This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Advice
Gao Qian fled suddenly, and the sudden burst of high speed was very terrifying.

Andre’s siblings thought everything was under control, both of them were sitting very well, even tasting the goose there.

Everyone didn’t expect, and in a few tenths of a second, Gao Qian disappeared without a trace.

Ma Qianjun shot continuously in shock, but he couldn’t even see Gao Qian’s silhouette.

Andre’s siblings also stood up abruptly. It would be a shame if Gao Qian ran away.

The key is that they talked too much with Gao Qian. If Gao Qian ran out to tell Shen Zhengjun, they would be miserable.

Andre siblings followed a few Source Masters and dashed through the wall together.

As a high-level Monster Race, they all have the same power as third-rank Source Master.

The instant explosiveness is very terrifying, and that’s it, when the two rushed to the yard, they could only see Gao Qian’s dashing silhouette crossing the wall.

The main reason is that Gao Qian’s vertical jump is fast and light, without any embarrassment of rushing for his life, instead he appears light, unrestrained and calm.

Andre’s heart sank. Looking at Gao Qian’s speed, they might not be able to catch up.

He fiercely glared at Ma Qianjun, who was bewildered, and he also said that Gao Qian didn’t even set the Source Star on fire, what the heck, how is this possible!

To be able to run at such a high speed, what kind of physical fitness is this, and how ingenious the application of source power is.

It’s just that I don’t have time to care about Ma Qianjun now. Andre greeted him in red eagle words, and many Source Masters were madly chasing after him.

Andre and Anna did not dare to hesitate, both of them used all their strength to cross the high wall first.

To Andre’s surprise, he saw Gao Qian actually stop in front of a car.

Because of the remote location of this hotel, there is a large open space at the entrance for parking.

Surrounded by large tracts of harvested farmland, and beyond are rolling hills and jungles.

A cold moon hangs diagonally in the sky, and it is not as bright as the pair of red lanterns hanging at the gate.

On the edge of the dim red light, Gao Qian was standing in front of a Mustang off-road vehicle. Just looking at him didn’t mean to drive away.

It’s a bit like standing there waiting for them.

Andre couldn’t understand, what does Gao Qian mean? Tired of running and resting?
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t understand, Andre waved his hand: “Kill him!”

He was almost run away by Gao Qian just now, and he won’t make the same mistake twice.

A pity flashed in Anna’s beautiful blue eyes, she thought Gao Qian was a very interesting human being, and he was good-looking. It would be great to keep him around him as a dog!

Unfortunately, this guy is too jumpy. Like an immature Erha!
Numerous Source Masters following Andrei drew their long knives and rushed towards Gao Qian without the slightest hesitation.

The formidable power of light guns is too small for Source Master. It is more convenient to use source power weapons at close range.

These Source Masters are all well-trained, and they don’t care about Gao Qian’s identity, and they have no intention of chatting.

One by one holding the crossed long sword, Gao Qian surrounded them in a fan shape.

The second Rank Source Master at the front was about to start when he heard Gao Qian say, “I’m sorry, I’ve offended you.”

The Source Master didn’t quite understand it either. In federal language, he didn’t care what Gao Qian said, he held high the long sword of the deep blue cross and slashed over.

The surrounding Source Masters also gathered around, either slashing or stabbing the cross long sword, one after another dark blue sword light gathered with Gao Qian as the center.

Gao Qian dashed backwards again. He didn’t move up and down, he didn’t seem to exert any force at all, but his speed was extremely fast.

It was like there was an invisible bowstring and it snapped him out.

Several Source Masters don’t quite understand the way this power works, but that doesn’t prevent them from chasing Gao Qian together.

No matter how you change it, it’s not about dividing it in half.

None of the several Source Masters could see that Gao Qian was holding a small remote control in his hand, and he pressed the remote control when he was running away.

Within a range of a few meters, the electronic detonator switch almost did not have any delay, instantly detonating the 300kg high-energy explosives in the carriage.

speaking of which These explosives were copied from the wyvern gang and were detained by Gao Qian for self-protection.

