This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 97


Chapter 97 Tiangang Star (three updates for subscription)
Tang Hongying is like a little boy who got a new toy child, madly wreaking havoc in his bedroom.

The silky cutting feel makes her unable to stop at all.

Gao Qian stood by and watched Tang Hongying lose his family. He felt a little complicated.

Although he doesn’t know much about luxury goods, he can see the luxurious but not earthy style of Tang Hongying’s bedroom, and he knows that these furnishings are of great value.

A bold estimate, how could it be worth hundreds of thousands?

Tang Hongying, however, showed no pity, and did damage at will. It feels like burning money.

Gao Qian now has 20 million, but it still hurts to see Tang Hongying lose her family.

After watching for a while, Gao Qian returned to the Grand One Palace.

Ling’er asked Gao Qian: “How is Tang elder sister?”

“Rich people!”

Gao Qian thought for a while and said: ” I see that Tang Hongying is taken care of very good, her temperament is a bit naive, you have to emphasize with her a few times, and you must not tell anyone about the Grand One Palace.”

“Tang Hongying’s family is rich, you Coax her to make more money…”

Ling’er said with a smile: “I met a rich elder sister, very good!”

She patted her small breasts Gao Qian promises: “I think Tang elder sister is persuaded and promises to complete the task!”

Gao Qian and Ling’er discuss: “Do you think Yuxiu and Hongying should be separated?”


The two apostles had nothing to do with each other, and Zhou Yuxiu had a cold temper. I don’t like dealing with people.

On the other hand, I don’t know what kind of character Tang Hongying is. If there is any conflict between the two, it will be troublesome.

Ling’er thought for a moment and said, “I’ll clarify the situation with Elder Sister Zhou first. If she doesn’t want to come and go, that’s fine.”

Gao Qian is equivalent to A teacher with two students, the personal friendship between the two students has no effect on Gao Qian.

Only from the organizational level, Gao Qian still hopes that the two students can get along well and help each other, so that their small group can be vigorous.

“You can deal with it.”

Gao Qian has newly learned the Jiuyang Wuji Sword, and he can’t wait to go to Lu Junyi to try the sword.

He has to try his best to improve his strength before he starts.

Came to Lu Junyi’s property, the landowner’s compound, Gao Qian handed over to Lu Junyi with a dragon scales knife: “Master Lu, I’m offended.”

Lu Junyi picked up the yellow The Golden Qilin sticks a gesture, “Please.”

In fact, Gao Qian has also tried sneak attack twice.

After playing for more than two months, Gao Qian and Mr. Lu have become very familiar with each other.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lu’s memory will only be kept for one day, but he will not remember his old friend.

Gao Qian is too familiar with Mr. Lu, and he lacks tricks such as probing.

Lu Junyi uses sticks to block, fights with swords and sticks, sparks radiate all around.

To Lu Junyi’s surprise, his yellow Golden Qilin stick was actually cut with a deep knife mark by the opponent’s long knife.

Although the golden Qilin stick is not broken, it is connected to the dragon scales knife because of this deep knife mark.

Gao Qian pressed the dragon scales knife in his hand, forcibly pressing down the golden Qilin stick by three points.

Lu Junyi was startled, his Tiangang body should not be suppressed by external force, but Gao Qian’s strength is too great, the long knife and the Huang Golden Qilin stick have the point of handover, let the other party’s strength completely play out.

As a master of martial arts, Lu Junyi turned the yellow Golden Qilin stick without hesitation and was about to take off the long knife, but in a split second, Gao Qian followed the knife to Lu Junyi.

Lu Junyi flipped the Golden Qilin stick in Lu Junyi’s hand, and the other end of the stick went straight to Gao Qian’s crotch.

This style counterattack stick is like a wheel, after receiving force, it uses the hand as the axis to turn the stick to counterattack and use the force to exert force. It is the Absolute Art of the stick.

As the Grandmaster of the stick technique, Lu Junyi’s performance is even more exquisite, and Huang Golden Qilin’s stick has arrived in just one turn.

