovely smile, she still gave up her resistance.

Two girls came out of the pool hand in hand, beautiful like a picture scroll.

Gao Qian is also very careful about this new apostle.

Zhou Yuxiu is taller than Ling’er, about one meter and sixty.

The figure is not tall but well-proportioned, with a thin waist and long legs, and his walking posture is light, elegant and stable, just like a cat.

Zhou Yuxiu’s slender eyebrows and curved eyes are more delicate than Ling’er’s bright and elegant. Her eyes were cold, and she naturally had a sense of indifference and alienation.

In terms of overall temperament, Zhou Yuxiu is also a bit like a cat, and he is very vigilant in the face of strangers and unfamiliar environments. At the same time, there is a kind of arrogance that no one likes to take care of.

Ling’er is whispering Gao Qian to Zhou Yuxiu: “That’s the Palace Lord, His Highness Grand One.”

“His Highness Grand One?”

This title made Zhou Yuxiu have deep doubts in his eyes. It has been almost 100 years since the empire was overthrown, and the titles of Your Majesty and His Highness can only be seen in novels and movies.

Normal people would never call themselves that.

However, this title goes well with this gold and jade in glorious splendor great hall. It’s always a bit ashamed to just call someone your Highness!
She can’t open her mouth.

Ling’er seemed to see Zhou Yuxiu’s thoughts, she said softly: “Elder Sister Zhou, you are the apostle chosen by His Highness among hundreds of millions of souls.

“From this In a word, you are His Highness’s direct disciple. You can call your highness a teacher. “

“Apostles?” teacher? “

Zhou Yuxiu was even more confused, she looked towards Ling’er, her eyes were full of questions.

Zhou Yuxiu’s eyes were not as big as Ling’er’s, but more delicate and cold. The clear eyes can express her thoughts clearly.

Ling’er did not explain further, she said seriously: “Elder Sister Zhou, believe me, I will not be wrong. “

Zhou Yuxiu remained silent about this. Her cold eyes seemed to say, “Why should I believe you?” Just because you are so cute! “

“It’s all really incredible, and it’s normal for Elder Sister Zhou to be suspicious.” “

Ling’er is not in a hurry. Anyone who comes to Grand One Palace suddenly will be confused. Not to mention a seventeen-year-old girl.

She said with a slight smile. : “After a long time, Elder Sister Zhou naturally knew that what Ling’er said was the truth. ”

The water on their clothes disappeared naturally when the two girls came out of the pool.

At this time, Zhou Yuxiu realized that he was wearing a black robe, a traditional robe. The ancient style of the collar, a dark golden lotus flower is embroidered on the left side of the chest. There is also a pair of black dark golden lotus pattern knee-length boots on the feet.

The style of the robe and boots is very neutral, not like It is for girls, but it fits very well. It also looks noble and mysterious.

Zhou Yuxiu quietly let go of Ling’er’s little hand, she silently visualizes the Source Star, and a Source Star rotates leisurely in the center of her eyebrows , shining bright and soft rays of light.

“Can visualize Source Star, sense source power…”

Zhou Yuxiu immediately determined that this was not a dream, nor some kind of Spiritual illusion.

The Source Master can only visualize the Source Star communication source power when he is conscious.

So, is this all true?
Zhou Yuxiu is very At a loss, her wisdom and experience cannot explain everything in front of her.

Ling’er saw Zhou Yuxiu in a daze, she gently pulled Zhou Yuxiu down: “Elder Sister Zhou,”

Zhou Yuxiu looked towards Ling’er, Ling’er gave Zhou Yuxiu a look, signaling her to say hello to Gao Qian.

Facing the unfathomable Gao Qian, Zhou Yuxiu really didn’t know what to say.

Gao Qian has been observing Zhou Yuxiu, and found that the other party is a cautious, introverted and very calm girl. Looking at the details of her behavior and posture, she should have a good background, a good education, and be proficient in fighting.

At present, Gao Qian is quite satisfied with this apostle.

