Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1025

Purple soul.

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Ray’s power.

In today’s St. Spirit Realm, almost no one knows what these two mean.

But in that age, it was recognized as three powerful forces, or as the strongest.

Purple souls, which represent purple’s soul, also represent Zi Chen’s soul.

The magic, a powerful tactics, can be used by mortal body to communicate Connecting Heaven, with no hostility.

Ray’s power.

Perhaps it was very well understood that it was Thunder Clan’s power, but in that year it represented the strongest Thunder Clan in the world.

Or only the Thunder Clan of Zi Chen’s power is recognized, True’s mine strength.

Zi Chen needs these three forces.

The Temple Soul was not surprised that Zi Chen was able to say these three different forces, because Zi Chen met the blessings and had other ancient sacred priests, knowing that some of the previous events were not accidental.

That’s Zi Chen’s strength, which was heard only by Zi Chen’s name in the year, almost all.

It’s just not clear that Zi Chen, the three forces, was in a confused space and time, heard that Zi Chen’s priest speak.

And Zi Chen’s speculation is good, and it is true that there are three kinds of forces that belonged to Zi Chen’s sacred pride that year.

“Are you sure you want these three powers?” The Temple Soul said, “Admit it.”

Zi Chen was pretty sure about nodded.


And the Temple said, “Have you never been the most excluded of this power?”

It is clear to this temple that he’s been trying hard to turn into another Zi Chen, or living for himself, not that Zi Chen’s sacred pride in that year.


best proof of the strength of the last plantal body was that he was going to walk his own cultivation path, unlike Zi Chen’s sacred pride.

Now, Zi Chen has taken the initiative to ask for these three forces, not to be Zi Chen’s sacred pride in that year?

Zi Chen said, “If this is my mission, then it’s time for me to finish it.”


Temple said, “Don’t be silly. What does this have to do with you? You just have to live, trying hard cultivation? Is this world no longer operational without you? Are you going to die?”

“Protecting world peace, when Zi Chen’s sacred pride didn’t do it, especially now you?”

“Without being a sacred pride, you do something that belongs to the Holy Spirit.

Zi Chen shakes his head, and he has a feeling he can’t say, and it’s gonna be a lot of trouble if he’s not going to be able to move towards a place of sacred dignity.

Like Zi Chen’s holy pride, dignified a sacred pride, died in times of turmoil, and, more importantly, under his eyes?

So he’s going to grow faster, and time is not too slow.


the heavens and the earth been mutation, the gods and the devils invaded, far away?

It is not possible at least to give a thousand more years with its own power to promote sacred dignity.

If everything’s set out, he’s going to be that Zi Chen’s sacred pride in the future, it’s better than dead.

At least that Zi Chen sacred pride will be the leader of St. Spirit Realm, with them crushing Demon Race and killing God clan.

Looking at Zi Chen’s firm eyes, Temple Suu no longer persuades her to leave her mission, in fact to return everything she has ever done and to Zi Chen after her resurrection.

“Since you’ve decided, take it away from you, but you need to think about it.”

In front of the Temple Sultan, there was a passage age, the last place to the Temple Zi Chen.

The old need for Zi Chen’s Realm growth to start slowly is only a special case for this time, and the temple is all open, and everything is now at that passage age age.

Zi Chen said thank you and then walked in.

First of all, he felt the breath, Saint Venerable Level.

Then he saw a noble weapon, and a set of armor, like a little sacred treasure.

Zi Chen was shocked, but it wasn’t his intention and purpose, and he walked forward, went to the second space, and then saw a soul.

This is a purple soul, now sealed, but the breath from it is still strong to terrifying.

The quality did not necessarily exceed the ghost’s mood under his eyes, but the breath was too strong.

Because that’s the breath of sacred dignity.

This is the purple soul Zi Chen wants and the key to breaking the border.

Zi Chen stood in front of the Purple Spirit and watched this power quietly.

“Zi Chen, you have to think about it.”


Temple Soul’s awakening, ringing again.

“Perhaps from today, I will disappear, and the other Zi Chen will revert to the world, but I will never regret it.”

Zi Chen’s eyes are extremely determined, “Never regret it!”

He stretched out his hand and went to the purple souls above him.

On the moment when he touched the Purple Spirit, the seal of the Purple Spirit broke off, belonged to the breath of the Holy Dignity, in this space, hidden as True Dragon of a purple, appeared in Zi Chen’s vision.

Just see True Dragon growling, coming straight to Zi Chen, all out of his sea of Consciousness.


souls originally belonging to Zi Chen’s ghosts were surrounded by purple souls and then assimilated.

This time Zi Chen’s soul was assimilated, not usually, and Zi Chen’s soul refining all the power to enter the Sea of Consciousness.

This is a gap!

With the power of purple souls, Zi Chen returned, and before his soul was broken, other forces were not too useful for Zi Chen.

And once the three forces are refining at the same time, the difficulty will be even greater.

After Zi Chen showed up, the Temple said, “How’s it going?”

Zi Chen said, “From now on, it’s just a pure soul, not consciousness in it.”

Temple Soul said, “So even if you refining your purple soul, you too?”

“This can be said, but specifically, wait until refining is known.”

Some relaxed Zi Chen said, “It is now certain that when I can mobilize the Purple Spirit, it is when I become the Holy Dignity.”

One way, Zi Chen’s cultivation hardly walked through the shortcut, and that’s the only time.

Maybe it’s the last time.

Leave the Temple of Zi Chen, Zi Chen begins to focus on refining souls and to work for breakthrough.

Black Ray continues to descend from the sky, destroying another planet world, and after countless spirits, Great Influence and Aristocratic family finally started.

The families with sacred dignity, as well as the forces, all stood out and began to protect those planet worlds, but the premise must be that the planet’s initiative was attached.

And with Saint Thunder Clan, the sacred pride did not appear, but there was an ancient tree, just like the earth on the one hand, and the whole Saint Thunder Clan was blessed.

It’s Thunder Ancestor’s tree.

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