This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 94


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Secret Service, Conference Hall.

When Gao Qian came in, there were actually two Second Rank Source Masters standing guard at the entrance of the Conference Hall.

The two checked Gao Qian’s identity and used the wireless communicator to ask for instructions. Looks very serious and formal.

This also surprised Gao Qian. Is it necessary to have this kind of battle for a meeting on one’s own site?

The two Source Masters did not let Gao Qian go until Yang Yunjin came to pick him up.

Yang Yunjin was wearing a small suit with a serious face.

“Yun Jin, is it so exaggerated?” Gao Qian asked in a low voice.

Yang Yunjin is not used to this kind of intimate address, but the two of them had an agreement before, so it would be hard to act too stiff.

She was slightly frowned: “Be serious, Chief Shen is here, and my aunt is here.”

“Your aunt?”

Gao Qian looked blank, He knew that the Yang Family was wealthy and powerful, but he really didn’t understand the situation of the Yang Family.

Specific to individuals, well, then I don’t know who is who.

He thought about it and asked tentatively, “Is it Yang Mingxiu, Chief Yang?”

“It’s not that stupid after all.”

Yang Yunjin nodded,” Be honest later, ask you what to say, don’t be smart.”

She felt that it was a bit inappropriate to say this, and then explained again: “My aunt hates talking too much.”



Gao Qian immediately shut his mouth and refused to say another word.

He is not familiar with Yang Family, but he has heard of Yang Mingxiu’s name. This is one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings and the first powerhouse in Yang Family martial power.

The Yang Family’s current status also has a great relationship with Yang Mingxiu.

This time Yang Mingxiu and Shen Zhengjun arrived together, which shows that the two attach great importance to this matter.

Yang Yunjin looked at Gao Qian’s serious face, but she was not used to it. She hesitated, but she didn’t say anything after all.

Entering the Conference Hall, Gao Qian saw Shen Zhengjun and a middle-aged woman sitting in the first place, with the others standing on both sides.

Including several third rank Source Masters and Zheng Hui, the Level 2 supervisor of the Linhai Special Affairs Bureau.

In the blood demon case, Zheng Hui improved to Level 1, but he still chose to stay in Lin Hai or supervise the special affairs bureau.

Although Lin Hai is small, he is also the master of one party. In such big places as Changyang, the level 2 supervision of the Special Affairs Bureau is nothing.

Gao Qian and Zheng Hui knew each other very well, but they both gestured with their eyes but didn’t speak.

Gao Qian stepped forward quickly and raised his hand to salute Shen Zhengjun: “Hello, Mr. Shen.”

Shen Zhengjun laughed to Gao Qian: “I found out, you brat like to find something. You are the protagonist!”

Shen Zhengjun was teasing, but everyone could see that Shen Zhengjun was very close to Gao Qian.

Obviously, Shen Zhengjun values Gao Qian very much.

No matter what the reason, getting Shen Zhengjun’s attention proves that Gao Qian is not an ordinary person.

When everyone in the room looked at Gao Qian again, they were less scrutinized and more respectful and polite.

“Sir is joking, I’m sitting at home, and disaster comes from heaven.”

Gao Qian’s face is innocent, Shen Zhengjun is joking, but he can’t take the blame.

Shen Zhengjun just said something casually. He took a deep look at Gao Qian: “I heard that you have ignited Source Star, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, until you reach Second Rank?”

“It’s all the superiors who guide and pass on the arts, so I’ve only made a little progress.”

Gao Qian said somewhat ashamedly, “It didn’t take long for Source Star to be ignited, and I don’t know how good I am, and I didn’t have time to report to the superior. .”

“We’ll talk about these things later.”

Shen Zhengjun looked at the middle-aged woman next to him and said, “Mingxiu, this is Gao Qian, and he is half a student of mine. He is very smart. Capable, he is a very good child.”

Calling Gao Qian a child is not because he underestimates him, but Shen Zhengjun emphasizes that he values Gao Qian and that the relationship between the two is not normal.

Yang Mingxiu of course understands what Shen Zhengjun means. She has been observing Gao Qian. The first impression is that he is handsome, the kind of very clean handsome.

The second impression is the extraordinary appearance, and there is a kind of calm and unrestrained nature between the eyebrows and eyes.

Although he was respectful and polite when he spoke to Shang Shen Zhengjun, he was naturally generous, without a hint of humbleness.

Gao Qian and Yang Yunjin were standing together, and Yang Yunjin was overshadowed by that calm demeanor.

Although Yang Yunjin is capable and heroic, she is a little too deliberately serious. On the contrary, she is not as free and easy as Gao Qian.

