This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 84


Chapter 84 Advanced Monster Race
Yunlong Hotel, top-floor presidential suite.

Wang Yunxi sat on the high-backed chair with Erlang’s legs crossed, a cigarette in his left hand, and looked at the scenery outside the window with no interest.

Except for a few high-rise buildings in the city center, other buildings are low, dilapidated and cluttered.

From here, you can see the Liaojiang River and Xiuyun Peak, the galloping river, and the layers of autumn colors on the mountains, showing the vastness of the late autumn in the north, and has several points of surprising beauty.

Wang Yunxi became a little impatient after reading it for a while. The most important thing in northern Liaoning is the landscape. It was amazing at first glance, but after reading too much through childhood, I would no longer be interested.

He said to Ma Qianjun, who was standing at the waist, “What’s the situation now?”

Ma Qianjun said with a smile: “I talked to the Blue Flag people, everything was fine. Just follow the previous rules. It’s just that the wyvern gang is gone, and Gao Qian is frantically attacking the gang again, and he can’t organize enough people for a while…”

“This Gao Qian is sick!”

Wang Yunxi cursed, “Without smuggling, where will the money come from, without money, the poor Linhai can only eat shit! Damn…”

“Seven young masters, it’s better…” Ma Qianjun watched the heat When he arrived, he hurriedly made a gesture of cutting his throat, indicating to get rid of Gao Qian.

“How did you become the head of the regiment?”

Wang Yunxi glared at Ma Qianjun, his pale face full of anger, “Gao Qian is from King Shen Tian, you said to kill him. Just kill you, you are so awesome!”

Ma Qianjun smiled awkwardly and bowed again and again, “Seven young masters, Gao Qian, I really can’t do anything about it.”

“You’re too embarrassed to say that a young man can’t handle a few decades old.”

Wang Yunxi became angrier the more she talked, and threw the cigarette butt in Ma Qianjun’s face, although it didn’t really burn him , but also left a soot mark.

Although Ma Qianjun was serious, he was also a little angry when he was insulted like this, and his face became gloomy.

Wang Yunxi was even more angry about this, he stood up and pointed at Ma Qianjun and cursed: “If Old Master hadn’t interceded for you, you would have died a long time ago, and now you dare to dump me. Face, do you want to rebel?”

Ma Qianjun took a step back and bowed deeply, “Seven young masters, I am loyal to you, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, it’s all my fault…”

When he said this, Ma Qianjun’s eyes were already blood red.

Wang Yunxi couldn’t see Ma Qianjun’s eyes, so naturally he didn’t notice the problem.

He snorted, “I’m going to talk to Lin Jiufeng and give him a share. If Gao Qian dares to blow his hair, let Lin Jiufeng deal with it.”

“The real trouble is Yang Yunjin. The woman is crazy. Damn, she wants to build a 600-kilometer railway line on the icefield. If she does it, how can smuggling make money!”

Wang Yunxi scolded Ma Qianjun, ” You and the people at the Lanqi consortium make it clear that this matter must not let Yang Yunjin do it.”

Ma Qianjun would suppress the murderous aura in his heart, and his pupils slowly returned to normal, but he still did not Dare to raise his head, he lowered his head and said, “The Yang Family and the Red Eagle Empire have been talking about this for a long time, and it involves multiple interests…”

The establishment of a trade port between the two countries is not a trivial matter. It is definitely not someone at this level of Yang Yunjin who can call the shots.

Yang Yunjin came to Linhai to promote this plan.

Wang Yunxi certainly knew this, but he was just a little unwilling, the profits of smuggling were too high.

For the Wang Family, it is impossible to support the armed forces without this money. If you have no money, you will be subject to the state capital.

So, they’re trying their best to make money. To this end, do not hesitate to do great damage.

Ma Qianjun knew the importance of this matter, but he didn’t dare to promise anything easily.

“It’s not that easy to build a railway. Don’t worry about them for now. It won’t happen in three or five years.”

Wang Yunxi thought about it and said, “I want to stay in Linhai In a few days, you should contact the Lanqi consortium and ask their Chief-In-Charge to come over and talk…”

After leaving the Yunlong Hotel, Ma Qianjun returned to his home on the outskirts of the city.

This is a fully enclosed farm, surrounded by large fields of farmland, with a large yard in the center, with two three-story buildings in it. There are pig farms and dog farms in the backyard.

The entire compound is built in a grand style, with four walls of three meters in height. Dozens of people lived in the courtyard, most of them were Ma Qianjun’s guards.

