This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 92


Chapter 92 Hunyuan Mirror

In the center of the ring where colorful rays of light flow, suddenly a huge blood line appears snake.

The blood snake, with the killing intent of destroying everything, is flying out along the passageway paved with colorful streamers, heading straight for Gao Qian.

Gao Qian closed his eyes one step earlier, and his consciousness instantly entered the Grand One Palace.

Myriad forms Aurora Wheel, as well as this Scarlet Long Serpent, were naturally brought into the Grand One Palace by Gao Qian.

Ling’er and Gao Qian have a close spiritual connection. She has sensed danger and is waiting for Gao Qian.

“A conscious body has no reason, but the spirit strength is quite strong!”

Gao Qian is used to traveling the world with the conscious body state, and he is very familiar with the conscious body.

Therefore, he immediately recognized the blood snake as an independent consciousness.

It’s just that this blood snake is very arrogant and irrational, just like an injured wild beast.

In terms of the state of consciousness, the other party is much stronger than him.

However, this is the Grand One Palace. He is the master of the Grand One Token, and in the closed world of the Grand One Palace, he is the god of Supreme.

This blood-colored long snake is suspended in midair. It is more than a hundred meters long and four meters tall. Its huge body is like several trains.

Fortunately, the Grand One Palace is spacious enough to accommodate this giant snake.

Ling’er looked up and down the blood snake curiously, it was the first time she saw this thing.

At the same time, she was also a little wary. This blood snake has a powerful spirit strength that is likely to contaminate and corrode her Spirit Physique.

Gao Qian reminded Ling’er softly, “Don’t look at it stupidly, control it first.”

Ling’er suddenly realized, she stretched out her hand, a piece of golden light The staggered fall and combine to form a regular hexagon, trapping the blood snake in the middle.

After the Scarlet Long Snake was trapped, it twisted and struggled frantically. It’s just that it’s against not Ling’er, but the entire Grand One Token.

The power gap between the two sides is too great. No matter how much the blood-colored long snake tossed, it couldn’t break through the golden barrier.

Ling’er couldn’t help smiling when he saw the bloody snake merely this, “Little Snake, you look so fierce, you have no ability!”

“You scared the baby just now. Jump!”

Ling’er patted her little chest and let out a sigh of relief.

Gao Qian looked at the blood-colored serpent, which apparently couldn’t do any harm in the Grand One Palace.

He even had some coquettish operations in his mind, such as throwing the blood-colored giant snake to Lu Junyi.

I think Lu Junyi is definitely not the opponent of this thing!
There is only one problem, the Scarlet Serpent is a conscious body, and its spirit strength has huge pollution.

Lu Junyi is actually a kind of conscious body. After being killed, it will condense into a special power under the rules.

The blood-colored giant snake is going to swallow Lu Junyi, and it is very likely that Lu Junyi will disappear forever. Lu Junyi’s martial arts and treasure may also be destroyed. It’s not worth it!

Ling’er asked Gao Qian: “father, this snake is so ugly, should I kill it?”

“Of course I have to kill it, otherwise why keep it?”

Gao Qian asked curiously: “How do you solve it?”

Ling’er smiled and said, “It’s very easy. Take a picture with a mirror, this kind of The conscious body will immediately the soul flew away and scattered , scattered ashes and dispersed smoke !”

“Wait, what is the Hunyuan Mirror?” As the owner of Grand One Token, Gao Qian never knew about Grand One Token. One Palace also has this Divine Item.

“That’s the pool…”

Ling’er was a little surprised, “father doesn’t know?”

“You didn’t say…”

“Didn’t Ling’er say it?”

Ling’er’s face was full of innocence, she explained pitifully: “The main reason is that the father never asked…”

“Okay, it’s my fault.”

Gao Qian was not bothered about this, he asked: “What is the use of the Hunyuan mirror?”

“Grand One Palace is the figurative presentation of Grand One Token. This figurative representation mainly corresponds to the spiritual world of the father. Therefore, everything can appear in the form that conforms to the cognition of the father.

β€œHunyuan Mirror is the Grand One Palace. Core. “

Ling’er explained patiently: “The Primordial Mirror can illuminate the yin and yang and see the truth and reality, so the father can illuminate his own state through the Primordial Mirror. Therefore, the Hunyuan Mirror can select the apostles who fit the secret technique from the vast crowd…”

“The water in the Hunyuan Mirror is actually transformed by the moral aura, so it can nourish the moral lotus.

“Staying in the Grand One Palace, people’s spirits will always be at their best, which is the magic of moral aura…”

Through Ling’er’s explanation, Gao Qian It was only then that I suddenly realized that the pool was actually a Primordial Mirror, the most important Divine Item in the Grand One Palace.

Including Daode Tianlian, his cultivation’s Vajra Divine Power Sutra, long-distance contact apostles, and even the world in the yellow door. These Divine Ability can only operate with the Hunyuan Mirror as the center.

Simply put, the Hunyuan Mirror is actually the heart of the Grand One Palace, the engine of the Grand One Palace, and the energy core of the Grand One Palace.

“It’s amazing.”

Gao Qian sighed a little. As the owner of the Grand One Token, he actually knew this.

However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. The Primordial Mirror can only be manifested in the Grand One Palace and has no effect on the outside world.

