This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 89


Chapter 89 is beyond reproach
Gao Qian is very calm, peaceful and calm.

It’s normal to be questioned, because the scene is really weird, and his empty vernacular is not very convincing.

So furious, it’s too uncultivated. With such a high quality, he will not do this.

Furthermore, what is Yang Qiu? It’s just a steward, Gao Qian doesn’t need to respond to her questioning.

Simply put, she’s not good enough. As long as Yang Yunjin is willing to believe him, there is no problem.

Yang Qiu also realized Gao Qian’s attitude. She was very angry and clenched her fists angrily.

She has Metal Source Armor all over her body, and the sound of metal friction naturally occurs when the armor is squeezed so vigorously.

Because of being too angry, and also for demonstration, Yang Qiu’s Source Armor also shone with a layer of light blue source power aura.

Gao Qian didn’t even look at Yang Qiu, he led Yang Yunjin into the hotel lobby.

The Lady Boss and the waiter of the hotel had long since hid in the single room inside. The huge hall was empty and no one was there, only the Night Wind Monster rushed in through the gap in the collapsed wall.

Yang Yunjin looked at the next messy hall, looking thoughtful in her eyes.

β€œSir Yang, forgive me to speak bluntly, your steward is not suitable to be a steward.”

Gao Qian was not in a hurry to speak, Yang Qiu’s attitude was too high It’s a bit strange that he has no awareness of steward at all.

Yang Yunjin laughed: “She is my little mother’s cousin. She is half my elder. She has little knowledge and a bit of a temper. You don’t want to know her.”

“Oh .”

Gao Qian probably understood it. When it comes to my little mother, it should be the grudge of the rich and powerful, no wonder the female steward is a little too arrogant.

I can tell from Yang Yunjin’s words that she also has opinions on female steward. She should be called Aunt Biao, but she actually said that she can only be regarded as half an elder…

Of course, this expression is very subtle.

Yang Yunjin said amusingly: “She has a bad attitude towards you, mainly because she is afraid that I will fall in love with you. Haha…”

“Then do you fall in love?” Gao Qian asked It’s very casual, like gossiping jokes.

Yang Yunjin and Gao Qian have a pair of Divine Eyes. She can’t help but turn her eyes away, her beautiful face with a smile, “Let’s get down to business.”

“It’s very simple. Ma Qianjun invited me out for dinner, but in fact, he planned to kill me with the people from the Blue Flag consortium. In the end, I killed him.”

Gao Qian didn’t ask any further questions, he briefly introduced the matter again.

“The person from the Blue Flag consortium, that man is Andre?!”

Yang Yunjin was startled, she noticed just now that a tall red-haired man had been chopped into two pieces. Because the death was too tragic, she didn’t dare to look carefully.

Just vaguely feel that the other party is a little familiar.

When Gao Qian mentioned it, Yang Yunjin suddenly remembered that the man was Andre from the Lanqi consortium.

“Yes.” Gao Qian answered in the affirmative.

Yang Yunjin’s brain exploded.

Red Eagles are also graded, and ordinary Red Eagles can kill as many as they want. Andre is an important figure in the Blue Flag consortium and the top executive responsible for managing Lin Hai Investment.

In terms of identity, Andrei is probably equal to her.

It is conceivable that Andre’s death in Linhai would have extremely terrifying consequences.

She wants to establish contact with the Red Eagle Empire, and the main partner is also the Blue Flag consortium. Andre’s death also means her plan scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

Although Yang Yunjin has always been calm, there is only one thought in his mind at this meeting: it’s over! It’s all over…

The establishment of a foreign trade center in Linhai is a very grand plan, which is related to the development of the Yang Family several decades later.

strictly speaking, she is just the executor of the plan.

Yang Yunjin looked at Gao Qian very seriously, she now suspects that Gao Qian is deliberately sabotaging.

The Liao Prefecture Four Great Families are neck and neck, but the place is so big and the benefits are so much.

If the foreign trade center’s plan is passed, the Yang Family will usher in a major development in the next several decades.

Liao Prefecture is a huge benefit in the long run. However, for the other Three Great Clans, the situation is completely different.

It’s just that the Chu and Wang families are the ones who want to destroy it. Gao Qian is a member of the Shen Family. The Shen Family is the same as the Yang Family. It needs more order and business development.

This plan is also very beneficial to the Shen Family. The two sides are also very tacit understanding of this plan.

Therefore, Yang Yunjin has always trusted Gao Qian. As for the first time to give Gao Qian a slap in the face, it was also to hold him back.

She didn’t expect anyway. The original plan went smoothly, but a sudden change made all her efforts go to waste.

Yang Yunjin was staring at Gao Qian, and now she has the heart to kill Gao Qian.

It’s just that she finally sighed then said, no matter why Gao Qian did it, she couldn’t kill Gao Qian.

This doesn’t solve the problem, it just complicates it.

Not a wise man.

After being silent for a while, Yang Yunjin said: “You must give me a reasonable explanation for this matter, otherwise, even if I don’t care, others will not let you go!”

Yang Yunjin didn’t say who the others were, and didn’t need to make it very clear. She believed that Gao Qian understood this truth.

Gao Qian smiled: “You were murderous-looking just now, I thought you were going to kill me yourself!”

“It seems that you are reluctant.”

“I really want to kill you!”

Yang Yunjin said angrily, “Don’t be stinking, I want to know everything. I can’t hide it at all.”


She turned and said, “Only in this way can I judge whether to help you or not!”

Gao Qian often sends flowers and small gifts, and also writes small poems. Timeless and romantic, she has to say a little about it and it doesn’t feel absolutely false.

Of course, a little goodwill wasn’t enough to make her trust Gao Qian.

The most important point is that Gao Qian is a smart person, he won’t do stupid things, and he won’t bring about one’s own destruction.

Even if he does something stupid on the spur of the moment, he’s impossible.

Yang Yunjin calmed down and immediately understood that Gao Qian had to rely on something to be so calm.

Gao Qian appreciates Yang Yunjin’s attitude very much, he nodded: “Thank you for your trust in me.”

“Okay, then you don’t pretend to be polite.” Yang Yunjin couldn’t bear to interrupt Gao Qian, she had already seen it, Gao Qian always behaved elegantly and politely, this person in the bones is another set of things!
“Andre and Anna, the two senior leaders of the Blue Flag consortium, are high-level Monster Races. They call themselves Rakshasa.”

Gao Qian asked Yang Yunjin: “You know Rakshasa, right?”


Yang Yunjin’s expression was a little complicated: “Andre is Rakshasa?”

She hurriedly asked, “What evidence do you have?”

“The corpse is lying there Well, there are many differences between Rakshasa and human beings, and it is easy to identify.”

Gao Qian glanced at Yang Yunjin, she couldn’t think of such a simple question, did she not know, or was she scared?

Yang Yunjin suddenly realized: “Yes, there must be a big difference between Rakshasa and Human Race.”

“Ma Qianjun is also a Monster Race, a blood demon. His body is in the woods. “

Gao Qian said confidently: “No matter what personal grudges I have with them, they are Monster Race, and I kill them justifiably…”

Yang Yunjin couldn’t help but ask : “You knew they were Monster Race before you started?”

Gao Qian laughed and asked, “What if?”

Yang Yunjin was speechless. The consensus of human civilization is also the common oath of all countries.

As long as Andrei and their Monster Race identity are confirmed, Gao Qian is right in everything!
No reproach!

(end of this chapter)

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