This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 98


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A temple is in front of you, the gate is dilapidated Three big characters are written on the plaque: Baozhu Temple.

The three temple gates stand side by side, and a huge open space in front is as flat as a mirror.

Gao Qian looked up and saw the peaks on both sides, which were extremely majestic.

He reread the Water Margin several times, and when he saw the name of the temple, he probably guessed where it was.

“I don’t know if it’s Wu Song or Lu Zhishen?”

Gao Qian was thinking about it when he saw a tall tutuo walk out of the great hall.

This head wears a crescent headband, majestic appearance, and the large gray monk clothes can not cover his broad chest and back.

There is also a string of white bone rosary hanging on his chest, and a long knife is inserted in the back waist.

Tutuo just went to that stop, naturally revealing the majesty of murderous aura all over his body.

The two experts, Lin Chong and Lu Junyi, are like two harmless good people in comparison.

This head looks like a template for a hero, anyone who sees him will give birth to a single thought: What a hero!
There is no doubt that this is Wu Song.

Gao Qian is not surprised by this. The characters in the world behind the yellow door are not in the order of the Water Margin. Nor is it simply sorted by martial arts.

Seeing Wu Song, Gao Qian probably determined the rules of this world, but they are actually sorted by popularity.

Wu Song, nicknamed Wu Shihui!

This is the only man in Water Margin who is written in ten chapters. From ancient times to the present, Wu Song has been the most popular in Water Margin!

Some people also commented that Wu Song was amazing!

Witty and brave, heroic and righteous, Wu Song is indeed a template of a hero, the highest character in Water Margin.

Even if he kills ruthlessly, he actually shows the ruthless side of powerhouse.

Gao Qian also praised Wu Song, and it was a pleasure to compete with such a character.

However, Lu Junyi can’t make three moves, how many moves can Wu Song hold?

Gao Qian cup hand to hold fist to Wu Song: “I’ve heard for a long time that practitioners have martial arts, and I ask practitioners to enlighten me!”

Wu Song looked Gao Qian up and down, his eyes were full of Surprised, he looked around carefully and found nothing wrong.

He then saluted Gao Qian: “Please.”

Wu Song has a bold temperament. Since Gao Qian said about the competition, he will not talk nonsense, and he will go up when he draws his sword. .

He put the two knives on his back and put them together. After pulling them out, he held the knives with both hands, and he walked with the knives, and in an instant he was in front of Gao Qian.

Two snowflake iron long knives, the blades shine like a silver mirror. When Wu Song swung his two knives, it was like a ball of brilliant silver light rolling down.

Today’s Gao Qian’s vision, knowledge and martial arts cultivation base are all at Grandmaster level.

Compared to Wu Song, Gao Qian is not inferior in martial arts. In terms of body and other aspects, it has a huge advantage.

Faced with the surging silver blade light, Gao Qian could see clearly the changes of the double blade.

Gao Qian provoked the golden nine-pointed star deep in the eyebrows, the Divine Power Sutra of the King Kong fully mobilized, and the Qilin Golden Rod in his hand slammed towards the brilliant blade light.

One inch long, one inch strong.

A single-handedly broken gun is something made up by literati.

Under normal circumstances, the speed of a shot is very fast, and the opponent at the same level has no time to react.

Even if they react, people are impossible faster than guns. As for blocking with a knife, it’s even more of a joke.

It’s very simple, the difference in the way of exerting force determines that it is absolutely impossible for the defender to use a saber to hold the long spear. Unless there is a huge gap in the speed of the two sides.

In the same way, if you punch it with all your strength, the opponent basically uses the strength of the forearm to open the fist.

The difference in the way of exerting force determines the huge advantage of the active attacker.

The same is true for reaching the level of Gao Qian.

Huang Golden Qilin’s stick is much heavier than double swords, and his strength is definitely much higher than Wu Song’s. He has advantages in agility and reaction.

Wu Song’s double knives are exquisite and sharp, and he is better than him in Blade Technique.

