This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Four Great Families
There are many kinds of achievements in life. To say that there is a game to win, these all give people a sense of achievement.

A sense of achievement is also one of the most powerful inner driving forces of a person.

In contrast, love, hatred, these strong emotions are too thin, unable to support a long life.

Gao Qian was awarded the Tianxiong Star and became the Grandmaster of Liuhe Knife. Although this process was a coincidence, the achievement was real.

Hands and feet, eyes and body, body and knife.

The air and the mind are in harmony, the mind and the heart are in harmony, and the heart and the god are in harmony.

With these six combinations, the mind and the gas knife can be one. If the heart moves, the knife will go, and if the intention stops, the knife will be withdrawn.

With a forty-nine-pound dragon scales knife in hand, Gao Qian wants to be light and light, and fast to be fast.

Skill to achieve this realm, this sense of achievement satisfaction, is difficult to express in words.

It’s a pity that no audience was on the sidelines in amazement and praise.

Or if there is someone who doesn’t have long eyes to provoke, he can try the knife at will.

Gao Qian jumped up to the top of the spruce and stood on the branches as thin as the little finger, with the starlight above his head and the knife floating in the air, he was both content and has several points of disappointment: “It’s a pity that I didn’t wear a black windbreaker. , it’s a little less elegant…”

In fact, at this time, you can go to the defense regiment Ma Qianjun to try the knife.

The two Source Masters of the defense regiment came to assassinate him. If Ma Qianjun didn’t know about it, Gao Qian would not believe it.

The wyvern gang has so many heavy firearms, they must have been bought from Ma Qianjun.

However, the fact that even Shen Zhengjun did not move Ma Qianjun proves that the defense force is self-contained. Stronger than Shen Zhengjun, he didn’t want to touch it.

Gao Qian thought about it and pressed the killing intent. It was easy to kill Ma Qianjun, but others would doubt him.

Who made him stand out in public, now everyone knows he is an expert!

If you anger the military, you will be in trouble.

Besides, he has no real evidence.

Reason tells Gao Qian not to mess around. But the killing intent in my heart is becoming more and more prosperous, and it is difficult to suppress it no matter what.

He himself was a little puzzled. Could it be that with a sharp blade in his hand, he would naturally have a murderous intention!
“No, no…”

Gao Qian immediately reflected, he looked towards the ring on his right hand index finger.

Zhou Yuxiu has been wearing the ring since he left. No one knew it anyway.

He mainly wanted to figure out what the ring was for!

He has been busy these days, not to mention dripping blood, boiling water, and trying various methods.

Just until now, the ring doesn’t do anything.

didn’t expect The ring suddenly became a demon today.

When he used a pistol to kill someone, he always had a strong murderous intention.

This ring likes to kill?
Gao Qian doesn’t quite understand. If he likes blood, he also drips a lot of blood.

Furthermore, blood demons are life races from different dimensions. Although there are some differences between life forms and humans, the difference is not too big.

Monster Race has a monster in its name, but no magic. It’s just that the way to use source power is different.

Monster Race also kills people and engages in blood sacrifice, but it is more of a primordial savage religious custom, which should be of little significance.

The underground base built by the blood monster cultivator was dug through by Shen Zhengjun, and nothing was found.

Shen Zhengjun also felt very strange about this.

But Gao Qian knew that the most crucial ring was in his hands. However, the ring alone is obviously not enough.

He just ignited the Source Star, you can try it with source power.

In Sea of Consciousness, the golden nine-pointed star turned, and under the control of Gao Qian, a trace of source power was introduced into the ring.

The ring absorbed all the source power without any response, just like clay ox entering the sea, Gao Qian didn’t get any response.

“It seems to be useless, or the source power level is too low…”

After tossing for a while to no avail, Gao Qian was a little disappointed, but he had an inexplicable killing intent in his heart It’s gone.

Gao Qian returned home, took a shower, and stood in front of the mirror to straighten his hair, only to realize that he seemed to have become more handsome.

When King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches Second Layer, his body is adjusted and upgraded again inside and out. The most obvious is the millimeter-level fine-tuning of facial bones and muscles, which makes his facial features more three-dimensional and handsome, and his eyes brighter and more energetic.

Small fine-tuning, but pretty high in terms of appearance.

The body is also more slender and taller, and the muscle lines are fuller and smoother.

“It would be so cool if he grew up like this in his previous life!”

As a man, Gao Qian is so handsome by himself, this is not narcissism, but because of his soul Through the passage of time, you can observe your physical state with a more objective perspective.

He sighed again, “It’s a pity, such a really strong body…”

Gao Qian returned to the Grand One Palace, where he and Ling’er did a lot together test.

The King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches the Second Layer, and the attributes of all aspects of the body have a huge breakthrough. With Tianxiongxing, this change is even greater.

The test is to give Gao Qian a clear and accurate understanding of his state.

