This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 87


Chapter 87 Raise the flames
The dark blue lightning is like a heavy curtain of light, and the long sword is cut with rage Extend it to cover Gao Qian completely.

The cross long sword also became extremely fast under the blessing of electric light, and the blade had already slashed in front of Gao Qian in the blink of an eye.

The golden light of the golden nine-pointed star in the depths of Gao Qian’s eyebrows shines, and the two forces of the Divine Power Sutra and Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel are fully operating.

In a flash, every drop of blood flowing in his body is full of endless vitality.

In this state, Gao Qian’s response, strength, and speed all reached Peak.

The cross long sword, which is as fast as electricity, is constantly slowing down in his senses, including every subtle movement of Andre’s body, and even the dark blue electric light of one after another that rises and falls, all fully presented. come out.

Only speaking speed, this sword is much faster than Lin Chong. But in terms of skills, he was a lot worse than Lin Chong.

Andre’s movements are coordinated and full of strength, but it is only specific to the subtle musculoskeletal level. After all, the whole body strength was not fully mobilized, showing a lack of skills.

“High-level Monster Race, also merely this…”

Gao Qian fought a high-level Monster Race for the first time.

For this reason, don’t hesitate to blow up your own vehicle to attack the other party.

After several tests, Gao Qian found that there was nothing too special about the other party. Well, it was probably the level of third rank Source Master.

Gao Qian raised the dragon scales knife in his hand, which was exactly the one in the Liuhe knife.

Raising the fire to burn the sky means that people lift up the torch to light up the night. Although the fire is weak, it represents the fearless pride of man against Heaven and Earth’s nature.

This style Blade Technique is simple, but has a brave imposing manner that breaks the night. In the Blade Technique technique, this style contains the changes of collapse and twist.

As a Blade Technique Grandmaster, Gao Qian can naturally master the essence of this style Blade Technique.

The dragon scales held high are squarely on the cross sword, and his Vajra Divine Force is already tyrannical, and it explodes instantly with collapse energy, which is more ferocious than the explosive explosion just now.

The cross sword was suddenly swayed, and Andre’s arm was sore and numb from the shock that he almost threw the cross sword out.

β€œHow is it possible!”

Andre was shocked, how could Gao Qian have such great power? !

But that’s how combat is, and a miscalculation can reveal a weak spot.

Gao Qian this style is brilliant, whether it is the power change or the Blade Intent. far better than Andre.

The snow-colored dragon scales swept the cross long sword, slashing through the dark blue curtain, and the long sword slashed Andrea’s forehead with a turn.

Gao Qian is very confident that no matter how tenacious the Monster Race’s body is, he will definitely cut it into two neatly with one strike.

The lightning flashed in Andre’s eyes, who was about to be beheaded, and Gao Qian could even see the traces of lightning in the eyes of the other party building up a complex and orderly model, like the words of mysterious, and like a certain a mechanical structure.

Andre’s entire body of electric light condensed instantly, turning into a full set of deep blue armor.

The translucent armor has a mighty appearance, and the material is like deep blue glass, which is very textured.

Dragon scales When the knife goes down, the blade cannot cut through the dark blue armor, but leaves a deep white knife mark on the surface of the armor.

“What is this?”

Gao Qian thinks this is not real armor, but more like a spell? Or some kind of special application of source power.

It’s useful and wonderful, but it won’t last long.

Andre used the secret light armor in the bright flame, which was converted into body protection armor with source power.

This is a defensive secret technique, which consumes a lot of source power and limits the flexibility of the body.

The advantage is that the secret technique is rooted in the depths of the heart core, and it can be actively stimulated in case of fatal crisis.

Andre escaped the catastrophe with the light armor. He was also inspired to be fierce, and he simply threw the cross sword and went straight to Gao Qian.

With the strong protective ability of the light armor, it can resist Gao Qian’s long knife for at least two or three seconds.

In this time, it was enough for him to hammer Gao Qian into flesh!

Andre was extremely fast. He and Gao Qian were less than one meter away from each other, and the man jumped forward and hugged Gao Qian’s waist.

But before Andre could fold his arms, Gao Qian hooked his leg under his crotch, and Andre was picked up.

When people are in the air, most of their power is useless.

Originated from Yan Qing’s eight tricks, Gao Qian’s wrestling skills are extremely powerful. With Yan Qing sparring with him every day, Andre’s punches were like child’s play to Gao Qian.

Gao Qian let go of the dragon scales knife in his hand, grabbed Andre and threw it over his shoulder.

A fierce and unparalleled power suddenly erupted, and Andre was slammed to the ground.

For the convenience of parking at the entrance of the hotel, the ground is paved with cement and the material is solid.

With a muffled bang, Andre was deeply embedded in the cement floor, and the cement debris flew everywhere, and with Andre at the center, a spider-web-like criss-crossed crack split open.

Andre was stunned by the fall, and before he could react, Gao Qian threw his backhand again, and with a bang, this time Andre’s body was shattered into pieces.

Andre was horrified. He was about to stand up to resist when Gao Qian grabbed the dragon scales knife in the air and slashed it down again.

The snow-colored blade flashed, and Andre’s face full of horror split instantly, including his tall and strong body, which also split into two pieces.

