Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter 1354


Zi Chen was stunned. Unconsciously, his energy changed.

Feeling himself from another angle, he finds himself to be a human-shaped extra-demon demon.

It’s no different than this man in front of me.

“Are you a Spirit Race?”

Zi Chen came back to his senses, the other party appeared abruptly, but not at all showed maliciousness, otherwise Xuesang also impossible out of the battlefield before.

It ’s just such a powerful Spirit Race that he has not seen at all.

Know that looking at Saint Spirit Realm, he knows all the experts, the strongest is the King who is hiding in the shell, unless the person in front of him is Geshan.

But he had seen Geshan, and the other party also taught him the technique of cutting the mountain. Naturally, he knew that the other party was not.

The man smiled and asked: “What Spirit Race?”

Zi Chen ’s expression changes again. The other party is not Spirit Race, that ’s the extrajudgment.

Is this a transcendental demon turned into humanity, mistaken for him as a sibling? So didn’t you kill yourself?

The other person carried Zi Chen into the city, and Zi Chen found that there were many people in this magnificent city.

Or a human-shaped extrajudicial demon.

“How could this happen?” Zi Chen couldn’t understand.

The man entered the city, still carrying Zi Chen, along the way Zi Chen found that many extrajudicial demon were watching him, his expression has several points of ancient monster.

Zi Chen is confused. Are these humans or extraterrestrial demon?

Coming to a street, the man carried Zi Chen into a tavern.

There are three people in the pub drinking, and when they see the two coming in, each and everyone smiles.

“This is that Brat?” A robust man with full beard looked at Zi Chen. He sat at a table by himself. There was a jug of wine and a bowl on the table.

The other two tables, one person, three persons, and two persons are drinking, and they are also okay.

“It ’s not that he has anyone else, never seen such a timid.” The man sat down and snapped his fingers, “Come on a pot!”

The man hurried to close his hand, but it was too late. The previous full beard surprisedly said: “Alva, are you injured?”

The other two tables and five people heard the sound and looked back, looking at Zi Chen, as if looking at a cherished species.

“Brat, did you hurt Alva?” full beard asked.

“No, he hurt himself.” Zi Chen quickly shook his head. The eyes of these people were very bad, and he would not admit it.

Speaking of which, he is also going to reach out to catch the residual sword. It is indeed that he hurt himself. Zi Chen did not lie.

“There are some ways in Brat, and I got the stroke while I was careless.” Alva admitted that if he didn’t have absolute power, he wouldn’t be able to return.

Zi Chen looked at all around alertly, and then he found that these people taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune laughed, not at all meaning that Alva was angry.

“Who the hell are you?”

Looking at the crowd in the tavern, Zi Chen no longer able to bear asked: “Extraordinary demon?”

All around laughed louder.

Zi Chen said again: “It’s Spirit Race? But why haven’t I seen you?”

full beard said with a smile: “You Brat, it’s quite interesting, you have so many questions, what is your name, where do you come from?”

“My name is Zi Chen, from St. Spirit Realm.” Zi Chen can only introduce himself first and then look at everyone.

“St. Spirit Realm?”

Everyone heard it for a while, and then looked at each other, but did n’t mean to introduce themselves, full beard shook the head, “I have n’t heard of this place, how about you?”


“Listening to the name seems to be a very interesting place.”

“Holy Spirit Realm, are all Holy Spirits inside?”

“No fame, maybe a small place.”

These people who drink are laughing.

Listening to the fact that everyone does not seem to be cracking a joke, Zi Chen asked, “Who the hell are you?”

Full beard took a sip of wine and laughed, “We are extrajudicial demon!”

The others laughed.

Zi Chen shook the head, “No, I have n’t seen you in St. Spirit Realm, and you are unlikely to be extrajudicial demon. Is this the Immortal Dharma Realm? I have reached the Immortal Dharma Unconsciously!”

Everyone is still laughing heartily, it seems to have heard a very nice joke.

Just smiled and everyone was silent. There was a little more sadness in the original cheerful atmosphere.

Is it because of the three words Immortal Law Realm?

Zi Chen amazed looked at the crowd.

Full beard fiercely took a sip of wine, “Xian Fa Realm, if it was not mentioned again, my motherfucker would have forgotten the purpose of trying here.”

Alvar tapped on the table and sighed: “There are countless years of trials. We do n’t even know where the door of the immortal dharma world moved towards. It ’s really a failure.”

Looking at the puzzled Zi Chen, Alva said: “Brat, you must have come from a small place, and feel that you are the only one in the world, right?”

Zi Chen nodded, Holy Spirit Realm has unlimited territory, and it contains three groups of gods, demons, and demons. Speaking of which is regarded as the symbiotic land of four families.

Alva shouted and quickly hurried to the wine while reaching out to signal Zi Chen to sit down.

A very fat man walked with a jug of wine and two bowls. Without serving food, Alva first poured himself a glass, and then poured another glass for Zi Chen. “Many years ago, we first came When you are here, it ’s the same as you. We also thought that this world is so big, and we thought that we would be promoted in the battle, become Number One Person, enter our immortal world, and create another glory. “

Zi Chen ’s face looks changed, because he thinks so, not just him, but even the King.

“Unfortunately, after many years in the trial industry, we finally found that we were wrong, and we were very wrong!”

Alwar pointed at himself and said, “I come from Shura World, an extremely large world, with countless planets and endless lives!”

Alva pointed to the full beard again, “He is from the Six Dao Realm, the territory should not be smaller than Shura World, and he is from Thousand Spirit Realm, and they are also from different places.”

“How could this happen?” Zi Chen was confused.

“We also want to know how this is happening, obviously going to Immortal Dharma Realm, but staying in the Trial Realm, and seeing so many strangers. Of course, now we are used to it.”

Alva said: “The reason why I called you is because you are too cautious and do not come in a few times, so I want to help you, and I tell you in advance that there is no way forward for the dream. Here Is the end! “

“No need to go forward anymore, it’s the same everywhere.”

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