Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1072

Lei Zheng Hongtian said that everyone was surprised.

Saint Thunder Clan’s team started to gather, and many people understood what that meant.

The war with Demon Race is necessary, and even those who believe that the people of the Orthodox family come here to defuse the contradictions between the two sides.

Anyone knows that Lei Zheng Hongtian expelled Zi Chen in one sentence.

This makes it difficult to see that the purpose of each other’s arrival may be to do this.

Who is Zi Chen?

He was the hero of the whole St. Spirit Sector, and if not Zi Chen, when the last god and devil invaded, St. Spirit Sector might lose most of the frontier.

It was Zi Chen’s advent, first fighting with its own resources, and then Great Influence was emulated before God and the devil finally fled.

But it was not thought that today, in the face of the whole Saint Thunder Clan, Lei Zheng Hongtian declared hero Zi Chen a criminal, directly expelled Zi Chen and the World Bank.

Do they not know that this time they chose to step back, and then they’re going back forever?

Moreover, Saint Thunder Clan was also Great Influence, the first of which was against Demon Race, but their first Step was not a regrouping team to fight, but a retreat, or even a loss of Zi Chen.

Maggie and the Devil Single were very shocked, and there was nothing to think about the short words of magic that would give them a hand over Zi Chen.

What’s this time?

This is a very important step for the whole Demon Race, and the rest of the team can be replicated so that they can eat the whole Saint Thunder Clan slowly.

“In my capacity as war commander, I am looking at the expulsion of Zi Chen and his Sky Martial World.”

Lei Zheng Hongtian said, “In view of the lives and Death of many innocent people, Sky Martial Starfield of Zi Chen remains in Saint Thunder Clan.”

Magic memory cup one fist in the other hand said thanks, and he seems to have seen the second way to get Saint Thunder Clan back.

He said, “Well, in order to express respect for Saint Thunder Clan and our goodwill, Demon Race, we will withdraw 100,000 Li.”

Return 100,000 Li, on the one hand, demonstrates its attitude and the second is because Zi Chen’s world needs to be resettled, which is where it is about to be combated.

Lei Zheng Hongtian faintly smiled, looking around.

Even without Black Ray, Saint Thunder Clan is still under the blessing of Thunder Ancestor’s tree, just at this moment the Thunder Ancestor tree is shaking, and then a gap emerges from above, a world shining in thunder light, and gradually empty.

Seeing the world of this scene again.

Is this really going to be deported?


Thunder Ancestor’s tree agree?

You know, there are always rumours in the private world that Thunder Ancestor’s tree is special to Zi Chen, even extraordinarily, or why would Zi Chen’s world sell Leyers in three or five?

Nobody knows why.

Lei Zheng Hongtian knew, so he was laughing.


Of course it can, Saint Thunder Clan’s not afraid of Death.

But this must be for Saint Thunder Clan.

If it’s for Zi Chen, who wants to fight?

These people who are gathered together are just doing the same thing in front of everyone.

It’s too hard to see Zi Chen, so it’s better to do something pretty.

Zi Chen’s world is slowly empty, and after leaving the blessing of Thunder Ancestor’s tree, it goes far away.

“This is over!”

It was sighed: “Zi Chen’s battle strength, though strong, but not at all belonged to his own people, is now abandoned by Saint Thunder Clan and is destined for Death.”

“Saint Thunder Clan, the chess is really too bad to walk.”

“It seems that between Ray and Zi Chen, Saint Thunder Clan chose the former!”

“It is also understood that, once the war is launched, the Ray family can send a large army to fight, but Zi Chen can’t. This is, in fact, a gap, how powerful individuals fight strength is, and it’s useless in the face of large-scale fighting.”

“But Sky Martial Continent was in charge of Jolena, who has been recruiting the Holy Spirit for years, and believes that one big army can also be built.”

Look at the Sky Martial World, where everyone is arguing.

Beyond 100,000 Li, the magic band stopped, and he looked after him and said, “How many of us are here this time?”

“As previously stated, only 50,000 troops have arrived this time.”


devil next door said, “Do we need to redeploy the troops waiting for?”

“No, let’s see.”

The magic memories stare at the world ahead, the notorious laughed, “Although everything is in my projections, it’s too funny.”

Nobody knows what’s hidden under his smile.

The disappointment with Spirit Race?

Or the heart of this world?

People like Zi Chen, give up, and that’s where all Spirit Race wants to go back?

