This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Thunder Breathing Technique

Shen Zhengjun He and the others, his promise is of course very valuable .

When Gao Qian returned to the dormitory, he seriously considered for a long time what he wanted the most suitable.

This commitment is of course possible.

It’s just that people are always forgetful. Now Shen Zhengjun thinks he is good, that’s because the past few days get along happily.

Going to see Shen Zhengjun later, this favor will definitely be diminished a lot. If Shen Zhengjun didn’t get angry, he might not be able to help.

What Gao Qian lacks most now is of course money. His King Kong Divine Power Sutra is coming to the Second Layer soon, and when the time comes, he can get crazy gold upgrades.

With 150 million, King Kong Divine Power Sutra can directly upgrade to Third Layer.

The problem is that I’m afraid it won’t work if I ask for money directly. Besides, I’m afraid that Shen Zhengjun’s promise is not worth so much money!
This is 150 million! For a great character like Shen Zhengjun, it is definitely not a small sum.

It should be possible to have a Second Rank Source Armor, but the price/performance ratio is too bad.

He doesn’t need Source Armor protection, it’s very troublesome to get a set of Source Armor and carry it every day.

Ask the Third Uncle!
Gao Qian found An Pingchang, the past few days have kept An Pingchang busy. He was auditing the ledger, his eyes were red and his lower eye blisters were swollen.

Seeing Gao Qian coming in, An Pingchang got up and closed the office door. He smiled and said, “You came just in time.”

“Third Uncle is looking for me?” Gao Seeing An Pingchang’s relaxed expression, Qian thought it was a good thing.

An Pingchang handed Gao Qian a bank card: “This is yours. The password is still the same.”

Gao Qian immediately understood that this was a raiding gang , Clean up the harvest of officials at all levels.

Gangs and officials have a characteristic, there is a lot of cash, gold bars, antiques, and jewelry.

Shen Zhengjun’s big purge of Lin Hai, no matter what the reason, must eventually turn into a big search and a redistribution of interests.

These days, An Pingchang has been in charge of handling the confiscated property, which was also arranged by Shen Zhengjun.

Everyone knows very well that most of the harvest goes to Shen Zhengjun.

Although Shen Zhengjun is one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, he has to eat and live. What’s more, with a large family, the daily expenses are a large number.

Having this opportunity, Shen Zhengjun is not exempt from the custom. This is also the established rule.

It’s just that some people look ugly, and some people look good.

In contrast, Shen Zhengjun is still very particular about people.

Gao Qian doesn’t think this is a good thing, but he doesn’t object either. This is completely different from the nature of the gang problem. as far as he can coordinate tolerance.

Gao Qian said with a slight smile: “Given by the elders, don’t dare to say no. I’m short of money, so I won’t be polite to Third Uncle.”

“Twenty million. This is a huge amount of money. You have to save money, and your grandchildren will not worry about food and drink…”

An Pingchang is very familiar with Gao Qian.

He just reminded him and didn’t say more.

“Wow, that’s a lot of money. Thank you Third Uncle.” Gao Qian was also a little surprised, the amount of money given was beyond his expectations.

“Lin Hai’s gang and officials are very rich. The part for you is also instructed by Shen Tianwang himself.”

An Pingchang said with a smile: “Shen Tianwang still admires you very much. Yes. It’s more valuable than 20 million.”

An Pingchang is also in a very good mood. As the whistleblower who discovered the blood demon, he has made a lot of credit this time. The above gave him a great award.

He helped Shen Zhengjun deal with financial problems and made him a lot of money.

At the age of 40, career and wealth are on the rise. Let An Pingchang this old man also be high-spirited and vigorous.

“There are still a lot of good antiques. I’ll take you to the basement to choose two pieces later.”

An Pingchang said with a smile: “I don’t know them either, just look at you. How about luck with your vision!”

Ancient Wen has a deep understanding of these things, even experts may not know them all.

These copied things have not been recorded, so they are temporarily stored there for identification and classification.

An Pingchang had the opportunity to turn around with Gao Qian this time. When he said sorry to Gao Qian, he could only express his gratitude with actions.

“Third Uncle is also very good to me, I’m flattered.”

“It’s nothing, it’s the generosity of others.”

An Pingchang waved his hand, he He added: “I will go to Changyang in a few days, where I will receive a strengthening medicine injection. With good luck, I will be able to advance to the Second Rank.

“No matter whether I succeed or fail, I will stay in Changyang Special Affairs. Bureau…”

Gao Qian was a little surprised, An Pingchang was transferred? Normally, he should take over as the supervisor of Lin Hai’s Special Affairs Bureau.

Going to Changyang, but It’s not An Pingchang’s turn.

An Pingchang understands Gao Qian’s doubts, he explained, “I’ve had enough of Lin Hai’s bitter cold. Furthermore, the big cleanup is a joy, but it also offends too many people. Changyang, with a population of one million, is the center of northern Liaoning, prosperous and lively, I will spend the rest of my life fishing in Changyang…”

Gao Qian understands, Lin Hai is good, but the place is too small.

An Pingchang must have made a fortune by cleaning Lin Hai this time. Finding a bustling and lively place to retire comfortably is in line with An Pingchang’s character.

β€œYou are so young. , there is no point in staying in Lin Hai. It’s better to take the opportunity to go out. “

An Pingchang said: “Shen Tianwang admires you so much, you can ask him, what if there is a chance? “

“Sir Shen asked me if I wanted to go to Liao’an, but I refused.” “Gao Qian replied.

“Ah!” An Pingchang was shocked, that is Shen Zhengjun, Shen Tianwang, one of the few great characters in Liao Prefecture.

Can follow Shen Zhengjun, then It’s ascending to the skies with a single leap. Gao Qian actually refused such an opportunity!
“You, you…”

An Pingchang slapped his thighs in pain, but didn’t know what to do It is good to say, “How smart people are usually, how can they be stupid at the critical moment! “

An Pingchang really feels pity for Gao Qian, this kind of opportunity is too rare.

Gao Qian nods: “I’m very grateful that Chief Shen wants to support me.” Just my ability is nothing in Liao’an…”

This reason is reasonable, An Pingchang sighed, “Okay, Shen Tianwang is too high, and following him is also a big risk. . When I have a firm foothold in Changyang, I will transfer you over. “

“Thank you Third Uncle in advance.” “

Gao Qian doesn’t want to leave Lin Hai, mainly because of the blood demon ring in his hand.

He intuitions that this ring is closely related to Lin Hai. As for the relationship, he still needs him Just explore slowly.

On the other hand, he is too weak now.

Whether he follows Shen You or Shen Zhengjun, he will definitely become a vassal subordinate of the other party.

Being an inspector is a public office, which is not the same as being a subordinate to someone.

In this era, choosing to follow a person, well, be careful.

Besides, Gao Qian has a lot of cheats and is not interested in being a younger brother.

Gao Qian asked An Changping, “Sir Shen said I can make a request, but I don’t know what to order, what advice does Third Uncle have? “


An Pingchang also felt that the severity of the heat needed to be carefully grasped, he pondered for a while and said: “Shen Family’s “Thunder Sound Breathing Technique” It is very famous and rarely rumored. You can ask Shen Tianwang to teach you this Breathing Technique, which is very beneficial to your source power cultivation…”

(end of this chapter)

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