This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Shock!

When Gao Qian returned to the hotel, everyone in the hotel was terrified, hiding in the room and no one dared to show his face.

Seeing Gao Qian coming in, several people screamed in fright on the spot. Although the others didn’t call, their faces were pale and they didn’t dare to look directly at Gao Qian.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s all right.”

Gao Qian said, “Is there a phone, lend me a phone.”

The man hiding beside the wine cabinet The plump Lady Boss said tremblingly: “The phone is here, here…”

“Sorry, everyone was shocked by such a big commotion.”

Gao Qian glanced naturally. It is indeed plump and plump when she passes through Lady Boss’s chest. When she trembles, she shows her natural beauty. No wonder Ma Qianjun and the others like to come here for dinner…

As a modest gentleman, Gao Qian can naturally appreciate it, but he doesn’t. Will deliberately watch more.

He immediately looked back and comforted Lady Boss: “You can count the damage you caused tonight and give it to me, and I’ll make it up.”

Lady Boss is a smart person, although she I don’t know what happened tonight, but I know that Director Gao is not something they can provoke.

She hurriedly waved her hand: “No, no, no, no…”

Gao Qian couldn’t say anything about the other party’s exaggerated reaction, so she laughed at Lady Boss and motioned her Don’t get excited.

Gao Qian dialed the phone, and the phone connected after three rings.

A very formulaic female voice came from the microphone: “Hello, who is this?”

“I’m Gao Qian, I’m looking for Chief Yang.”

“Sorry, Miss has rested, please contact me tomorrow if you have anything.”

“Forgive me to speak bluntly, you can’t control this matter, go and invite Chief Yang over, now, immediately .”

The opposite was obviously shocked by Gao Qian’s tough attitude, she hesitated and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s a matter of confidentiality, your level is not enough. “

Gao Qian said: “It’s urgent, please don’t waste your time.”

The other side stopped talking. After one minute, Yang Yunjin’s voice came from the microphone: ” Director Gao, it’s me. What’s the matter with you?”

Yang Yunjin’s federal dialect is very standard, without any accent. Very easy to identify.

Gao Qian said: “I’m sorry to disturb Chief Yang so late. Sudden occurance is very serious. Please come over immediately. In Dayezhuang, at the end of Beishan Road in Beisong District…”


“Okay, I’m in the past now.”

Yang Yunjin pondered for a while, but agreed immediately. She felt that Gao Qian was a very dashing, romantic and self-respecting person, but he was very reliable in his work.

At night, he won’t call if it’s not important.

Besides, she also heard a loud noise just now. Just not quite sure what happened.

The female steward reminded a little disturbedly: “Could it be that Gao Qian is trying to do some trick, invite you to dinner, or send flowers to court or something?”

Yang Yunjin glanced She glanced at the female steward, “If Gao Qian is so stupid, he is not qualified to be the deputy director.”

She thought for a while and then reminded: “Don’t look down on him when he is young and smiling all day long. . This person is cruel and cruel, and I really want to offend him, but it’s not a good thing.”

The female steward laughed dryly, but didn’t care much.

The deputy director of the Inspection Bureau in a small place, what can I do to her, she is from the Yang Family.

She followed Yang Yunjin, and she also shouldered the responsibility of taking care of Yang Yunjin. That is, Yang Yunjin must never be allowed to interact with irrelevant men.

In her eyes, Gao Qian belongs to the kind of irrelevant rateless man.

The key point is that Gao Qian has no self-awareness yet and is always pestering Yang Yunjin.

Lin Hai even spread the gossip about Yang Yunjin and Gao Qian. This made the female steward very uneasy and very unhappy.

A low-level person like Gao Qian is not qualified to have an affair with Yang Yunjin!

In order to prevent accidents and protect Yang Yunjin, the female steward got into the car with Yang Yunjin.

Yang Yunjin also wore a breastplate very cautiously, and also took the Azure Lotus Sword.

This sword is a Top Grade sword. It is a precious treasure of the Yang Family. It is said that the Azure Lotus Sword can break the fourth rank Source Armor.

Of course, Yang Yunjin has not tried it. Fourth rank Source Armor is very expensive, and she has no money to test the sword.

On the other hand, the powerhouse that can arm the fourth rank Source Armor is also impossible to be killed by her.

Armed with Azure Lotus Armor and Azure Lotus Sword in hand, Yang Yunjin is confident to deal with various situations.

The female steward Yang Qiu next to her is wearing a full set of dark blue Source Armor. This is the Second Rank Source Armor in Black Tortoise, remodeled to fit her body perfectly.

In Source Armor state, you can even see the beauty of body curves.

This is also the foundation of the Yang Family.

As the Second Rank Source Master, Yang Qiu also has enough confidence to protect Yang Yunjin’s safety.

On the other hand, the female steward also wanted to let Gao Qian know how powerful she was.

A small deputy director dares to speak official words to the Second Rank Source Master, how much ability does he have?

