Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1073

The fighting outside Sky Martial World has begun and is still stationed outside Saint Thunder Clan, which can be clearly seen after the release of its soul.

Zi Chen is being surrounded by two and a half steps of sacred dignity and has not yet shown any success.

But the battle remains less optimistic because Sky Martial World’s strongest force is being held hostage to other people even assuming absolute advantage.

Many Saint Thunder Clan, their faces have become ugly and even more shameful.

This way of view is not what they want.

They watched each and all of their compatriots die without passion.

“No one saw 50,000 people, and Zi Chen had 100,000 people, and the strength of the number of people could not be beaten. Who do you say that?”

Lei Zheng Hongtian sensed changes in people’s emotions, and turned back to indifferently said: “And I have no one else in this person to fight more than shameless, saying that I have not helped the weak side before.”

It is clear that not only does it serve as a comfort, but it gives more anger in the hearts of others.

Listen, is this a human being?

Since the family fought Demon Race, this guy’s been talking cold.

Only no one dares to oppose Lei Zheng Hongtian at this time, and naturally not.

It was Netherworld Spirit, a black light that had fled from Zi Chen and had joined the battlefield, so that some trouble could be shared.

On the battlefield, Zi Chen exchanged a fist with two half-steps of sacred pride, and powerful forces led Zi Chen down.

At the time of the fall, Zi Chen had a little eyebrowing, and dozens of purple light souls went towards the nearest Demon Race, had not entered their Sea of Consciousness, destroyed their souls and resolved the crises of those Spirit Race.

Lei Zheng Hongtian was also watching the scene, and then he said, “Look, come and see, now Zi Chen, this guy is still hiding, and why isn’t his magic corn coming out? He doesn’t even care about his own life. What are you all exciting about? What would he do to you if he tried to sell his life?”

No one knows why Zi Chen has not come out with the magic corn since that’s Demon Race’s star, so just take it out, and believe that no demon Race can fight.

To date, however, Zi Chen has not been able to extract the magic corn, for some reason.

A half-step single-handedly strangled, a Devil dropping from the sky, headed towards Zi Chen’s veil, in which there was a slight of dignity and a terrible breath.

Zi Chen shakes boxing, throws a punch, shining thunder light all around, and the demon explodes.

击碎魔印的in an instant ,Zi Chen 身形一闪,来到另外一位半步圣尊的面前,与对方换了一掌,各自倒退。

Zi Chen of the Nine Stars, one against two, is extremely shocking, but now it’s on the battlefield, and Zi Chen will be in danger for every time he’s been dragged down for a little while.

Moreover, Zi Chen is faced with Demon Race, a person facing a community that can well imagine the situation and pressure.

Zi Chen’s mind shifted between the Demon God paintings, which no longer worked well, but it was not a problem to get some people in there.

All Demon Race knows that this is Demon God’s painting, which belongs to a generation of Legendary Supreme Treasure.

So at the brakes of the cartoon, vault of heaven was two more energy-efficient hands, one before coming along with Zi Chen’s paintings.

This big hand has a sense of dignity, but it is not True’s pride, it comes from a half-step attack.

Those who live far away from Saint Thunder Clan, the myth has changed, and there are two half-steps of holy pride hidden, and at this moment they seem to understand why Zi Chen does not take out the magic corn.

How can a man be confronted with a family when his power is finally limited?

See only Demon God’s cartoon turned over immediately, and the surface turmoil ripple, just like a space door opened, took the two attacks straight in.

At the same time, the two hidden half-steps of sacred pride were taken out of the dark, with indifferent attention to Zi Chen.

Zi Chen said with a sneer: “Four and a half steps of sacred pride is a great handwriting, not knowing if there’s a sacred pride hidden, waiting to destroy my magic corn?”

That’s all people understand, so Zi Chen’s concerns are here.

The magic corpse is terrifying, called Demon Race’s Star, but no one knows if the magic corn can fight Demon Race’s sacred dignity.

Far away, the magic of said with a smile: “Do you think?”

His smile is somewhat mysterious.

Saint Thunder Clan’s face has been angry, and it is clear that Demon Race has begun to go back to the ones.

These visitors have determined that demon Race’s sacred dignity exists in the dark.

Lei Zheng Hongtian indifferently said: “Threat to me, Ben, is what happens to the soldiers.”

In his heart, naturally, there is support for Demon Race, whatever contribution you Zi Chen can make to this Spirit Sector, and the future will have unlimited potential, but I just want you to die, what can you do?

As the magic noise falls, only Zi Chen without the slightest hesitation takes out the magic corn, “Let me guess, that’s not.”