In terms of first impression, Yang Mingxiu really appreciates Gao Qian. Not to mention Lin Hai, even in a big city like Liao’an, young people like Gao Qian are too rare.

It is not an exaggeration to say that a person has extraordinary talents.

Of course, whether Gao Qian is good or not can’t be determined after just a few meetings.

Shen Zhengjun introduced Gao Qian again: “This is Yang Mingxiu, President of the Liao Prefecture Chamber of Commerce, and you should have heard of it.”

Gao Qian You know, Yang Mingxiu’s official identity is actually the chairman of Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental organization and does not have a very strict system. President of the Chamber of Commerce, more of an honorary title. Not much real power.

Gao Qian bowed and said hello: “Hello, President Yang.”

Yang Mingxiu nodded, “No wonder Mr. Shen keeps praising you, you are indeed a talent.”

“You have won the prize.” Gao Qian’s face was full of modesty, like a well-behaved and sensible child.

Yang Yunjin pursed her lips slightly, this Gao Qian is really good at acting, acting like what, in front of the two powerhouses, this pose is very good.

There is no such coquettish coquettishness of talking love at the first meeting, nor the tyranny and ruthlessness of beheading Andre and the others.

“You don’t need to say more polite words.”

Yang Mingxiu said directly: “It’s business to call you here. First, I and Shen Lao went to Baiyin Lake to see Now, the people of the Blue Flag consortium are really sneaking up on something.

“From the current situation, the true intentions of the other party cannot be determined…”

Gao Qian is a little surprised, these two are too active.

Silver Lake, also the Space-Time Crack address explained by Anna. Located deep in the ice sheet, strictly speaking, it is actually located in the Red Eagle Empire It’s just that it’s very close to the federal border.

It’s just over a day, and the two of them have gone deep into the ice sheet for a circle.

I heard that the fourth rank Source Master Being able to fly at high speed with Source Armor, it should look real.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult for these two to enter Silver Lake silently and return silently.

Gao Qian is nominee. He is only responsible for providing information. As for the authenticity of the information, he cannot guarantee it.

The matter is very important, of course, someone will be sent to verify it. It’s just two of his did’t expect Four Great Heavenly Kings. All of them ran over.

Fortunately, the Lanqi consortium is really doing something, at least it can prove that he is not talking nonsense.

Yang Mingxiu continued: “Because it is not yet certain that the other party is really The purpose is in the territory of another country, and we are not good at interfering. “

Gao Qian didn’t say a word, the two kings couldn’t handle it, let alone him.

As for whether the Monster Race will appear tomorrow, it is not within his grasp. .

“The safety of Liao Prefecture is at stake, and we can’t just sit back and watch. “

Yang Mingxiu added: “So, we need to find a name to go over to see the situation and feel the truth…”

Gao Qian found that Yang Mingxiu had been watching him, he I’m also a little empty in my heart, what’s the situation, do you want him to be a scout?
No, there are so many big powerhouses, why is it his turn.

Gao Qian is still very self-aware , his ability can be tyrannized in Lin Hai.

Out of Lin Hai, he is nothing.

Let’s not say anything else, it’s obvious that Yang Mingxiu and Shen Zhengjun It’s a big grade stronger than him.

He definitely didn’t get lucky with these two.

The Red Eagle Empire is much stronger than the Federation. Didn’t he die when he ran over…

Yang Mingxiu couldn’t help laughing when she saw Gao Qian’s resistance. This is normal. If Gao Qian is brave and fearless and actively fights, then this person is too abnormal.

A hero or a traitor is not an ordinary person!
Yang Mingxiu added: “The Lanqi consortium has already contacted us, and the wording is extremely severe, and they demand that you be handed over immediately. “

Gao Qian glanced sideways at Yang Yunjin, this woman just sold him?
Yang Yunjin understood what Gao Qian meant, and she was very unhappy about Gao Qian’s suspicion.


But she didn’t want Gao Qian to misunderstand, and hurriedly explained: “It’s a letter from Andre’s entourage, and the Lanqi consortium didn’t know who found out that this matter was related to you, so I strongly demanded that you be handed over to you. give them. “

Gao Qian looked towards Shen Zhengjun again: “Sir, I am a public servant. “

He understood very well, I killed Andre for official business, so it would be too frivolous to hand me over!
Shen Zhengjun smiled at Gao Qian: “Don’t worry, this time I will Lead the team to keep you in the past, and never let you suffer. “

Gao Qian immediately stood at attention and saluted, he said in a loud voice fearless: “Sir, I will definitely complete the task!” “


Shen Zhengjun said to Yang Mingxiu with a look of relief: “Look, I will say he is a good child. “

Yang Mingxiu praised perfunctorily: “Excellent! ”

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