This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Tianxiongxing

Tianxiongxing: Obtain passive heart poison.

Heart poison: tolerating what others can’t bear, capable people can’t. (Half damage, double damage when hitting an enemy.)
Active Skill: Grandmaster.

Gao Qian was really pleasantly surprised after seeing Tianxiongxing’s attribute!
Needless to say, the Liuhe knife given by Tianxiongxing made him a Blade Technique Grandmaster!
He was well prepared for this. After all, Lin Chong’s Blade Technique is there!
Such a tyrannical Blade Technique may be a bit stronger than a powerhouse like Shen Zhengjun.

What really surprised him was Tianxiongxing’s passive: Heart Poison.

Forbearance, the damage taken is halved. This attribute is very awesome.

With his King Kong Divine Power Sutra Second Layer, his physical strength should exceed the crimson Source Armor.

Be aware that Crimson Source Armor is a third rank Source Armor.

It is terrifying that he achieves this strength with his flesh and blood.

However, Gao Qian soon realized that the real effect of discovering the poison of the heart is not to increase his physical strength, but to allow him to withstand damage more skillfully and to use his power more skillfully.

The passive foundation of heart poison lies in skills!
Gao Qian understands the changes brought about by Tianxiong, but thinks that the passiveness of Xindu is reasonable.

Because Lin Chong is not the type of hard punching and killing!
The advantage of being passive is that it is controlled by Tianxiongxing and becomes Gao Qian’s instinct. There is no need for him to consciously manipulate it.

Tianxiongxing takes the initiative to use the Liuhe Knife, so Gao Qian needs to take the initiative to display it.

However, with Tianxiong star, Gao Qian is like practicing Liuhe knife all his life, and his mastery of Blade Technique has gone deep into the bone marrow.

His Blade Technique is now on the same level as Lin Chong. Maybe he is worse than Lin Chong in battle awareness, but in terms of strength, speed, etc., he completely beats Lin Chong.

Fighting against Lin Chong again, Gao Qian felt that he would win.

Gao Qian picked up the dragon scales knife on the ground and looked at this treasured knife, and he was in a very good mood.

The dragon scales blade is four feet four inches long and two inches wide, with a natural curvature at the tip.

The shape of the knife is similar to the Miao Dao, but it is twice as wide as the Miao Dao, and the shape is more domineering.

Xue Liang’s knife has thousands of fish scale-like lines, shaking slightly, and the cold light flickers and flickers indefinitely, with a sense of coldness.

The black handle is eight inches long, and the raised dragon scales make it easier to hold and exert force. At the end of the handle is an intricately carved faucet. The gauntlet is the dragon tail coiled in a circle.

The scabbard is made of black wood, and the dragon scales pattern made of bronze is simple and majestic.

Gao Qian weighed the dragon scales knife, which weighed about fifty pounds! More than twice as heavy as Ling’er estimated.

For a long knife, this weight is very terrifying. You must know that a large bag of rice noodles is the same amount.

It is not so easy for an ordinary person to lift a bag of rice noodles with one hand, let alone wave it.

When a long knife of such weight is swung, it is absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to control it.

Lin Chong is also an 8-foot tall man and a Blade Technique Grandmaster, so he can control such a heavy sword.

Gao Qian is much stronger than Lin Chong in this regard. His King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches Second Layer, and his power is doubled directly.

Simply put, he can now lift eight tons. This is not to say that his strength is only eight tons, and the power he releases under high-speed punches will be several times higher.

Based on Gao Qian’s observation on Source Master, his current strength and other data should far exceed Second Rank Source Master.

With the dragon scales sword in hand, a third rank Source Master like Shen You is no different from Chinese cabbage. With one knife, neat and tidy will definitely turn into two cuties.

Of course, battle strength cannot be calculated so easily.

The Source Master has various abilities, various combat skills, and various powerful Source Armors. Really want to fight, but also depends on the specific situation.

Gao Qian was carrying the dragon scales knife, and he was very excited and happy. He just wanted to go out and try the knife, and he didn’t even bother to see who the next level was.

Back at the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian saw Zhou Yuxiu meditating on the cultivation. During this time, Zhou Yuxiu was obviously more active in the cultivation.

The main reason is that Yan Qing’s fists are too strong. She is armed with Source Armor and holding a horizontal knife, and she is also thrown into the dark by Yan Qing, and she does not know East, West, North, and South.

Being abused every day also inspired Zhou Yuxiu’s really strong heart. In addition to normal cultivation, she is now looking for Yan Qing to fight hard.

