Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1024

A black thunderbolt, coming from above St. Spirit Realm, showed no sign of coming down.

There’s a planet down there, and the planet represents a world.

thunderbolt fell on the surface of the planet, thrilled, and the world began to tremble, and then black thunderbolt break down, and countless thunder snake walked on the surface.

Next moment, the world collapsed and turned into ruins.

No one knows where black thunderbolt comes from, and it looks like an invisible creature, but with unbelievable destructive power.

A planet is just like Annihilation.

Thousands of creatures in the planet die when they can’t even scream.

Black thunderbolt, there’s more than one together, but a coincidence hit the planet, that’s all.

The rest of black thunderbolt, just left a clear trace in Void, did not have an impact.

A planet and countless of its creatures disappear, naturally the major event, and soon passed away at St. Spirit Realm.

Then the news about black thunderbolt was also transmitted.

black thunderbolt means destroying myriad things, and there is no chance of survival if it is hit by this force.

Bishop just walked out of a footprint, and he heard the news, and his face changed.

Beyond Bless, those who followed his existence have changed each and everyone’s mind.

Maybe others don’t know what black thunderbolt means, but their resurgence is very clear.

The riots of that year began with black thunderbolt.

He looked up at Void, Lomumble Road: “Did the crisis happen again?”

Behind him, the faces of many people are hard to look, because many of them have just woken up, just heard about the prosperity and prosperity of the world, and have not had True’s experience, and have never come before.

So what’s the meaning of their resurrection?

This message was transmitted from Saint Thunder Clan, who seemed to say, “To Zi Chen immediately, the heavens and the earth will change dramatically and will need to deploy as soon as possible.”


Come on, cup one fist in the other hand, and the body’s gone.

Bishop looked back and said, “What do you think?”

One of them said, “Keep looking for a companion, the bigger the team, and the greater the rate of survival in the future. And black mines appear, and the situation in the heavens and the earth needs to change, and we have to hurry up.”

Others, Nodded, clearly agree.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

series Zi Chen, woke up by Johanna, saw the latest news.

His face was somewhat hard to see, and he was able to develop the world for more than two thousand years, without thinking that mutation would happen in the heavens and the earth, and that the expert he cultivated was not much.

If he was given enough time, Zi Chen had great confidence in building a huge army out.

Johanna left after sending the message, and she felt a lot of pressure.

How can black thunderbolt possibly destroy the world, ask Sky Martial Continent, how long can it last if he gets hit by thunderbolt?

Zi Chen used the spirits in his room and went directly to the town gate.

Come here, he saw the chill, the chill women, and a few other holy priests, and they sat together and chatting, and it looked like they were in a good mood.

See Zi Chen show up, a few people have some accidents, say with a smile: “Oh, isn’t this our big hero? For over 2,000 years, why are you here today?”

Zi Chen didn’t answer the question, “You don’t have to stop the passage age? Don’t worry about Demon Race?

And he said, “The heavens and the earth mutation, the Dark Ray landed, Demon Race stopped, and we can calm down. It’s been years, never stopped, and it’s finally time to rest.”

Zi Chen watches a lot of sacred dignity, and at this juncture, when people rest, the danger of St. Spirit Realm has come to the forefront.

It’s just these people who have blessed St. Spirit Realm for countless loads, and nobody even knows their existence, and no one knows that the peace of St. Spirit Realm is the peace they’ve tried to swap, and now they can finally rest, and how Zi Chen is patient to let them act again?

Zi Chen said, “Demon Race is already aware of this situation, and the frequency of attacks is much slower, and if, according to the circumstances of that year, most of them are waiting for a breakthrough in the heavens and the earth itself, then Demon Race’s army will naturally invade.”

That’s how it was.

As a result, the forefathers were very wounded, and the original Zi Chen sacred pride, and even more at the beginning of the war, had disappeared.

Zi Chen came here today to ask a result, and everything was confirmed, and Zi Chen no longer had fantasies, and he said, “How long do we have?”

“This is not good enough to say, decades, centuries, or thousands, of course, years, and no one dares to guarantee.”

“Your Realm is too low, you have to hurry up Realm and become a sacred pride at a time of great distress!”

This is the advice of the cold woman to Zi Chen and the only advice.

As for the future, she didn’t say, maybe even she didn’t know.

At that time, Spirit Race expert was born, sacred and noble, and there were so many of them who were leaders alone.

But it’s much worse to look at it today.

The chill woman can’t see the future.

I can’t see the future.

Everyone can’t see the future.

Maybe that’s why they can be so calmly, and without the future there will be no expectation, no matter how the heavens and the earth change, they are sacred, and that will not change.

It’s always easier to live than anyone else.

Their duty is to keep the doors and to keep the doors, that is to do the job.

Zi Chen returned to Sky Martial Continent, then went directly to the Zi Chen Temple in the sky, trying to get himself to breakthrough to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit.

Enter the Temple of Zi Chen, Zi Chen saw the Temple Soul, where she sat boring.

After seeing Zi Chen, she had a smile on her face, “How come she’s here today?”

She took note of Zi Chen’s bad face, but did not take the initiative to ask.

“Those blacks, you know?” Zi Chen asked.

“Listen to the people here.”

The Temple Soul is the Temple of Zi Chen, and Zi Chen Chen is the core of Sky Martial Continent, which is the spirit of Sky Martial World, and she knows everything that happens here.

It is clear that Zi Chen, the master, is nothing weak.

How could she not know about BlackRay, which everybody has recently talked about?

“Somehow the danger comes, I want to enter the land of sacred dignity earlier.” Zi Chen says.

Temple Suu said, “Then you continue trying hard cultivation, with your potential, to promote the sacred dignity, is not a very difficult thing.”

Zi Chen shakes his head and says, “But I don’t have time, and I want to move faster on to the Holy Divine.”

“What do you mean?” The Temple Spirit’s face changed.

“I want the last thing that His Highness Zi Chen left behind, and I know you have to get it out, and I need it!” Zi Chen said solemnly.

“You know what that is?” The Temple Soul asked.

“Know, Zi Chen left the strength of the sacred pride.”

Zi Chen looked at the eyes of the Temple and said, “Purple souls, the magic, the strength of the thunder!”

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