The farm is heavily guarded and patrolled day and night. Ordinary person don’t talk about it, even if you look at it from a distance, you will be caught and asked to clarify.

If one sentence is wrong, he will be killed and fed to dogs and pigs.

Nearby farmers also know this place is terrifying, and no one ever gathers here.

Ma Qianjun parked his car in the yard at will, and he walked straight to a small building on the west side.

A pair of red-haired men and women are lying lazily on the reclining chair by the door. In late autumn, the ordinary person has to wear cotton coats.

The skin of both of them is very white, and they are dazzling white in the sun. They are of good shape, the men are tall and strong, and the women are slender and plump.

Ma Qianjun lightly coughed in front of the two of them, the man took off his sunglasses to reveal his blue eyes, “What?”

“Sir, Wang Yunxi doesn’t dare to touch Gao Qian.”

Ma Qianjun’s attitude towards these two is very humble, from the kind of humility in the bones, which is completely different from his attitude towards Wang Yunxi.

Andre and Anna are Rakshasa, middle and high-level races in Monster Race. No matter how powerful they are, these ghosts have to bow their heads and speak in front of Rakshasa.

Of course, as a high-level Monster Race, Rakshasa was born much stronger than ghost and earth. No matter how hard a low-level Monster Race works, the upper limit is still very low. It’s incomparable to high-level Monster Race.

Although there are not so strict rules in the human world, the fear of high-level races is deep in the bones.

Andre laughed disdainfully, “As an ordinary person, doing so many tricks is a waste of time.”

Although he has been in the Red Eagle Empire for many years, the Commonwealth speaks But the words he said were round and round, very standard.

As a high-level Monster Race, it is born with high intelligence and has a very high innate talent in language and combat.

Federal is one of the most important languages in the human world, and it is also the knowledge they must master.

The strength of the Red Eagle Empire was much stronger than that of the Federation, and Andre was very disdainful of the Federation.

Besides, the target Gao Qian didn’t even set the Source Star on fire this time. Such an ordinary person was not killed by hand.

But Ma Qianjun was cautious and said to murder a person with a borrowed knife. Although the two of them have high status, in Ma Qianjun’s territory, they must always respect Ma Qianjun.

As a result, I waited a few days for such a result.

Andre jumped up slightly from the reclining chair. He clenched his fists slightly, and all the bones in his body were crackling. A series of blue electric sparks appeared on the surface of his body, which looked extremely dazzling.

This is Rakshasa’s secret technique of “Lighting Sacred Fire”. The cultivation method involves visualizing the Great Light King in the Breathing Technique, tempering the body and mind with the bright and sacred fire, and cultivating it into a Vajra Body.

Andre can kill the third rank Source Master even if he doesn’t wear Source Armor.

This Divine Ability is much stronger than ordinary Source Master. Therefore, Andre never put ordinary Source Master in his eyes. Not to mention that an ordinary person class like Gao Qian is no different from an insert in his eyes.

Andre said: “Where does that person live, I brought back the Myriad Elephant Wheel tonight.”

Anna said enthusiastically: “I and I You go together. It’s been a long time since I killed someone, so boring.”

Ma Qianjun said with a bit of embarrassment: “If an official of Gao Qian’s level was killed, things will be very troublesome. We must find a suitable opportunity… “

Anna waved her hand: “Little Linhai, what’s the trouble, get back the Myriad Elephant Wheel as soon as possible, dig out the two geomagnetic gold crystals hidden in the ground, and we will return immediately.”

She added with a smile: “It won’t be long before the sky changes. The glorious Grand Era of our Protoss is about to open!

“You don’t want to go to the ice field during this time. understand? ”

Ma Qianjun probably understood, he was happy at first, and then a little worried.

The large-scale influx of Monster Race is good for Anna and the other high-level races, and for him It’s not necessarily a good thing.

He was actually quite comfortable in Lin Hai, so he wasn’t much interested in opening Space Crack.

The stupid blood demon insisted on opening it, but it was destroyed. The important Divine Item Myriad Elephant Wheel has been snatched away.

Without the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, there is no geomagnetic gold crystal hidden in the ground. This is a real good thing!

Fortunately, it was in the hands of Gao Qian. For this reason, Anna and Andre, two high-level Protoss, came over in person, just for fear of another accident.

Ma Qianjun thought for a while and said: ” Why don’t I ask Gao Qian out, so that when Gao Qian dies, they will think it was Wang Yunxi’s hand, and give us some time to buffer…”

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