Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1074

Zi Chen’s defense has won, and this is the victory of Spirit Sector since Demon Race’s second invasion.

After the news came out, not at all people were optimistic, because this demon Race retreat meant that more Demon Race would invade in the future.

Saint Thunder Clan apparently abandoned Zi Chen and chose to kill himself, while Spirit Race, elsewhere, had no initiative to strike, and if Demon Race wished, almost every effort could be made to deal with Zi Chen and his Sky Martial World.

How could a Sky Martial World fight Demon Race?

Everyone wanted to see Saint Thunder Clan confront Demon Race, and it was disappointing that the meeting was expected that Saint Thunder Clan had chosen to retreat.

The time has come to become despicable to the people.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

The magic memory was very good, and despite this failure, Zi Chen was abandoned by Saint Thunder Clan, and then he had absolute power to destroy Zi Chen World.

After the magic and magic singles heard the explanation, the old heavy emotions were also relaxed.

On the same day, the magic trembling came to order that “those who were first halfway to Spirit Sector, with Demon God’s strength, should be brought together to confront Zi Chen.”

The magic memories appear to be full of confidence, with their admission, and Zi Chen will surely die.

Just as the message comes out, the response is to scream.

“What is your magic memory, dare you order us?”

“Do you think you can do whatever you want?”

“eaten a bears heart and a leopards gallbladder?”


That is the response to those half-step sacred dignity, which, of course, cannot be personal, and which is likely to be their family or servant.

These exist in closed doors, shocking the sanctity of sacred dignity, and every one has a very likely breakdown, and it is not enough for a magic memory to be heard.

It was a strong shake, and it turned out like that.

The devil and the devil were very angry, but it was just outrage, even if they were the forces of their two families, that was not enough to bring them back.

And this time, the holy priests did not have a single appearance and apparently acquiesced it.

In the room, the magic vividly said, “If they help, I have absolute confidence in killing Zi Chen and destroying Zi Chen’s world. Moreover, our casualties can be minimized and many warrior innocent deaths can be avoided.”

Devil and Magic Looking at each other in dismay, guess why the magic memory is shaking.

It is at this time that a threat of sacred dignity emerges, and then a voice starts from the room, “We need to practice on the battlefield, perhaps a unique opportunity to train a strong soldier to prepare for those Great Influence.”

This is a voice of sacred dignity, and it is clear that attitudes have become very clear.

“I understand what people think and endorse what adults say, but I still think that this is a good time for Zi Chen, even if there are casualties, but it is worth killing Zi Chen as long as it can.”

This is the last of the magic memories to insist.


sound of the holy pride is ringing again, “We can kill Zi Chen, and now Spirit Race has no objection to us, so you can deal with Zi Chen with all your power, and I believe in your abilities.”

And the magic says, “What about the sacred pride? Can you support it at a critical time?”

“It is impossible to break the rules so that Saint Thunder Clan may not be easily allowed to step back and never give them any reason to move forward. And now it’s not the time for the saints to fight.”

The Holy Dignity still does not appear, but only the voice rings in the room.

The magic remembered and said, “Then I have no confidence, and if I can, I will return to the second line and ask the family to come back.”

“Do you have no confidence in the transfer of the whole family?” The voice of the Holy Dignity is very strong, and this seems to be some kind of anger.

Maggie and Magic Singles are all nervous and look at magic’s memory.

“I know Zi Chen carefully, and he created a lot of Miracle, and there’s a lot of records about the assassination of him, and which one time was not confident enough, so what happened? Zi Chen is still alive.”

“According to our information, Zi Chen’s world is only 200,000 troops, but I always feel that Zi Chen will have a backhand, hidden anxiety, and that is the main reason I plead for demon God to send people out.”

The magic memories say, “After Zi Chen’s death, Demon God painted them, and they can even take them, but I think that True’s killing Zi Chen is possible only if they do.”

This time the sacred pride is silent, and the Devil and the Devil are silent.

The magic memory has a great deal of faith in killing Zi Chen, but it has to be said that every step of the magic memory has been tremendous.

Indeed, this is the most conservative.


moment later, the Holy Divine said, “This is impossible, Demon God’s missionary is intolerable, even Zi Chen is important, but their future is likely to be Demon God, and must not be lost.”

It was the first time that three people heard it, and the nerves changed.

