This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 80


Chapter 80 Unexpected
The atmosphere of the inner Qi in the conference hall was tense.

Gao Qian calmly faced Yang Yunjin’s gaze, he didn’t know what Yang Yunjin was going to do. But he didn’t think Yang Yunjin could be much of a threat.

In the simplest terms, the consul cannot move the deputy director of the Inspection Bureau. He is directly under the supervision of the Liao Prefecture Inspectorate.

Officially, Yang Yunjin can’t do it, but in private, she can’t do it.

Yang Yunjin looked directly at Gao Qian for a few seconds, and found that the other party was sitting firmly, the smile on his face was polite and reserved, his eyes were bright and calm, without any emotional waves.

She admires this brat a bit. She was born in a poor family, and was suddenly promoted to a high position. It is really difficult to be able to be arrogant and impatient.

Just look at Gao Qian’s performance, his appearance is dignified and personable, and he has the demeanor of an expensive Young Master from Aristocratic Family.

Yang Yunjin asked, “Are you Director Gao Qian?”

Gao Qian politely got up.

“Beisong District is your jurisdiction, right?”

After Yang Yunjin got a positive answer, she said, “I stayed in Beisong District for a day, inspecting the grassroots there. I was impressed, they were rude and rude, and they were especially rude to foreigners.

β€œI stayed in a hotel for a day, and they checked me three times, and I was blackmailed twice by the police. I didn’t want to pay on the spot. , they will be brought back for interrogation…”

Everyone in the conference hall understood that Yang Yunjin was deliberately trying to find fault.

Many people even showed their faces. The color of sympathy.

The grass-roots staff have a rude style, and even violate the rules and regulations.> Picking up faults in this regard, there is each one present, and no one can run away.

Yang Yunjin asked Gao Qian coldly: “As the director in charge, what explanation do you have for the actions of your subordinates? “

“There are always bad people, please identify the specific inspectors, Mr. Yang, and I will immediately start investigating the situation.” We must give you a satisfactory answer. ”

Gao Qian only talked about how to solve the problem, and never mentioned whether he had any problems in management.

This kind of smoothness made Lin Jiufeng relax.

Lin Jiufeng was afraid that Gao Qian didn’t know the depth and was accused by Yang Yunjin in public of losing his sense of proportion, or he was angry, or he quickly admitted his mistake, both of which are fatal.

In public anger against the superior, this kind of reaction is fatal. No one at the lower level dares to ask for it. Doing so is equivalent to self-destructing the future and cutting off the way up.

If you admit your mistakes, you will be caught by Yang Yunjin and reprimanded in public. Although it will not damage the foundation of Gao Qian , but he will lose all the prestige and face he has accumulated.

At the same time, everyone will realize that Gao Qian is weak and can be bullied.

Yang Yunjin will attack Gao Qian again, originally Neutral people will naturally stand on Yang Yunjin’s side.

On the other hand, Yang Yunjin will step on Gao Qian and win everyone’s respect.

In this imposing manner The contest between the two is actually very subtle, but it is true.

Fortunately, Gao Qian responded correctly. Although Yang Yunjin took the initiative, he did not get any advantage.

Yang Yunjin is also very smart, no Continue to care about this matter.

She changed the subject and said, “Then it’s hard work Director Gao, take care of this matter, and rectify the style of the grassroots…”

Yang Yunjin invited Gao Qian to sit down Next, she talked about several issues, ranging from sanitation to flood control.

The director in charge of these aspects was not as tough as Gao Qian, who was scolded with red cheeks, battered and Exhausted.

Everyone saw Yang Yunjin’s strength and was a little more in awe of this woman.

After the meeting, everyone left quickly.

Only Gao Qian took the initiative to get close to Yang Yunjin, “Sir Yang, when is it convenient for you, I will take you to recognize someone. “

Yang Yunjin’s eyes are long and narrow but very beautiful. When she has a cold face, she feels very tough and tough. This will show doubts, but it is a little more feminine.

