This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 83


Chapter 83 The wind and rain are coming
After several hours of fierce fighting, Gao Qian was never in Lu Junyi This takes any advantage.

Lu Junyi is obviously not as powerful as him, not as fast as him, nor as dexterous as him.

However, Lu Junyi’s long stick was unparalleled, and he just couldn’t catch it.

On the other hand, Lu Junyi also has a super ability, that is, he is not affected by external forces.

No matter how much power Gao Qian uses, Lu Junyi can calmly catch it. Gao Qian also kicked Lu Junyi in both legs. Although he didn’t really use any force, it was enough to knock him over.

However, Lu Junyi’s body is not affected or controlled by external forces at all. No response to being kicked in both legs.

Gao Qian really loses his temper when he encounters such an unreasonable expert.

As time goes by, Lu Junyi’s stick skills will become more and more dominant. Gao Qian couldn’t dodge, and his right calf was broken.

The dragon scales knife in his hand was also smashed full of gaps, and it broke as soon as he saw it.

Thankfully the Grand One Palace was able to repair the damage.

second day Gao Qian felt soft under his feet when he went downstairs to eat.

Sister Lan thought that Gao Qian had a problem with her legs and feet, and hurried over to help Gao Qian.

“It’s okay, I just had a nightmare, I was a little dazed.”

Gao Qian laughed to Sister Lan. He was mainly thinking about the battle last night, forgetting that he had returned to reality.

Lu Junyi’s martial arts is higher than him, but not by much. This was completely different from how he felt when facing Lin Chong.

He always thought he could win, but always a little. This is the distance, but it can’t be crossed.

This is not a difference in simple moves, but a difference in inner strength.

However, Lu Junyi is a good sparring opponent. Martial arts are higher than him, but not so much. The two sides can come and go, and occasionally he can get a little bit of a bargain.

This kind of sparring can best improve the level of combat.

After breakfast, Sister Lan brought the washed and ironed white shirt and the high level inspector’s uniform. She helped Gao Qian change the clothes and neatly arranged the cuffs and collars.

Sister Lan’s gentleness and meticulousness are like the silent drizzle that moistens things.

In just a few days, Gao Qian completely adapted to the presence of Sister Lan.

If Sister Lan takes time off to rest, he will feel a little empty. This has nothing to do with sex, it’s more like a partnership.

Of course, ordinary companions will not take good care of him.

Gao Qian was in a good mood when he came out of the house.

At the branch, Gao Qian said to the driver Xiao Yang: “Go buy a bunch of lilies and give them to the consul in the Consulate.”


Xiao Yang was so young, he was surprised and did not understand what it was like to send flowers to the consul.

“Put this note on it.”

Gao Qian handed Xiao Yang another note with two lines of poems written by him.

Xiao Yang knew that he lost self-control, and his dark face turned a little red, “Yes, I’ll go right now.”

Gao Qian took out his wallet from his briefcase and handed it to him. To Xiao Yang, “Take it from the inside.”

Xiao Yang hurriedly offered: “Director, you don’t need to spend any money. I’ll go to the logistics for reimbursement.”

” For this small amount of money, I’ll pay for it myself.”

Gao Qian is not pretending to be a man, the vehicle maintenance and fuel reimbursement are very reasonable, and his personal expenses are unnecessary.

You won’t make a fortune by taking advantage of it, but you will lower your style.

Gao Qian now holds a huge sum of more than 20 million yuan. The biggest expense is to transfer 500,000 yuan to the aunt account. He has everything else in his hands. He is still very confident.

Xiao Yang is a little puzzled, this kind of thing is normal. It’s just that Gao Qian said so, so he doesn’t want to talk more.

Yang Yunjin was in the office when she suddenly received a bunch of big lilies. The white lilies are dignified, elegant, beautiful and full of life.

Yang Yunjin couldn’t help being in a good mood.

Looking at the sticky note on the bouquet, I opened it, and there were two poems written on it: “My fair lady, a gentleman is good. My fair lady, I long for it.”

Yang Yunjin was a little funny. After a day, she calmed down. Besides, Gao Qian was not around. There is no oppression of that kind.

She wanted to throw away the flowers, but on second thought, it would be a pity to throw away good flowers.

In a small border town like Linhai, there are still people who know how to send flowers and attach two ancient love poems. The writing is so beautiful.

It’s just this kind of elegant taste, it’s hard to come by.