Zhou Yuxiu went to Yan Qing to practice boxing, and Gao Qian and Ling’er were less concerned.

The first is to take out the Thor heavy machine gun, with .05 caliber bullets, so that the destructive power of this machine gun is extremely terrifying.

Firearms such as assault rifles are not enough to look at in front of such heavy machine guns.

Gao Qian stood there and took a few bullets from the Thor heavy machine gun. Although his skin was bruised, he forcibly dissipated all the kinetic energy of the bullets.

Obviously, this does not rely on pure musculoskeletal strength, but on the operation of the mysterious Inner Strength of King Kong Divine Power Sutra, as well as the passive bonus of heart poison to achieve this effect.

Including the hands and feet, etc., can be hard-connected to the shooting of the Thor heavy machine gun. However, such a hard resistance will also consume a lot of Inner Strength.

The rays of light on the golden nine-pointed star in the center of Gao Qian’s eyebrows will become weaker with the consumption of Inner Strength until it becomes dull.

When Gao Qian endured the one minute shooting, the golden stars could no longer trigger Inner Strength, and his body could no longer resist the design of Thor’s heavy machine gun.

Especially in the hands and feet, because there are too few muscles, the kinetic energy of the bullet cannot be effectively resolved, and it is most likely to be shattered.

Only with her body, Gao Qian can survive a few shots without dying.

Fortunately, this kind of extreme situation will hardly occur.

In full force, Gao Qian can reach a speed of 80 meters per second. This speed is very terrifying, equivalent to a sports car with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Gao Qian can maintain this speed for 3 minutes. With the support of the flying vertical technique, Gao Qian can keep his body light and agile at high speed and change directions at will.

The speed of the full swing of the knife reaches 200 meters per second, which is much faster than Lin Chong’s knife.

In a tenth of a second, the dragon scales knife in his hand can complete a complete set of actions.

The King Kong Divine Power Sutra has reached the second realm, bringing a full range of evolution to Gao Qian’s body.

With the blessings of Tianxiongxing, Tian Qiaoxing, and Earth Thief, Gao Qian has become very powerful in all aspects.

Among them, Tianxiongxing’s heart poison is passive, and with the King Kong Divine Power Sutra, Gao Qian’s battle strength is greatly increased.

Gao Qian doesn’t know much about Source Master, but through possessing Zhou Yuxiu, he has seen the battle strength of Second Rank Source Master.

His King Kong Divine Power Sutra Level 1, his overall battle strength is equivalent to Second Rank Source Master. It’s just that the protection is not as good as the Source Armor with the source power field.

Now, he’s physically stronger than the Crimson Source Armor. In other respects, it should also be far superior to the ordinary third rank Source Master.

Wait until Zhou Yuxiu left the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian tried to control the crimson Source Armor, which was also handy and easy.

Although he only ignited a Source Star, he is obviously stronger than Zhou Yuxiu in terms of source power.

In other words, his source power level is much higher than the Second Rank one-star Source Master.

Comparing with the Source Master he saw, he felt that his source power level should be comparable to that of a veteran Second Rank Source Master like Ding Peng. It’s not as good as Shen You.

The King Kong Divine Power Sutra is only promoted to Second Layer. With the continuous improvement of the cultivation base, the source power level will definitely be as the tide rises, the boat floats.

After Gao Qian conducted various tests, he had a very specific and accurate understanding of his current strength.

This also makes it easier for him to make more accurate judgments in battle.

At eight o’clock in the morning, it was Sister Lan who knocked on the door and invited Gao Qian to dinner, and Gao Qian got up.

Sister Lan is good-looking and has good cooking skills.

The light breakfast includes fried dough sticks, pancakes, lean meat porridge, eggs, and a few refreshing pickles.

Simple in style, yet delicious in taste.

After breakfast, the chauffeur Xiao Yang came to pick him up for work.

Gao Qian was sitting in a bright and spacious office, and was about to find a novel to fish happily when Director Lin Jiufeng came.

“Director Lin, why are you here?”

Gao Qian hurried up to meet him. This is his immediate boss. I heard that he is an old man from the Shen Family faction.

However, this man in his fifties is old enough to take care of him. For this one, Gao Qian kept his posture very low.

Lin Jiufeng has gray hair, a big red face, a big brandy nose, and a fat belly bulging high. It is also because of being fat that his face looks very friendly.

“The new consul, Yang Yunjin, is here, come to us for a meeting…”

“Oh, just let me know, and come over in person.”

Lin Jiufeng said in a serious tone: “Yang Yunjin is a very top-notch figure in the Yang Family generation. This time, he came to Lin Hai to be the consul, but the person who came here is not good…”

Gao Qian didn’t quite understand, “What do you mean? Is it?”

“The last consul was from the Yang Family, Chu, Wang, Shen, Yang, Liao Prefecture is the world of the Four Great Families…”

(this chapter end)

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