This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Hero

Gao Qian heard the word sister-in-law, A sentence naturally popped into my mind: My sister-in-law is my brother-in-law’s half-assistance!
He also doesn’t know the source of this sentence, and he doesn’t quite understand the specific meaning of this sentence, but he heard it once and remembered it as an unfathomable mystery.

In his understanding, this sentence is somewhat ambiguous, something that both adult men and women like. But he said it vaguely, which made people think.

Or this sentence should be understood like this, my sister-in-law’s half-pulling ass is her brother-in-law’s!

In this way, it can be said logically, and the meaning can be fully expressed.

“I don’t know if this little sister-in-law is upright…”

Gao Qian’s mind was confused, but there was a polite and impeccable smile on his face, “I’m sorry. , I don’t quite understand?”


The woman opened her visor, revealing a youthful and cute little round face, “I’m Shen You, Whelan is my third Sister.”

The girl looked sixteen or seventeen years old, with big eyes, moist lips, and small white teeth.

In terms of appearance, the girl is taller than Zhou Yuxiu. Zhou Yuxiu mainly has a bit of sharpness in his eyebrows and eyes, and has a cold temperament, which makes him look a little less cute.

Ling’er is also an oval face, similar to a girl’s temperament, but a little less sweet.

“Whelan, oh, hehe…”

Gao Qian smiled more and became closer, and he explained: “I and Whelan are friends, not that relationship.”

Shen You looked at Gao Qian curiously: “No now, don’t you have this idea?”

“I’m a bit immature.”

Gao Qian thinks that Shen Huilan is pretty good, she is good-looking and gentle, and most importantly, she is kind.

The nature of kindness is too important. At least he won’t try to kill him just because he’s jealous…

But, if he really fell in love with Shen Huilan at first sight, it’s still a long way off.

Gao Qian doesn’t talk too much, and there’s no need to talk too much with the girl who met for the first time.

Shen You twitched his lips: “You are quite strict, you are a bit hypocritical and boring.”

The girl turned around and left, Gao Qian laughed at her back: “You’re Whelan’s younger sister, I’ll treat you to dinner when I have time.”

“Let’s talk about it.”

Everyone present was busy listening to Shen Zhengjun’s lectures, but no one cared about the interaction between the girl Shen You and Gao Qian.

Only Zhou Yuxiu took a look. She didn’t care about Gao Qian, but was curious about Shen You.

A girl of the same age as her, the source power cultivation base is obviously one level higher than her.

The Source Armor on Shen You is also so delicate and beautiful, in comparison, the crimson Source Armor seems to be nothing.

Zhou Yuxiu couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, he was indeed a child of the Aristocratic Family, and his starting point was much higher than her.

If it weren’t for the Grand One Palace, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be qualified to let the other party face him in her life.

Now, the situation is completely different. Now, as long as she works hard to make money, raising the source power cultivation base will become very simple!
After listening to the report, Shen Zhengjun felt a little unbelievable.

A Second Rank girl, Source Master, killed hundreds of Monster Races and saved a bunch of Source Masters?

However, because An Zhi’s words are unimaginable, he feels that this is impossible to make up.

The storytellers always strive to be logical and easy to believe.

Of course, there are also people who always like sensationalism, which is more likely to arouse the interest of others. It’s just that people who make up stories like this don’t need to be responsible, so I dare to speak up. Can bluff each one.

The stakes are very important, and of course you can’t listen to the words of security.

Shen Zhengjun asked Ding Peng again, Ding Peng insisted that the situation was critical, and they came out to report first. Completely negates the thing about destroying the gate.

He didn’t know anything about what happened next.

Earning is false, seeing is believing.

No matter how lively everyone talks, it can’t compare to taking a look at the scene.

An Zhi, Ding Peng and the others accompanied Shen Zhengjun to the lighthouse, the entire group went to the underground Third Layer, and saw the Monster Race corpses all over the floor, Shen Zhengjun’s face was calm, but he was a little surprised.

This time everyone brought enough lighting equipment, and the scene was as bright as day.

How sharp is Shen Zhengjun’s eyes, most of the wounds on the Monster Race corpses at the scene are obviously from the same weapon.

He took Zhou Yuxiu’s crimson horizontal knife and scratched the body of the dead Monster Race at will, and sure enough, the scars were exactly the same shape.

It’s just that the girl’s strength is too great, and most of Monster Race was cut into two pieces.

According to a preliminary calculation, there are at least 500 people who died under the girl’s sword in Monster Race.

Shen You originally had a casual look on her face, but after seeing the scene, the smile on her little face disappeared.

In the enclosed space, hundreds of Monster Race’s broken bodies were lined up all over the floor. The scene was like hell, bloody and terrifying!
Shen You looked at Zhou Yuxiu’s eyes with a little more admiration.

With so many Monster Races, even if it was her, she wouldn’t dare to say that she could do this step. This Zhou Yuxiu, the combat ability is too strong!

Even Shen Zhengjun was also impressed by Zhou Yuxiu: I really didn’t see that this beautiful girl was so fierce and tyrannical!
It is the Source Master who has experienced many battles, and it is also the first time to see the battlefield situation clearly. In addition to being shocked, everyone admired Zhou Yuxiu more and more. Strictly speaking, they all owe Zhou Yuxiu their lives!

Zhou Yuxiu’s face was still, but he was a little ashamed. This is all the teacher’s credit, but unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the teacher…

After seeing the scene, Shen Zhengjun inspected the high platform and even disassembled most of the high platform, but found nothing.

