This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Awaiting My Life

Yang Yunjin was born in a large Aristocratic Family and learned to pick up people when he was a few years old Waiting for things, walking all the way, I have seen all kinds of people and all kinds of scenes.

However, this is the first time she has encountered such a situation today.

She just reprimanded Gao Qian in public, but Gao Qian turned her head to pursue her, what kind of gameplay is this?
Gao Qian, who did not play cards according to common sense, made Yang Yunjin a little confused, even a little panic.

It is mainly Gao Qian who is handsome and tall and has extraordinary appearance. Obviously it is a very abrupt speech, but it is sincere and frank, and naturally has a kind of unrestrained charm.

Gao Qian is still talking: “Many people say that falling in love at first sight is an idea, but in fact, when a man and a woman meet for the first time, they are not just looking at each other’s appearance.

“Everyone produces a wonderful pheromone, which is a wonderful thing.

“Pheromones attract and fit each other, and men and women will feel unreasonably excited. This is the so-called fate…”

Yang Yunjin calmed down: “Director Gao , Now is not the time to talk about personal matters.”

“Sorry, I took the liberty.”

Gao Qian didn’t bother, he bowed slightly and saluted, “Then don’t bother Chief Yang, I’ll take a step first, goodbye.”

Gao Qian turned and left in a dashing manner, Yang Yunjin looked at Gao Qian’s back with rather complicated eyes.

The people around you can’t actually hear the conversation between the two sides, but Gao Qian is handsome, Yang Yunjin is beautiful, and the men and women are whispering together, it’s hard not to make people think.

What’s more, Yang Yunjin’s expression is complicated, no matter how you look at it.

Lin Jiufeng, who was standing at the door watching the play, was very worried. When Gao Qian approached, he hurriedly asked, “What did you tell her?”

He reminded a little uneasy. Said: “She is the direct descendant of the Yang Family, so don’t mess around!”

“Don’t worry, Director Lin, I just expressed my admiration for her.”

Gao Qian smiled at Lin Jiufeng, indicating that he should not be nervous.


Lin Jiufeng’s age is a bit unsteady. .

Lin Jiufeng felt that something was wrong no matter what he thought, but he didn’t know what to say.

He hesitated for a while before saying, “This kind of thing can’t be a joke.”

“I’m not kidding, Chief Yang is my aesthetic, I like it I just expressed my feelings to her politely and frankly.”

Gao Qian comforted Lin Jiufeng again: “The girls in the Yang Family are also going to marry, so I volunteered to offer a choice, maybe it’s a bit presumptuous. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Lin Jiufeng couldn’t help sighing, this Gao Qian, he thought he was a prudent person, but in the end, he flew up and didn’t care!

But he didn’t scold Gao Qian too much. Although Gao Qian was his subordinate, his rank was very high.

This man is capable, ruthless, and has a backer. Offending him is also a problem.

Lin Jiufeng can only remind Gao Qian in a soft tone as possible: “When it comes to men and women, we should also talk about where water flows, a canal is formed, you are too presumptuous. Moreover, it is easy to make people suspicious. I think you have ulterior motives.”

Gao Qian understood Lin Jiufeng’s worries, and he explained patiently: “Su Dongpo said, ‘Sorry for the fleeting moment of my life, and envy the endlessness of the Yangtze River.’ It’s only ten years.

“It’s nothing compared to the vast Heaven and Earth universe. Mayflies live and die. In such a short life, the mayfly has no chance to hesitate or back down.

“We humans were confused and ignorant when we were young, and old man when we were old. The best years of my life were only ten-twenty years. At the best time of my life, when I met a woman I liked, I went up and said I liked it. , this kind of opportunity is rare in a lifetime…”

Gao Qian’s emotional speech made Lin Jiufeng quite emotional, he looked at his bulging belly, and then at Gao Qian’s edge With a distinctly handsome face, a bit of jealousy could not be avoided in his heart.

Of course Lin Jiufeng is not that naive, he was fooled by Gao Qian’s so emotional words.

He’s just very emotional, that’s all.

In his heart, he felt that Gao Qian was deep and cunning. He knew that Yang Yunjin had an opinion on him, so he wanted to rush over to show his favor.

