This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Quickly pacify the chaos
Thousands of people on both sides of the wyvern gang and the defense group faced off, and the situation was about to explode.

Under such a tense state, Gao Qian walked up alone to fight against Old Feng.

The head of the defense regiment, Ma Qianjun, and other commanders felt that this move was almost child’s play.

It’s just that Gao Qian is Shen Zhengjun’s representative.

It has nothing to do with them anyway.

Shen Youda thinks Gao Qian’s approach is very interesting, just like in a romance novel, the two sides will deploy small soldiers, and the General will duel one-on-one. Whoever wins naturally wins!

This kind of solution is full of the flavor of Jianghu and Romance.

It was originally a boring action, but Gao Qian made the action a little more story-like!
The two leading guys on the other side are also quite stupid, and Gao Qian grabbed them with words after a few words!

She was a little puzzled that Gao Qian, an ordinary person, could have a duel with two Source Masters?

Could it be that Gao Qian thought she would help?

Wang Yi and Wang Er came out with their brothers. Wang Yi was thin and wore a Vermilion Bird Source Armor. Wang Er is tall and wearing a set of Black Tortoise Battle Armor.

The Source Armor on the two of them has obviously been modified, and it matches the body shape of the two very well.

Their brothers have been pampered for years, but their combat experience is still there.

At this time, they also knew in their hearts that there was almost no way out. Rather than that, it’s better to kill Gao Qian and let out a bad breath!
The two brothers knew how powerful Gao Qian was, even though he was wearing Source Armor, he didn’t care. The two flanked Gao Qian on the left and the right.

The simplest tactic for two-on-one is to attack from both sides. The other party is only one person, and it must be difficult to balance both ends.

Moreover, they have Source Armor on them, and they will be fine if they are cut a few times by Gao Qian. Gao Qian couldn’t catch a knife.

Most of the two brothers’ attention was on Shen You, they were afraid that this girl would help.

Gao Qian held the horizontal knife and cup one fist in the other hand and cupped his hands: “You two, I have offended you.”

Neither Wang Yi nor Wang Er intended to return the salute, Wang Yi said. Yi also scolded: “Little brat!”

Gao Qian No matter what the other party is like, he will do it politely.

With a turn of the horizontal knife in his hand, he made progress and slashed Wang Yi. This step is very big and fast.

Xue Liang’s horizontal knife had already slashed in front of Wang Yi in an instant, Wang Yi retracted the knife and retreated, and Wang Er, who was beside Gao Qian, followed and advanced the knife.

Wang Er is tall and strong, and when the source power is running, a layer of faint white light floats on the horizontal knife.

With this blade, even an ordinary First Rank Source Master may not be able to withstand it, let alone Gao Qian.

The expert Ma Qianjun Defense Regiment, who was watching the battle, showed disapproval.

Gao Qian, an ordinary person, dares to challenge two Source Masters, really thinks that the Source Masters are cabbage!

Wang Family Brother is not a good thing, but as Source Master, Ma Qianjun and the others naturally stand on Wang Family Brother’s side.

Shen You is slightly frowned, Gao Qian is not very smart to fall behind when he starts.

She was sighing when the battle took a huge turn.

The rushing Gao Qian suddenly stopped the castration, and he used his backhand knife to precisely block Wang Erheng’s knife.

Gao Qian’s knife is turned with the grid, and there is a very subtle change. Although Wang Erheng’s knife is momentum is big and power is deep, most of its power has been removed, and the long knife is brought out of alignment. .

Wang Er had to pull back, Gao Qian kicked his left leg backwards, using his elastic leg to exert force, and his kick was fast and concealed.

When Wang Er realized something was wrong, Gao Qian’s toes were already between Wang Er’s legs.

This leg wasn’t enough to break the source power field, but it sent Wang Erpick up to a height of more than half a foot.

As soon as a person leaves the ground, there is no foundation for exertion, and the low-level Source Master is no exception.

Although Wang Er was only a little distance from the ground, his whole frame disappeared at once, with a panicked expression on his face.

Gao Qian put the horizontal knife on the ground, grabbed Wang Er with both hands and held the knife with his right hand to complete a standard over-the-shoulder throw.

Wang Yi, who was standing in front of Gao Qian, realized that something was wrong, and was coming over with a knife to ask for help. Wang Er had already been thrown in front of him.

Wang Yi didn’t dare to block with a knife. He hesitated and was slammed over by Wang Er. Wang Yi was directly knocked down, and Wang Er was also dazed by the hit.

The white source power field on the two brothers constantly fluctuated and oscillated, and this shock was a great test for the source power field.

Not waiting for the two brothers to react, Gao Qian grabbed Wang Er and turned around again and slammed down his shoulders.

Wang Yi, who was lying on the ground, was fiercely hit by Wang Er, and the two brothers, the hard Source Armor frontal strikes, both suffered a huge impact.

Two people on Source Armor source power field white light, almost escaping together.

Wang Yi and Wang Er were both terrified, but the two of them were numb from the fall and could not struggle at all.