So, this bunch of lilies was placed in a vase on the side.

In the afternoon, Gao Qian called Yang Yunjin to make an appointment for dinner, but was not unexpectedly rejected.

Gao Qian didn’t care too much, Yang Yunjin was his favorite style, but she was not a must.

Yang Yunjin’s slender waist and long legs, and his cold and ascetic face are all in line with his aesthetics. If Yang Yunjin is willing, the two sides can communicate in depth and become good friends.

At the same time, it is also a tactical gesture. Resolve minor conflicts between the two sides.

Gao Qian is not afraid of Yang Yunjin, but there is no need to make enemies over trivial matters. Including Ma Qianjun, he can actually take a step back, there is no need to split the life and death.

However, Ma Qianjun has repeatedly shown strong malice towards him. This is completely different from Yang Yunjin’s nature.

From now on, Yang Yunjin will receive a bouquet of flowers every few days, lilies, jasmine, lilacs, roses, etc. Everyday all is different, and every verse is different.

There are some modern verses so elegant and timeless that she has never heard of them.

Every time Gao Qian sent a driver to deliver flowers, Yang Yunjin accepted them all politely.

After all, the two are not very old, the men are handsome and the women are beautiful, and they barely match in terms of status and status.

Such a pair of men and women walking together naturally became the central topic.

What’s more, everyone is playing politics and has a dark heart. It’s darker to see others.

The rumors about the two are getting more and more widely spread, and the more and more outrageous they are.

Yang Yunjin also heard about it, but didn’t care. These a nobody only dares to chew their tongues behind their backs. Who dares to fart in front of her, she will look at each other high.

The next few days were peaceful. At least Gao Qian lived a very peaceful and comfortable life.

In the daytime, he goes to work and fishes, chats and watches TV dramas with Sister Lan at night, and goes to Grand One Palace to play tricks with Lu Junyi when he falls asleep.

Gao Qian also tried to attack with flour and sleeve arrows. Amazingly, even if he was sprinkled with flour, Lu Junyi was not affected.

Sleeve arrows shot on Lu Junyi, but it had little effect.

In game terms, Lu Junyi seems to have a dominant body, not controlled or affected by negative effects.

Lu Junyi’s martial arts, which is close to BUG, is no wonder that there is nothing right in the world with guns and sticks.

Gao Qian is also very happy. As long as he solves the opponent, he will be able to master this martial arts.

Although he couldn’t think of any way to solve Lu Junyi for a while, it was a matter of time.

Gao Qian lived a leisurely day, while Yang Yunjin carried out various reforms.

Adjust the agricultural industry structure, attract investment, establish a complete wood processing industry, build a railway line to connect the Red Eagle Empire opposite the icefield, and build the forest into a foreign trade center.

Gao Qian admired the announcement of this series of grand plans.

There are not many people who are willing to do things in this era.

The plan also seems to be in line with the situation of the forest and sea. It is based on geography and resources, and there are many ideas.

It’s just that a plan is a plan, and it depends on the person, the day, and luck.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Yang Yunjin was actually very capable, running all the departments of the entire Consulate at full speed.

All the plans are moving forward.

In September, there are many red-haired Red Eagles in Lin Hai.

These people behave rudely and barbarously, and they can’t speak well, which has caused the increase of security incidents in Linhai.

Gao Qian doesn’t care much about these things, and if he wants to develop anywhere, he will inevitably face many problems.

What really caught his attention was the change of Ma Qianjun. This guy was in close contact with a group of people from the Red Eagle Country.

Gao Qian is the Deputy Chief, and the eight Great Captains are all his irons.

The Defence Corps will always be active in the North Pine District, and will inevitably have to eat and drink merrily.

The inspectors understand these ways all the more. They don’t need to follow them. As long as they say a word, someone will help to report the news.

As the main force of the city’s public security, the inspector’s status seems to be low, but in fact, the power is very large.

“Director, it’s been checked out. The people who have close contact with Ma Qianjun are from the Blue Flag consortium of the Red Eagle Empire. The wyvern gang used to smuggle goods from the Blue Flag consortium.”

The voice of the Eighth Inspector Great Captain on the other end of the phone lowered by two more points, “There is another situation, today Pegasus Qianjun personally went to the entrance to pick up a convoy, and the convoy was all linked to Changyang Defense. The teacher’s brand…”

(end of this chapter)

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