Well, he has a high martial power value, but only one life, so try to be cautious.

As explosives are so useful, there is no harm in using them more.

When Ma Qianjun made an appointment for dinner, Gao Qian knew something was wrong. Therefore, a lot of explosives were prepared in the car to prevent accidents.

Gao Qian retreated too fast, within 0.2 seconds he retreated to ten meters away.

A group of Source Masters who followed Gao Qian came to the center of the explosion.

Many Source Masters, including many, noticed the surging flames, and it was too late to react.

The shock wave after the detonation of high-energy explosives blasted more than a dozen Source Masters out.

The Second Rank Source Masters who rushed in front were bombed more than ten meters away. The Second Rank Source Master suffered two serious injuries on the spot, and half of the Source Armor was obviously shattered. The other two Second Rank Source Masters were slightly injured, but they were also dizzy and had difficulty getting up for a while.

Some of the low-level Source Masters were even worse, lying on the ground with bloody flesh and no breath.

The last few First Rank Source Masters were also knocked unconscious.

The impact of the dynamite was so violent that they were right at the center of the explosion.

Even with Source Armor, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the shock.

Andre and Anna, who were standing behind, were both complexion greatly changed, and both of them instinctively showed a layer of dark blue electric light to protect themselves.

In fact, the impact of explosives in an open field will be quickly absorbed by the space, and there is no formidable power at a distance of seven or eight meters.

For an expert like Andre, the oncoming flames are no threat.

Just watching a team of elite Source Masters being blasted away with heavy casualties made him both angry and shocked.

Anger is Gao Qian shameless, shock is Gao Qian’s insidiousness. Who would have thought of detonating explosives beside him!

What’s even more hateful is that Gao Qian ran away like this!

Andre has never suffered such a big loss. He gritted his teeth fiercely, wishing he could immediately grab Gao Qian and tear it to pieces.

Anna was also terrified. She had never encountered such a scene before, and she was a bit at a loss for a while, not knowing what to do.

Ma Qianjun, who was at the back, rushed over when he saw a group of flames flashing, and he was also taken aback.

He was also very depressed and uncomfortable. A small Gao Qian, who should have been arbitrarily manipulated, how could it be like this?
At this time, Gao Qian stepped out from behind the burning wreckage of the car.

Gao Qian nodded slightly to Andre and the others: “I’m sorry, I didn’t disturb you all by making such a big noise.”

Andre’s snow-white face was already gone. It was ashen, his blue eyes stared at Gao Qian, this guy dared to come back, which surprised him!

The other party’s seemingly caring words are so sarcastic and harsh.

Andre also noticed something, Gao Qian got a long knife out of nowhere.

Slightly arc-shaped long knife, cold light is clear and clear, with stern killing intent.

Andre’s eyes narrowed, no matter where the knife came from, it was a good knife. At least the third rank level!
Anna’s expression was also a little more nervous. The long knife in Gao Qian’s hand made her feel a strong danger.

Fortunately, she was holding her saber when she followed.

Andre felt very bad. He chased too fast and didn’t use his weapon at all.

Gao Qian smiled and walked up a few steps, the wreckage of the car still burning behind him.

The jumping and flying flames also made Gao Qian’s huge shadow on the ground sway. It looked a little weird.

Faced with Gao Qian like this, Andrea and the others, although they were numerous and powerful, were completely at a disadvantage in their imposing manner.

“These are all Monster Races. According to our law, you must be arrested.”

Gao Qian said politely: “I advise them not to resist, in order to avoid Cause unnecessary damage.”

“Damn it!”

Andre cursed with the words of the red eagle, he reached out and grabbed the young sister Anna’s sword, and drew the sword at will unsheathed.

This sword is a source power weapon. It is the standard cross sword of the Red Eagle Empire, but the blade is thinner. But because of the use of special metals, it is enough to weigh 30 pounds.

