This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Running against the wind
Dae Zhuang, a restaurant that cooks big geese in an iron pot, Located in the Northern Part of City, very close to the Defence Corps.

The climate of Linhai is cold, and local people like high-fat and high-calorie foods, and they like to drink high-quality liquor.

Da Ezhuang can also cook all kinds of game, bear meat, venison, roe deer, wild river fish, including some very rare animals, such as swans…

Each eat People who have passed it will give a thumbs up and praise: Really fragrant.

Although the location of this big goose house is a bit remote, the business is very good. As the weather gets cooler, it is almost full every day.

However, the guests who came to eat at Daye Zhuang today were blocked from the door, because Ma Qianjun reserved the venue for the guests.

The head of the defense team, Ma Qianjun, is Lin Hai’s real great character. Sorted by level, how can it be ranked in the top five.

Because of the powerful armed forces in hand, the actual status is higher.

The defensive armament is self-contained, and the work is extraordinarily arrogant. Even ordinary people know that the people of the defense group can’t mess with it.

Although the guests who came to dinner were very unhappy, no one dared to show it. Most of them turned around and left.

Of course, there are also those who are bold and easy to inquire, pulling the waiter to ask a few questions, “Who is so big to let Captain Ma book a room for guests?”

“I heard that it is The Deputy Director of the Inspection Bureau,”

The waiter is also a good thing, and answered casually.

Before he finished speaking, he saw a handsome young man approaching, and he hurriedly swallowed the man’s name forcibly.

Although I had only seen the photos in the newspaper a few times, the waiter recognized Gao Qian at a glance.

That handsome face is so recognizable. Furthermore, the silver oak leaves on the black inspector’s epaulets are also a bit dazzling.

Although Lin Hai is big, there are only a few people who can wear the high level inspector logo.

With his back to Gao Qian’s guest but he didn’t see anyone, he was still there, saying carelessly: “Gao Qian, right, this kid is very good, I don’t know what the background is, he is in his early twenties. Just being the deputy director, outrageous fucking opened the door for outrageous, outrageous home!”

The big brother was very happy, but found that the waiter kept winking at him, and his expression was a little flustered.

The big brother turned around knowingly, and saw Gao Qian approaching, the big brother’s expression changed greatly, he hurriedly lowered his head and thought to get through.

Gao Qian stopped in front of my big brother, who nodded slightly. “Hello, I’m Gao Qian sorry. I just came in and heard you say that I didn’t do my job well.

“If you have any comments, you can tell me in person. I will try my best to correct it. “

This big brother was sweating profusely with fright. He stuttered and said: “Gao, Director Gao, I’m just talking nonsense, you, don’t, don’t care.” “…”

The big brother is about to cry, although Gao Qian is young, he is extremely renowned in Lin Hai, known for his iron and blood.

It’s okay to talk sarcastically behind his back, In front of Gao Qian, this fat-faced man was going to be scared to pee.

Gao Qian nodded slightly to the big man, “Excuse me. “

When he was about to leave, he said to the big man again: “You are not too young, so stop swearing.” Still need to improve a lot of personal qualities. “

“Yes, yes…” The big man nodded hard, wishing he could kneel on the spot.

Gao Qian laughed, he didn’t mean to make fun of this person, but it was obvious that others had feelings for him. Of course, he has to ask for advice humbly.

The yard is full of big men with guns and even a few fully armed Source Masters.

Looking at the other side, most of them are red Mao’s Red Eagle people.

Entering the hall, Gao Qian found that there was a big round table in the big room, and other tables and chairs were taken away.

This kind of use of the hall as a The posture of the single room is quite grand.

A few people have already started eating around the table, and the aroma of stewed meat and honest wine permeates the hall.

From here At one point, um, the other party was a little rude. If you invite someone to dinner, there is absolutely no reason for the host to eat first.

Sitting on the main seat is a red-haired young man with a tall stature. With a high forehead and deep eyes, she wore white short sleeves in cold weather, revealing her muscular arms.

The woman sitting next to the young man also had red hair, and her eyebrows and eyes were similar to those of the young man, but a little more feminine.

She was wearing a tight black leather vest, her exposed skin was snow-white and glowing, and she was sexy with a bit of wildness.

The woman was holding a bone and chewing on her mouth full of oil , looking at Gao Qian up and down. His eyes are quite impudent.

Ma Qianjun didn’t sit, just stood aside like a waiter.

Gao Qian was a little surprised. He knew that Ma Qianjun would not invite him to come, but Ma Qianjun’s humble attitude was a bit strange.

Even if Wang Yunxi, the master of Ma Qianjun, was here, with his team There is absolutely no reason to stand by and pour wine because of the identity of the elder.

Who are these two red-haired men and women? With such a high status?

