This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Copy
Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, it is difficult to understand the essence of this thing just by the name.

After Gao Qian unlocked the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel with source power, released the blood snake, and obtained the blood snake’s memory through the Primordial Mirror, he probably understood the essence of the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel.

This Divine Item can be seen as a special ray of light that can transform itself into various forms.

So, the Myriad Elephant Wheel can be turned into a pistol. It can even perfectly simulate the pistol physics attribute.

As long as the spirit strength is enough, the Myriad Elephant Wheel can transform into various substances. Of course, Source Armor is also included.

The higher the order and the more complex the substance, the more spirit strength it consumes. The harder it is to maintain for a long time.

It gets more complicated when it comes to Source Armor. Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel is able to simulate, and can only simulate low-level Source Armor.

On the other hand, the Myriad Elephant Wheel can also absorb some special substances because of its actinic properties.

For example, the geomagnetic gold crystal has a wonderful resonance with the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel and can be absorbed by the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel.

Tearing Space is an Innate Ability unique to Blood Snake. After the blood snake was destroyed, the Myriad Elephant Wheel no longer had this ability.

As for why the blood demon does not absorb the geomagnetic gold crystal, Gao Qian guessed that maybe the geomagnetic gold crystal needs to guide the geomagnetism, and may not have this ability after being absorbed by the aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel.

No matter what the geomagnetic gold crystal is used for, it must be a good thing.

Gao Qian found the location of the geomagnetic gold crystal by rummaging through the memories left by the blood demon. They are all hidden thousands of meters underground.

It was hidden so secretly, no wonder Shen Zhengjun pondered it at the lighthouse for a few days, but he didn’t find any clues.

A few kilometers underground, speaking of which seems to be a few kilometers. However, it is very, very, very difficult to dig a channel several kilometers deep in the ground, according to the current technical level.

Even if it can be mined, it requires a huge amount of money.

Even a powerhouse like Shen Zhengjun would not be able to come up with this money.

What’s more, Shen Zhengjun wasn’t sure what was buried in the ground. So he gave up after digging dozens of meters.

What Shen Zhengjun can’t do, even Gao Qian can’t do.

However, the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel can be turned into a streamer to easily penetrate the thick formation and connect to the geomagnetic gold crystal deep underground.

Gao Qian tried several times and soon found the geomagnetic gold crystal through the resonance of the aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel and the geomagnetic gold crystal.

The Myriad Elephant Wheel turns into a long colorful streamer that penetrates the formation. As the geomagnetic gold crystals are absorbed, this colorful streamer slowly transforms into a strong golden.

After so busy all night, Gao Qian absorbed all the two geomagnetic gold crystals.

The Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the black ring has been transformed into a dark golden, which looks much more beautiful.

Gao Qian was busy all night, his spirit strength was exhausted, and he was extremely tired.

Back at the villa, Gao Qian and Sister Lan explained, and couldn’t wait to go back to the room to rest.

Even entering the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian felt very tired, he fell asleep in the Grand One Palace for the first time.

In fact, he kept going in and out of the Grand One Palace last night, relying on the Grand One Palace to forcibly restore his spirit strength, and only then absorbed the two geomagnetic gold crystals.

When Gao Qian woke up from Grand One Palace, he saw Ling’er’s worried face as soon as he opened his eyes, “father, you are awake, you scared me to death!”

Ling’er saw Gao Qian wake up, she was obviously relaxed.

Grand One Palace is the most nourishing Divine Soul, Gao Qian has never been so tired. She was really afraid that Gao Qian would hurt the foundation of Divine Soul.

Fortunately, Gao Qian regained his Peak state, and his spirit strength even increased.

“What time is it now?” Gao Qian fell into a drowsy sleep, not knowing what time it was.

“It’s eight o’clock at night,” Ling’er replied.

Gao Qian can nominate

“I’ll eat first.”

The wonderful power of the Grand One Palace can also be on the fleshy body, so he can also cultivation King Kong Divine Power while sleeping. Sutra.

However, the instinct to eat still cannot be restrained. Especially when the body is tired, eating is the best way to replenish energy.

Gao Qian came out of the room. Sister Lan, who had been waiting for a long time, heard the movement and hurriedly greeted her, “Sir, are you ill?”

Gao Qian lay down for a while. There was no movement all day, which made Sister Lan very uneasy. She wanted to call someone over several times.