No matter how Yang Yunjin responded, Gao Qian turned the conflict between the two into an emotional entanglement.

It’s like dragging Yang Yunjin into the quagmire. Even if Yang Yunjin wins this battle, don’t even think about winning decently.

Lin Jiufeng thought of this and stopped persuading him. But he was still a little worried, Gao Qian’s hand was very unreasonable, and he didn’t know how Yang Yunjin would respond.

Don’t implicate him!

In addition, he heard that Gao Qian had a close relationship with a girl from the Shen Family. This kid is openly looking for a Yang Family woman, so he is not afraid of accidents?
But Gao Qian is not afraid, it is useless for him to worry.

Everyone came out of the ruling building and left by car.

The head of the defense regiment, Ma Qianjun, sat in the car and looked at Gao Qian, who came out last, from a distance.

It wasn’t until Gao Qian got in the car and left, that Ma Qianjun’s red pupils slowly returned to a turbid dark yellow.

“It’s in his hands.”

Ma Qianjun muttered to himself, and seemed to be talking to someone he couldn’t see, “Don’t worry, he won’t leave in a short time. This person is somewhat capable and cunning, let Yang Yunjin fight him first. When the Wang Family people come over, he will definitely die…”

Gao Qian, who got into the car, also turned his head to look at the defense. In the car of the regiment, just now he clearly felt that someone was looking at him, his eyes were full of malice.

Looking at the license plate, it should be Ma Qianjun.

“I know this kid is not a good person…”

Gao Qian is not surprised by this, he has always felt that Ma Qianjun has a problem, but today the other party’s maliciousness is very strong, then The gaze even made him feel like he was being pricked by a needle.

This is not normal!
Gao Qian really wanted to go and find Ma Qianjun and see what happened to him.

It’s just too rude, such a direct conflict will also expose the contradiction between him and Ma Qianjun.

Gao Qian gave up this tempting idea, and with Ma Qianjun’s little First Rank Source Master, he couldn’t make waves. As long as there is a chance, please ask this God.

Back in the office, Gao Qian called all eight Great Captains over for a meeting.

These Great Captains were either promoted by him or took the initiative to run up to hug their thighs, anyway, they were all his people.

At least that’s how others see it. These Great Captains, whether they like it or not, have a high school label on them.

It is the instinct of people to form a group. Whether it’s because of interests, beliefs, or common aesthetics, everyone must find a reason to stick together.

As the deputy director, Gao Qian must also master the patrol captain in order to carry out his will.

He will just say one thing in the meeting, let all inspectors do things honestly, enforce the law in accordance with legal procedures, and don’t play tricks.

If Yang Yunjin caught the problem, he couldn’t protect it!

Several Captains naturally patted their chests to ensure that they must strictly follow the procedures to enforce the law and never mess around.

Gao Qian just listened and didn’t take it seriously.

In this chaotic world, people are trying their best to survive, wanting to inspect all honesty and law-abiding, which is equivalent to a dream.

It’s just that he always has to remind, lest this group of people blame him if something goes wrong.

In addition, he explained to the Eighth Inspector Great Captain Jiang Feng alone, and asked him to keep an eye on the defense regiment and notify him immediately of any changes.

Gao Qian read this novel in the afternoon. The story is not strong, but the details are better. The emotions of the uncle and sister-in-law are written very artistically and vividly.

When I got home, Gao Qian entered the door and was greeted by the elegantly dressed sister Lan, who took the pretentious briefcase and coat from Gao Qian’s hand.

Sister Lan is very quiet and doesn’t like to talk much. But her brows are always as gentle as water, even if she doesn’t speak, it makes people feel very comfortable to get along with.

The four dishes and one soup prepared for dinner. Sister Lan accompanied Gao Qian to dinner and cut a fruit plate for Gao Qian.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Sister Lan helped Gao Qian take a hot bath. After Gao Qian finished washing, he had to dry his hair.

During this period of time, with Sister Lan serving her attentively, Gao Qian felt that her life was on a high level.

Drinking a glass of warm milk, Gao Qian went to bed and fell asleep.

Tonight, he is going to meet the hero who will meet the next level of the yellow door!

(end of this chapter)

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