He has used the various magical functions of the Primordial Mirror for a long time. It is only now that the official name is known.

Ling’er explained to Gao Qian while moving the golden hexagon above the pool.

Under her control, the circular pool emits thousands of golden lights.

Under the golden light, thousands of black holes were corroded on the body of the blood-colored long snake.

The Scarlet Long Snake rolled and twisted frantically. Gao Qian could feel the pain of the Scarlet Long Snake through the space barrier.

This blood-colored serpent has almost no intelligence, only instinct. Therefore, it does not have the scheming to disguise.

In the blink of an eye, its body completely melted into a cloud of black smoke.

As the golden hexahedron continued to shrink until it disappeared, all traces of the existence of the blood-colored serpent were completely erased.

Ling’er suddenly showed joy, “father, we got 500 points of moral aura reward!”

Gao Qian is also happy, getting the moral aura reward means a bloody color The long snake was completely wiped out.

The boat almost capsized today, which also made Gao Qian a little scared, and he was somewhat vigilant and alert to high-level forces.

The Grand One Palace is amazing, but it has its limitations.

The human powerhouse in this world, or the mighty Great Demon clan, all have their strengths. He is not qualified to underestimate this world powerhouse now!
Even a Monster Race like Anna, who didn’t go through wind and rain, didn’t show that naivety.

About Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, she must have concealed the most crucial content and almost killed him!

Fortunately he wasn’t that stupid.

On the other hand, he can often sense the killing intent emanating from the Myriad Elephant Wheel.

He’s actually been very vigilant about this. He dared to do as Anna said because he had the Grand One Palace.

If it really doesn’t work, he will take the Myriad Elephant Wheel back to the Grand One Palace. This is a plan he has long thought of!

“Five hundred points of moral inspiration, father, but it’s five hundred points!”

Ling’er saw that Gao Qian looked thoughtful and had no joy at all, and she doubted that Gao Qian was wrong. Hearing her words, he repeated it with passion and enthusiasm!
No wonder she was excited. Normally, Gao Qian cultivates moral aura in a step-by-step manner, at most a day.

The last time Gao Qian was killed by the apostle Zhou Yuxiu, he only saved more than 300 points of moral aura.

The key point is that the accumulation of moral aura is very demanding.

The first thousand points of moral aura, Gao Qian has accumulated for twelve years!
This time, by killing a giant snake, I gained 500 moral auras out of thin air. I don’t know how much time was saved.

Gao Qian smiled and patted Ling’er’s little head. After all, this child is still pure-hearted, only seeing the gains, but completely forgetting the huge risk just now.

The moral aura given so much also proves how dangerous this blood snake is.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly and entered the Grand One Palace immediately, I’m afraid his consciousness would be swallowed by this blood snake.

However, the harvest is indeed great.

Give 500 points of moral aura at a time, making the total number of moral auras instantly surpass the previous mark!

Gao Qian also had a smile on his face, “In this case, you can click on the second moral lotus.”

Ling’er was full of anticipation, she urged. : “father, let’s start now. With another little friend, the Grand One Palace can be much more lively.”

“Elder Sister Zhou is really boring…”

Zhou Yuxiu everything else is very good, but there are too few words, and the people are a bit cold and not interesting.

The thing I care most about every day is cultivation!

Ling’er is very idle most of the time, and it is easy to have a little friend, but it is a boring bottle gourd, which is a bit boring.

Gao Qian is very calm, he is staying in the cave, the apostle can’t escape, and now he should give priority to the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel and the geomagnetic gold crystal.

He asked Ling’er: “Do you know the origin of the blood snake?”

“I look at the Hunyuan mirror, maybe it can reflect the origin of the other party.”

The Hunyuan Mirror can illuminate the ghostly world with candles and see all things clearly. As long as you are in the Grand One Palace, you have endless Divine Ability.

The reason that Gao Qian and Zhou Yuxiu can see the data panel is because the Divine Ability that Hunyuan Mirror can see clearly.

The blood-colored serpent was destroyed in the Grand One Palace, and the Primordial Mirror should be able to illuminate the essence of the blood-colored serpent, clearly understanding all its circumstances.

Ling’er opened the Primordial Mirror, and sure enough, the memory of the blood snake was found inside.

This blood snake is a Great Demon in the other dimension, and it is born with the ability to control space.

A long time ago, it was seriously injured by a powerful Great Demon and put into the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, becoming the spirit of this rare treasure.

Since then, the blood snake has lost its wisdom, and only some instincts remain.

As for what’s going on outside of the Myriad Elephant Wheel, Blood Snake doesn’t really know anything about it. It just needs to devour the soul of life consciousness from time to time to replenish its own strength.

Gao Qian looked at the blood snake’s memory and figured out the basic situation.

The blood demon with the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel found the geomagnetic gold crystal in the forest, so he lurked in the forest and did so many things.

As a result, his plan was ruined by his mistake. The blood demon could only temporarily open the Space Crack, but he was executed on the spot by borrowing Zhou Yuxiu’s hand.

The Myriad Elephant Wheel, also in his hands.

Ma Qianjun colluded with the blood demon and recognized the Myriad Elephant Wheel in his hand. So, Andre’s siblings were brought in again…

Now everything is right, the only question is where is the geomagnetic gold crystal?

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