This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 99


Chapter 99 It’s nice to be rich
“Second Apostle?”

Zhou Yuxiu’s face Looking at Ling’er in doubt, “teacher has accepted a new disciple again?”

“Yes, this is the second disciple of His Highness. It is also the Junior Sister of Elder Sister Zhou.”

Ling’er smiled brightly, and the neat little white teeth were a little dazzling.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t smile, she lowered her head slightly and didn’t speak.

In the past few months, she actually didn’t speak a few words with Taiyi teacher.

However, Taiyi teacher taught her peerless martial arts, making her a genius among peers.

The teacher also rescued her twice and helped her kill her father, Monster Race!
After doing so many things, Taiyi teacher never asked her anything, just let her have a good cultivation.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t tell the teacher, but in her heart, she already regarded Taiyi teacher as her closest relative.

Now, teacher has accepted a second disciple.

Zhou Yuxiu felt an indescribable loss in his heart.

It’s like someone stole your favorite biscuits, like your favorite clothes are soiled, and that’s a very bad feeling.

Ling’er is very smart, she probably understands Zhou Yuxiu’s feelings, she comforted: “Elder Sister Zhou, you are Your Highness’s elder disciple, and Elder Sister Senior Sister, you need to help Your Highness with more Junior Sisters… …”

Ling’er knew how to speak well, so she directly gave Zhou Yuxiu the title of Eldest Senior Sister and made her take responsibility.

As long as Zhou Yuxiu has a strong identification with Grand One Palace, she will have a sense of responsibility. Willing to do things for Gao Qian.

On the other hand, she never mentioned active separation. If Zhou Yuxiu had a choice, she should be reluctant to interact with strangers.

If she didn’t mention it, Zhou Yuxiu probably wouldn’t have thought of it.

Of course, if Zhou Yuxiu resists very much, Ling’er will not go against her wishes.

In Ling’er’s point of view, they are all Gao Qian’s disciples after all, so there is no need to be so unfamiliar.

Only when people interact can they establish relationships and develop feelings.

Hunyuanjing can choose Tang Hongying as an apostle, which proves that Tang Hongying’s character is absolutely fine.

Tang Hongying has a good background, and it is very beneficial for Zhou Yuxiu to make friends with Tang Hongying.

In the end, neither Zhou Yuxiu nor Tang Hongying knew Gao Qian’s identity. They made friends privately and would not threaten Gao Qian’s safety.

For various reasons, Ling’er felt that Zhou Yuxiu and Tang Hongying had more advantages than disadvantages. That’s what she would do.

Hearing Ling’er say this, Zhou Yuxiu felt a lot more comfortable. Yes, as Eldest Senior Sister, she also has the responsibility of Eldest Senior Sister.

She is not capable enough, but she always tries her best to help the teacher share the burden.

Zhou Yuxiu asked: “Where is the new Junior Sister from?”

“Uh, Your Highness accepts disciples for fate. I don’t know the new elder Tang. Where is my sister from…”

Ling’er briefly introduced the situation to Zhou Yuxiu, the two were talking, red light fell from the sky, and Tang Hongying in a red robe came out of the pool.

Tang Hongying found Zhou Yuxiu, she came over curiously, “Who are you?”

Ling’er was busy introducing Tang Hongying, Zhou Yuxiu also took the initiative to say hello to Tang Hongying, of course , she was very reserved.

It was Tang Hongying who was very enthusiastic: “You are Eldest Senior Sister, haha, Senior Sister.”

She also sincerely praised: “Senior Sister is pure and beautiful, she is really a beautiful woman, I like it so much…”

Tang Hongying, who was born in the Great Family, speaks and acts naturally, she is enthusiastic and cheerful, and her strong affinity is perfect.

Ling’er thinks that Zhou Yuxiu is slightly socially phobic, while Tang Hongying is socially bullied.

Some people think that if they dare to speak and express themselves, they are socially awesome, but they are not.

Social skills must make the other person feel comfortable with each other, relax, and naturally generate emotions such as closeness, trust, and liking to you.

Many times people confuse social idiots with social geeks! It’s totally two different things.

Tang Hongying is half born with a good character and half is cultivated the day after tomorrow.

In just a few words, Tang Hongying and Zhou Yuxiu had a very close chat.

Of course, Zhou Yuxiu in the bones doesn’t trust people so easily. It’s just that the social distance on the surface was quickly shortened by Tang Hongying.

Tang Hongying naturally discussed the martial arts, “The Nine-Yang Wuji Sword is so powerful, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, everything in my family is broken with one slash, Senior Sister must be more powerful, right? “

Zhou Yuxiu shook his head slightly: “Jiuyang Wuji Sword? Uh, we practice different martial arts.”

Ling’er hurriedly explained: “Your Highness teaches according to your aptitude, you innate talent Different, the martial arts of cultivation are different.”

Zhou Yuxiu thinks that Taiyi teacher Divine Ability is unique, and it is normal to teach different martial arts.

Tang Hongying was surprised, “What kind of martial arts did Sister Senior practice, is it easy to say?”

Normally, Zhou Yuxiu is of course unwilling to share such secrets.

It’s just that Tang Hongying said all about her martial arts, she can’t hide it.

She indifferently said: “I practice Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel.”

“Wow, it’s amazing to hear the name.”

Tang Hongying is right She was able to grasp the proportions very well. Seeing that Zhou Yuxiu did not mean to explain, she was very sensible and did not ask for details.

Ling’er was overjoyed when she finally talked about practice, so she could justifiably encourage Tang Hongying to make money.

Ling’er kept in mind Gao Qian’s explanation.