Gao Qian looked at Ma Qianjun and said: “Captain Ma, what does this mean? Please also specify. “

Ma Qianjun took the first two steps and said, “Gao Qian, let me ask you one thing, where did the ring on your left hand come from?” “

Gao Qian raised his left hand and asked Ma Qianjun, “Are you asking about this ring?” “

“That’s right. “Ma Qianjun had the chance to win, and when he wasn’t in a hurry to kill Gao Qian, he always asked to understand how the ring fell into Gao Qian’s hands.

The situation was chaotic at the time, but Gao Qian was not there. According to common sense , such an important item will never fall into Gao Qian’s hands.

Even if Shen Tianwang values Gao Qian, he is unlikely to give the ring to Gao Qian.

Ma Qianjun is very He was puzzled, but Gao Qian immediately understood that Ma Qianjun must be a Monster Race, or a Monster Race hardcore.

Only in this way can he recognize this ring and its importance.

From this point of view, this pair of men and women from the Red Eagle Empire may also have problems with their origins.

Ma Qianjun’s attitude has already shown that they must be a group, and they are very close. The relationship between the two sides is very different and the status is very strict.

This group of people is very undisguised, proving that they have absolute confidence in him. They are not afraid of what he will see.

Gao Qian’s mind is turning, and he has already figured out the current situation. Just relying on these few people, can you really dare to say that he can handle him?

This is not necessarily!

Gao Qian is right Ma Qianjun laughed: “Headmaster Ma, why don’t you tell me what this ring is, and I’ll answer your question. “

“It’s nothing to tell you, this is the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, which can transform various powerful forces between Heaven and Earth to open the space barrier…”

The ring that Ma Qianjun briefly explained He is not afraid of Gao Qian’s leaking of secrets, speaking of which he has no scruples.

“I understand, the blood demon is using this ring to open the Space Crack.

“So, he made various arrangements in the lighthouse and Xiuyun Peak because there are powerful forces hidden deep in these two places. It can be guided by the Myriad Elephant Wheel.”


Gao Qian suddenly realized that everything made sense.

He bowed to Ma Qianjun: “Thank you, Captain Ma, for suddenly enlightened, suddenly enlightened.”

Ma Qianjun was taken aback for a moment, isn’t this Gao Qian seriously ill?

Anna thought it was funny, she laughed heartily, “This guy is fun, I like it.”

She pleaded with Andre again: “Andre, don’t kill him Let him follow me and alienate him at worst.”

Infuse human beings with the blood of their race and special medicine, and human beings have a chance to mutate into Monster Race.

At the time, the chances of failure were very high. Anna doesn’t care about these risks.

Gao Qian can’t stand the alienation, and he will die if he dies. Not much loss anyway.

Andre is slightly frowned, this younger sister is a little bit ignorant. They are in different places. Although they are powerful, they dare not say that they can control everything.

Gao Qian is not an ordinary person either. If something goes wrong with him, everyone will be unlucky.

It’s just that this younger sister has always been arrogant and grew up in the human world, completely unaware of the cruelty of struggle.

Not waiting for Andre to speak, Gao Qian asked Anna with a smile, “This beautiful lady, you must be a noble Monster Race, right?”

Anna proudly Shaking his index finger at Gao Qian, “Wrong, we should be called the God Race. Those low-level, stupid races are the Monster Race!” Like a stormy sea, it is difficult to calm down.

Monster Race actually has a strict hierarchy, and it seems that it has its own civilization…

This means that Monster Race has its own social structure, its own words and languages ,Knowledge System.

Even, Monster Race’s civilization may be more advanced than Human Race.

This means that once Monster Race enters the human world on a large scale, human civilization is likely to be completely destroyed…

The high-level human should have known this for a long time, but never said it . It’s just that everyone is desperately accumulating strength and expanding their armed forces as much as possible.

Ma Qianjun did not allow Gao Qian to think too much, he asked: “You have asked so many questions, it is your turn to talk about how the ring came from?”

Gao Qian apologetically laughed to Ma Qianjun: “Sorry, I have to take a step in advance. I wish you a happy dinner and goodbye.”

Gao Qian said and quickly backed out. It’s taking them for fools!

Ma Qianjun pulled out his pistol and shouted: “Catch him!”

Several Source Masters with full Source Armor broke in outside the door, and the four leading members were all wearing dark red Source Armor, obviously Second Rank Source Master. There are seven or eight First Rank Source Masters left.

These Source Masters are all followers of Andre’s siblings. Such a powerful armed force is enough to crush Lin Hai.

So, Andre and Anna didn’t move, they both watched Gao Qian frantically with great interest.

Like a cat teasing a mouse, in this yard, Gao Qian has nowhere to run!
To everyone’s surprise, the Gao Qian silhouette smashed the window and shot out.

The speed of Gao Qian’s sudden explosion was too fast, and everyone shot and fired, but no one could keep up with Gao Qian’s speed.

Gao Qian, who came out of the broken window, felt that the night wind was very cold, and the sound of bullets screaming in his ears was very noisy…

As the wind galloped, Gao Qian sighed : “It wasn’t a good night…”

(end of chapter)

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