The high-level Monster Race life force, though powerful, cannot withstand serious damage.

Andre’s two eyes, which were split in two, rolled and stared at Gao Qian together. Electric light flashed in his dark blue eyes, and then quickly dimmed.

“I gave you advice, but why didn’t you listen.”

Gao Qian said looking towards Anna, this high-level Monster Race was obviously terrified, and on her delicate snow-white face All were apprehensive.

Aware of Gao Qian’s gaze, Anna exclaimed: “Hurry up, hurry up!”

Seeing her big brother Andre was killed with her own eyes, Anna was greatly frightened , she also had a deep fear of Gao Qian.

She has been pampered since she was a child and has hardly encountered setbacks.

When I suddenly encountered a great change, I couldn’t turn my head around for a while. I just instinctively called someone to solve Gao Qian, but I didn’t think about the problem of the inability of my subordinates at all.

She didn’t even have any idea of running away.

Gao Qian has a little sympathy for this high-level Monster Race beauty, this is not running, alas, it is not naive but stupid.

He comforted: “Beautiful lady, don’t panic. As long as you cooperate with your work, you’ll be fine…”

Followed Andre’s many Source Masters but didn’t mean to cooperate, they were all The blue flag consortium is a warrior in charge of battle. Although Gao Qian is very strong, everyone will never surrender.

Of course, they didn’t have the guts to do anything to Gao Qian.

A group of people ignored the shouting Anna, and they gathered around Anna, carefully forming a Defensive Array shape and kept retreating.

Ma Qianjun, who was at the end, turned around and ran without the slightest hesitation. Andre was dead. Although there were many Source Masters, they could never stop Gao Qian.

Ma Qianjun is very familiar with the restaurant, he knows that behind the restaurant several hundred meters is a forest.

The only way to escape now is to run into the woods.

Ma Qianjun didn’t care to hide his identity at this meeting. His eyes were red, and he fully exerted the power of the Guisha clan.

Their race is called blood demons, because they are very similar to humans, but their eyes are red and bloodthirsty, so they are called blood demons.

After Ma Qianjun regained his full strength, he was equivalent to Second Rank Source Master and leaped over the two-meter-high wall.

As he climbed over the wall, Ma Qianjun glanced back and saw a cold, snow-colored blade light piercing the crowd.

Following, the armor was broken, the people split, and the blood splattered.

Ma Qianjun’s scalp was numb, and his feet were so soft that he almost fell to the ground. He didn’t dare to look any further, and after jumping off the wall, he ran back with all his strength.

Running out of the several hundred meters like this, seeing the dark forest in front of him, Ma Qianjun was overjoyed, he quickened his pace and rushed in.

The light in the woods is dim, and I can’t see my fingers. Ma Qianjun’s red eyes were able to see through the darkness.

He felt that this visual ability was similar to that of an infrared night vision device, but it was not as precise, but it was sufficient.

Dark vision is also a special innate talent unique to his race.

Ma Qianjun walked several hundred meters in the woods. He found a rotten hollow in a huge pine tree, which is very suitable for Tibetans.

He got in without the slightest hesitation, it was still too dangerous to run around in the woods and could easily be overtaken by Gao Qian.

Finding a quiet place to hide is king.

Gao Qian has killed so many people and made such a big noise, so he must be busy with the aftermath. No time to search for him in the woods.

The all-out run just now also made his muscles sore and weak, and the heartbeat was too fast, so he needed to slow down.

At this time, Gao Qian’s very magnetic voice sounded in his ear: “This place is good, Captain Ma has vision.”

Ma Qianjun was startled, but he didn’t. By the time he reacted, the dragon scales knife had penetrated his head, nailing him deeply into the tree hole.

Although his head did not explode, his brain tissue was completely destroyed, and Ma Qianjun was killed on the spot.

Gao Qian glanced at the dead Ma Qianjun. Although he didn’t have the innate talent of the blood demon, he could still capture the very weak light with the Second Layer King Kong Divine Power Sutra.

It is also the Taoist saying that the empty room produces white.

This dim environment has little effect on him. The keen six senses cooperate, and can accurately observe Ma Qianjun’s life state.

After Ma Qianjun was resolved, Gao Qian put Anna on his shoulders.

It was easy to kill a group of Source Masters, but it took a little time to capture Anna alive, which made Ma Qianjun run so far.

Anna was only knocked unconscious and was not seriously injured. Gao Qian stimulated her heart core with source power, which made Anna wake up quickly.

Gao Qian doesn’t know much about Monster Race heart core, but Anna is under his hand, and he can check where the center of the opponent’s source power is.

When Anna woke up, there was a flash of dark blue electric light in her eyes. Her beautiful pupils continued to dilate, trying to absorb the surrounding light as much as possible.

She quickly saw Gao Qian’s face, and her whole body tensed. But she didn’t dare to move, because the sword that killed her brother was lying across her neck.

“Beautiful lady, we need to have a good talk.”

Gao Qian said softly: “In order to ensure our communication is pleasant and efficient, please cooperate with me.”


“Seriously, I can’t bear to do bad things to you…”

(end of this chapter)

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