After all, she is a delicious and pretty girl. She looks very smart and has a cautious and reserved personality. To be selected by Grand One Token, she should It is very suitable for the cultivation Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel.

Zhou Yuxiu still resists him, which is normal.

More Second, feel the formidable power of the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, and naturally build trust.

Now, he has to take the initiative.

Gao Qian lowered his voice and said with a deep and deep voice: “Zhou Yuxiu, lucky child, from today onwards, you are the first apostle of this seat.”

Zhou Yuxiu was slightly frowned, but made no objection. Anyway, the other party said what she said, but she didn’t admit it.

She also doesn’t want to directly conflict with each other in other people’s territory.

Gao Qian didn’t need Zhou Yuxiu to respond. He raised his hand and pointed, and the black lotus flower in the pool flew out of thin air, turning into a stream of light that penetrated Zhou Yuxiu’s eyebrows.

Zhou Yuxiu’s eyes went black, and the huge complex and mysterious information reverberated in her mind.

At this moment, she suddenly learned the essentials of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel and felt the infinite power of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel.

This shocked Zhou Yuxiu. She didn’t have such a strong feeling when she ignited Source Star.

β€œWhat kind of power is this? Who is Taiyi?”

Zhou Yuxiu realized the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, and he was extremely shocked at the same time, but also had more doubts in his heart puzzled.

Gao Qian’s deep and majestic voice resounded in Zhou Yuxiu’s heart: “You must keep the secrets here, and you must not leak anything. Don’t live up to the high expectations of your teacher…”

Zhou Yuxiu was surprised again, how did the other party’s voice enter her mind directly?

Before she could understand, she saw a black and white circle on the Source Star between the eyebrows.

It looks similar to the Tai Chi Chart, but if you look closely, there are hundreds of millions of tiny gears that mesh with each other, making the black and white wheels rotate and change constantly.

“This is the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel!”

Zhou Yuxiu suddenly understood that this black and white wheel, which is billions of times more complicated than a mechanical watch core, is a reality. Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel.

Then Zhou Yuxiu woke up.

In the dimly lit bedroom, Zhou Yuxiu sat on the bed for a while, when she suddenly jumped to the floor barefoot, stabbing a pair of cold daggers in her hands.

It was like she had an invisible pulley under her feet, moving forward and backward smoothly and without sound.

Amid the sharp sound of chi chi chi breaking through the air, a pair of daggers staggered and stabbed, leaving behind a faintly discernable silver light in the dark.

Zhou Yuxiu closed and stood up, from extreme movement to extreme stillness, but it was so natural and smooth.

This is the first time she can use both hands to perform a series of nine strikes at the same time, and she still has spare strength.

Previously, her best result was to chop six times with each hand.

Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel does not directly improve her strength, but allows her to control her body more delicately and precisely, and give full play to every point of strength.

The opponent she evenly matched with, now she can easily one against two.

After a while, Zhou Yuxiu sighed softly and said to himself: “Very powerful power…”

It wasn’t until this moment that Zhou Yuxiu determined that what just happened wasn’t Illusion, Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel’s ultimate control of strength has at least doubled her battle strength!
She is in a bad situation and needs more power.

The power of sudden ascension was invaluable to her. Even enough to change her fate.

Zhou Yuxiu also felt that all this was very dreamy, even the legendary fifth-rank source power Great Grandmaster, I am afraid that there is no such profound Divine Ability.

The His Highness Grand One is unimaginable and unmeasurable.

Zhou Yuxiu still has a lot of doubts in his heart, but he is also in awe of His Highness Grand One!

The ability to confer so much power at the click of a finger is akin to Spiritual God!
As an apostle of His Highness Grand One, what kind of responsibilities do you have to bear?
Zhou Yuxiu knew from a very young age that there’s no free meal in the world.

The title of apostle means work.

She had a deep worry in her heart. If she couldn’t be an apostle, what kind of punishment would she receive? !

(end of this chapter)

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