For Andrei, this sword is a little light and a little short, but it works.

Andre also gained two points of confidence with the cross sword in his hand. He pointed at Gao Qian with the sword: “No matter who you are and what means you have, you will die!”

Gao Qian smiled slightly: “I have a sincere advice on this, don’t swing the sword in your hand, it’s very dangerous.”

“With you?” Andre shook the cross sword in his hand, the sharp sword Immediately, a snake-like electro-optic pattern appeared on his body.

In the dim light, the long sword flashing with lightning was extremely dazzling.

Gao Qian praised: “Mr. Andre’s move is really cool. I admire it.”

He really admires it, Liuhe Knife does not have any additional special effects, King Kong Divine Both the Power Sutra and Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel are so unpretentious.

Gao Qian is sincerely envious of Andre’s move.

He thought about it and praised: “It’s also practical. Once the power goes out, it can still light up. It’s great!”

Andre also found out, Gao Qian’s mouth is very poor, and he completely gave up the idea of arguing with the other party.

He was running the secret technique of the holy fire of light with all his strength, the unique heart core of the god race was stimulated, and the endless flames of light spewed out from the heart core.

These bright flames become dark blue electric lights under the transformation of source power. In this state, he is faster and stronger.

The long sword has a strong electric light, and the powerful electric current can easily electrocute an elephant.

The Torch of Light is so powerful, it just takes a little time to get going.

Gao Qian likes to talk nonsense, and also gives Andre the opportunity to calmly run his power.

Anna also knew the status of the big brother, she asked in cooperation: “Where did you get the explosives? Was it ready?”

“As an inspector , it’s reasonable to carry some explosives with you, isn’t it?”

Gao Qian was not in a hurry, but at this time he had to be steady, not anxious.

A big explosion of this level can be heard by most of Lin Hai. Andre and the others are all blind, so they should be more anxious.

While speaking, two Second Rank Source Masters have already stood up. They stood a little farther just now, and someone else stood in front of them. Although the impact was big, it didn’t really cause any damage.

The two Second Rank Source Masters also hated Gao Qian, so they didn’t need Andre’s order, they already rushed over with their swords in hand.

The Red Eagle Empire cross sword technique is very mature. Two Second Rank Source Masters attack at the same time, one from the left and one from the right.

The movements of the two Second Rank Source Masters are simple, but very sharp, and they also cooperate with each other in breathing.

Including in the space station, the azimuth and angle of the shot are very particular.

Gao Qian is also the first time to see the sword technique of the Red Eagle Empire. However, the way of fighting with weapons is the same, and different weapons that cannot be used have their own unique skills.

The opponent’s two Source Masters have simple but solid moves, which can be called sword technique experts. It’s just that the gap between him and him is too great at the skill level. Not to mention speed and power.

The dragon scales knife in Gao Qian’s hand is one point left and right.

‘pu’ sound, the two Source Masters were cut off neatly with their arms and heads.

The blood spurted out immediately, and the two Second Rank Source Masters were killed on the spot.

The other Source Masters who were slowing down were all ready to step forward, and they all stopped at their feet when they saw the situation.

Andre and Anna were both shocked. They both saw that Gao Qian was very difficult to deal with, but Gao Qian’s Blade Technique still shocked them.

This is the Second Rank Source Master, fully armed with Source Armor, but killed by Gao Qian with one blow.

The key is that Gao Qian kills casually, as easy as mowing a lawn.

These Blade Techniques and such tyrannical powers all show that Gao Qian is at least the third rank Source Master.

The most incredible thing is that Gao Qian is not armed with Source Armor!

Gao Qian didn’t stop, he followed the knife and slashed straight at Andre, who was at the front.

Andre shouted and raised his sword to meet him. The cross sword in his hand instantly burst into a deep blue electric light, illuminating the surroundings like day.

Amidst the ear-piercing whistling sound of a long knife, a touch of snow tore the dark blue screen.

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