“what? “

“The inspectors who bullied you still need your testimony. “

Gao Qian smiled and said, “If you can’t say a word, I will deal with the person.” This is not in line with the procedure, we Law Enforcer, always abide by the law.

“This kind of thing needs me to take the lead in implementing it, so that it can be effective and serve as a good demonstration.”

Gao Qian nodded slightly: “This is also my personal opinion, If there is something wrong, please ask Chief Yang for more guidance.”

Yang Yunjin didn’t expect Gao Qian would say so, although the other party has a positive attitude, he has to follow Gao Qian through the process. How much meaning in itself.

On the other hand, Gao Qian took the initiative to go to the Inspection Bureau.

Although it will not be bad for Gao Qian, it is not a good thing to be led by the nose.

Before she came, someone had warned her that Gao Qian, who hides a knife in his smile, has a cruel heart and must be careful.

Looking at Gao Qian’s methods now, it’s really soft and hard, and he doesn’t suffer at all.

Yang Yunjin pondered for a while and said, “After all, it’s just a trivial matter, and it’s not worth wasting time. You can just go back and rectify the work style at the grassroots level.”

“What Chief Yang said is, after all, It’s not worth wasting your precious time on trivial matters.”

Gao Qian apologized, “I was a little abrupt. Don’t take offense, Mr. Yang.”

Yang Yunjin said with a slight smile : “Everyone is a colleague, so you don’t have to be so polite. Also, my opinion is not about you, but for work, so don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s me. Our work is not in place, and Chief Yang’s opinion is very important and meaningful to us.”

Gao Qian suddenly became enthusiastic: “Why not, I will invite Chief Yang to dinner at night, do you have time?”

Yang Yunjin was a little stunned, what does Gao Qian mean? She instinctively refused: “Sorry, I still have plans for the evening.”

“It doesn’t matter, what about tomorrow night? The game at Yunlong Hotel is very authentic. You have never been to Linhai before, so you should have never eaten it. It’s worth tasting…”

Faced with Gao Qian’s enthusiasm, Yang Yunjin is a little at a loss, what does this kid want to do?
Playing with sexual entrapment?

Yang Yunjin glanced at Gao Qian. Looking at Gao Qian at such a close distance, Gao Qian’s handsome face showed no blemishes. He had good skin, no oil, and deeply symmetrical facial features, which looked good from any angle.

The posture of standing is natural and upright, especially the warm and sincere smile on his face, with the black and bright eyes, full of charm.

Such a good-looking man is more attractive than some of the male stars she knows.

Yang Yunjin was not fascinated by Gao Qian, but made a calm and objective evaluation of Gao Qian’s appearance, demeanor and temperament.

In the face of such a handsome and enthusiastic Gao Qian, Yang Yunjin really couldn’t hold back her face, she could only say apologetically: “sorry, the past few days I have a very tight schedule.

“When I have time, I will invite Director Gao to dinner. “

Yang Yunjin expressed her refusal politely and firmly.

The two people were talking here, which also attracted the attention of many people around.

The one who walked to the door Lin Jiufeng was a little worried about stopping. He didn’t know what Gao Qian was going to do, but he always felt that something was wrong.

It was just these two people chatting, so it was not convenient for him to get close, so he could only watch from a distance.

Gao Qian knew that many people were watching them, but he didn’t care about them.

Yang Yunjin’s refusal aroused his interest on the contrary. This woman doesn’t swear with her face down, she has a play…

He stepped forward and said to Yang Yunjin in a low voice, “Sir Yang, I think you are competent and formidable looking, and you are a hero in women’s middle school. I’ll take the liberty to say that at the first sight of you, I thought you were very beautiful.

“If you don’t have a boyfriend, please give me a chance to pursue you…”

Although Yang Yunjin also guessed what Gao Qian was going to say, she was still shocked by this remark. Living.

She looked straight at Gao Qian, her eyes were full of shock and a little bit of unease.

There was only one thought in her mind: “This person is crazy!”

(end of this chapter)

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