This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 96


Chapter 96 The Second Apostle (two more subscriptions)

There are five books written on red Word: “Nine Yang Promise Sword”.

The name was familiar to Gao Qian, he asked Ling’er: “Why not Nine Yang Divine Art?”

“Well, maybe it’s out of respect for Kim Old Mister Copyright.”

Ling’er chuckled: “Just kidding. Why doesn’t the father laugh?”

“It’s too cold.” Gao Qian replied angrily.

“Nine Yangs, the ultimate Yang wins, Wuji, the ultimate Dao. Swords are sharp.”

Ling’er restrained her smile, she explained to Gao Qian earnestly : “Simply put, the Nine Yang Wuji Sword is the strongest ultimate sharpness, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, nothing that cannot be broken!”

Gao Qian nominee: “It sounds very majestic .”

“Father, it is important to note that the Nine-Yang Promise Sword is not Sword Art…at least it cannot be understood that way.

“The Nine-Yang Promise Sword is a kind of there is no stronghold The power that one cannot overcome can be a hand, a leg, or an invisible divine will condensed into a front.

β€œIf the King Kong Divine Power Sutra is the defense, the Nine Yang Wuji Sword is the attack.”

Gao Qian looked at Ling’er with some surprise: β€œWhy do you feel like you are suddenly enlightened? The last time I asked you, you were still confused, but this time I said clear and logical.”

β€œFather is improving, Grand One Palace is also improving, and Ling’er has naturally grown along with it.”

Ling’er squinted his eyes a little proudly and said, “Father didn’t ask before, and Ling’er didn’t say anything.”

“Well, that’s good. Don’t say anything wrong. If there are problems in the future, I can make patches.”

Gao Qian laughed, it is a good thing that Ling’er can improve.

He said to Ling’er: “Choose an apostle, I can’t wait to see the power of the Nine Yang Wuji Sword.”

For Gao Qian, the most important thing is this. door martial arts. As for the apostles, as long as it’s not too bad.

The lotus of morality, morality comes first. It should also mean that there are moral requirements for the apostles.

Through Zhou Yuxiu, Gao Qian felt that Grand One Token still had a bit of vision in choosing an apostle, at least not randomly.

Ling’er said: “Father, don’t worry, it takes time to screen the apostles…”

In the end, Gao Qian waited for four hours, which made him even A little impatient.

He was about to discuss with Ling’er about going out for lunch first. At this time, a red rainbow fell from the red lotus.

The blood-like red rainbow shrank rapidly, revealing a tall lithe and graceful figure. ‘

The red light rainbow finally turned into a red lotus-patterned robe, wrapped around the woman who suddenly appeared.

The woman’s eyes are big and bright, the eyebrows are high, the eyes are deep and beautiful, the nose is tall and delicate, and the red lips are plump.

He is tall and slender, with slender shoulders and slender waist, round buttocks, and long legs.

This woman has bright facial features and a lithe and graceful figure. She is actually a top beauty.

Gao Qian can meet a lot of beautiful women in this world. In terms of looks and body, this woman surpasses all the beauties he knows.

Hunyuan mirror also shows the real condition of women.

Name: Tang Hongying.

Gender: Female.

Age: Eighteen.

source power: First Rank Nine-Star.

Jiuji Breathing Technique (Expert)

sword technique: proficient.

Tang Hongying’s data panel is very simple. In terms of source power cultivation base, it is much higher than Zhou Yuxiu, who just came here.

You must know that An Pingchang is forty years old, and he is also a First Rank Nine-Star. It is conceivable that this Tang Hongying has quite an innate talent in source power cultivation.

Looking at other aspects of Tang Hongying, I know that she is not the same as Zhou Yuxiu, she is not good at fighting.

While Gao Qian was observing Tang Hongying, Tang Hongying was also looking at the Grand One Palace curiously.

The jasper is the tile, the gold is the beam, and the white jade is the step. The luxury of the Grand One Palace also surprised Tang Hongying.

She is young, but she has traveled all over the world and seen all kinds of luxurious buildings. It was the first time she had seen such a pure federal ancient-style building and such a luxury.

Look again, there are two people standing in front of the pool, the golden robed man dressed like an emperor, but with a weird smile mask on his face.

Golden’s eyes behind the mask are deep and cold, and there is an indescribable power.

It was a white-clothed girl beside the man, holding a bun like a Taoist priest, and her delicate little face was full of smiles. It looks like it.

Although Tang Hongying was surprised by the scene in front of her, she was not afraid. She didn’t think there was anything in this world to fear either.

Don’t need anyone to say hello, Tang Hongying walked out of the pool by herself.

It was only at this time that she noticed that she had changed into a red robe with a cross collar and a lotus flower embroidered with red and gold threads on her chest. Wearing boots at the feet is the same style.

