The way of monks and others, but a lot of direct, once to bombard the Great Array, will not worry about consumption.

    Core Armament, Legacy, and the konjac have a series of energy attacks that continue to flash in the sky, and then fall with a terrible breath.

    The earth is roaring, and the entire Cangli City is shaking, like a catastrophe.

    "Full attack, don't keep your hands!"

    Under the infusion of the rich Buddha power in the body, the konjac has been turned into hundreds of meters in size, golden light, like a huge golden mountain peak with a piercing whistling sound.

    Although the power of such an attack is strong, it is very energy-intensive, but the monk is completely disregarded, as if it is not the energy in his body.

    Origin Core late stage The Legacy in the hand is also a terrible atmosphere. The ray of light is like a hot sun. Every time Legacy falls, the void will be torn, and the whole Cangli City will tremble.

    Other Origin Cores are also desperately attacking with the Core Armament.

    "Hey, hit it, fight hard, and do your best!" I see how you can fight when you lose energy in your body. ”

    In Cangli City, the Origin Core expert of Cang and Li looked at the monks and other people who were desperately attacking and sneer.

    They have already made up their minds in their hearts. When these people are exhausted, they suddenly launch attacks, and they should completely annihilate them.

    "Well, what is that?"Looking at the Origin Core outside the energy mask, the brow suddenly wrinkled.

    I saw a huge hammerhead with thunder light flashing in the sky. It was as big as a mountain. The thunder light flashed like a thunder snake, with a terrible breath and energy light. The cover slammed.

    "That is the Legacy of Liu Family, damn it, it was taken by Zi Chen!"After seeing Zi Chen holding the hammer handle, an Origin Core was dark.


    Heavy hammer Falling, the void is broken, this is full of strength. The sly energy mask began to tremble fiercely, and the vibrations caused many cultivators in the city to fall to the ground.

    They looked at the huge thunder light hammer that was lifted up again, and the eyes were full of stunned eyes.

    "Good, good, good! Two pieces of Legacy, this time we both got it all! ”Li Family's most expert eyes are collapsed in cold light, biting the teeth.

    "It consumes energy, they are…"


    The heavy hammer fell again, and the endless thunder light surged, completely overwhelming the words that the other party was about to say. In the midst of the bang, the cultivator that just got up in the city was once again shaken down.

    Zi Chen outside the mask is like a god of war. The terrible thunder hammer is stunned every time it falls.

    Such a terrorist attack is in addition to other people's full force shots, or how long the energy mask will be broken.

    "Hey, call it!"

    Seeing the trembling mask, Cang and Li's expert is not afraid of the heart, even with a sneer on his face.

    In the constant attack, the attack frequency of the external Origin Core gradually slowed down. Obviously, some people consume a lot, slowly slow down the attack speed, and the Origin Core, which has a low strength, consumes all the energy and starts to recover the body. force.

    "It’s almost impossible."Seeing this scene, Cang Family Origin Core sneered.

    "Since it's not going to work, then we will help them."Li Family expert is also a cold snort, loud: "Undo the defensive mask!"

    His words were not deliberately suppressed, spread throughout Cangli City, and many cultivators heard it, all incredible Li Family expert looking at the air.

    Shouldn't you choose defensive in this case? Why do you want to revoke the mask? Is this going to let Zi Chen and others come in?

    The next moment, they understand why the two forces are doing this.

    I saw that after the Li Family expert fell, from the direction of Cang and Li, suddenly flew a figure. These are Origin Core, around the body, and the number of people in the blink of an eye has exceeded 50, and then increased by ten people.

    After the three interest rates, the Origin Core of the two forces turned out to be as high as eighty.

    This is a terrible number, eighty Origin Core, eighty Sovereign level, with incredible battle strength, and the number is far beyond the cover of Zi Chen.


    After the last big earthquake fell, Zi Chen and others outside the mask completely abandoned the attack, because at this moment, all the energy in the body was consumed.

    However, after the energy was consumed, everyone did not immediately retreat. Instead, they volleyed and recovered their energy at the Cangli City gate, waiting for the energy to recover and launching a second wave of offensive.

    "It's a bunch of idiots who don't know how to live!"

    More than 80 of the Origin Cores have all been clustered, waiting for the energy shields to disappear and rushing out one by one.

    However, this is quite a tedious energy mask, which is troublesome when it is propelled. It is also not easy to cancel. It seems to wait until it is complete, and it has to wait for a while.

    This moment is undoubtedly the time for Zi Chen to recover. But how much can it recover in a few moments?

    So they have enough patience to wait.


    After a while, the reticle above Cangli City began to tremble, twist, and there was a sign of disappearance. Outside the mask, Zi Chen's Origin Core saw this scene and his face changed significantly.

    There is already a sneer on the face of the Origin Core in the mask.

    The next moment, the mask disappeared.

    "Not good, speed retreat!"