Shen Zhengjun took many Source Masters and went directly to the Linhai Consulate, where he found the Consul, and mobilized the defense team into the city.

Next, is a big sweep.

The wyvern gang transport company, the large processing plant are all under control.

The Wang Family brother took people to the shipyard, gathered thousands of people, and faced off with various weapon defense groups.

There are too many people, and the people in the defense group dare not mess around. Please ask Shen Zhengjun how to deal with it.

Shen Zhengjun smiled after receiving the report, but there was a bit of disdain in his smile.

He said to Gao Qian next to him: “You have a grudge against the wyvern gang, give you a chance to take revenge, and you lead the team to solve them. Can you do it?”

Gao Qian without the slightest hesitation raised his hand and saluted: “Sir, I will definitely complete the task.”

Shen Zhengjun was very satisfied with Gao Qian’s straightforward attitude, “Let go and do it, don’t be afraid.”

“I’ll go too.” Shen You wanted to see how Gao Qian solved this thorny problem.

After all, thousands of gangs gathered together, and there were all kinds of firearms and weapons in their hands.

If you don’t handle it well, you will make a big mess.

On the surface, Shen You always smiles at Gao Qian and speaks casually, but in fact, she doesn’t look down on Gao Qian.

The most important point is that Gao Qian is twenty-two years old and has not even lit the Source Star. source power innate talent is too bad.

Fortunately, Gao Qian is handsome and has a nice voice. Shen You was so willing to play with him.

When Gao Qian and Shen You arrived at the shipyard, they saw Wang Yi and Wang Er brothers wearing black Source Armor in the huge open space in the factory area, with thousands of gang standing behind them.

These gang members are almost all armed with guns, and they all look angry.

The armed men of the opposing defense regiment were in a dense array with explosion-proof shields. The people behind were all holding guns, but no one dared to mess around.

The defense regiment also has to deal with the localities. There are thousands of people on the other side, and it is inevitable that they will have their relatives and friends.

Furthermore, there are too many people. If you accidentally open fire, I don’t know how many people will die.

Shen Zhengjun is not afraid, but the defense regiment may not be able to bear such a responsibility.

At the critical moment, the head of the regiment, Ma Qianjun, was not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes.

There are still a lot of patrols at the scene, and the defense regiment doesn’t move, let alone the patrols.

Gao Qian came to the scene and first spoke politely to Ma Qianjun.

Ma Qianjun is in his 40s, he is a little fat, wearing black Source Armor is quite majestic, and his square-faced look is serious, which has several points of majesty.

Gao Qian has been expert sneak attacked by two defense groups, and he has never had a good impression of the defense groups.

I am even more suspicious of this Ma Qianjun. It’s just that Shen Zhengjun has to trust the defense team, and it’s not his turn to say anything more than a nobody.

“Captain Ma, I am here under the order of Chief Shen to solve the wyvern gang.”

Before Gao Qian could finish speaking, Ma Qianjun hurriedly said: “very good, we They’re all from the local area, so it’s not easy to be hard on yourself. I’ll leave it to you.”

He added: “If there is anything we need to cooperate with, just say.”

Ma Qianjun is so polite, mainly because Gao Qian has been by Shen Zhengjun’s side these two days, as if he is a celebrity. Besides, Gao Qian also brought Shen You by his side.

The appearance of Shen You in emerald green Source Armor is enough to represent Shen Zhengjun.

Gao Qian said no, “Then please let the head of Ma help maintain order.”

He thought about it and said, “Can the head of the horse lend me a knife? ?”

Ma Qianjun was a little hesitant, after all, it was a Source Armor weapon that he carried with him, and he didn’t want to lend it to outsiders.

However, Shen You took the initiative to pull out the saber and hand it to Gao Qian, “Use mine!”

Shen You is only over 1.6 meters tall, and the horizontal blade used is also long. Only three feet.

“Thank you.”

Gao Qian took the horizontal knife, but found that the knife weighed twenty pounds, which was not worse than the crimson horizontal knife.

The blade is as bright as a mirror, with a cold light. Really good knife.

Gao Qian walked out from behind the explosion-proof shield with a knife in hand, and stopped a dozen meters away from Wang Family Brother.

He raised his voice to the Wang Family brother and said, “You brothers are so sinful that you have to drag many brothers with you when you die. It’s hopeless.”

Wang Yi Laughing wildly: “Boy, we have thousands of Life and Death Together brothers, if you dare to mess around, we will fight either the fish dies or the net splits!”

Gao Qian also laughed: “You brothers Self-proclaimed heroes, we will solve it in the heroic way.

“I have a fair duel with your two brothers, you lose, everyone puts down their weapons and surrenders immediately. “

Wang Er sneered: “Boy, what if you lose, let us go?” What a liar! “

“In the battle of life and death, I lost, and the rest of the matter will not be my turn to speak.” However, if you win, you can at least avenge your younger brother, right? “

Gao Qian danced a beautiful knife with a knife in his hand, and he said a little puzzled: “You two Source Master, are you still afraid of me being an ordinary person?” The brothers are watching, don’t waste your time…”

Wyvern helped thousands of gang members heard Gao Qian’s words clearly, and these people couldn’t help but look towards Wang Family brother.

Wang Yi and Wang Er glanced at each other, this Gao Qian was so good at speaking that it forced them to have no way out.

However, they were two against one, so they could still be afraid of this kid!
Two brothers Pull out the horizontal knife and meet Gao Qian together.

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