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

No matter how shocked people out there are, surprised, than the ones who don’t see Sky Martial World, at this moment everyone feels Sky Martial Continent is starting to move, which is like being dragged by a powerful force.

For a while, people seem to have guessed what happened, and the face has changed.

It is at this point that Zi Chen, who has not been traced for many years, appeared on the vault of heaven, said solemnly: “The war with Demon Race is about to begin, and now wants to leave, can go into Teleportation Formation, and the cost of transmission will be completely waived.”

while moving, Teleportation Formation remains intact and can be passed to Sky Martial Starfield, as well as elsewhere.

There was a temporary panic in the major cities, followed by a large number of people leaving.

Although Zi Chen had previously indicated that there might be a war, no one would believe that Zi Chen’s battle strength, after all, called the first, that Saint Thunder Clan would never have abandoned Zi Chen’s first place in the world because of his own enemies.

It was not possible to imagine what Saint Thunder Clan did, completely unexpected.

But there are more left, Zi Chen said solemnly: “Each commander assembles the army immediately.”

Town Lord is in every city, and under Town Lord, commander, deputy commander, is in charge of a city.

Now, commanders started to assemble, which was True’s big army, some of which were developed by Sky Martial World, but more were recruited by late stage.


is still very calm in the mine community, and it does not seem to have been affected during the period.

Sky Martial World left Thunder Domain, without all around the depressed radar absorption, and Spiritual Power in Zi Chen World would inevitably lose part of the next.

Well, without that many people in the immediate world, after arriving at another Void, the archaeological tree here will only take a slow time to adapt, and the energy contained in Void should be able to restore Sky Martial Continent’s original Spiritual Power concentration.

Of course, if Zi Chen’s world is able to block Demon Race’s army.

The army of another city began to gather and prepare for the next battle, with no attention to others.

It’s all gone, and that’s fortunately because of the various Teleportation Formation in Zi Chen World, the material is excellent, so it’s not affected by any change in location.

Soon, more than 100,000 teams were assembled, with an assessment of the size of Zi Chen World, where the warrior could be recruited around 200,000.

This is not a small figure, which alone feeds these people, and it needs to consume enormous resources every day.

“Every city sends half its strength to fight with me!”


gates of the sky open, which is passage age outside the passage age age, only Zi Chen, the world master, can control, and one by one of the people flew out.

Zi Chen was in the first place, outside Sky Martial World, and he looked at the world leaving Saint Thunder Clan and saw St. Thunder Clan, far away.

At this point, he should consider where to put the world.

Then his soul sensed the presence of Demon Race, and the magic spectacle seemed to have chosen a place for him.

As the world falls slowly into Void, the magic’s memories come forward and look away at Zi Chen, “Zi Chen, long time no see.”

Zi Chen said, “Are you here again?”

At this juncture, the 100 000 troops have been empty and fighting intent has risen.

“It’s all this time, so hard.”

The magic memory slipped slightly smiled, and said, “You can’t see, you’ve got so many people in this little place. But I don’t bully you, and I have only 50,000 troops here, and I think it’s a nickname to fight you with our fight.”

“Are you sure?” Zi Chen looks at each other.

“Can’t you just try it?”

The magic memories laugh and play directly: “Everyone, when the Great War is over, don’t leave your hand, kill without mercy.”

With the sound falling, the magic team came.

50,000 Demon Race, he dared to hit Zi Chen’s 100,000 generals, who gave them courage.

Zi Chen stood there and was silent and watched people close, like the same cloud, hidden this Void.

The magic memory has not moved, and it is clear that there is a clear knowledge and judgement of its power, in which case only Zi Chen was killed.

The army met, fighting erupted in an instant.

Zi Chen handled the “mysterious speculation”, moving forward, a ray of light from a pencil, with a archer.

Those Demon Race seemed to have predicted long ago that they had a shitty movement to avoid the attack.

It’s just Zi Chen’s shock. It’s completely unexpected. How can you hide with their strength?

Suddenly, that ray of light started to distort and then collapsed.

Two black shadows appeared in Zi Chen’s vision and came directly to Zi Chen.

Zi Chen finally knew why the magic memories were shaking their own team with 50,000 people, which was just like that’s all, and there were two and a half steps in the dark.

These two sacred priests are True’s killing strike.

Well, Demon Race needs some faces, not send True’s sacred pride.

Zi Chen went forward and fought with two halfway saints.

Nine stars for him, one against two, nothing down.

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