    Just as the mask disappeared, the cultivators in the city heard the slight panic of Zi Chen. After that, I saw the many experts he brought, and the panic began to retreat.

    "Now retreat, don't you feel late?"

    "Dare to come to Cangli City to scatter wild, today is your death!"

    "Haha, Zi Chen, go to hell!"

    More than 80 Origin Cores all rushed out, like a tidal wave, rushing toward Zi Chen and others.

    At this moment, Zi Chen and his group were running away in a panic. Seven or eight Origin Cores had not yet had time to get up and escape. They were rushed up by a group of Origin Cores. They had smirk on their faces, holding a Core Armament in their hands, and drinking cold in their mouths. 'Dead' word.

    In their imagination, this is not enough to escape the eight Origin Core, at this moment to see the number of their own Origin Core ten times, should be scared to the bottom of the flow, begging for mercy.

    But when the eight people looked up, they knew that they were wrong. There were no fears in the eyes of the eight people. They were only cold and calm.



    Then, the body of the eight Origin Cores developed a bombardment, and the self-destructive Origin Core energy formed a horrible energy storm that spread to the surrounding area.

    Under this energy storm, the void was directly blasted into a black hole, and the black hole spread and spread, like a secluded passage, directly consuming the nearby Origin Core.

    And the storm is still spreading, consuming other Origin Core that is fascinating and mad.

    In the distance, the Wang Family who followed Zi Chen back saw the storm that swallowed dozens of Origin Core, and their faces were shocked and stunned.

    They are not only shocking the terrible power of this storm, but also shocking the courage of this blast. Just started the war, and blew himself without saying anything.

    They had a chance to escape before, but they didn't immediately sneak away, as if they decided to blew themselves in the first place.

    How did Zi Chen cultivate such a loyal and fearless Origin Core? When everyone was in doubt, the look at Zi Chen became extremely taboo.

    “Swallowing Yuan Liquid!”

    Shocked in addition, they also forgot to swallow Yuan Liquid at this moment. Fortunately, Zi Chen loudly reminded them that they were awake and swallowed Yuan Liquid.

    As for the legacy Core late stage with Legacy, I swallowed four drops of middle-grade Yuan Liquid in an instant. Four drops of Yuan Liquid, the other side is also a distressed straight tongue.

    The energy of destruction in front is still spreading, spreading, and various roaring sounds constantly. Of course, the screams are never ending.

    A body that has lost its vitality and is incomplete has fallen from the devastating storm, and the broken limbs are everywhere.

    The blast of the eight Origin Cores is sure to make Cang and Li lose a lot. Not to mention one-half of the loss, it is still possible to think of one-third.

    In the spread of destruction energy, the towering gates of Cangli City were also affected by energy, and they collapsed and collapsed. This gate, which stood for thousands of years, was finally shattered.

    In addition, more devastating energy has fallen like water, many buildings have been destroyed, and many cultivators have died in this energy.

    The screams of screams and screams, the Cangli City, which was just intact, instantly became a hell on earth.

    The two Origin Cores, who were lucky enough not to be involved in energy, were full of horror. The two hold the Legacy's Origin Core late stage, rushing into the destruction of energy to save people, but in this case, how much he can save.

    And even if you can rescue the Origin Core, but how many battle strength can you have serious injuries?

    By the time the destruction energy dissipated, Cangli City had been ruined by a fifth, and the two previous more than 80 Origin Cores now have only forty-eight of the bustling strength, except for a few injured ones. Origin Core energy blew and smashed.

    The losses were so heavy that the two forces, Origin Core, naturally began to spurt fire, but they still have the confidence to win the battle. Because they still have reinforcements, and the energy in Zi Chen and others has been consumed.

    But when they were ready to fight in the army, they suddenly discovered that the energy consumed in the body had been restored. Everyone reappears the peak state.

    "How was this possible?"Many Origin Core faces are incredible.

    "Is this strange? Don't you know that there is such a thing as Yuan Liquid in this world? ”The answer to them was a sneer from Zi Chen.

    As the words fell, Zi Chen's team spread directly, and all Origin Cores took the Core Armament and made a fighting stance.

    "Even if you recover energy, you have to die!"

    Under the angry expression of two Origin Core late stages, a group of more than forty Origin Core rushed to Zi Chen and others.

    Zi Chen and Legacy went to the Origin Core late stage, blocking the two sides' forces to hold Legacy's expert.

    The monk, Dragon Tiger, and the wolf and Wu Liu are the Origin Core middle stage in the attack between the two forces. As for the Origin Core early stage, it is the Origin Core against the two forces.

    In the case of a small number of people, it is better than the strength of the battle, but it is clear that Zi Chen has a lot of powerful battle strength.

    And there are 12 people who can blast themselves at the Origin Core at any time. They have already received orders before the battle, and they blew themselves when they lost.

    So in this battle, you can often hear a loud self-detonation sound.

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