This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 95


Chapter 95 The Second Moral Lotus (please subscribe~)

A group of people are going to Baiyin Lake Talking, this is not a trivial matter.

In short, it is a formal communication between the two organizations. In a big way, it is an exchange between two countries.

Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu are both Liao Prefecture great characters, but they are extremely serious about this matter.

The mission personnel arrangement, travel route, logistical supply, including emergency response plan, must be well planned in detail.

Gao Qian, as the important figure of the mission, participated in the whole meeting.

Fortunately, everyone already has a planning framework before, and the next step is to continuously add details.

Gao Qian is a man of two generations, and he has some knowledge. However, I really don’t know anything about these.

You can only be a tool person and sit on the sidelines and listen.

Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu are both experienced, and the people they bring are also elites.

The crowd worked together, and finally a relatively complete plan was drawn up.

It was past four in the morning when the meeting ended.

Although everyone was a Source Master, they all looked tired after a one-night meeting.

Shen Zhengjun didn’t show a trace of fatigue, showing a vigorous energy that did not match his age.

“Gao Qian, come with me, I have something to tell you.”

Gao Qian couldn’t refuse, he followed Shen Zhengjun back to the room.

For security and privacy, Shen Zhengjun and the others live in the Special Affairs Bureau.

In order to make Shen Zhengjun live comfortably, Zheng Hui temporarily found someone to remodel the dormitory, and the furniture and other items were brand new. There’s even a new bathtub installed.

Gao Qian had lived in the Special Affairs Bureau for a while, and this was the first time he had seen such a good room.

He sighed inwardly. Sure enough, he still wanted to be a high-ranking official. Whatever he did, someone would think of the front and serve you comfortably.

Shen Zhengjun took out a colorful four-foot long sword from the safe beside him.

He handed the long sword to Gao Qian: “This is my usual thunderclap sword, you can try it.”

Gao Qian took the sword, he looked at Shen Zhengjun because he didn’t know . Since it is a side weapon, it is obviously impossible to give it to him.

What does it mean to give him that sword?
Gao Qian draws the sword out of its sheath, the thunderclap sword has a blade length of three feet seven inches and a handle of eight inches. The dark blue sword is slender and the shape is simple and simple.

“This thunderclap sword is built with a small piece of Dragon Crystal left by Thunder Dragon as the core. The stronger the source power, the stronger the inspired thunder sword qi.”

Shen Zhengjun said: “Yang Yunjin said that your source power is strong, let me see how strong it is.”

The source power system is very mature, and there are many ways to test a person’s source power cultivation base.

There are several devices that can even accurately quantify a person’s source power.

Generally speaking, there are huge differences in the color of Source Master source power of different levels.

First Rank Source Master is white, Second Rank blue, and third rank usually appears in azure.

However, source power cultivation varies from person to person. Specific to each Source Master, the method of looking at the source power color will be very inaccurate.

Shen Zhengjun wants to see Gao Qian’s source power level, it is easier to make a quantitative comparison with his usual thunderclap sword.

Only then did Gao Qian understand what Shen Zhengjun meant. He really didn’t know much about source power and needed to ask someone for advice.

He followed the Leiyin Breathing Technique to guide the source power, and at the same time inspired the golden nine-pointed star deep between the eyebrows.

Inspired by his source power, the deep blue thunderclap sword flashed one after another blue and white electric light, and the electric light became more and more intense. Seeing that the electric light was about to be released violently, Shen Zhengjun snapped his fingers.

The lightning on the thunderclap sword dissipated instantly, and the sword broke free from Gao Qian’s grasp and landed in Shen Zhengjun’s hands.

Shen Zhengjun looked at Gao Qian with some surprise: “I heard Yang Yunjin said that I still don’t believe it, now it seems that she underestimates you.

“Your source power is pure and powerful, and you have already Reach the third rank level. From the federal point of view, in this wave of youngsters under the age of 30, you are all first-rate.

“You just ignited Source Star again, and the future has a bright future.”

Shen Zhengjun sighed a little, he didn’t expect Gao Qian is really that kind of legendary genius.

Have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, even igniting Source Star directly into the third rank level.

Gao Qian this step, so that 90% of Source Masters will look up to him all his life.