Zhou Yuxiu’s Eight Ways of Losing Traces, everyday all is progressing rapidly.

This battle between life and death, an ordinary Source Master may not experience once in a lifetime. Zhou Yuxiu fights every day. It is conceivable that Zhou Yuxiu has won all the peers with the accumulation of fighting experience.

There is still a month before the first Source Master Academy starts, and Zhou Yuxiu is also eager to improve himself, at least he can’t show his shyness in the Academy.

Gao Qian returned the crimson sword, but luckily it wasn’t cut off. Zhou Yuxiu has been practicing boxing and kicking for the past few days, it shouldn’t be to draw a knife…

Ling’er tiptoed over, she cupped her little hand and whispered congratulations to Gao Qian: “Congratulations to father, finally Behead Lin Chong and get the treasured sword!”

“What are you talking about in such a low voice?”

Gao Qian rolled her eyes at Ling’er, “Sneaky.”

“Father didn’t secretly use Elder Sister Zhou’s knife, it’s not good for her to find out.”

“What secret, I borrowed it just and honourable!”

Ling’er nodded again and again: “It’s just and honourable borrowing, that’s right!”

Gao Qian handed the dragon scales knife to Ling’er, “I’ll go out and try the knife.”

Gao Qian opened his eyes and saw Ling’er standing by the bed, holding the dragon scales knife.

He stretched out his hand to take the dragon scales knife, and the originally illusory dragon scales knife instantly transformed into a real long knife.

from virtual became real, which is pretty amazing in itself.

Gao Qian thinks that Grand One Palace is a different dimension space, he can enter with consciousness and body, and items with extraordinary source power can also enter and exit.

The dragon scales knife also exists, but the state presented in different spaces is different.

Gao Qian looked around the bedroom, it was all the furnishings of daily life, and it was not suitable to break anything.

After he was promoted, he moved to the villa area in the city center. Ordinary person is not eligible to enter or leave without a pass.

In this two-storey villa, the nanny, Sister Lan, lives on the first floor. She is only 27 or 8 years old this year.

Sister Lan is in charge of cooking and cleaning. It is worth noting that Sister Lan’s salary is paid by the Inspection Bureau.

Because of his position as deputy director, he even has his own car and driver.

A high level inspector is naturally treated like a high level inspector.

Sister Lan is a very meticulous person, she will find out if she cuts anything.

Gao Qian still doesn’t like to bother others, nor does he like to do unnecessary damage.

He changed into a black battle suit and jumped out of the window with the dragon scales knife in hand.

At a distance of more than five meters, Gao Qian landed like a feather and was not surprised.

King Kong Divine Power Sutra reached the second realm, he felt that his flying skills were upgraded, he flew faster, jumped higher, and controlled more calmly.

It’s one o’clock in the morning, the darkest hour of the night. There is no moon in the sky, and the stars twinkle in the sky.

Gao Qian floated across a small river with a width of more than ten meters and came to an ornamental forest on the opposite side.

Mainly are fir, red spruce, fish scale spruce, spruce is tall and straight, wood is compact, cold and drought tolerant, evergreen all year round. It is the most suitable ornamental tree species in the north.

Gao Qian chose a tall red-skinned spruce, he patted the tree trunk lightly, and the thick spruce more than ten meters high suddenly swayed.

The emerald-green pine needles fell like rain, Gao Qian drew his sword out of its sheath, the dragon scales slashed around the sky, and the snow-colored blade light turned into a swift umbrella.

It was not until the last pine needle was cut into two pieces that Gao Qian put the knife back into the sheath.

Beside him, the broken pine needles lay on the ground.

The starlight is dim, and the trees are even more dimly lit. In such a dim environment, Gao Qian could clearly see the broken marks on every pine needle on the ground.

Thousands of pine needles were cut off by dragon scales, not a single one was missed.

The broken pine needles exude the fragrance of pine wood, and it is even more lingering around.

At this time, a few more pine needles fell slowly, and the dragon scales knife in Gao Qian’s hand turned, and the blade contained all nine pine needles on the blade.

The emerald green pine needles are connected end to end, forming a straight line on the blade.

With a flick of the dragon scales knife, the nine pine needles will fly up, and the dragon scales knife will cut in a row, and the nine pine needles will be divided into two even pieces from the beginning to the end.

Being aware that pine needles are not much thicker than embroidery needles, Gao Qian showed the ultimate control of his Blade Technique with his slashing.

Gao Qian was happy in his heart and a sincere smile appeared on his face!
(End of this chapter)

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