The magic remembered and said, “Since that’s how I’m going to take 50 and a half steps to holy dignity.”

Saint-Jade said with a bitter smile: “Do you think it’s possible?”

“Kill Zi Chen, only once, and fifty and a half steps away, and you can kill him, which is called an unwillingness. But it’s too hard to kill Zi Chen again if it’s just so dozen, and let Zi Chen get ready.”

And the last warrior saw that four and a half steps of sacred dignity were not at all Zi Chen’s opponents, while two of them fled. “

The magic remembers hesitated and said, “If the lord is unable to respond to this condition, then the three of us are willing to return to the second line and give the dominant place.”

Maggie and Magic Singles have changed their face immediately.

Return to line two?

What about the job of killing Zi Chen?

You know, they’ve killed here, like a tree of fruit, with care, and when it comes to results, they give it to others.

If it were not the same in recent years, they would have known the magic memory, and it would have been a long time ago.

“Are you sure you’re going to do this?” Said Saints.

“Very sure.”

The magical memory says, “My capacity is limited and does not want to delay the Demon Race industry, and those who wish to be able to do so.”

“Okay, I’ll arrange this.”


voice of the Holy Divine is gone.

When the threat of the sacred pride disappears, Wendy can’t stand it anymore, “Will you be too impulsive to bet?”

“Do you think I’m gambling?”

Two at the same time, nodded.

“What virtue and ability, dare to gamble in front of the sacred pride?” I really don’t believe in killing Zi Chen under such conditions. Think about it. How many times did we count Zi Chen? I was confident earlier that the community would certainly cooperate fully, but after all Zi Chen was not the same, but I didn’t think that would happen. So, under such conditions, it is almost impossible to kill Zi Chen. “

Dedi said, “I still think you’re too cautious, Zi Chen’s army is less than 200,000, we Demon Race have so many people to kill him, not a minute?”

“Even if I’m too cautious, and if Zi Chen dies this time and works for him, I have the confidence to get the greatest job in dealing with Saint Thunder Clan in the future, but this time I can’t take the risk or look at you both to risk, because our home is not thick, and I dare not be questioned after what happened. And on Zi Chen, whoever has the power to do this, come and take it. Of course, if you two don’t believe me, you can offer to replace me on your own initiative.”

The two have finally chosen to believe in each other’s eyes.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

“Are you serious?”

The devil looks forward to the sacred pride of the front, and some incredible, “Is that magic memory really willing to return to the second line? Give me the chief?”

Said, “This is what I have to do with the sacred pride there, but you have to promise to kill Zi Chen in battle, and we will cooperate fully with you.”

There are some unbelievable questions about magic: “Why would the magic memories be so good that they would be willing to get out of it? Is he stupid?”

Holy pride said the reason.

Once the Devil hears, “50 and a half steps of sacred pride, that guy is really greedy. It’s weird that everyone doesn’t cooperate, and the stomach is too big. Give me ten and a half steps, in addition 400,000 Demon Race, and I promise to kill Zi Chen.”

“Yes! You’ll take your men to report tomorrow, and I’ll get the rest of the men back there in time.”

When the sacred pride leaves, the devil laughed heartily up, which is really a pie in the sky, the magic memory of that idiot, and even this opportunity is abandoned.


next day, the devil took his own man, and went to Saint Thunder Clan, where his team was ravaged and was not stopped on the way.

One more ark, full of vision, wind and wind.

To the area outside Saint Thunder Clan, the Devil saw three magic memories, and he laughed up, and he was full of pleasure on his face, “Heard you were scared by Zi Chen and dared to fight him again?”

In the eyes of Devil and Magic Units, there is cold and severe light.

And the magic remembered laughed, and said, “Do you know if we need any help?”

“No, I’m afraid to bring you these cowardly men, affecting the morale of my hundred victors. Go away, go far away, do not interfere with anything we do. Don’t worry, when the battle is over, I’ll give you some credit.”

Dedi and the devil are going to fire, but the magic has been stopped, “We wait for your good news.”

After all, he showed his own team to start backwards.

The magic memories of the hundreds of 100,000 troops, who began to retreat, completely devolved the initiative of the battlefield to the Devil.

Although many people in the team do not understand, as military orders are issued, everyone is subject to compliance.

The devil took over the task of magic and then started waiting for the army to come.

Half a month later, the army arrived, and the devil directly ordered an attack.

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