It’s just that every time I visit Gao Qian, his face is normal, his breathing is deep and steady, and he can’t see anything wrong.

Seeing Gao Qian wake up, Sister Lan’s eyes sparkled, and her face was filled with joy that could not be concealed.

After spending more than two months together, Sister Lan sees Gao Qian as her own relatives and friends, and her concern for Gao Qian comes from the bottom of her heart.

Mainly because Gao Qian treats her with great respect. Never treated her as a slave. This kind of equal respect in personality makes Sister Lan, who has read many books, especially moved.

On the other hand, Gao Qian is also very humorous and very friendly. He is so handsome again!
Usually, Sister Lan can manage her emotions well, and she won’t appear too close. When something went wrong with Gao Qian, she couldn’t control her emotions.

Gao Qian laughed to Sister Lan: “I’m fine, but I’m very hungry. Do you have any meat at home? Let’s make more for five people…”

“Okay, okay, They sent 20 catties of beef ribs yesterday, and I’ll make a few more side dishes…”

Sister Lan was a little sorry for Gao Qian, she bowed her head and hurriedly went to cook.

Looking at Sister Lan’s tall and plump back, Gao Qian felt a little pity that it would be a waste not to wear a maid’s garter.

Gao Qian also felt a little strange, he was not so lively before? Well, it should be that the spirit strength increases, and people will naturally have more ideas…

Of course, he has no other purpose, just from pure aesthetics. It’s totally different from those lsp.

Taking advantage of Sister Lan’s cooking skills, Gao Qian started to study the Myriad Elephant Wheel in hand.

This thing had been in his hands for a while, and it was only today that he really got hold of it.

After absorbing the geomagnetic gold crystal, the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel became beautiful. Apart from this, Gao Qian did not find anything special.

However, he has a feeling that the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel can restore the geomagnetic gold crystal.

My family is too small to do this kind of experiment.

Gao Qian tried to use the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel to transform into various items. In fact, it was a million times more complicated than he imagined.

Even if you change into a teacup, you must use your consciousness to build the teacup structure, not the shape of the teacup, but the molecular structure of matter…

It’s like giving you countless light particles, and then Lets you combine and stack according to a certain material structure.

This difficulty is equivalent to building a skyscraper with rice grains one after another!
Gao Qian tried it, and immediately understood, this is not how it works!
He touched the teacup with the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, and the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel turned into an identical teacup.

Copy item, this is the real function of Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel.

Gao Qian filled this teacup with water, which is no different from a real teacup. Like his old pistol.

Smash the teacup, and the Myriad Elephant Wheel turns into a streamer and returns to the shape of a ring.

Gao Qian tried to copy the Cross of Light again, but it was also successful. He tried it, and this replica sword was no different from the cross sword in every way.

Including the source power operation, are the same smooth.

It should be known that the Bright Cross Sword is a third rank source power sword with extremely high quality.

This sword is almost worth ten or twenty million.

If the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel can easily copy the third rank Source Armor, there is no reason for the blood demon to turn it into a gun… Wouldn’t it be fragrant to wear a copy of Source Armor!
It should be that the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel absorbs the geomagnetic gold crystal, and has this special ability.

Gao Qian asked Ling’er to take out the dragon scales knife, and the copy was successful.

The dragon scales knives can be of higher order than the Bright Cross. Can actually be copied.

Gao Qian is also a little excited. If the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel can replicate the higher-level Source Armor, it is a true Divine Item!
Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel consumes spirit strength when copying an item, and no longer needs spirit strength support after the form is stable.

Gao Qian tried several times and found that the Myriad Elephant Wheel can also store two fixed modes.

After the copy is successful, without this item, the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel can also be converted into this item.

It’s just that this conversion is slow, taking a minute or two. Not really useful in combat.

For a while, Gao Qian couldn’t think of anything special. Become a sex doll?
This is not something a high-quality man should do!

Sister Lan also made dinner this time. Gao Qian sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea and watched TV shows with her. Gao Qian felt very comfortable.

However, this peaceful comfort was soon interrupted by a sudden phone call.

Yang Yunjin on the other side of the phone looked very urgent: “Gao Qian, go to the Conference Hall of the Special Affairs Bureau immediately, there is an urgent matter!”

(end of this chapter)

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