Gao Qian had already pulled out the horizontal knife stuck on the ground, and the sharp edge of the knife fell, and the heads of Wang Yi and Wang Er rolled out together.

Everyone watching the battle was shocked, especially the Source Masters such as Ma Qianjun, who were all stunned.

Wang Yi and Wang Er are both First Rank Eight-Star and Nine-Star, and they are proper First Rank experts!
In this way, the two Source Masters joined forces, but they were easily killed by Gao Qian.

The whole process is like flowing water, as smooth as both sides are cooperating in filming.

The Source Masters such as Ma Qianjun and Gao Qian didn’t like Gao Qian at first, but now they are all scared. Wang Yi Wang Er can’t do it, they won’t make any difference if they go up!
Shen You stared wide-eyed, she looked Gao Qian up and down in disbelief.

To say that Gao Qian’s moves are not so subtle, but simple and efficient. From the very beginning, Gao Qian completely took the initiative.

Although the two Source Masters have advantages in all aspects, they are far worse in the martial skill.

Gao Qian took a firm hold directly, and was destroyed without any decent resistance.

Shen You thought to herself that she should not be able to do this under the same state of strength!
“This Gao Qian is really good. He kills two Source Masters with two moves. He’s really handsome! It’s just that the level of source power is too low…”

Shen You is a little regretful, if Gao Qian source With a high power cultivation base, this person has boundless prospects.

The members of the wyvern gang fell into a sluggish state as they watched the old big brothers be beheaded.

Gao Qian pointed at the wyvern with a horizontal knife, “Your boss is dead, you still have to put down your guns and surrender.”

Most of the gang members showed hesitation, Wang Family brother has managed the gang for more than ten years and has a high prestige.

They shouted, and everyone was willing to follow. Even if it is hard steel with the defense group.

It’s not that they’re not afraid of death, it’s that they follow wyvern until now, and they don’t care about the patrols, the Consulate, and the Defense Corps at all.

However, when Wang Yi and Wang Er were executed on the spot, everyone was afraid. The other party is really capable of killing people, not to scare them!
The rest of Wang San saw that the situation was not good, and everyone was afraid. He was going to be arrested and he would not end well.

Wang San raised his gun and shouted: “Kill this kid to avenge the boss!”

Several wyvern gang executives are also screaming wildly, the wyvern gang is about to die, they can’t run Lose.

Now there is a glimmer of survival only if you hold a group and fight each other to the death.

A group of people shouted at Zhenghuan, and the sharp blade light stabbed straight ahead, and the shouting Wang San and the rifle in his hand suddenly split into four pieces.

Everyone was shocked, and the bright blade light had turned into a perfection knife ring.

The guys who shouted the loudest were all split into two pieces in the blade light. They were not dead for a while, lying on the ground screaming frantically.

Such a brutal killing also frightened other wyvern gang members.

Gao Qian said softly to the crowd, “Put down the gun and keep you safe.”

I don’t know who dropped the gun first, and the others followed the rustling sound. threw the gun.

Thousands of wyvern gang members lost their fighting spirit in this brief moment.

Gao Qian was also relaxed when he saw that the matter was resolved. He was not afraid, but if everyone didn’t surrender, he had to kill a few more.

He bowed slightly to the people who were split into two but not dead for a while: “I’m sorry. I didn’t inform you when I shot. You are shocked.”

Several people were in pain, No one listened to what Gao Qian said. They screamed a few times before dying quickly because of excessive blood loss.

At this time, Ma Qianjun also greeted the members of the defense regiment to come forward, first control thousands of people, and collect all the firearms.

Without the gun, this group of people does not raise no matter how much trouble they make.

Gao Qian ignored this, he threw off the blood on the blade.

Back in front of Shen You, Gao Qian held the horizontal knife with both hands: “many thanks Miss Shen’s knife. It’s really a good knife!”

Shen You took the horizontal knife with a complicated look. : “Good martial arts, good means!”

Gao Qian beheaded Wang Family brother, it is good martial arts. Following the beheading of the core high-level members of the wyvern gang is a high means.

A dozen people were killed, but thousands of gangs were shocked.

In the complex and dangerous situation of confrontation between the two sides, Gao Qian’s decisiveness also impressed Shen You.

Of course, if Gao Qian made a misjudgment and killed some people instead of provoking mutiny, Gao Qian would have to bear the consequences.

It is precisely because of the huge risk that Gao Qian’s decisiveness is revealed.

“Ms. Shen has won the award, it is all thanks to the prestige of the Chief Shen, no one dares to make a mistake.”

Gao Qian is very modest, and this is indeed not his work alone.

Without the Defence Corps behind him, the thousands of wyvern’s help were impossibly afraid of him.

Shen You twitched his lips, “You say you’re young, yet you speak so eloquently. It’s boring.”

Gao Qian smiled without saying a word, people in the Shen Family can be willful , that is capricious capital. Ordinary person, it is better to obey the rules obediently.

Shen You thought for a while and said sincerely: “There are still few people in my action team, you can help me…”

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