Gao Qian had experienced the power of this move early on. He turned his legs out sideways to avoid Huang Golden Qilin’s stick, and at the same time, his low leg was swept on the right calf in front of Lu Junyi.

Originally, with Lu Junyi’s celestial body, trifling leg sweeps will not have a substantial impact on him.

But Gao Qian’s leg looks casually, but it contains the unparalleled sharpness of the Nine Yang Wuji Sword. This leg is like slashing with a long knife.

Lu Junyi’s calf was cut in half, and blood poured out violently. Such a serious injury also made Lu Junyi unable to stand still, and he stumbled.

The snow-colored blade light flashed, and Lu Junyi split in half on the spot.

martial arts In this realm, any small mistake will lead to defeat.

Just like Gao Qian’s first time with Lu Junyi, a mistake almost killed him.

It’s just that Gao Qian has the Divine Power Sutra body protector, which is very resistant. Lu Junyi is not so meaty anymore, and he made a mistake and was instantly killed.

Gao Qian is also well prepared for this. He is almost the same as Lu Junyi, but Lu Junyi is sloppy, relying on his physique and not taking control, so he can deal with him.

Now he has an extra Divine Art, what a terrifying increase.

Don’t say one Lu Junyi, another Lu Junyi can’t beat him.

Lu Junyi, who was beheaded, turned into a deep red nine-pointed star with uncertain circulation.

Gao Qian stretched out his hand to hold the crimson star, and a piece of information immediately popped into his mind.

“Obtain the Tiangang star. Obtain the passive Tiangang body, and obtain the active skill Tiangang stick.”

“The Tiangang body: Tenacious strengthening of the body. (The negative effects of external forces are minimized. Including the negative effects of spirit, medicine, etc.)
perception enhancement. (gun stick formidable power enhancement.)
charm enhancement. (with convincing superhero temperament. Note: it may also be because it is too attractive to the same-sex powerhouse , leading to unpredictable consequences.)

After checking the attributes of Tiangang star, Gao Qian is generally very satisfied, which is similar to what he expected in advance.

Especially the Tiangang body, it is a passive hegemony body and is almost unaffected by negative forces. This is very awesome.

Of course, the impact of this negative force must be limited. , the celestial body can’t stand it.

The strongest part of the celestial body is that it can resist mind control, and even resist poison.

Of course, this kind of resistance is not direct resistance. For example, fighting If you are hit with a face of lime in the middle, the celestial body will be completely unaffected.

However, if the poison is swallowed, the effect of the celestial body will be limited.

The cooperative heart of the celestial body Poison’s passive is very, very strong. Coupled with the tyrannical power of the King Kong Divine Power Sutra itself. Gao Qian dares to say that he is the most resistant among his peers.

This is still without Armor Source Armor In this state.

As for the Tiangang stick, of course, it is also useful, but the effect is not so great.

Few people will fight with a big iron rod in the Source Master. The first is unsightly, and the second is too inconvenient to carry.

Gao Qian thinks the most unfathomable mystery is the passive charm of the Tiangang body. Of course, it is very good to bless the heroic temperament, which may attract same-sex powerhouses. Unpredictable consequences, what the hell is this?

Tiangangxing is so powerful, he can’t do it because of this small negative effect.

Gao Qian sighed then said, put Huang Golden Pick up the Qilin stick.

This iron stick is two meters long, as thick as a duck egg, and weighs a hundred and twenty pounds.

For a weapon, this weight is very heavy It’s an exaggeration.

With his Divine Force, he swung it up and slammed it down, th ird rank Source Armor is also not much stronger than watermelon.

To Gao Qian’s delight, a circular light gate appeared on the wall.

Obviously, the world of the yellow door is not over yet!

Gao Qian put away the dragon scales knife, held the yellow Golden Qilin stick in his hand, and walked towards the door of light exposed on the wall.

With Tiangangxing and Jiuyang Wuji Sword, he has the confidence to sweep this Water Margin world!

Whoever is behind the door, he’s going to sweep them in a spurt of energy today!
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