There is another car in front of Yang Yunjin, and there are several First Rank Source Masters in it, all of which are Yang Yunjin’s guards.

When traveling at night, always be safe. Lin Hai’s security is not very good.

On the other hand, Yang Yunjin’s drastic reforms also touched the interests of many people. There is no guarantee who will jump over the wall, and it is always right to be careful.

Lin Hai is very quiet at night, especially when it’s cold.

Yang Yunjin’s two cars came to Dae Zhuang smoothly. When the lights of the cars flickered, they saw a person lying on the ground in front of the restaurant.

The guards, who were originally relaxed, became nervous. They warned the following car through the wireless communicator: “The situation is not right, pay attention to alert.”

Female steward is a little surprised, is there really something? She always felt that Gao Qian had ulterior motives for asking Yang Yunjin to come out.

As everyone approached, they discovered that at least fifteen or sixteen Source Masters had died here. They all died tragically, and the scene was extremely bloody.

The female steward also became more and more shocked as she saw four Second Rank Source Masters dead on the ground.

The Source Armor of Second Rank Source Master is generally dark blue, which is very easy to identify.

Most of these Source Masters were beheaded by sharp blades, and the body and Source Armor fractures were very neat.

Because of this, the scene is a little scary.

Female steward Yang Qiudao has some practical experience and received system security training.

However, she has never seen so many corpses, let alone so many killed Source Masters.

In particular, several Second Rank Source Masters who died tragically reminded her how tragic the battle here is!

Yang Qiu said to Yang Yunjin uneasily: “Miss, it’s not safe here, let’s leave first.”

Yang Yunjin’s expression is also very solemn, but she is much calmer than Yang Qiu, “It’s such a big thing, I don’t know anything, how can I go?”

“But, this is too dangerous…” Yang Qiu felt that Gao Qian had ulterior motives, and the situation here was unknown, or Better to leave first.

The two were talking when the silhouette of the gate flickered, and Gao Qian walked over with the cross sword in hand.

“Sir Yang is here, I’m sorry to bother you so late. Sudden occurance is temporary.”

Gao Qian didn’t take the dragon scales knife. It’s hard to explain the origin of this treasure knife. The sword speaks.

This cross sword is Anna’s, the blade is one meter long, the hilt is thirty centimeters, and the sword grid is very short, which makes the sword overall look very slender and beautiful.

The silver scabbard is engraved with intricate patterns and inlaid with many red and green gems, which makes the sword more luxurious.

This sword is not as good as the dragon scales, but it is the top sword in the upper three ranks. Thirty pounds is not too light.

Seeing Gao Qian walking over with his sword in hand, his face was calm and relaxed, and Yang Yunjin was also relaxed.

The scene was really tragic. She said she couldn’t leave, but she was actually very nervous.

Yang Yunjin didn’t greet Gao Qian, she asked directly, “What happened, who are these people who died?”

She actually saw that this group of people Most of them are from the Red Eagle Empire, after all, their red hair is easy to identify.

Just, how come so many people died? Who killed it again? Why is Gao Qian here?

Yang Yunjin was full of questions, and she couldn’t wait to figure out the situation.

“These Red Eagles colluded with Ma Qianjun to murder me, but I killed them.”

“They wanted to kill you? You killed them?” Yang Yunjin’s long and narrow eyes They were all rounded, and their faces were incredible.

Gao Qian sighed helplessly: “Many people can prove that they were the ones who moved first.”

Yang Yunjin looked strange, not this, but here Of the dozens of Source Master corpses, Gao Qian was alone, how could he kill them all?
Female steward Yang Qiu questioned: “You killed all the Source Masters here? You killed all of these Second Rank Source Masters?
“How is that possible! “

She looked Gao Qian up and down, her eyes were full of suspicion, and she was a little disdainful.

With Gao Qian, he didn’t even set the Source Star on fire, why should he? Killing so many Source Masters?
What a joke!
Gao Qian glanced at Yang Qiu: “I didn’t ask you? “

“Yang Qiu, Miss Steward.” “Yang Qiu’s chin is slightly raised, and his posture is very high.

“Oh, Yang Steward, hello. “

Gao Qian nodded slightly

, and he said again, “I’m sorry, we’re talking about confidential business, please avoid it.” “

Yang Qiu felt that Gao Qian was deliberately targeting her, and she angrily said to Yang Yunjin: “Miss, this person is talking nonsense, be careful to be deceived by him. “

Gao Qian reminded with a gentle expression: “It is impolite and irresponsible to say that to others in person. strictly speaking, it’s defamation. violated the law. Please also pay attention to the wording. “

“I will ask you, why did you kill the Second Rank Source Master? “Yang Qiu was even more angry. This kid was mystifying and mocking her. Where did he get the courage?”

Gao Qian smiled slightly: “There was no need to explain to you, but I also said that it is up to me.” sword in hand. “

“hehe? “Yang Qiu sneered, who could be deceived by this.

Gao Qian was not angry, he said to Yang Yunjin, “Sir Yang, let’s talk inside…”

(this chapter end)

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