She quickly said: “Tang elder sister, Your Highness has immeasurable Divine Ability. You can also teach your martial arts through shortcut cultivation. As long as you use the source drill, you can quickly increase the cultivation base…”

After listening to Ling’er, Tang Hongying’s eyes lit up. She just doesn’t like cultivation, even if there are many resources, she has always been the First Rank Source Master.

The ability to level up when she hears Krypton Gold is her strength!
For her, the problem that money can solve is never a problem!

“Is this still possible?” Tang Hongying exclaimed in disbelief.

Zhou Yuxiu thinks that she, as the Eldest Senior Sister, should give some mention to the Junior Sister.

She nodded said: “teacher Divine Ability is immeasurable, this little thing is easy for him.”

With Zhou Yuxiu’s words, Tang Hongying is even more interested, ” Wait for me, I’ll be right back.”

Tang Hongying said the silhouette and slowly faded away.

Zhou Yuxiu watched Tang Hongying leave, she suddenly asked Ling’er curiously: “Is it the same when I left?”


Ling’er said with a smile: “When you enter and leave the Grand One Palace, you need to change your state of life. The effect is very cool.”

Zhou Yuxiu nodded, she has been thinking about what Grand One Palace is. , Ling’er’s words made her vaguely understand something.

“Even if you have money, you will need time to raise 20 million Yuan Diamonds. I’ll go to Yan Qing to practice boxing first…”

Zhou Yuxiu saw it, Tang Hongying The family should be rich, but she doesn’t think Tang Hongying can come back soon.

She chatted with Ling’er for a while and was about to leave, but the red light above was shining, and Tang Hongying had already fallen from the sky.

This time, Tang Hongying has a small suitcase in her hand.

Tang Hongying was a little excited and asked Ling’er: “Ling’er, how to do it?”

Ling’er was also a little surprised: “Three thousand six hundred one-carat source diamonds, Tang Elder sister got this?”

“I just saved a little at home, maybe there are some two carats, doesn’t it matter?”

Tang Hongying asked worriedly.

“Uh, it doesn’t matter…” Ling’er was also a little surprised, knowing that Tang Hongying’s family was rich, but she never expected to be so rich.

Although Zhou Yuxiu didn’t look at all, he was also shocked. Whose home will keep thousands of source diamonds, what are they used for?
This Junior Sister’s family doesn’t sell source diamonds, right?
Under the guidance of Ling’er, Tang Hongying put all the source diamonds into the Hunyuan mirror.

The energy of the source diamond was transformed into Tang Hongying by the Primordial Mirror. In less than ten minutes, Tang Hongying was pleasantly surprised to find that the Jiuyang Promise Sword had reached the second realm!
Including her source power cultivation base, it seems to have also been upgraded to Second Rank!

She couldn’t wait to leave the Grand One Palace again and tried the formidable power of the Second Layer Jiuyang Promise Sword.

Don’t look at her easily believing Ling’er and Zhou Yuxiu, that’s because 20 million source diamonds are nothing to her.

This kind of thing, or you have to try it yourself to be sure.

The Grand One Palace is like a dream, and she will not take everything here too seriously. She will believe it only if it is really effective in reality.

After a while, Tang Hongying returned to the Grand One Palace with a face full of surprise, “It really works! The teacher is too good!”

Zhou Yuxiu smiled politely.

Ling’er took the opportunity to bewitched again: “As long as you invest in the source diamond, you can continue to level up.”

“That’s very good!” Tang Hongying rejoiced. Nothing is easier than kryptonite.

“It’s just the Third Layer of the Nine Yang Wuji Sword, which requires 7,200 two-carat source diamonds.”

Ling’er exclaimed: “This is a lot of money. “

Tang Hongying’s face also showed embarrassment, “That’s 150 million, my pocket money is not enough…”

Zhou Yuxiu, who was watching the lively, couldn’t help but look got a little weird.

What is not enough pocket money? Is this showing off?
Seeing Tang Hongying’s sincere appearance, she doesn’t seem to be showing off!
Tang Hongying asked Zhou Yuxiu again: “Senior Sister, have you been to the Third Layer yet?”

Zhou Yuxiu could only shake his head slightly: “I don’t have that much money, so I can only cultivate slowly.”

“Senior Sister is also difficult.”

Tang Hongying also has a concept of money, of course she knows that 150 million is by no means a small amount.

She couldn’t take it out at once, let alone Zhou Yuxiu.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t want to talk more about this, “Hong Ying, there is a trial world behind the yellow door. It’s very interesting, I’ll take you in to see…”

Two new acquaintances The little sister entered the yellow door, and Ling’er stayed in a daze in front of the mirror.

Not long after, Gao Qian arrived.

Ling’er talked about what happened today, and she finally concluded: “I see Tang elder sister’s appearance, it will take a few days to raise the money to upgrade.”

“It’s nice to have money.”

Gao Qian sincerely sighed, he was a little envious of this disciple.

He said, “I want to borrow some money from this discipline…”

Ling’er rolled his eyes and suggested, “I think Sister Tang is very generous. , I should be fine if I want to borrow it.”

“Forget it, even if she can borrow it, what can we pay back…”

Gao Qian shook his head, he is not so much now An upgrade is desperately needed.

Originally, Tang Hongying was only a beginner of the Nine Yang Promise Sword First Layer. He shared 70% of his power. As one can imagine, he could only share the sharpness of the Nine Yang Promise Sword.

Tang Hongying upgraded the Nine Yang Promise Sword to the second realm, which is an improvement in the essence of power. The 70% of the power he shares, but the 70% of the second realm, this improvement is very big.

He was originally stronger than Wu Song, and this time he is more certain to defeat Wu Song.

Take Wu Song’s power, he should already be at the top of the third rank!
Although this trip is dangerous, as long as he does not encounter the fourth rank powerhouse, he will be able to protect himself!

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