But why does he have to compare with Wu Song with a knife, just slap him with a stick, Wu Song has no second way to deal with it other than retreat.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Wu Song did not retreat, but blocked the long stick with his double knives.

As the swords and sticks clashed, Wu Song’s double-knife blocking and unloading force actually neutralized the strength of the long stick by five or six points.

Just like that, Wu Song’s iron sword was also smashed and flew out.

While Gao Qian’s long stick shrank slightly and was about to exert force again, Wu Song reached out and grabbed the head of the stick.

Gao Qian is about to laugh, Wu Song is so brave, but he can’t compare with strength.

Huang Golden Qilin shook Wu Song’s hand with a flick of his stick, and the long stick moved forward and stabbed Wu Song in the chest.

Just as the long stick fell, Wu Song shrank back suddenly, forcibly giving up a half-foot distance.

But this distance is not enough to avoid the golden Qilin stick.

As the Grandmaster of the stick technique, Gao Qian sent all the long sticks in his hand as soon as he saw Wu Song’s movements.

As soon as the stick went down, Wu Song’s chest collapsed deeply, and blood bleeds from his eyes, nose, and mouth at the same time.

Gao Qian is very confident that this stick has ten thousand jins of strength, not to mention that people can’t bear it, Wu Song can crack him even if it is made of pure steel.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Wu Song didn’t die after being hit by this blow. Instead, he grabbed the golden Qilin stick again, and another snowflake iron sword flashed along the long stick.

Gao Qian tried to turn the long stick again, but found that Wu Song’s strength increased dramatically, at least not worse than him.

His full strength attack used up his strength again, and he couldn’t regain the long stick for a while.

Injury makes you stronger?

Gao Qian felt very unreasonable, Wu Song obviously didn’t mean to reason, the long iron sword in his hand was extremely vicious.

At the critical moment, Gao Qian resolutely gave up the golden Qilin stick. He pulled out the dragon scales knife behind his waist with his backhand, and precisely blocked the middle part of the main iron long knife.

Double-knife slashed out large sparks, Wu Song actually took the advantage by taking the initiative to use the knife, but Gao Qian caught this blade with his Tiangang body, and was not vain by Wu Song’s footsteps.

Because of the super-powerful effect of the Tiangang body, Gao Qian took the opportunity to stretch out his legs and swept through Wu Song’s chest and abdomen like a hook.

Under the blessing of Jiuyang Wuji Sword, Gao Qian’s toes were as sharp as blades, and when his legs swept across, a long bloodstain spread from the lower abdomen to Wu Song’s throat.

Wu Song’s whole body was almost chopped into two pieces by this unparalleled leg.

Gao Qian thought the battle was over, but didn’t expect Wu Song to still be alive. The long iron sword in his hand staggered the dragon scales sword, and the silver-like blade instantly wiped Gao Qian’s throat.

It is the passive of the mind and body, Gao Qian still can’t hold this blade, his head slowly slides down the knife mark on his neck.

Until Gao Qian’s perspective rolled to the ground, Wu Song on the opposite side was still not dead…

Resurrected from the Primordial Mirror, Gao Qian clutched his intact neck, feeling emotional very complicated.

Obviously he has the upper hand and continuously hit Wu Song, this guy is immortal, it’s too playful!
Ling’er cautiously approached, “father?”

Gao Qian clutched his aching head, and complained to Ling’er, “It’s not that I can’t, it’s Wu Song who is too lame, unlocking blood Hang, kill and hang!
“I think he is a hero with strong features, who would have thought that he would be so ignorant of martial arts! “

“Father, drink herbal tea.” “Ling’er is very knowledgeable about serving iced herbal tea.

Gao Qian is not in the mood, “I don’t believe it anymore, I just accidentally made a mistake, so I’ll go to him to settle the account!” “

“father don’t get excited, being beheaded consumes spirit strength. You still rest. “

Ling’er comforted: “Wu Song has blood locks and spikes, and you also have immortality. Sooner or later, you will grind him to death…”

Gao Qian laughed dumbly: “haha, Yan It makes sense! ”

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