The color of red is very strong, and it is difficult for ordinary people to control.

Tang Hongying has a scarlet letter in her name. She was born to like red. When she saw this red robe, she liked it very much.

She touched the red robe, the material was delicate and flexible, with a strong drape, and there was no wrinkle when kneaded hard.

Looks like High Level silk, but is more crisp and textured.

This kind of strange material is something she has never seen before.

Tang Hongying felt like she was dreaming because she clearly remembered that she was taking a nap just now.

However, this dream is too real and the details are too rich.

Dreams should never be like this.

Ling’er has already greeted her with a smile: “Older sister Tang.”

Tang Hongying politely nodded slightly: “Hello. Excuse me, where is this place, and who are you? “

“This is Grand One Palace, my name is Ling’er, this is His Highness Grand One, the owner of Grand One Palace, that is your teacher…”

Ling’ er repeated what he said to Zhou Yuxiu.

Tang Hongying is obviously more cheerful and generous than Zhou Yuxiu, and her attitude towards new things is also more tolerant.

When Ling’er finished speaking, Tang Hongying looked towards Gao Qian and asked, “So, are you my teacher? Am I your apostle?”

Ling’er beside him said with a smile: “That’s right.”

Gao Qian also said: “Tang Hongying, you are my second apostle from today.”

Tang Hongying’s eyes turned brightly, “Since I’m your disciple, teacher, why do you cover your face?”

She asked curiously, “teacher, can you take off the mask?”

Gao Qian was a little surprised, this Tang Hongying was a little too lively and unrestrained, and even asked him to take off his mask.

He has nothing to hide, but he cannot reveal his true identity at the Grand One Palace.


Gao Qian rejected Tang Hongying’s request indifferently and directly.

Tang Hongying was not afraid either, she asked a little puzzled: “teacher, do you have a wound on your face? Or what?”

She turned and said enthusiastically: “I I know a very good doctor who can treat even severe burns.”

Gao Qian was a little afraid to chat with this girl, he flicked his long sleeves, and the red lotus flower in the pool turned into a stream of light suddenly penetrated Into Tang Hongying’s eyebrows.

Tang Hongying, who was about to speak, had a black eye, and the huge complex and mysterious information was deeply imprinted in her mind.

The Source Star between Tang Hongying’s eyebrows burst silently.

In an instant, the silent crimson red like blood-divine light gathered together and condensed into a crimson star with nine corners.

This brand new star represents the Nine Yang Promise Sword.

Tang Hongying immediately grasped all the essentials of Jiuyang Promise Sword, and also felt the splendid diving might of Jiuyang Promise Sword.

As for the source power of her cultivation, it becomes part of the Nine Yang Promise Sword.

Tang Hongying thought all this was like a dream, although it was so real, she didn’t care too much.

Until this moment, she felt the supreme power of the Jiuyang Promise Sword, the supreme power of the sun, and she was completely shocked.

I don’t know when, Tang Hongying found that she had returned to reality.

Baroque-style purple-golden bed linen embroidered with intricate patterns. The bed curtain not only blocks the sky, but also isolates mosquitoes from harassment.

The huge soft bed becomes a closed Heaven and Earth.

Tang Hongying recalled everything that happened just now, she felt that everything was like a dream, but the deep red nine-pointed star was slowly spinning, and she could sense the endless power contained in it.

“Miss, you are awake.”

The maid asked in a low voice across the bed when she heard the movement.

“en.” Tang Hongying complied.

“I’m going to make you black tea.”

The maid came over with a tea tray within a few minutes. She is very beautiful, and she is wearing a Western-style maid, black stockings, and the whole person is more delicate.

Tang Hongying sat lazily on the soft sofa, watching the maid busy back and forth, her eyes a little blank.

Drinking a sip of warm black tea with a fruity and milky fragrance, Tang Hongying was refreshed. She said to the maid, “Sister Ya, go out first.”

After leaving, Tang Hongying looked at the delicate silver gilded teapot on the tea tray. She couldn’t help but scratched it lightly with her finger, and the teapot was silently split into two pieces.

The tea dripped down the tea tray onto the solid wood dining table, and then dripped onto Tang Hongying’s silk pajamas.

Tang Hongying didn’t care about this, she just stared at the incomparably smooth cut on the teapot, and looked at her tender and slender fingers in disbelief.

She was still a little unconvinced, and she scratched again, and the three-meter-long coffee table was smoothly split in two from the middle, and then collapsed with a bang.

This coffee table is made of expensive red rosewood, and the top is three inches thick. For style, a whole block of marble is also inlaid on it.

Is it so cracked with a swipe?
Tang Hongying looked at the cracked tea table, her expression was a little strange: “Wow, cool!”

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