Devouring all around the magic in Void, surface rays of light.

It’s like an invisible trigger stretched out to the demon Race.

Zi Chen took out the magic corn at this time, some of which is foreseen. Don’t you worry about hidden demon Race’s sacred pride?

The four half-step pilgrimages, and now the killer goes straight to the magic corn.

At the same time, the magic, the magic and the magic singles of the three men also appeared in the hands of soldiers with dignity, while attacking the magic corn.

They’ve been waiting for this moment.

And if it could destroy this magic corn, it would be a great deal.

On the top of Zi Chen’s head, the paintings were immediately rolled out, like a star river appeared above Void, and there were countless ripple.

The paintings almost blocked all the attacks, and the stars began to shake up.

At the same time, Zi Chen, standing next to the magic corn, used the sword of thunderbolt in Void as sword light started.


A half-step body of sacred dignity was holed in, bleeding with flowing.


speed of sword light does not diminish and goes towards the second half-step of sacred dignity.


speed of sword light is very fast, and even far exceeds the lights, combined with sudden appearance, leaving several half-steps of sacred dignity simply unable to react.

Two of them were holes in their bodies, and two more flights backwards, far away from the distance between the two sides.

Those two wounded half-steps of sacred pride, look change in the face, and while that sword could not kill himself, it was also reborn to him.

He immediately withdrew and prepared to take care of the wounds.

That’s when Zi Chen closed his eyes.

He started printing, Dothunder light was pointing out.

next moment, Void screamed and then came together to light the lights of the heavens and the earth, heading towards the wounded half-steps of sacred dignity.

Half a step, complexion greatly changed, trying to escape, but it’s too late.

Just the moment he realized the danger, actually thunderbolt was here.


Zi Chen’s tactics, which have not been used for a long time, also mean dying once they are used.

thunderbolt entered, and that half-step sacred pride was bright and seemed to feel a strong Death crisis, and he immediately abandoned this mortal body, and only one soul wanted to escape.

It is at this point that invisible triggers come, forcibly pulling the body of each other, then dragging back, before the magic corn comes to Devouring.

In Void, there’s only half a step left of the wrath of sacred dignity.

Zi Chen remained closed, his face was a little pale, and Void was once again struck by a ring, a bright earth and a second wounded half-step of sacred dignity.

Although each other had long been alerted, it had not been able to escape and had finally become the food of the magic corn.

The Bureau of War turned very fast, and between short and short moments, two halfway saints died.

And the magic corn showed up and started Devouring all around Demon Race’s power, making their battle power impossible to fully play.

In the sky, the attack was blocked by Demon God’s painting, and the situation was suddenly very negative for Demon Race.

Magic looking towards magic, some rush.

They came to Spirit Sector for several years and never suffered such a significant damage.

The magic remembered to say, “Come on, come on, get a lot of money today. When the next time comes, it’s Zi Chen’s death.”

Demon Race started a rush retreat.

“Sir, can we not chase?” The blood of Roch came to ask.

Zi Chen shook the head, and said, “No more.”

Fight here, even if the elders of Saint Thunder Clan see how he can no longer look, they have to help Demon Race at a critical juncture when he’s not in compliance with the rules.

Although he did not know which guy with a bad mind gave that idea, Saint Thunder Clan had done so, that was enough to see that many people were in favour.

So be careful with some still good.

People started cleaning up the battlefield, Zi Chen picked up the paintings, turned around, looked away, saw nothing in the vision, but his soul had extended beyond Saint Thunder Clan, saw the big army, and everyone was surprised at the moment, as well as Lei Zheng Hongtian.


seems to have felt Zi Chen’s soul coming, and Lei Zheng Hongtian’s mouth came up with a smile, “I am very ashamed of being one of your sinners. For your reasons, leading to the whole St. Spirit Sector life coating, you’re a real sinner.”

Zi Chen’s voice rings in this Void, “I also feel the same, and I am embarrassed by Saint Thunder Clan’s existence of your family. How do you know how this shameless Realm, who took his personal grievances to revenge in the greater sense of morality? Why don’t I go to the door someday? Would you like some experience? Or is that what the Raymond family brought in in the bones, the born bloodline, the late stage is not learning?”

“Zi Chen, you’re less comfortable here, the next Demon Race attack will be stronger, and you won’t live long enough to think about it.”

After all, Lei Zheng Hongtian was angry: “All, get out of the family.”

Demon Race has withdrawn, and people are no longer guarding this place.

In fact, Sky Martial World at this moment is the one Layer guard outside Saint Thunder Clan.

Sky Martial World is a day away, and Saint Thunder Clan is safe.

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