Shen Zhengjun thought for a while and then said: “Actually, First Rank, Second Rank, and Third Rank, although there is a huge gap between different ranks, they are all the same level in terms of source power.


“Only when the fourth rank is reached, will the source power have a qualitative change. Life will evolve accordingly. The fourth rank Source Master is not at the same level as the fourth rank Source Master.

“This is probably equivalent to the difference between a cat and a tiger. You can understand the meaning.”

Shen Zhengjun pondered for a while and said: “You discovered the Monster Race conspiracy, and the first This time I have to go to Silver Lake and take a huge risk. Reasonable in every circumstance, I will compensate you.

β€œFor Source Master, the most important thing is Source Armor. I’ll give you a set of third rank White Dragon armor. No primary weapon. “

Shen Zhengjun said meaningfully and glanced at Gao Qian: “We all know that you have a very high-end weapon. ”

Gao Qian reported that it was a Monster Race killed with a sword. After examining the corpse and the traces on the Source Armor, we can tell that it was definitely not a trace from a cross sword.

It is clear that, Gao Qian has a very sharp and high-end long knife in his hand.

As for how Gao Qian got this high-end weapon, Shen Zhengjun doesn’t want to ask more.

Gao Qian did not ignite the Source Star before, but after igniting the Source Star, he jumped to the third rank level, which in itself is amazing.

For sure, Gao Qian has his secrets.

However, Shen Zhengjun and the others, Gao Qian doesn’t talk about it, he is also impossible to get to the bottom of it.

A powerful Source Master has its own opportunities and secrets to success. This is normal.

Gao Qian naturally thanked him continuously, a set of third rank Source Armor, which is sky-high for him.

To know a bright cross sword, it costs 10 to 20 million.

Shen Zhengjun reminded Gao Qian: “This set of White Dragon armor is prepaid to you. you understand? “

Gao Qian repeatedly nodded: “I understand I understand. “

Obviously, this Source Armor is his full reward. Even if things are successfully accomplished, he can’t get other rewards.

To be honest, there is King Kong Divine Power Sutra , he doesn’t need Source Armor very much. It’s just that this is the era of Source Master, he doesn’t even have a decent Source Armor, and he goes out to say hello to other Source Masters.

Shen Zhengjun called The technician came over and measured various physical data for Gao Qian.

Source Armor should fit the body as much as possible. For Source Master, wearing Source Armor should be the same as wearing tight clothes. It has a sense of wrapping, and at the same time, it should fit the body size as much as possible to ensure the maximum flexibility of the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to accurately measure the body of the Source Master.

This kind of trivial matter is naturally unnecessary. Please trouble Shen Zhengjun again.

Gao Qian discussed with the technicians and ordered a golden blade scabbard for the dragon scales knife.

Everyone knows he has a good knife, and also There is no need to hide it. Although the cross sword is good, it is still much worse than the dragon scales knife.

He is the Blade Technique Grandmaster, and after all, he is also inferior in sword technique.

When Gao Qian returned to the villa, it was dawn.

He simply ate breakfast with Sister Lan, and then went back to his room to rest.

Silver Lake is in the territory of the Red Eagle Empire. It is the territory of the Blue Flag consortium. I don’t know how many Monster Races are hidden, let alone how many dangers there are.

The most urgent task is to improve personal strength as soon as possible.

Kill the blood snake , his moral aura has accumulated more than 1,000 points, enough to enlighten the second moral lotus, the second apostle of summon!
Gao Qian is full of expectations for this.

Entering the Grand Grand Prix One Palace, Ling’er greeted him: “Father came just right, Elder Sister Zhou just left. ”

At this time, Zhou Yuxiu was not around, so it was convenient for them to do some secret things.

Ling’er opened the Hunyuan mirror, which showed the data status of Gao Qian.

Aura of morality: 1046/1000.

Gao Qian stood in front of the pool, this time he did not hesitate and chose the red lotus flower.

Ling’er reached out his hand With one finger, golden light poured on the red lotus like rain.

The red lotus in buds, under the moisturization of golden light, opened the petals layer by layer, revealing the pistil lotus inside.

The red lotus is as strong as fire, as gorgeous as blood, unusually delicate and gorgeous.

The red lotus is like fire as blood. p>

(end of this chapter)

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